What is true healing?

TOPICS: Healing requires surrender – The belief in incurable diseases – The consciousness behind illness – All healing is energy healing – All healing is faith healing – The Wisdom Rosary –

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Mother Mary, March 27, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

My beloved hearts, I am your Mother Mary, and I come again to give you a little more teaching about healing. There are those of you who might feel, at some level of your being, that you cannot move beyond a certain infirmity in your body or in your mind. I would ask you to reconsider, and perhaps reread your Bible about the healing miracles performed by Jesus. You will see that there are subtle hints in the scriptures, that there were instances where Jesus came to a town and none were healed because of their unbelief.

You will also see, that there were instances, where Jesus asked people: “Do you believe, that I have the power to heal you?” And if they said “Yes,” they were healed. Yet if they believed not, they were not healed. Because truly, in order to be healed, you have to be willing to let go of the limitation, but you also have to be willing to let go of the very consciousness behind that limitation. And that is why you will see, that some who are healed by religious healers will actually fall back, and their disease will reappear after a short time. Because they have not separated themselves out from the consciousness behind the disease.

Healing requires surrender

I come to ask you to consider, that before you can be healed, you must be willing to surrender, not only the outer illness, but you also have to be willing to surrender something in the mind. And there are two things you have to surrender, there are two levels of surrender. First of all, when you have had an illness for some time, or even in many cases for a short period of time, your mind has built a certain mindset to deal with that illness. And your mind has become accustomed to viewing the illness in a certain way. And before you can be healed, you have to let go of that mindset.

One might say that there is a part of your mind who has come to believe, that either the illness is necessary or it is unavoidable, or it is in some way offering you something. And as I said earlier today, your ego can believe that the illness is actually an advantage for the soul, because it gives the soul an excuse for not transcending itself. But there can be many other subtle beliefs, that the mind can create, for why you need an illness or why it is advantageous for you to keep a certain limitation.

And you must discover that mindset and let go of it. And then, when you have done that – which is your personal mindset that you have created around this illness – you then need to go deeper and realize, that the illness itself, be it physical or mental, is the outpicturing of a certain mindset in the collective consciousness. And in order to be healed, you have to separate yourself from that mindset. And this might indeed be a part of your divine plan, that you came here to demonstrate that it is possible to have a certain illness in the physical body and yet to rise above it.

The belief in incurable diseases

If you will think back over history, you will see that from time to time many people have had the belief, that a certain illness was incurable. And once you had contracted that illness, it was just a matter of time before you died. And it was not very long ago, where most people in the West looked at cancer in this way. And yet in the last decade or so, a shift has begun to occur.

And today many people realize that even cancer can be dealt with and that many forms of cancer can be cured. And so this has created a shift in the collective consciousness, and thereby you will see, that more and more people do not fall into despair and hopelessness when they have cancer in their bodies. Instead of falling into despair, they decide that they will do everything they can to fight it. And thereby they carve a trail that helps humankind conquer the mindset, that cancer is a limitation that is absolute.

And yet I will tell you, that the physical cures for cancer will never be able to cure every form of cancer or to cure it completely, because behind cancer is a mindset, a consciousness. And it is truly a consciousness of the anti-will and the anger against God’s will, as something that is imposed upon you from without. And therefore, this consciousness permeates the very cells of the physical body, until the cell itself feels that it is so restricted by outside forces, that it no longer wants to live. And so it destroys itself from within.

And this is a mindset you will see in many other manifestations in society, where people have allowed themselves to be separated from the will of God, which wants only that they experience love, light and freedom. And they have submitted themselves to and identified themselves with the mind of the ego, the anti-mind or the forces of this world. And through that anti-mind, the soul has become so boxed-in that it says: “This life is not worth living.” But the soul has become so trapped in this consciousness, that it cannot do what all of you have done, because all of you have experienced that at some point – even though you had many difficulties, even though you had severe problems – you came to a point where – instead of saying: “This life is not worth living” – you said: “There must be a better way; there must be something more.”

And in asking that question, you discovered something, and it is because of that you are alive today. And so those souls who are trapped, and cannot even ask the question: “There must be more to life, where is it?,” those souls will eventually be so boxed-in by their own negativity and limitations, that they no longer want to live. And many of them do not commit physical suicide, but they commit a slow suicide of engaging in all kinds of activities, such as addictions, war, terrorism, fights or conflicts that eventually leads to the death of the body.

The consciousness behind illness

So to really be healed, you need to consider that any physical or mental illness is the expression of a certain state of consciousness. And when you discover what that consciousness is, it is then your task to free yourself from it. And how do you free yourself from it? By realizing, as the Presence of Wisdom said, that this is not a creation of the true you. Your I AM Presence and your soul did not create this consciousness.

It was created by your ego, the egos of other human beings and the consciousness of dark beings, who are so steeped in selfishness, that they do not even have an ego any more in the sense that human beings have an ego. They have no sense of individuality, they have just become a part of the mass mind or a particular perversion of God’s consciousness. And so, they have created this consciousness that has manifested as physical disease. You did not create it; the higher you, the real you, did not create it. You took it on because you wanted to show others, that it is possible to rise above it. And thus I say to you, when you connect to your divine plan, you will know when it is time to rise above that consciousness and thereby rise above the physical disease.

 All healing is energy healing

Everything is energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, at least not in the material universe. But energy can be transformed; any form of energy can be transformed into any other form of energy. And thus, darkness can be transformed into light, and the energy that makes up a particular disease can be transformed into purity and health. Yet to transform the energy, or rather to allow the light of God within you to transform the energy, you must free that energy from the matrix that has been put upon it through your mind and through the collective mind.

And that is why all healing is energy healing; not necessarily in the sense that it is currently understood, where you think you take one form of physical energy and move it around, but in the sense that by invoking the light of God, and by affirming the purity and the perfection of God, you can transform the imperfect energy, the energy that has currently taken on an imperfect form. And many of you have not come here to experience an instant healing that is miraculous to the human mind. Because when someone is healed through a miracle, other people will say: “Well, unless I experience that miracle by some grace of God, I can’t be healed.” So what you are here for is to demonstrate, that you can allow God within you to heal you and to heal you through a process, whereby you rise above the limiting state of consciousness that created the disease.

And thereby you can show people—not an instantaneous miracle that they cannot understand or accept for themselves, but you can show them a gradual, systematic path that leads them out of darkness and into light. And thereby, they suddenly can see that: “If that person can do it; I can do it.” And suddenly the healing process now becomes believable.

All healing is faith healing

And unless you can have the faith that the healing is possible, how can you be healed? There were those who stood before Jesus and did not have the faith, that Jesus had the power of God within him to heal their disease. And thus, Jesus could not violate their free will and let it be healed. And therefore, you are here to demonstrate, that when you have the faith – not in an outer miracle, but in the inner process of the Light of God consuming the imperfections – you can be healed.

And when enough people demonstrate that path, you will see a shift in the collective consciousness. And as I have said before, the challenge that faces humankind between now and the year 2012 is to realize the connection between their consciousness and the conditions in their physical bodies and the conditions in the body of the Earth Mother. And this is truly the great awakening that needs to happen on this planet.

And this is the true wisdom—when you realize that everything is created through the power of the mind. That is true wisdom in this realm, in this realm of duality. That is when you will experience freedom from the dualistic mind, from the human ego and from all human limitations. And that is what I desire to see happen, in you and in the lives of all people.

The Wisdom Rosary

And that is why I have poured my heart, soul and Being into this Rosary of the All-pervading Wisdom. And I charge it now with the fire of the Mother of God, that will penetrate all darkness, all lies, all illusions and start building the inner fire that will consume the lie, the illusion. And you will see that people will begin to be awakened, as you can already has been going on for some time.

But you will see it accelerated in the coming years, and people will wake up and say, like the little child said when he saw the emperor parading before him in his new clothes – and all the adults through their sophisticated minds believed in the illusions created by the emperor’s tailors, that he was wearing this sophisticated clothing – but the little child with the innocent mind – because the child had the wisdom of God that did not buy into the dualistic illusions – the little child was the one who cried out: “But he has nothing on!”

And you will see that both yourselves and many other people in every walk of life will start crying out: “But they have nothing on; it is all illusions and lies. We don‘t have to believe it, we don’t have to be burdened by it.” And this is the inner fire, anchored through my own Being, through the Being of Zarathustra, through the Being of El Morya, through the Being of Jesus and so many others who have come to this Earth and who have conquered limitation and who have risen to the ascended state and are now reaching back to you and saying: “You too can come up higher, you too can let the inner fire consume the outer illusion.”

And thus I charge you with the joy, the enthusiasm and the love of freedom, freedom for your souls from all these limitations that have been put upon you from without, so that you will have that inner fire and drive to look them straight in the eye and say: “But the emperor has nothing on. I am no longer his slave, I am no longer the subject of that lie. I am free in God, and I rise above it, and I let the consciousness of the lie pass into the Pillar of Fire of the Will of God. And I see it consumed, and I see all of my brothers and sisters awakening to the reality that the kingdom of God is within them.”

And thus I seal you with the fire of the Mother of God below, forming a polarity to the fire of the Father Above. And therefore, I say to the four corners of the Earth: “Choose Life! Choose Life! Choose Life! Choose Life!” In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, it is sealed, it is finished.

Part of this dictation was used in the book: Heal Your Life by Forgiving Everything.

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