Why on earth are you here on earth?

TOPICS: Invoking the Will of God into particular planetary problems – Why you came to earth – Making peace with being on earth – The most important step on the spiritual path –

Ascended Master El Morya, March 26, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

Invoking the Will of God into particular planetary problems

I AM the Flame of the Will of God, and I am here to invite you to participate with me in an exercise of the will of God within you. Will you help me? Then I ask you to center in your heart, to focus on the flame of God burning on the altar in your heart, to reach for your flame, your God-flame, that is your unique spiritual flame. And it matters not whether you know not in your outer mind what that flame is. You visualize it however you can, and then you visualize that the flame expands and grows and envelops your entire physical body. And then it grows and envelops your entire energy field. And then it grows even more, and now it is enveloping the entire earth.

And now you find one particular problem, one particular manifestation of darkness or evil that is of concern to you. And you focus your attention briefly on that darkness, without going into it, without giving it any of your power and light. You just see it and see that it is in existence, a temporary existence, on this planet. And then I ask you to declare aloud, in your own words, that you use your God-given free will to chose that that form of darkness, and the consciousness behind it – and the serpentine lie out of which that consciousness was formed – is no longer acceptable to you. Declare this now.

And now I ask you to see your God Flame envelop the entire earth. And your flame touches the darkness – wherever it is found – and the entire consciousness behind it. And as it touches it, the darkness is caught up by your flame, as your flame becomes a giant wave that carries the darkness, as chips of wood – darkened wood – floating on top of the wave. And that wave of your God Flame rolls inward toward the Flame of God’s Will.

And this is a flame of God’s will that is beyond your God Flame, because this flame is the flame of the entire spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the devotion to the Will of God of all ascended beings who have ever passed through this earth. So this flame is more powerful than any individual flame because it is the sum total of the flames of so many ascended beings working with you.

And now you see the individual waves of your flames carry this darkness and wash it into this flame, into this pillar of fire, anchored in this room. And you see, you visualize, how instantly – upon contact with that flame – the darkness is consumed and it is no more; it is gone. And I ask you to take a few seconds to visualize these waves upon waves of your God Flames that carry the darkness into the pillar of fire of the Will of God.

So it is done, and this darkness is consumed this day. And what has just occurred is an immense service to the evolutions on this planet, because truly the darkness that has been challenged over these last many days, by this vigil of the Rosary of God’s Will – through your visualization and through your God Flames – has now been carried from the four corners of the earth into this pillar of Fire that consumes all of the anti-will, all of the anti-mind.

And this is a service that is unprecedented in the history of this planet. I am not saying this to cause conceit, because truly many groups of people and many individuals have given a unique service that has brought the planet one step forward. But you should allow yourselves to realize that the power of God within you has just performed a unique and tremendously powerful service. And I can tell you that you will see physical results of this, you will see it all over the planet. And yes, many of the people in the world might not notice, or they might not even be willing to entertain the thought that there could be a spiritual cause behind the physical changes that you will witness in the coming months.

But you, who know the spiritual reality, should allow yourselves to realize that when you become one with your God Flames, you truly become as Above, so below. And thereby you become the hands and feet and the mouthpieces of the ascended masters here below. And through that unique figure-eight flow between us, so much power can be released that it can truly change this planet in what will be the blink of the eye  – the I – of God.

I encourage everyone to use this exercise of going within and deciding that a particular form of darkness is no longer acceptable to the will of God within you. I caution you not to make this decision with the human mind. Because if you make the decision with the human mind, you will encounter opposition to that human mind. Because if the prince of this world has something in you, he will use it to oppose—oppose your outer will.

Therefore, you must know that you are not the doer, that it is God within you who is the doer. And you must let your own I AM Presence make the decision through you.

Why you came to earth

I come to pour out my love for you, each and every one of you. Know that the experience described by this messenger* of experiencing the pink love of the Will of God can indeed be experienced by each and every one of you, when you surrender the will of the ego to the will of God within you. Because, after all, the will of God is not a harsh and judgmental and angry will that seeks to restrict you. The will of God springs from God’s unconditional love for you that only wants the best for you.

And what is the best for you? It is that you be who you are, that you reconnect to your God Flame, that you let your light shine. Because by letting your light shine, your lifestream will feel its deepest fulfillment. The deepest fulfillment possible is to feel the light of your God Flame flowing through your soul, your mind, your thoughts, your emotions, your actions. And everything that human beings long for—they will never have that longing fulfilled by doing outer things. They will have it fulfilled only when the light of their God Flames is flowing through them.

And in allowing the mind of God to flow through them, they become more, and they become better and better at directing that light. And that is when there is a blending of the mind of God, the will of God, the will of the I AM Presence and the will of the Conscious You. And you realize that the will of God is not outside of you; it is inside of you.

And the will of God is that when you overcome the ego and are anchored in your God Flame, you make decisions on your own as to how to direct that light. And thereby, you express your own God-given creativity, beyond what any other lifestream could express. And therefore you bring a unique gift that will give you that unique sense of fulfillment that comes from knowing who you are and being who you are.

So you see, God is not trying to restrict you. However, God will awaken you, when you are going beyond what is best for YOU, what is beyond the higher will of your own being. When you are allowing the outer mind and the forces of this world to make you a house divided against itself, the house that cannot stand, then God’s Will will step in and discipline you and challenge you and push your ego buttons to bring out a reaction, in the hope that your ego will become so outspoken that the Conscious You finally sees it and says, “I don’t want this anymore. I don’t want this limitation. I don’t want to repeat these age-old patterns. I want to be free, I want something more.”

Making peace with being on earth

It has been my privilege to serve the Flame of the Will of God for a very long time, and I can assure you that during that time I have had the unique privilege of challenging the egos of any number of students that have come our way in various dispensations and organizations. And although many of them get riled and are not particularly grateful for having their egos challenged, I see behind the outer personality. And I see that those who are willing to be awakened find a new freedom. And at the deeper level of the Conscious You they are grateful, because they realize that it was the love of God that would not allow them to descend further and further into a downward spiral, that would only cause them to lose their deepest sense of joy and fulfillment. Because when you are trapped in the ego, how can you possibly fulfill the purpose for which you came to earth?

I reveal to you that many of you came to earth specifically because you wanted to transcend and transmute and transform a particular state of consciousness. You wanted to show others that it was possible to be born into difficult circumstances, to experience various kinds of problems and limitations, and to prove that you could rise above it and thereby show other people that they too can rise above it through the power of God within them.

So many of you may look back at your lives and see that you have made various mistakes and you have encountered various problems. And you may feel that because you have gone through these problems, you are unworthy to face God, you are unworthy to come home. But in reality those problems were never yours. It was something you volunteered to take on, in order to show others the way and in order to make a contribution to banishing that particular state of consciousness by resolving it through your own Being.

Yet through the programming of the world, where you were brought up without even understanding the concept of a spiritual mission and a divine plan, you forgot why you came. You have taken on the consciousness that you came to dissolve, you have begun to identify with it and you think you cannot escape it. Yet I tell you—it is time for you to awaken and realize that these limitations are not real, they are not YOU, they are not of your making. They are of the making of the lower consciousness, your personal ego and the collective consciousness. And your task, your desire, was to come down here, experience it and then separate yourself out from it.

And it is time, it is high time, to separate yourself out from this state of consciousness and show the world that no matter what you have gone through, no matter what you have experienced, no matter what mistakes you have made, there is redemption in the God within you, in your God Flame. And by connecting to that God Flame, your God Flame will consume all unlike itself, and it will consume all of your limitations, all of your past records and even the very memory of it, until you cannot even remember why you used to feel unworthy or limited.

The most important step on the spiritual path

And thus I say to you, when you connect to the Will of God within you, when you stop seeing that will as external or in opposition to your will, you have taken the most important step on the spiritual path that anyone can take. Because when you have passed that hurdle of reconnecting to the Will of God, you realize that everything that comes after is not external to your will. And therefore, you are no longer fighting yourself. You will still be fighting the consciousness of the world that seeks to prevent you from being who you are. But if you are no longer divided in yourself, oh how great a freedom that is.

What a liberation it is to overcome the division in your own being, in your own soul. And the only way to overcome that division is to realize that God’s will is your will. Because if you think God’s will is in opposition to your will, how could you ever make the free-will decision to enter the kingdom of God. And where is the kingdom of God? Ah, did not the Lord Christ say, “The kingdom of God is within you?” How can you enter that inner kingdom if you think God’s will is outside of, is in opposition to your own will?

It simply is not possible. And that is why a student on the path must first pass through the Office of the Chohan** of the Ray of God’s Will. And then that student can move on to other rays and other masters.

What a privilege it has been for me to be the sponsor of the release of this Rosary to God’s Will, and what a joy it has been to my heart to see so many people dedicate themselves to this ritual. And therefore, I thank you with all of my heart. And as the Lord Christ before me, I bow to the Light of God within you, and I bid you farewell.

* Before the dictation Kim Michaels explained that he had once been given a discipline by El Morya, and when he surrendered part of his ego, he felt the most tender, pink love descend upon him. He knew it was the love of El Morya, the love that an ascended master has for a student who is willing to give up part of the ego and come up higher on the path.

** There are seven major rays in the spiritual realm, and each ray represents a particular God quality. The first ray is the ray of God’s Will. Each ray has a particular master who serves as the director of the activities of that ray. This master is called a Chohan. El Morya is the Chohan of the first ray.


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