I, Jesus Christ, kneel before God in you

TOPICS: Being gathered in the name of Jesus – Jesus loves all people as his disciples – Anchoring the Flame of God’s Will – Jesus reaches out to Christians and non-christians –

Ascended Master Jesus, March 26, 2005.

Being gathered in the name of Jesus

Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I AM in the midst of them. And where more than three are gathered in my name, there I AM too. Yet what does it mean to be gathered in the name of Jesus Christ? Does it mean to come together in a physical building, to read from scripture, to pray and to speak my name? Does that summon my Presence? Millions of Christians around the world believe that it does. Yet they are mistaken because they have not understood the true path that I taught. And that true path is the inner path of the heart.

What does it mean to be gathered in the name of Jesus Christ? It means, first of all, that you have accepted my offering, or the offering of another ascended being who has broken his body and blood, broken his spirit for you, and given you a morsel of himself or herself in the form of your Christ self. You must have accepted that offering, and you must have used it wisely, as the wise servants multiplied their talents, given to them by their master.

If you are one of the unwise servants, who have buried your talents in the ground of the human ego or the outer path of thinking you can please God by performing a rote ritual, then what is there to multiply? And if there is nothing to multiply, then why should I manifest my Presence in your midst? And therefore I tell you, unless there is one person in the congregation who has multiplied the talents, I will not be in that congregation, no matter how many prayers they recite. Thus, truly, this is the mystery of Christ that has been overlooked by orthodox Christianity for over 17 centuries.

And it has been overlooked because it was deliberately taken out by those who did not want me to have the victory for which I came. And that victory was not that I be elevated to an idol who was above and beyond all human beings. That victory was that millions of people around the world would take my gift, of my Spirit that was broken for them, allow it into their temples and then multiply their talents, until the kingdom of God, which is the leaven, raised the whole loaf of their consciousness. And thus you see that Christianity today has not fulfilled its calling and its potential for being the force of Christ in this world.

And the reason is that so many people have been brought up to believe the lie that God only sent one Son into this world. And yet I tell you the truth that God has sent many sons and daughters into this world, so that through them the world might be saved. If only the world would see the sons and daughters for who they are and believe, believe in the reality that God has many individualizations and has sent many of them into this world. Thereby, by seeing one son or daughter rise to manifest the fullness of Being who they are, then everyone can believe that they too can rise and Be who they are in God.

Jesus loves all people as his disciples

I welcome you to my heart. Not very long ago, my beloved Mother said, “Do you believe that I loved Jesus more than I love each and every one of you?” And she said, “I love each and every one of you with the same love that I had and have for Jesus.” And thus I say to you, each of you around the world who have studied my teachings on the website  and who have used the rosaries of Mother Mary, I say to you, “Do you believe that I loved my disciples more than I love each and every one of you?” Because if you do, you are suffering from an illusion, and I am here to call you to let go of that illusion and realize that I, Jesus Christ, have an infinite, unconditional and a very personal love for each one of you.

And why should that be a surprise? If you really study my teachings, even the fragments of my teachings in the orthodox Bible, you will see that I loved God more than anything else. And when I was asked what was the most important point of the law, did I not say, “That you love God with all your mind, heart and soul and that you love your neighbor as yourself.” And who is that self? I realized who my self was when I said, “I and my Father are one.” Because that self of me is truly God. Who is the self of each one of you? It is God too. How could it be otherwise, when even the Gospel of John says, “Without him was not any thing made that was made.” And that is why I said, “Ye are Gods.” Ye are individualizations of God.

Your true self, your true identity is an individualization of God. And therefore, I Jesus Christ, who has always worshipped the true God, I also worship and bow before the true God in each and every one of you. And thus I, Jesus Christ, kneel in reverence [messenger kneels] to the God who is in each one of you as that God is in me. And I do this to show you that there are no divisions in God because all is oneness. And thus, in that oneness, we can overcome the barriers created by the illusions of the anti-mind, the human ego and the forces of this world.

And when the prince of this world comes, you can say to him, “I know God is within me because my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has knelt before that God that is in all life. And if Jesus worships the God within, how can I do anything less.” And when you can say this and fully mean it, the prince of this world will have nothing in you, whereby he can take you away from your inner oneness with who you are.

The scriptures record that one day I was teaching, and there was a great crowd. And my brothers and sisters and my mother came, and they wanted to speak to me because they were concerned about the turn my life had taken. And what was my response? I gestured toward the crowd and I said, “These are my brethren, these are my brothers and sisters. Those who do the will of my Father, those who hear the word of God and do it, these are my brothers and sisters.” And thus, you are my brothers and sisters, you who have been willing to come apart from the consciousness of the world, you who have been willing to say: “There must be more. God, there must be more to life!”

And in that calling, the answer is given. Unfailingly, to every soul that cries out, the answer is given. Sometimes a soul does not recognize the answer, but the answer is always given, and the soul will find something that it can use to start the path that leads it back to oneness.

Anchoring the Flame of God’s Will

I now anchor a Flame of God’s Will that you have earned through your dedication to this latest rosary to God’s Will. It has been over 10,000 years since so many people on this planet have shown such dedication to the will of God in uniting their minds and hearts in one ritual. And it is a flame that can heal any condition, any condition in your psyche, or any condition in your body. Yet that healing will be subject to the will of God. I encourage you to tune in, in your heart, to know the will of God for your lifestream and what is your potential, not only for this retreat, but for the rest of your life, the rest of your time on this planet.

A president of the United States was once inspired by an ascended master to say, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” I would paraphrase that and say, “Ask not what your God can do for you; ask what your God can do for the world through you.”

When I started preaching 2,000 years ago, I had few people. Yet through the power of God within me, and the power that the people who heard me preach accepted and multiplied in their hearts, a movement was started that changed the world forever. And thus I tell you, you of your own selves, you of your outer selves, truly can do nothing to change the world. But so many of you knew, from early childhood, that something was not right in this world, that something was missing and why wasn’t anything being done about it when the solution was so obvious. And thus I say to you, when you connect to the power of God within you, you can become part of the solution and you will no longer be part of the problem.

By uniting your hearts, being of one accord and in one place in mind and heart, you can start a movement that will set people free from the shackles of the outer religion that has been imprisoning their minds and hearts for 2,000 years. Thus, they can realize the truth in my statement that the kingdom of God is within you.

By forming that nucleus and learning how to Be who you are in God, you can become the wayshowers and the teachers that will truly start a new movement, not as a single church that will control everything, but as a diversified movement that will spread out to the four corners of the earth, appear in many disguises, inspire and touch many people and awaken them to Be who they truly are, to remember their true origin and identity and why they are here. And this will the greatest service that this planet has ever seen. Not to start a new religion that will eradicate all the other religions, not to start a new religion that will claim that “We have the only true church, we have the only path to salvation and all the others will go to hell.” No, but to start a new movement of freedom, of spiritual freedom, that will awaken people to the reality that Spirit has individualized itself in form.

This truly is the vision I desire you to ponder. And I desire you to ponder it because I, Jesus Christ, will not tell you what you should do on the outer. But I, and other masters, will truly tell you in your hearts.

Jesus reaches out to Christians and non-christians

Two thousand years ago, when I walked the earth, I came for a specific mission, directed primarily toward the Jews—not as an outer race but as a certain state of consciousness. That state of consciousness has not been transformed, and many people on earth are still stuck in that consciousness. And unfortunately, many of them are in the Middle East. Yet so many more people have transcended that consciousness, and that is why I can now reach out to many more people, people who come from different races, difference ethnic and national backgrounds—and yes, different religious backgrounds.

For truly, when you tune in to the oneness of God within you, the outer divisions fade away. And it is only by seeing that people can come together and look beyond their outer divisions, it is only by seeing this oneness of Spirit, that the world will be awakened to the transforming power of love, unconditional love, that knows no boundaries and accepts no divisions. And thus I welcome you to this feast of the Lord’s table.

I say again, do not focus on the outer appearances, do not even focus on the instruments we use to give a message, such as this one. Focus within. You each have a unique mission, a unique calling, and it is yours to claim. And I, Jesus, tell you; it is time to claim it, to stand up and say:

I will let no man take my crown of my inner attunement with my higher Being. And especially, I will not let the enemy within, my own ego, take that crown of my inner attunement. Because I have longed all of my life to Be who I am, to bring my gift to this world, the gift that will transform the world. And yet I cannot find that gift outside myself. I must find it within—in my higher self. And thus, I will look beyond the outer programming and the inner programming of the ego. And I will say, “Here I am Lord, send me. I will go and bring a gift that will help awaken this world to your reality and your love.”

And thus I seal you in my flame of devotion to God’s will, that you saw when I sat in the garden and went through the same pain and travail that many of you have experienced. And yet, after working through this, I came to a point of inner peace, and I said, “Nevertheless, Father, not my will but thine be done.” And thus I seal you, until I speak to you again on the morrow. It is done.


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