Turning back the tides of war

TOPICS: A new definition of war – Expansion is natural – The creation of angels – Lucifer’s rebellion – The war in “heaven” – The devil has come down to you – Lucifer’s war against God – The false polarity – How dark forces manipulate human beings – The false polarity – Spiritual blindness – War is the ultimate burden for the earth Mother – The greatest need of the ascended masters – Do not feel overwhelmed – 

Ascended Master Mother Mary, February 28, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, I come to you again, and this time I come to you with the title of the Mother of Peace. This is a title I have earned by being the mother of the Prince of Peace and by holding a flame of peace for the earth for these past 2,000 years, during which I have been an ascended master working with this beautiful but war-torn planet.

I come to congratulate you for your efforts in giving my previous rosaries, and I come to tell you that you are indeed making a difference. I warned you in my last discourse that there is a great potential for earthquakes in the month of March, and I must tell you that this is still the case. However, I also have great hope that we can mitigate many of these earthquakes and the potential for damage and loss of life. I commend you for your efforts, and because I sense the sincerity of your hearts, I come to call your attention to one more area where I truly need your help, your love and your devotion to me.

A new definition of war

I have told you that the earth Mother herself is under such great strain that she can hardly hold the balance for the negative emotional energy being produced by humankind. I am sure you can see that one of the greatest causes of such negative energy is, and has been for thousands of years, war itself.

Is there any single cause that is responsible for more killing, bloodshed, anger, hatred and acts of revenge than war? I am sure you can see that no other activity causes such wholesale inhumanity as when nations go to war and seek to destroy each other, thereby destroying their own people in the process. Therefore, I come to enlist your help in giving my Miracle Peace Invocation that I am releasing this day.

I come also to explain to you what is the true cause of war on this planet, but first I desire you to understand what war is. The simplest explanation of war is that it is an extreme state of imbalance. It is a state in which all normal considerations have been blown aside by what seems to be an all-consuming necessity to fight an enemy that is considered to be the ultimate threat. Therefore, higher principles have been cast aside, and people now feel justified in doing whatever is necessary to defeat the enemy and preserve their lives and their way of life.

Oh my beloved, the very essence of life itself is balance. What keeps this planet spinning on its axis is balance. Yet as you well know, the axis of the earth is tilting, and this shows you that there is a state of imbalance on this planet. This imbalance is caused by the negative energies produced through man’s inhumanity to man, and the greatest cause of such energy is, naturally, war itself. War then is the ultimate form of imbalance known to man.

I am not saying it is the only form of imbalance but it is truly the ultimate form of imbalance. The reason being that the checks and balances that normally keep people from going to the extremes have been set aside, and now people are trapped in the ultimate illusion, namely that anything goes, that the ends can justify the means, that it is necessary to do evil that good may come and that it is necessary to kill more people in order to bring peace.

So what then is the cause of war? What causes people to become unbalanced? You see, contrary to surface appearances, human beings are not inherently evil and they are not inherently unbalanced. Human beings naturally strive to attain balance, so when they are unbalanced, it shows you that they are being manipulated by forces outside themselves.

Your scientists talk about the balance of nature, and nature, and all of the creatures of nature, are the children of the earth Mother. The earth Mother herself always strives for the perfect balance, and all of her children have a natural tendency to strive for balance. Human beings are also children of the earth Mother and have a desire for balance. Yet human beings are more than animals because human beings have lifestreams that descended from the spiritual realm. The lifestream is a child of the divine Father, and he too strives for balance. So you see that when human beings display imbalances, it is because some outside force has manipulated them into losing the natural balance of body and soul. So let us now understand that outside force.

As my son Jesus has explained on his website, the Father-Mother God created the entire world of form. The characteristics of the Father-Mother God have never been more beautifully illustrated than in the Taoist symbol of the Tai-Chi. This symbol depicts the two basic forces of the universe, and those two forces are an expanding force, which represents God the Father, and a contracting force, which represents God the Mother. The nature of God the Father is to expand, to grow and to self-transcend. The nature of God the Mother is to contract but not in a way that restricts the Father’s growth. The nature of the Mother is to provide a counterbalance to the expansive force of the Father, so that there can be balanced growth.

Expansion is natural

What I am telling you here is that the nature of the world of form is to expand. This growth is attained through the harmonious interaction of the expansive force of the Father and the contracting force of the Mother. What you will see from this image is that the expansive and the contracting forces are not opposite, but complementary. They do not cancel each other out; they merely balance each other. Both forces are necessary, and they must have the right relationship. In other words, the interaction of the two forces produces offspring, and the form of that offspring is determined by the balance between the Father and Mother forces.

You also see that the force of the Father is meant to be a little bit stronger than the force of the Mother. This ensures that the offspring will be alive, meaning that it is growing and self-transcending. This self-transcendence, this growth, is the very purpose, the reason for being, of the entire world of form. This is indeed why the Bible says that the father is the head of the household. This does not mean that there should be inequality among the sexes, because truly the Father and Mother God are equals in every way. They simply have different functions, different roles to play in the drama of creation.

In a family, the husband and wife should be equals, but the role of the father is to make sure that the family (and the entire universe) serves as a platform for growth and constant self-transcendence. It is the role of the mother to make sure that the growth remains balanced and that all participants are nurtured in the process. When the two forces are in the right polarity, the expanding force of the Father is always a little bit stronger than the contracting force of the Mother. If it was not, there could be no growth, and the entire universe, or a part of it, would remain stagnant.

So you now see that if one force becomes too strong, it will have the effect of creating an unbalanced state. If the force of the Father was allowed to expand without any restrictions, it would expand so forcefully that it could not sustain itself and its creation would be blown apart. In other words, if the universe was expanding in an unrestricted manner, all of the galaxies, suns and planets would be blown apart and there would be no basis for life. On the other hand, if the contracting force of the Mother becomes too strong, it will stop the growth of the Father and therefore the universe will stagnate. As your scientists have discovered, that which stagnates will begin to contract and will eventually collapse under its own weight. So you now see that the harmonious growth of the universe depends on the right polarity, the right balance, between the expansive and the contracting forces of the Father-Mother God.

The creation of angels

My Beloved, you now understand the two basic forces of the universe. We now need to understand that God created two distinct evolutions. God first created a number of spiritual beings that were created to serve in the heaven world, or what we might call the spiritual realm. These spiritual beings are what many human beings call angels, so for clarity let me use that terminology.

The Father-Mother God, as explained by beloved Jesus, created a world with many different layers, or realms. The lowest of these realms is the universe in which you live, namely the material universe. God then created an evolution that was separate from the angelic evolution. These beings were meant to descend into the material realm, start at the bottom and work their way up through the different levels of God’s creation. It was these beings that were the first human beings to descend to earth. As the Bible says, human beings were made a little lower than the angels, meaning that the angels were created with a higher level of God-awareness. Human beings have the opportunity to gradually acquire this God-awareness, yet they have to work to attain it by ascending through the different levels of the world of form.

Some of the angels were given the task of serving human beings and helping them in their evolution. This is a principle that you see explained by Jesus to his disciples, when he said that he who would be greatest among them should be the servant of all. You see, the highest being of all is God. Yet, contrary to the man-made image of God as an all-powerful ruler, God is also the most humble being of all. God truly is the servant of all because God has allowed its own substance, its own Being, to be imprisoned in the world form. God has allowed the conscious beings who have free will to do whatever they want with its being. God has done this to give its sons and daughters the opportunity for growth, and therefore one might say that God truly is the greatest servant of all.

By embedding its own Being in everything, God has given all beings created in its image the potential to reach the full stature of a God, which allows them to create their own universes. However, to attain that Godhood, a being needs to prove that it is willing to be the servant of those below it. So indeed, it was natural that the highest angels should be given the task of serving man who was lower than the angels. Yet some of the angels did not understand the law that I have just explained. They did not understand why they had to serve man and they were not willing to serve man.

Lucifer’s rebellion

As the Bible explains, and as my son has explained, one being in particular rebelled against God’s decree that the angels serve man. His name was Lucifer, and he created a rebellion in a previous sphere. [NOTE: In the book Master keys to Spiritual Freedom, Lord Maitreya gives a deeper understanding of where Lucifer’s rebellion took place.] This rebellion was a protest against the call to serve man, and it eventually caused a great number of angels to side with Lucifer and rebel with him.

My Beloved, even though angels have free will, the free will of angels is slightly different from the free will of humans. You see, in the heaven world beings have full awareness of the laws of God. With this awareness comes responsibility, which means that a being in heaven can exercise its free will within the framework of the laws of God, but that being cannot deliberately violate the laws of God. If an angel chooses to go against the laws of God, it cannot remain in heaven, and it must therefore descend into the material universe. Humans, however, are already in the material universe and they can violate the laws of God (within certain limits) without descending any further. Obviously, humans will be fully responsible for the misuse of their free will, yet it will not have the effect that they have to leave the material universe.

To fully understand Lucifer’s rebellion, you need to realize that, contrary to popular myth, Lucifer was not an evil being. He was created by God as a being of great light. Lucifer’s problem was pride, and this caused him to feel that he knew better than God. He believed that the plan to allow humans to have free will, and the call to let angels serve them as they exercised their free will, would be a disaster. Lucifer thought it would cause lifestreams and angels to become lost and that it could cause the destruction of the material universe.

In his pride, Lucifer thought he had to save God from himself. He thought God did not understand the ramifications of his decision, and therefore Lucifer had to take it upon himself to correct God’s mistake. Lucifer began to believe that even though he clearly saw that his actions were in violation of God’s law, it was necessary to violate God’s law in order to prevent a greater calamity. Lucifer therefore became the father of the mindset that the ends can justify the means and that it is necessary to do evil that good may come.

Lucifer fell prey to the illusion that it is necessary to violate God’s law in order to preserve God’s creation. In reality, the only way to preserve God’s creation is to uphold God’s law, because God’s law ensures balanced growth. For all his light and mental sophistication, Lucifer did not understand this truth, and he never saw through his own illusion.

The war in “heaven”

The Bible tells you that there was a war in heaven, that Lucifer and his angels fought and that they were cast out. In reality, the war in heaven [Maitreya explains that this was actually a previous sphere that had not yet ascended] was not fought as a war is fought on earth. On earth both sides are fighting, but in heaven there was fighting on only one side. You see, God was not mocked by Lucifer’s rebellion. The angels that did not rebel maintained their peace, and therefore they did not engage Lucifer and his energies. They simply remained balanced in the harmony of the Father-Mother God, so that Lucifer had nothing in them whereby he could cause them to fight him.

Therefore, Lucifer was not actually cast out of heaven as explained in the Bible. Lucifer cast himself out of heaven through his rebellion against the laws of God. Lucifer cast himself out because through his rebellion he lowered the vibration of his consciousness, and when his consciousness fell below a certain level, he could no longer perceive the higher vibrations. Therefore, he could see only the lower vibrations of the material universe.

You now see that Lucifer was the only one who created the war. He saw himself in opposition to God, and he deliberately rebelled against God’s laws and the basic intent of creation itself, namely the need for self-transcendence. Lucifer attempted to draw all of the angels of his sphere into his war against God. This was a prideful act that made him think that if all of the angels took his side, then God would have to bend to his demands and his logic. Lucifer truly was consumed by pride and thought he knew better than God how the universe should be run and how lifestreams should be “saved.”

What had happened to Lucifer was that he had become afraid of growth and unwilling to transcend himself. You see, Lucifer was truly the highest of the angels in that sphere. He had risen as high as he could rise in the angelic realm and he felt very powerful and in control. Yet the law of God is self-transcendence, and when you have reached the highest level, how can you transcend yourself? You can do so only by making yourself the servant of all, and this is what Lucifer was not willing to do. Therefore, he became unbalanced, and he wanted the universe to remain the same so that he could feel he was in control.

To maintain the sense of being in control, Lucifer attempted to take the contracting force of the feminine aspect of God into an unbalanced state and stop growth. Because of this imbalance, Lucifer caused his own consciousness to become so dense that he could no longer perceive the higher vibrations of the spiritual realm. So one might say that Lucifer fell into the material realm because of an imbalance in the feminine aspect of his being, which gave him an insatiable desire for control. In order to attain this control, he sought to use the feminine force itself to restrict and contract everything, so that there was no possibility of growth and self-transcendence.

One might say that Lucifer is a prime example of a being who has perverted the Mother aspect of God. Please make an effort to understand the logic of what happens when you pervert the Mother aspect of God. When you pervert the contracting force, you can go into one of two extremes. You can refuse to grow and self-transcend, or you can demand freedom from the laws of God. You can refuse to grow or seek to grow without restrictions. Either way leads to a state of imbalance, and as a result, your consciousness becomes denser until you can no longer remain in the Father’s kingdom. You will then descend into planes in which the contracting force of the Mother becomes gradually stronger.

In the higher spiritual realms, the expanding force of the Father is stronger, and that is why the vibrations of that realm are very high. As you go towards lower levels of the world of form, you eventually descend into the material universe. The energies are gradually lowered, and that is why the material universe is denser than the spiritual realm. This does not mean that the material realm is inherently unbalanced, but it does mean that the balance between the expanding and contracting forces is slightly different than the balance in the spiritual realm.

The devil has come down to you

Lucifer perverted the contracting force of the Mother, and he inevitably descended into the denser realm of the material universe. For an angel, who was used to living in a higher realm, this was a very big change. Because of Lucifer’s pride, he saw it as a degradation of his rank, which in one sense one might say is true. Because of his anger against God, Lucifer greatly resented having descended to a lower realm, and even though he was the one who misused the light of the Mother, he now blamed it on the Mother of God.

You see, Lucifer descended because he refused to stop his rebellion against God. He refused to admit that he had made a mistake, and he refused to undo that mistake by making the choice to bring himself back into alignment with the laws of God. So Lucifer refused to take responsibility for his actions, and therefore he needed a scapegoat. So he blamed it on the Mother and developed intense hatred of the Mother. He also blamed it on human beings because, after all, it was his refusal to serve human beings that caused him to fall. Since he would not take responsibility for his own choice, he blamed it on human beings. That is why the Bible says that the devil has come down to you having great wrath because he knows that he has but a short time.

You see, when an angel descends into the material universe it has the potential to work its way back up to the spiritual realm, just as a human being. Yet neither of the two types of beings have forever to do this. They have a certain time to prove their worth and ascend to a higher level. If they do not ascend within the allotted time, the soul will be extinguished in the second death, as explained by Jesus. Lucifer, and all those who followed him, knew that he had only a certain time in the material realm.

Lucifer was so blinded by his anger, that he decided not to change his decision and seek to come back to God. Instead, he decided that he would carry on his self-created, one-sided war against God here in the material realm. He would use the forces of this realm, and he would try to make all humans rebel against God’s will in an attempt to avenge himself. He would attempt to destroy God’s plan for having human beings work their way up to becoming gods themselves.

My Beloved, please understand this crucial point. Lucifer’s original rebellion was based on his belief that free will would cause lifestreams to be lost and the universe to self-destruct. Everything Lucifer did after his fall, and everything his followers are doing today, centers around proving this original point. Lucifer wanted his words to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. He wanted all souls to be lost and he wanted the universe to self-destruct. If that had happened, he would have felt that he was right and that God was wrong.

Please understand the extent of Lucifer’s arrogance. He was literally ready to destroy all souls and the entire matter universe in order to prove that he was right and God was wrong. This is the ultimate perversion of the call to be the servant of all. Instead of serving all, Lucifer was willing to turn all into slaves of his desire to prove himself right.

Do you see that there is no reasoning with this state of consciousness? Do you see that there is no way to turn such beings around and make them see the light? Those in a luciferian state of mind will wage war indefinitely against those who spring from the Mother’s substance, the ma-ter of the material universe. Therefore, the only way to remove their darkness from the earth is to bring the Light of God, the light that comes from the perfect balance between the expanding and contracting forces of God. Only this Light can replace the darkness resulting from an imbalance between the two basic forces of the universe. Imbalance is simply an absence of balance, as darkness is an absence of light.

Lucifer’s war against God

You now see that the plan of Lucifer is to carry on his war against God by manipulating human beings into rebelling against God’s law and thereby destroying themselves. What is the ultimate form of rebellion against God in the material universe? Well, the ultimate gift of God to human beings, to human souls, is life itself. So the ultimate rebellion against God is to take life away, either through suicide or through killing another human being.

You now see that in his war against God, Lucifer decided to attempt to manipulate human beings into waging war against each other. One aspect of this strategy is Lucifer’s attempt to prove his original point that human beings cannot use their free will responsibly. Another aspect is that war is a way for the dark forces to maintain their existence. As Jesus has explained, dark forces are cut off from the light of God, so they can absorb only light of a lower vibration. Therefore, they must manipulate people into misqualifying the light of God, so that the dark forces can steal that energy.

You now see that war serves two luciferian purposes. One is to get people to kill each other and thereby make the ultimate karma (create the ultimate imbalance) that prevents them from ascending to the spiritual realm. The other is to cause people to misqualify huge amounts of energy that the dark forces can use to sustain themselves and expand their power over human beings.

How dark forces manipulate human beings

What are the means whereby the dark forces seek to manipulate human beings into waging war against one another? Well, they will use any means available to them because their main goal is to cause people to become unbalanced. When people lose their balance and centeredness, they take things to the extremes, and then it is only a short step for them to fall into the same trap that Lucifer fell into and begin to believe that the ends can justify the means.

You see, when people lose their state of balance, they fall from grace, meaning the perfect balance between the two basic forces of God. People then begin to feel agitated, to lose their sense of peace, and they begin to feel that it is necessary to do whatever it takes to restore peace. As they become increasingly agitated, they often label another group of people as the cause of their agitation. They believe these people are a threat because they are different from themselves. They feel that the imbalance is so threatening to them that the immediate need to remove the imbalance can neutralize any long-term concerns or higher principles. Therefore, they often reason that the ultimate way to restore peace is to kill the people whom they think caused the imbalance.

The main weapon used by the dark forces is to manipulate the creative process itself, a process that has four elements. The world was created from four basic elements, namely the Father, the Son, the Mother and the Holy Spirit. When these four forces exist in perfect balance, the universe will grow in a harmonious manner. If one or more of the forces is taken to the extreme, imbalance will be the result. The dark forces can use either element to manipulate people into killing each other and feeling that the killing is necessary, even justified by God. Let us look at the four elements:

  • The Father element is the expansive force, which gives lifestreams the drive to grow and the free will to self-transcend. However, the Father also defines a set of laws designed to maintain the balance of the universe, so that lifestreams can grow without destroying themselves. The Father wants to see self-transcendence, not self-destruction. He wants to see a constant and balanced growth.
  • The Mother element is the contracting force. The Mother is also the element that adapts to the creative force of the Father. The role of the Mother is to allow the expression of free will so that lifestreams can experiment and learn. However, the Mother is also a counterbalance to unrestricted growth so that lifestreams do not expand so quickly that they lose their sense of identity. The role of the Mother is to provide a safe environment and to secure balanced growth. The Mother does not stop growth, she keeps it balanced and she nurtures the lifestreams as they grow. One might say that the Father provides the drive for growth and that the Mother keeps the growth balanced. To experience balanced growth, a lifestream must maintain a certain state of balance between the expanding and contracting forces of its being. How can a lifestream maintain this balance? It does so through the consciousness of the Son.
  • The Son is the offspring of the Father and Mother, and the role of the Son is to balance the expanding and the contracting forces by holding the vision for a balanced creation. To do this, the Son must discern what is truly the balanced growth of God and what is either too expansive or too contracting. Through the Christ consciousness, a lifestream can exercise its free will within the framework of God’s laws, and thereby it can maintain a constant and balanced growth. However, a lifestream is not created to grow simply for its own sake. As Jesus has explained many times, a lifestream is created to be a co-creator with God and express God’s perfection in the matter universe. A lifestream is created to bring God’s kingdom to earth. It can do so only through the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • The Holy Spirit is the life force itself, and without a continual flow of the Holy Spirit, nothing could survive. The role of the Holy Spirit is to express God’s perfection in the material universe. It does so by maintaining a constant state of growth, a growth that is balanced because it expresses the perfect vision of the Son, a vision that incorporates the perfect polarity between the expanding and contracting forces of the Father-Mother God. The Holy Spirit is committed to expressing itself in perfect alignment with the laws of God.

The false polarity

My Beloved, I hope you can see that the key to survival is balance, a balanced expression of the basic forces of the universe. What the dark forces seek to do is to disturb this balance, and they do so by seeking to make lifestreams misuse either the expanding or the contracting force. They seek to manipulate lifestreams into taking one force to the extreme, thereby creating a false polarity.

The universe is created from the polarity of the Father-Mother God. The forces of the Father and Mother are not opposite or mutually exclusive. They complement each other, so when they meet, they do not cancel out each other. Instead, their interaction gives rise to a balanced creation. When a human being is balanced, it is able to create something that is sustainable, and it will continue to grow. When a society is balanced, it will not destroy itself but continue to prosper.

The plot of Lucifer was to destroy this polarity, and he did so by creating the illusion of a false polarity that is based on a perversion of the expanding and contracting forces. When the two forces become unbalanced, you create two extremes:

  • One extreme is the anti-father. This force is created by taking the absolute authority of the Father and combining it with the contracting tendency of the Mother. This creates a totalitarian form of authority that seeks to restrict people’s expression of their free will. It seeks to restrict growth through control. It sees freedom as dangerous, and therefore it seeks to eliminate the danger by removing freedom. This leads to the lie that people don’t need to follow God’s law in order to grow and self-transcend, but that everything can stay the same.
  • The other extreme is the anti-mother. This force takes the expanding drive of the Father and combines it with the adaptability of the Mother. This creates a drive for freedom without any restrictions, leading to rebellion against the laws of God that are defined to sustain a balanced growth. This leads to a philosophy of government that seeks to remove all laws or restrictions. It claims to work for freedom, but fails to see that freedom can exist only within the safe framework of God’s laws. This leads to the lie that people don’t need to follow God’s laws about balanced growth, but that they can do whatever feels good at the moment without worrying about long-term consequences or higher principles.

These two forces form a false polarity because they are opposite and mutually exclusive. The desire for control cancels out the desire for no restrictions, and thus the interaction of the two forces can never produce sustainable offspring. They can only produce a continued tension and imbalance. My Beloved, it is the tension between these two false polarities that has been the source of all conflicts you have seen in human society since the beginning of time.

Since their fall, the dark forces have attempted to manipulate people into pledging their loyalty to one of these extremes. Their first step is to pervert the consciousness of the Son. They do this by making people subscribe to the idea that there is no absolute or ultimate truth because everything is relative. This is the consciousness that the serpent used to tempt Eve in the Garden of Eden. When people eat of the fruit of the knowledge of relative good and evil, they can no longer discern what is the right balance between the expanding and contracting forces of God. They can no longer discern the laws of God. Therefore, they begin to create a false image of reality, as Jesus has explained. They then begin to believe that this image is true and that they have a right to define their own “reality.” Once people believe in a false image, it becomes easy for the dark forces to manipulate them into fighting for one of the two extremes of totalitarian control or excessive freedom. These then are the two basic forces you see working in human society, one seeking to restrict freedom through excessive rules, one seeking to give a false freedom with no rules. I hope you can see that neither of these forces can restore the proper balance to society. This can be done only by following the laws of God and not the laws, or lack of laws, defined by man.

After people have lost the Christ consciousness, the gift of the Son, they become vulnerable to a perversion of the Holy Spirit. This makes them feel that the extreme to which they belong is the ultimate truth and the only key to survival. They feel there is an absolute need to either restrict freedom or to remove all rules. They might feel their authority comes from God through a particular religion, or they might feel that there is no God and therefore people have a natural right to be free from all restrictions. Either way, once people pervert the flame of the Holy Spirit, they feel absolutely justified in doing whatever is necessary to promote their “just” cause. They now easily fall prey to the luciferian lie that the ends can justify the means and that it is necessary to do evil that good may come. They are easily manipulated into a crisis in which it seems absolutely necessary to wage war to prevent some greater calamity or overthrow a tyrant.

My Beloved, can you see that countless wars have been fought as a result of the perpetual tension between these two false polarities of the anti-father and the anti-mother? Can you see that regardless of what people believe, such wars can never serve to restore the balance of the true polarities of the Father-Mother God? Such wars merely generate negative energies that cut off the flow of the Holy Spirit, and this inevitably leads to a breakdown in society.

Even your physical bodies stay alive only because there is a flow of the Holy Spirit through all matter. This is truly what your scientists have described as the second law of thermodynamics, which states that in a closed system disorder will increase until the system self-destructs. The true meaning of a closed system is a system that has no flow of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, it inevitably becomes unbalanced and eventually self-destructs.

Spiritual blindness

The process of imbalance that leads to self-destruction will be driven by one or even both of the forces of excessive control or excessive demand for no rules. Yet the people cannot see that they are taking things too far into the extremes because they have refused to use the discernment of the Son. This will eventually cut off the flow of the Holy Spirit, and society falls into the ultimate imbalance of believing that it has a right to do whatever it takes to fulfill its goals. Those goals might be to prevent anarchy and chaos by imposing control, or they might be to remove a tyrant by setting people free from restrictions. Yet if people are willing to go to war, or violate the Law of Love, in order to secure their goals, it is proof that they have become unbalanced.

What often happens is that certain powerful people begin to believe that the ends can justify the means, and they seek to manipulate the population into supporting a war against their proclaimed enemy. The people in this elite really believe that this is a just cause, and their justification can even be expressed through a particular religion. People in that society now begin to believe that killing is justified by the laws of God, and they might even feel they have a holy duty to kill others in the name of God.

I hope you can now see that the belief that you should kill your fellow humans in the name of God is the ultimate triumph for Lucifer and the luciferian mindset. It is the ultimate justification for war among human beings, but it is truly an extension of the mindset that Lucifer used to justify his self-declared war against God. The statements, “Let us do evil that good may come” and “Let us kill people to bring peace,” were never spoken by God or a representative of God. They were spoken by beings who are trapped in the ultimate illusion that they are against God and that they are waging a war against God.

This leads to the ultimate form of ignorance in which people are completely out of alignment with the reality and the laws of God, yet they are completely convinced that their man-made or devil-made beliefs are absolutely true. Therefore, they feel the ultimate justification for using all means to impose these beliefs upon others.

War is the ultimate burden for the earth Mother

My purpose for giving you this long explanation is to show you that war is the ultimate cause of the imbalances that burden the earth Mother herself. Over the course of history, wars have generated a huge amount of misqualified energy that has been added to the energy field of the planet. At certain times, this energy reaches a critical mass of intensity, and it becomes too much for the earth Mother to bear. The energy is then released in an outburst that manifests as natural disasters.

In my previous discourse, I explained the five spiritual poisons and their link to natural disasters. I hope you can now see that the spiritual poisons spring from the state of ultimate ignorance that I have just described. When people are out of alignment with the reality of God, when people are ignorant and unbalanced, they start producing the spiritual poisons of anger, pride, greed and jealousy. They lose their will to be co-creators with God in this world.

Human beings are the highest link in the evolutionary chain on earth. Therefore, they have the responsibility for keeping the earth balanced. As Jesus explains throughout his website, people create through the power of their minds. The human mind has four levels, and each of them corresponds to one of the basic forces of the universe:

  • The highest level of the human mind is the etheric “body.” It is the seat of people’s sense of identity and the memory of their spiritual origin. This corresponds to the Father element. The task of the etheric body is to keep people in alignment with the laws of God and their highest potential—which is the potential for self-transcendence.
  • The next level is the mental body, the logical, rational mind. It corresponds to the Son, and its task is to maintain the vision of balance between the expansive and contracting forces.
  • The feeling body corresponds to the Mother. It function is to nourish the lifestream and all forms of life by maintaining a balanced and nurturing environment, in the home and on the planetary home.
  • The physical mind or brain corresponds to the Holy Spirit, and its function is to make sure that the material realm stays in alignment with the laws and the vision of God, so that it does not become unbalanced and self-destructs.

The dark forces seek to create imbalance in one or all of these levels of the mind in order to cause people to become so agitated that they lose their state of inner peace. When people lose their inner peace, it is only a matter of time before an outer conflict or war is the result. All outer wars start as a warring in the members, a war in the psyche, of individuals. When a critical mass of people in a society reach this state of inner war, outer war will soon follow.

You now have a deeper understanding of how people are manipulated into producing the spiritual poisons by thinking that their state of agitation is unavoidable, is caused by an outer enemy or is justified by the laws of a religion. I hope you see that the true cause of war is an unbalanced state, and therefore wars are never justified in the eyes of God. God is always in a state of perfect balance, so imbalance is never in alignment with God. The ultimate form of human imbalance is war itself, so how could war ever be necessary in the eyes of God?

The greatest need of the ascended masters

My Beloved hearts, I hope you can see that the greatest danger to life on this planet is war. Therefore, the greatest need of the ascended masters is to have the balanced people on earth make a never-before-seen effort to put an end to war on this planet. Obviously, stopping war will require many activities, including enlightening human beings to the teachings I have given in this discourse. They can then make informed choices about war instead of allowing themselves to be manipulated into conflict time and time again. Yet I must also tell you that war has been going on for so long on this planet that it has indeed become a self-destructive downward spiral. It is in the process of becoming a self-fulfilled prophecy.

As Jesus has explained, when energy is allowed to accumulate, it forms a vortex that becomes like a black hole and sucks everything into it. Because war has been going on for so long, there are a number of such energy vortexes, and they are so strong that they can blind or overpower people. Therefore, the people who are caught in such a vortex are completely unable to grasp the teachings that I have given you in this discourse. They are unable to see that they are being manipulated into waging war against others. Even if they could see it, their hatred for one another is so strong that they are unable to see that they are actually destroying themselves in the process.

My purpose for this long discourse is to show you that there is indeed a great need at this time for those who are willing to be the shock troops of the ascended masters. I need those who will make an effort to consume the energy vortexes and the momentums of war on this planet. I am in need of those who will be like the firemen who go into the burning city to pour water upon the fires of war and quench the flames and smoke, until people can see clearly and are not overpowered by the energies of war. I am come to give those who are willing to take on this task a powerful tool for consuming the energies of war. That tool is my Miracle Peace Rosary that is a special gift from my heart.

I am asking you to give this rosary at least once a week. However, if you have time, you are welcome to give the Peace rosary six days a week and give the East-West Rosary on Sunday. If you give the Peace Rosary only one day a week, I suggest that you give it on Saturday because it truly is a powerful foundation for the East-West Rosary.

Do not feel overwhelmed

My Beloved hearts, I hope you will not feel overwhelmed by my requests to give more rosaries, and I especially hope that you will not feel overwhelmed about the burdens upon the earth Mother. It truly is not my desire to overwhelm you, and I hope you will not feel so burdened that you become paralyzed, as so many people have become in this day and age. They are so overwhelmed by the many challenges facing society that they do nothing, because they reason, “What can one person do, what difference could I possibly make?”

I will be very honest with you and tell you that you alone cannot turn this planet around and start to turn back the tide of war that has been rising now for many years. Yet I will also tell you that if no one does anything to stop the tide, then surely the floodgates will one day be opened, and you will see a war that will be more devastating than anything seen in recorded history. You are all aware that the weapons scientists have created are more powerful than ever, and therefore the potential for destruction and loss of life has never been greater. So you see, I cannot promise you that if you give my rosaries, we will avoid war.

However, I can give you one certainty and that is that if everyone does nothing, there will surely be a third World War, and it will be more devastating than the two first World Wars taken together. So you see my beloved, you can make a tremendous difference. Even one person giving these rosaries will make a positive difference, and even though one person cannot turn the tide, the effort of a number of people can gradually build a critical mass that eventually consumes so much negative energy that a major war will not come to pass.

It is like throwing buckets of water upon a fire. One bucket seems to make no difference but many buckets will make a difference. Yet if just one bucket is missing, the fire might not be quenched. Your personal contribution could be the one that brings the power of the rosaries to the critical level and therefore makes all the difference in the world. So please do not feel that you cannot make a difference, and do not allow yourself to be paralyzed by the forces of this world.

You have heard the saying that, “For evil to triumph, it only takes that good men – and women – do nothing.” The truth behind that statement is that there are many unbalanced people on this planet who are prone to war and conflict. These are the ones who are easy prey for the dark forces that are using the tools I have described to manipulate people into war. These people are trapped in such a low state of consciousness, that they cannot stop a war. Therefore, the only people who can stop war are the people in a higher state of consciousness, namely those who are so balanced that they can hold on to higher principles. The devil knows this, so he has a two-pronged attack.

One part of his strategy is to agitate the people who are in a lower state of consciousness until their anger breaks out as open conflict and war. The other part of his strategy is to get the people in a higher state of consciousness to feel so overwhelmed, that they feel like they could not possibly make a difference, and therefore they end up doing nothing. Discouragement is the sharpest tool in the devil’s toolkit, and he uses it very efficiently against those who are the balanced people on earth.

Do you realize why this tool works so efficiently against the balanced people? It is because when such people look at the forces and the people who are creating conflict upon conflict, they cannot understand why these people will not stop the conflict. You see my beloved, you know in your hearts that you could never kill another human being, no matter how necessary it might seem. You know that you could never create the conflicts that you see all around you, and therefore you cannot understand why these people are doing it. Because you cannot understand how these people think, you feel powerless to do anything about it. That is why you feel overwhelmed and discouraged, and you end up thinking, “What could I possibly do to make a difference? Why even bother trying?”

Well, I have now giving you a deeper understanding of the spiritual cause behind war, and I hope you can see that there is indeed something you can do, on the spiritual level, to stop war. You cannot change people’s minds, but you now see that many people are simply overwhelmed by a vortex of negative energy. They have little chance of making the choice to stop their conflicts as long as they are burdened by this negative energy that turns their emotional bodies into raging volcanoes. So you see that by giving the rosaries and other spiritual exercises, you consume this energy and free these people so that they can maintain some degree of emotional peace and mental clarity. This gives them the opportunity to make the choice to abandon conflict, and this can indeed be the key factor that prevents the forces of war from being unleashed on this planet.

Finally, let me say that my rosaries always have a planetary and a personal effect. My Miracle Peace Rosary will not only consume the forces that create conflict in the world, it will also consume the forces in your own mind and being that cause you to feel that you are not at peace. I think that at some level of your being, you realize that one of the greatest needs and desires for human beings, one of the keys to happiness, is to have peace of mind. By consuming the forces that cause the imbalances that lead to a warring in your members, you will make great personal strides towards the ultimate goal of all spiritual seekers, namely the inner peace of mind, the peace that passes understanding.

My Beloved hearts, I thank you for your patience in enduring this long discourse, and I thank you for your love in giving the rosaries. Each person giving the rosaries lights up a corner of the world. If enough sparks of light will spring up, you will truly see the new day. In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Mother of Peace, I seal your minds and hearts, I seal the four levels of your minds, with the impenetrable wall of my Miracle Peace. May you abide in that peace always and let it consume all warring in your members and the warring in the members of the body of God on earth and in the body of the earth Mother. In the name of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, it is finished. Amen.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels