The mindset that leads to true healing?

TOPICS: Many people have taken on illness as a labor of love – Illness caused by other factors – Help others rise above a certain state of consciousness – How souls can be saved – The Divine Mother wants all Christians be free of idolatry of Jesus – Anchoring God’s judgment –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, March 27, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, I wish I could express to you the joy it is to step into the forcefield of Archangel Michael and feel his vibration, his determination and his dedication to the Will of God. I am Mary, your Mother, and I come because I too want to thank all of those who have given these rosaries. Even if you gave a rosary only one time or gave a partial rosary, you should allow yourself to feel that you have been part of an accomplishment that has not been seen for 10,000 years on this planet.

Truly, these rosaries, that I have released, are as powerful as the invocations that were used by the priests and priestesses of Atlantis and the priestesses of Lemuria.* And thus we have been able to bring forth tools that are not identical to the tools used back then, but they have the same power to release the Living Word that will consume all darkness and all lies.

Many people have taken on illness as a labor of love

I come today to ask you to consider what it means to be healed. What is true healing? You see, what has been explained to you is the difference between the outer will, the human will, the will of the ego, and the Will of God. And how can you possibly understand healing, unless you have attunement with the Will of God? How can you know what should be done to bring about healing, what type of healing should occur – or if healing should occur – if you are not attuned to the will of God?

I can tell you that for many thousands of years, the karma and the darkness on earth has been so heavy that many individual people have volunteered to take upon themselves a part of the weight of that karma. And for many of them, it has manifested in the form of mental or physical illness. And they have carried this in their bodies and in their minds, often for an entire lifetime. And it is truly the story of those who are willing to sacrifice, so that others may have an opportunity not to be so burdened by their karma and by the darkness that they could not possibly make any spiritual progress in that embodiment.

Even though Jesus has carried a large portion of the sins of the world for these 2,000 years, there have still been many individuals who have taken upon themselves a part of the darkness to give other people an opportunity of a lifetime, where they were not so burdened in body and mind that they could not discover the spiritual side of life.

You must consider that for many people an illness, mental or physical, can be a labor of love. There is a possibility that the lifestream, at deeper levels, does not want to be healed of that illness or does not want to be healed just yet. And unless you are attuned to this in your own mind, how can you truly know? And thus, there is the possibility that you can seek to attain healing through unlawful means. This can be spiritually unlawful means, whereby someone else takes upon themselves the karma that you have volunteered to bear. Or it can be unlawful material means, whereby you use some form of modern medicine as a shortcut to either take away the pain or take away an illness that was meant to be borne.

Illness caused by other factors

And yet, there are other scenarios that come into play. For some people an illness is not caused by them carrying the karma of other people; it is caused by their own karma. So again, if they seek to pass it on to others, or if they seek to simply numb themselves to the pain, then that can be a form of dodging their responsibility.

Another common scenario that you see is that an illness is actually created by the lower mind, by the ego. And it is created to give the Conscious You an excuse for not taking command over its own destiny, for not taking responsibility for itself. And thus the Conscious You reasons that because I have this or that illness, I cannot rise and become the Christ, I cannot fulfill my divine plan, I cannot challenge the darkness and take a stand for Light.

There are some instances where the person wants to be healed, but from a deeper level, the healing should not occur. There are some instances where the soul does not want to be healed, but the healing should occur because otherwise the Conscious You cannot grow.

So the key to knowing is to tune in to the will of God, and now we have attempted to explain to you, from different perspectives, that the most important concept that you can know about the will of God is that the will of God is not outside of yourself, is not separate from your own will—the higher will of your conscious self and I AM Presence. And thus you need to tune in to your own higher will and see what is God’s will concerning any particular illness you have. And if you feel in your heart that the healing should occur, then you can use appropriate means.

Help others rise above a certain state of consciousness

But you also need to consider that any physical illness, any mental illness, is the expression of a particular state of consciousness. And in some cases that state of consciousness is created by your own ego, and it is your responsibility to take care of it, because truly it is something you have created from inside your own being. However, for many of you, who are open to the spiritual path, there is a different scenario that is very likely.

When you step back and look at planet earth from a higher perspective, you see that there are many different forms and states of consciousness on this planet that are expressions of the human consciousness, aspects of the human consciousness. And each of those states of consciousness is the outpicturing in form of a particular lie that springs from the mind of anti-christ, the anti-mind.

You see that for each of these lies, there is a certain group of lifestreams who have bought into that lie. They have believed that lie and absorbed it into their sense of identity. So they believe that because of this or that condition or expression, they cannot rise beyond a certain level, they cannot become the Christ in embodiment. They cannot be who they are in God here on earth. These souls – once they accept this lie at the level of their identity bodies, their etheric bodies – there is no way that the soul can free itself by its own internal power.

The soul is trapped, the soul is trapped in the consciousness that Jesus called “Death.” How is that soul to be saved? Well, it can be saved only when God is willing to send one of his sons or daughters into the world, so that through that being the world might be saved.

How souls can be saved

And how is the world saved? Well, it is saved when a true being of light descends to this earth and takes upon itself that particular state of consciousness. And then, by internalizing and expanding its connection to its Spiritual self, while it is in a body and overshadowed by the outer mind, the lifestream carves a trail through the jungle of ego-illusions. And it demonstrates that it is possible to take on a certain infirmity, a certain limitation, and rise above it through the mind of Christ and the mind of God.

And when another lifestream, who is still trapped, sees that a person from the same background, a person who had the same problems, can rise above those limitations, then that lifestream will often be awakened and say, “If he can do it, maybe I can do it.”

And this is the principle of the great White Brotherhood: “What one has done, all can do.” Which really says that the only way to truly teach is to teach by example. And that is why Jesus Christ took embodiment. That is why I took embodiment as his mother in that lifetime. That is why many other Beings of Light, spiritual beings, have taken physical embodiment on earth. They have done this to show that no matter what human condition or limitation a lifestream might be facing, it is possible to rise above it through the power of God within you.

The Divine Mother wants all Christians be free of idolatry of Jesus

And that is again why Jesus’ statement is so all-important: “The kingdom of God is within you.” And that is why it is indeed such a tragedy and such a blasphemy that the very movement that Jesus started has perverted his true teaching, has created this idol that only Jesus could attain Christhood. And they have even created the lie that he could do so because he was God from the very beginning and was not created as other people, who are mere sinners.

This is truly a burden to the heart of a mother, who has no other desire than to see her children bask in the bright sunlight. And yet what do so many of my children do? They have been programmed to believe that it is dangerous to go out into the sun. So they sit in their churches and hide under their Bibles, holding them up to shield themselves from the rays of the sun, that are truly shining upon the just and the unjust and are available to all.

It is with such gratitude that I heard the words spoken last night by the Creator himself that this would no longer be allowed. Because this lie, about Jesus being the only son of God or being God from the beginning, truly is the greatest attack on my son and his mission ever to occur on this planet.

And you see, my beloved, there is a subtle distinction here. Truly, Jesus is God and was always God. Yet so are you. You too came out of God’s Being because without him was not anything made that was made. But I must tell you that everything in this world of form, especially in this material universe, anything that has ever appeared here, was created and did have a beginning. Because the Bible says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the word was with God and the word was God, and without him was not any thing made that was made.”

Well, a thing is that which has a form. And an individual being, an individual Spirit Spark, has form or it would have no individuality; it would be part of the All of God. So you see, in the beginning – before any thing was made, before any form was defined through the Word – in the beginning there was nothing outside of, distinct from God. There was only God, so there was no form, and thus to say that Jesus was never created is a complete misunderstanding of the fundamental reality of God. And to elevate that lie to a doctrine and preach it from the churches Sunday after Sunday, century after century is a travesty. And I, for one, am happy that this consciousness will no longer be allowed on earth.

And even though I have appeared in many disguises, in many places and in many apparitions to Catholics around the world, and even though I have great love for the Catholics and would love to see them come up higher in understanding, I must say that if the edict of God means that the Catholic Church must go down, then I welcome that development. Because I realize that if the Catholic Church will not transform itself, then it is truly better that it disappears from the face of the earth than that it keeps trapping my sons and daughters in these lies.

Anchoring God’s judgment

And thus I come to anchor, in the physical octave, the Omega polarity of the judgment of God, that this consciousness, this idol, this blasphemy, is to be no more on earth. And through the remainder of this year, I will anchor that polarity, and every time someone gives one of the rosaries, it will be reinforced through my Being because I anchor my Being in a tube around the Pillar of Fire of the Will of God.

And thus there is the complete figure-eight flow between the Alpha and the Omega polarity, between matter and Spirit, Spirit and matter. And this then will be the judgment, for as I said at New Years, 2005 is the year of will power, and it is the year where we hope that the people of earth will rise up and decide that they will no longer allow darkness and evil to manifest itself on this planet. And thus they will separate themselves from that consciousness, so that the little I and the greater I can come into alignment and then merge into one.

This is the vision that I hold for this year, and beyond. And I hope you will remember it and keep it in your minds and once in a while think back. You might see me as the Mother of God, sitting in a lotus posture, like a Buddha, a female Buddha. And I am sitting, holding the immaculate vision, the immaculate concept, for the awakening of all sons and daughters of God on earth, the awakening of all lifestreams on earth, even the awakening of Mother earth and the physical planet and all of the nature spirits, the awakening of all life to the reality of God’s will and that God’s will is the best for them.

And thus I seal you in that flame of the Mother of God, one with the Buddha, holding the balance for earth and her evolutions. In the name of the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit, it is sealed.

* The ascended masters teach that in previous ages, there have been civilizations of high attainment that have now disappeared. Two such civilizations were found on the sunken continents of Atlantis (in the Atlantic ocean) and Lemuria (in the Pacific ocean).

Part of this dictation was used in the book: Heal Your Life by Forgiving Everything.

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