SR. The thirteenth ray of creative flow

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, May 10, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Saint Germain I AM, and I come also in the Presence of my newly attained Buddhahood. But since I have attained it not as long ago as Jesus, I shall stand. For I am not yet ready to sit down, having the task of being the hierarch for the Aquarian age, my beloved.

Not that I, in any way, want to accuse my beloved brother, Jesus, of sitting down on the job. But nevertheless, I feel that my Presence can be expressed better by the messenger standing. And thus, you might jokingly see that there are Buddhas who sit, and there are Buddhas who stand, but we are Buddhas never the same.

And this, of course, is a key ingredient. For do not fall into the trap of thinking that you can impose any mental image upon the Buddha and the expression of Buddhahood, my beloved.

For, this is, of course, the trap of the linear mind, the trap of the separate self, the duality consciousness and the false teachers. Who, as soon as we give a concept – as soon as we give a teaching, as soon as we send someone to outpicture a higher consciousness – they always want to pull it down into the level of relativity and then duality—imposing a graven image upon it. Which is, indeed, why, when Moses ascended the mount, the first two commandments he was given were: “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me. Thou shalt not take unto thyself any graven image.”

The difference between creativity and rules

You see, my beloved, the original commandments given to Moses were creative commandments. But when he descended and realized that the people had not been able to keep their consciousness raised to a higher level, while he was no longer there with them physically, he realized that they were not ready for those commandments. And so, he had to go back up and get a new set of more primitive, more relative commandments of “do this and don’t do that.”

My beloved, there comes a point where one must, on the spiritual path, throw out all rules, all regulations, all sense of “should or should not,”  “do or do not.” And that point comes when you rise to the point of the thirteenth ray, which is precisely the ray of creative flow.

Creativity, my beloved, can only be expressed in a flow. It cannot stand still. It is an ever-transcending movement. It is truly the flow of life.

If it were to stop, life would stop. For what is behind the creative flow? Well it is, indeed, that the Creator is directing its attention upon the world of form. Both as the Creator, but also through the self-aware extensions of the Creator. All people, all self-aware beings anywhere in the world of form can have self-awareness only because there is a constant flow of the Creator’s attention, through their beings.

Yet, when you are not aware of this, you do not actually have true self-awareness, and therefore, you cannot say with Jesus, “I and my father are one. My father worketh hitherto and I work.”

You think you are a separate being. Yet, there is still some flow of the Creator’s attention, or you would not even be self-aware. And therefore, when you rise above that sleep state – that Jesus called death – and realize that you are alive, you are a living being, because you are an expression of the very source of life – the very fount of life itself – then, of course, you can be the open door for a greater portion of that flow. And you can then express – even in this dense material universe, even on this dense planet of Earth – you can express the creative flow. And you can therefore demonstrate that it is possible to overcome all limitations and all problems by constantly creating that which is MORE.

Giving up great prejudices

You cannot, as we have said many times, solve the problem with the state of consciousness that created it, precisely because in doing so you only tie yourself more to the dualistic struggle, of saying that the problem is caused by one dualistic extreme—and thus you have to go into the opposite dualistic extreme and use it to try to destroy the first dualistic extreme. But, of course, the two dualistic extremes came into being at exactly the same time, which is the only way that the Infinite can be divided and therefore create the illusion of separation.

And thus, it is not possible to use one dualistic extreme to destroy the other, my beloved. That which is dependent upon the other cannot destroy the other. And therefore, two wrongs do not make a right, two negatives cannot negate each other.

So that is why the only solution to any problem is to reach beyond the state of consciousness that is out-pictured in the condition you seek to change, and therefore come up with a solution, a perspective, that is MORE—a creative expression that goes beyond the old manifestation and the old state of consciousness.

This, then, is truly the power of the thirteenth ray. And it goes beyond the seven rays, even though there are some similarities. But you see, in order to truly pass the initiations on the thirteenth ray, you must truly throw away all rules, all prejudices, all preconceived ideas.

Yesterday, I inspired this messenger to look up something on the internet, and he came across the following quote: “The solution to great problems requires the giving up of great prejudices.”

For you see, my beloved, the problem was created out of the prejudice that limited the consciousness of the people and therefore limited their creative expression. And so, unless one is willing to give up the prejudice – the limitation, the dualistic belief that created the problem – how can one be open to receiving the solution? Every problem is created by blocking the creative flow, by seeking to capture that creative flow into a form—and then maintain that form. Do you see, my beloved, you may look at Earth and you may see that there are certain manifestations that you would label as evil, but there are other manifestations that you might label as good  or not question as in need of change.

But life is a perpetual process of self-transcendence. Yesterday’s level of attainment is not sufficient for today. For if an expression is not transcendent, then you block the creative flow—which is always transcending any expression, so that it becomes MORE. And so, when you seek to hold on to a particular form and enjoy it for a time, my beloved, that is when you stop the creative flow. That is when you step outside of the creative flow.

Creative flow and time

Now, you must understand that you have been given unconditional free will. You have the right, as a co-creator, to create a particular form and to say, “This form is so magnificent; I want to enjoy it just as it is for a little while longer. I want to enjoy it for a time.” And thus, you have a right to make this decision. But in so doing, you bring not only your creation, but also your sense of self into the realm of time. For in the creative flow, time is not.

Time has no meaning in the creative flow. For time is, in essence, taking the ongoing stream and dividing it up into particular segments. But that which is Infinite cannot be divided into segments, my beloved. It is, an ever-flowing stream. And so, time does not have the same meaning at all when you are in the creative flow. For you are not seeking to stand still. You are not seeking to maintain a particular form for any length of time. You are instantly allowing that form to transcend, allowing yourself to transcend—that you may bring forth a higher form, my beloved.

It is as if you, at the age of eleven, suddenly decided that you did not want your physical body to grow beyond that point, and therefore you attempted to stop your growth. Well, obviously that cannot be done.

For there is, again, a beauty in seeing the unfoldment of the growth of everything. This does not mean that that which is created is instantly lost. It simply means that it unfolds like a flower unfolding. It does not stop half-way. It is not like the Sun, on rising in the morning, decides to stop while it is half-way beyond the horizon. Everything moves on in the creative flow and becomes MORE. And thus, you are flowing with that constant experience of MORE, instead of seeking to take a particular experience, stop the flow, so that you can enjoy that experience for a length of time—thereby, setting yourself outside the flow. Thereby creating a separation, a distance, between where you are at in consciousness and where you would have been at, if you had continued to flow with the River of Life. And this is what creates the illusion of time.

My beloved, this is what the Mother has vowed to allow. The Buddha gives you the space to experiment with free will. The Mother is what allows you to express a particular form, but the mother also allows you to decide to try to maintain that form for a time. Of course, the mother has built into itself the contracting force, which will eventually break down any form that you seek to maintain. But it does give you the time to experience a particular form until you decide you have had enough of it, my beloved.

This is an outplaying of the Law of Free Will. The entire material universe – at its present level of cosmic evolution – allows this to take place—that self-aware beings can step outside of the flow and seek to maintain a particular form for a length of time, rather than constantly transcending that form, transcending the sense of self.

The separate self cannot take you beyond the seven rays

And so, again, we champion free will—as has been explained by the Buddha. As you go through the initiations of the seven rays, you can still maintain some aspect of the separate self. And you can do this for as long as you like. But when you move into what was formerly called the secret rays, well you cannot seek to maintain that self and at the same time pass the initiations on the rays that were formerly secret. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. You must be willing to do, as was said, “Rise Peter, kill and eat.” You must kill the former self and immerse yourself in the River of Life—flow with it, and allow yourself to be MORE every second.

My beloved, one would think that people would get bored of experiencing the same thing over and over and over. Look at this planet, look at how many people have the same job for 30 or 40 years, go through the same daily routine, get up in the morning, have a cup of coffee, watch the news or read the newspaper, go to work, do the same work, talk to the same people, say the same things, come back home, eat the same dinner, say the same things to their spouse, watch TV, go to bed. And then do the same thing all over again.

Doing this for 40 or 50 years, one would think that people would get bored. But you see, they do not get bored because their egos have them exactly where they want them. And these people are also where they want to be, in the sense that they want to experience that sense of security and comfortability. Which, of course, is their right—given free will.

But I am here to tell you that there is, indeed, far greater joy in stepping back into the River of Life, in stepping back into the creative flow—thereby allowing yourself to become MORE. And thereby experiencing the abundant life that can only be, when you are in that creative flow—that everything becomes MORE.

For what is abundance? It is that which is MORE! Once a thing stops at a certain level, it is no longer abundance, it is just a certain amount of wealth—or lack thereof.

Abundance is flow, abundance is movement. If it stops, it starts to die immediately. There is no other way. This is the second law of thermodynamics, the contracting force of the mother, this is the force of Shiva that breaks down all that stands still and therefore has spiritually died.

You see, my beloved, there is nothing inherently wrong in wanting to experience a particular form for a length of time. As I have said, it is your right, given free will. But the problem is that in order to experience a form for any length of time, you must also accept or see yourself as a particular identity, a particular self—for that length of time. And that sense of self must, of course, be defined in the realm of separation, which is the realm of two dualistic opposites.

Why there is always opposition in time

So, there will always be something opposing your sense of self, opposing the maintenance of the form, opposing your sense of security and comfortability, my beloved. Why do you see the recent financial crisis? Because too many people became too comfortable in their economic situation, thinking that this could go on forever. And there must, then, come a point where the contracting force breaks down the towers of Babel that have been built in the economy—until people suddenly begin to feel that maybe their economic future was not as secure as they thought it was, maybe their retirement was not as secure as they thought it was. And now, all of a sudden, what is their option?

Well, they can either give up and look to the government, or they can decide to become creative, and therefore manifest the abundance that they desire. So you see, complacency, comfortability is, as always, the greatest enemy of growth, my beloved. You may think that the greatest enemy of growth is the dark forces and the devil. But in reality, comfortability – complacency, [equilibrium] the sense that things are good enough as they are – that is the greatest enemy of growth.

Those who are content see no need to transcend and thus cannot grow—and thus cannot be free. For they are trapped, they are trapped in a desire to maintain a certain state. And therefore, their attention, their life energy, is sucked into seeking to maintain that which cannot be maintained. For it will be broken down by the force of life itself, it will be threatened by a dualistic opposite.

And so, you see that this is not freedom, my beloved. It may feel [like contentment] to the people because their egos are constantly bombarding them with the belief that this is the way life is supposed to be—and that you are supposed to feel good about it. But their infinite spirits cannot be truly content. And so, people can, for a time, gloss over that cry of the infinite spirit to be MORE. But they cannot do so forever. There will come a time where something will shake them out of their sense of contentment, and now they will decide to grow, now they will decide to reach for something more, something creative. And this, of course, is the entire purpose of the thirteenth ray.

It is to help those who are ready – who are willing to step back into the creative flow – throw away the last shackles of what separates them from that flow, my beloved. In a sense, you are throwing away the shackles as you climb through all of the rays, including the first seven. But surely, there comes a point, as I said, where every rule, every regulation, every sense of order must be allowed to float away.

My beloved, you cannot be ultimately creative if you think that there are any rules or conditions in this world that should limit your creative expression. It is impossible to be fully in the flow of the River of Life when you are thinking that your expression should be determined by the existing conditions in the material universe. For, as I have said, the existing conditions in this universe are determined by the fact that so many co-creators have decided to step outside of the River of Life, seeking to stop the River of Life, to create a static form that they maintain for a length of time.

And thus, they are outside of the creative flow. Their expression – the current conditions – are not expressions of the creative flow but of the duality consciousness, the anti-creative mindset. And therefore, if you think that true creativity will adapt to anti-creativity, well then you cannot immerse yourself in true creativity. You cannot be one in that creative flow. You see, my beloved, it is impossible.

And so, you must come to that point where you are willing to throw away everything you thought gave you a stable platform, including your view of the spiritual path, including your view of what the path is about, what heaven is like, what God is like.

The dark night

My beloved, there are those who have talked about the dark night of the soul, the dark night of the spirit. But the dark night is a product of the fact that you come to a point, where you have to question your most sacred beliefs, the things that you take for granted—the things that you think do not need questioning. If you hold on to them, then your Spirit will pull you to let go. But if your outer mind is not willing to let go, then you will be pulled asunder by the contrasting forces in your being.

And your sense of self, your conscious awareness, will feel like it is being pulled in two different directions—and yet, it cannot move, it is paralyzed. And you cannot move as long as you think you have to do something. For what you have to do is give up, you have to let go. You have to simply be willing to be reborn and as you are reborn – and accept a new sense of self – you accept that this is a self that is in the creative flow, that is an expression of the creative flow—and thus is here to bring forth new solutions.

Jesus talked about his desire for those who attain a certain degree of Christhood and can go out and challenge the illusions of the duality consciousness and the false teachers. This is, indeed, a valid and necessary service and initiation. But there is one that is not necessarily beyond but parallel to it, and that is that instead of simply challenging the illusion and the lie that is there – by pointing out what is unreal about it – you, instead, bring forth a creative solution that also challenges the lie. But you come up with something that is so beyond—for is not every lie a restriction, a certain thing that is taken for granted and is not questioned, a certain limitation for thought and creativity.

And so, when you allow yourself to be in the flow, then you can come up with new perspectives, new solutions, new inventions that challenge conventional wisdom, that challenge the way things are done.

My beloved, this may not necessarily be some grandiose scheme. I would like to direct your attention to the fact that at somewhat over a century ago, two brothers – not very far from here – sat in their primitive wooden shack and experimented, in their self-created wind tunnel, with different shapes of wings, to see what would give the right lift that would allow them to create a flying machine.

My beloved, the Wright Brothers were not what you would normally call heroes or great men. They were not recognized before they took to the air; they were just seemingly ordinary men living in rather primitive conditions. But they had a burning desire to break one of the age-old limitations for humankind, and therefore start an entirely new age of powered flight, my beloved. For, you, who have grown up taking airplanes for granted, cannot truly imagine what a shift in the collective consciousness occurred, when it became generally known that someone had created a flying machine. This was like a shock wave through the collective consciousness, my beloved.

It shifted – it created a seismic shift – in that collective consciousness. For suddenly, people had to look at themselves in a different way, by the mere fact that someone had proven what so many had said was impossible. Think about the saying, “If God had wanted us to fly, he would have given us wings.” No, my beloved, he gave you a mind that can tap in to the creative flow. Now, if you use that mind, there is no limitation to what can happen. The age of powered flight might have meant great changes, but the technology currently used to make flight possible is very, very primitive, compared to what I have already designed in the laboratories in the etheric realm. This technology is far more advanced, is ready to be given to humankind. Bits and pieces have already been released, but it has not yet fully taken hold.

There is no end to creativity

And so, again, the creative flow is there, as a possibility behind everything. There is no end to the amount of solutions that can be brought forth. Solutions that will not simply eradicate a particular problem, but that will enable humankind to transcend the very level [where] that problem existed.

Likewise, my beloved, there are, indeed, certain kinds of technology that can revolutionize the healing field. But those types of technology cannot be released until a critical mass of people have been willing to look at the reality that a physical disease is an expression of a state of consciousness, and thus, healing cannot be complete – wholeness cannot occur – until there is a change in consciousness. And that change in consciousness never can, never will, be produced by mechanical devices. No technology, no mechanical technology, can ever produce a shift in consciousness—because it is a creative process, my beloved.

But there are certain types of technology that can be released – that have even been released in past Golden Ages – where it will be possible to create the right vibration to eradicate the cause, or at least the physical cause, of many diseases. Yet, unless a person changes his or her consciousness, well, the physical body will out-picture another form of disease, my beloved—even if you use a mechanical device to eradicate the symptoms of one disease. For eradicating the symptoms through a mechanical device can bring temporary relief and healing, but if that relief is not used, then, to change the consciousness, well then you have not actually removed the cause of the disease—which is found in consciousness.

And thus, you see that until there is a critical mass of people, and a critical awareness of the need to have a healing – not only of the body, but of the mind as well – well, we will not release the kind of technology that can take healing and the medical profession to an entirely higher level. Likewise, with many other forms of technology, there must be a growth in awareness, a growth where you realize – where humankind begins to realize – that the world you live in is not mechanical.

It is not a mechanical device, it is not a sophisticated machine—it is an expression of consciousness, including your own state of consciousness. For only then can humankind have the choice of whether they will continue in their current state of misery, or whether they will open up to the creative flow from within themselves—and therefore accelerate the Earth beyond the present level of misery and unequality and struggle and suffering.

The initiations of the thirteenth ray

I, Saint Germain, have brought forth this teaching, I have sponsored the bringing forth of this teaching of the thirteenth ray of the creative flow, my beloved. You can apply to me to learn what you need to learn to pass the initiations on the thirteenth ray.

Consider, that I have been known as the Master of Freedom. Consider what I have said about letting go of your rules and regulations, your preconceived opinions. Be willing to question everything.

For I am a busy master, being the hierarch for the Aquarian Age, bringing forth the Golden Age, and also working with spiritual students. And thus, I do not have time to work with the students who have various mental boxes in their minds that they are not willing to go beyond, so that they are not willing to question everything. There are other masters who are willing to work with you, if you are still at that point where you have a mental box that you are not willing to question.

But, I, Saint Germain, tell you, I do not have the desire, the willingness—for I use my freedom of choice to decide that I am not willing to work with students who are not willing to question everything. I will not work with students where, if I come to them and say: “Consider this,” their reaction will be: “Oh, no, why should I do that? I don’t want to think like that! For it was said in a previous dispensation that I did not have to question that belief!”

That attitude, my beloved, does not meet my requirements for one of my students. I am not condemning you for that attitude, I am simply telling you to go to a master who is willing to work with you—for I am not. That is my free-will choice. And I hereby state who I am and what I choose. Come to me if you are willing to question everything, and if you are not, seek out another master. There are those who will work with you, even though their ability to work with you will be limited precisely by the things you are not willing to question.

Lucifer as the thirteenth archangel

So, my beloved, now let me take this in a slightly different direction by talking about the very fact that Lucifer has been called the thirteenth archangel. Lucifer was, indeed, a representative of the thirteenth ray in a higher sphere. He fell through a perversion of the thirteenth ray of creative freedom, creative flow.

This can take several subtle – very subtle – perversions. But one is the thought that if I have total creative freedom, then why should I not be able to create a form and maintain it? And as we have said, you have the right to seek to maintain your form, but you cannot do so in the creative flow. For, when you stop a particular form, you are no longer flowing, and therefore you must separate yourself out from it.

The other perversion, of course, is the idea that [God’s decision to give] people freedom can never lead to the end result—namely the manifestation of the kingdom of God. For people will misuse that freedom to go all over the place and work against each other. And so, therefore, freedom needs to be restricted, freedom needs to be forced. And people must be forced into the fold, where the devil thinks that he can guarantee their salvation, if they follow what he sees is the only true path to salvation. But it is the path of separation, my beloved.

The true path to salvation, the true path to the manifestation of the kingdom of God in the lower sphere is, indeed, the creative flow that brings forth higher solutions.

You see, my beloved, it does not matter how low, how dense, a particular sphere is when it is first created. If the self-aware beings in that sphere are willing to constantly transcend themselves, they will eventually bring that sphere up. It cannot be any other way.

Self-transcendence will lead to the manifestation of the kingdom of God. It has always been so; it always will be so. It is the only way to manifest the kingdom of God—when you realize that God is the Living God and that God is transcending itself.

There comes a point, my beloved, where you need to come into that creative flow of saying, “I will be who I will be!” Meaning, that you will, at any point in time, be more than you were before. The perversion of that is when you say, “I will be what I am, I will stay where I am at right now. I will stay here for a period of time.” Then, you have separated yourself from it.

And this ties in with what the Buddha said, for, again, Lucifer himself was asked to pass the initiation that Gautama talked about, [the initiation] in a higher sphere of laying down his life and his attainment for those in the next sphere. But he did not want to do so, for he said, “I want to stay in this superior position, for I am looked up to by those below me. I do not want to go down and lay down my life for those who are not yet at a level where they can even recognize my attainment.”

And so, you see the desire to stop the creative flow, to step outside of it, to maintain a certain position. For again, you cannot maintain a position in the flow, my beloved.

No stillstand in the flow of life

The Creator itself was willing to let its own Being be “trapped” in the world of form, so that self-aware beings can do whatever they want with it. And so, that is the very essence of the creative flow—and you must be willing to do the same.

There is no position, there is no fixed sense of self, that has any ultimate value or can even survive, my beloved. You are who you think you are at any moment—and you can change who you think you are at any moment.

The lie is that who you are at this moment must depend on who you were in the past. This is the lie, spread by Lucifer originally and by many false teachers since then. This is the lie of the ego. This is the lie that Peter presented to Jesus and then caused Jesus to say, “Get thee behind me Satan!” Again, saying that Christ should adapt to the expectations or the rules or the pre-existing conditions in this world, rather than demonstrating transcendence. This, then, is the perversion of the creative flow.

The creative flow flows. It flows. It flows. How many times have I said this? How many times do I need to say it, before something in your mind clicks? And you realize that the very essence of the consciousness of separation is an attempt to stop the flow—in order to hold on to a particular experience, state of consciousness, material condition. This is death!

Life is flow. Life is movement. Life is progression. Life is transcendence. If you will be honest – if you will look deeply into yourself and meditate on this – you will uncover, my beloved, very deep and subtle layers of your own ego that wants to maintain something, that wants to hold on to what it feels you have attained or achieved.

There will even be a subtle sense that what you have experienced and gone through on the spiritual path gives you some kind of status. And that when you attain a high enough status, suddenly angels with trumpets will appear and the pearly gates will open and you will be welcomed into the kingdom of heaven because of your status. But did not Jesus say that unless ye become as little children, ye cannot enter the kingdom. What is it about children?

For them, everything is new. Do you see? In the creative flow, every day is a new day—a fresh new start. It is not a continuation of yesterday. It is a new day.

It might have elements of yesterday, but it is new. It is fresh. It is alive. And unless you are willing to flow with that, you cannot enter the kingdom. You will condemn yourself to remaining outside where you are seeking to defend some kind of position, thinking that if you attain some ultimate position in this world, it will guarantee your entry into the world beyond.

But you cannot enter the world beyond as long as you hold on to the state of consciousness that is this world, the world of separation. It is not possible!

We have said this so many times, my beloved. But we keep saying it because we know that every time we say it, some will get it. But others will still have blocks in their minds that prevent them from seeing it, from truly experiencing it. So we try again. We try again, because we are transcending ourselves, seeking forever new ways of expressing it—the same thing in different contexts for different people, for different level of consciousness.

And so, once again, consider very carefully that life is a continuous flow. It is not an end result. Salvation is not an end result. The ascension is not an end result. Christhood is not an end result. Buddhahood is not an end result. And once you have attained that ultimate result, everything stands still—it is not so.

For the Creator does not stand still. And so, oneness with the River of Life means that you are not standing still. That is why you are willing to become MORE by questioning that which you thought was the highest possibility of creative expression. For unless you are willing to question what is, how can you be open to that which is MORE? How can you be open to the new unless you are willing to question the old?

Growth begins with a question. I am a master of freedom. And thus, I say, again, I welcome all students who are willing to question everything!

The fourteenth ray of sharing your Presence

The twelfth ray of rebirth


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