SR. The fourteenth ray of sharing your Presence

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Ascended Master Sanat Kumara, May 10, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Sanat Kumara I AM. And it is with some amusement that I have watched how some of my students – some of the members of this movement, as well as members of previous dispensations – have come to associate some elevated status with my name, thinking that I am somehow special compared to other Ascended Masters. This messenger was surprised by that reaction, when he encountered it in Lourdes. And my beloved, quite frankly, so am I. We are all one in the ascended realm. We have different positions in hierarchy, but there is no status. There is no value-laden sense of some being superior or more important than others.

Truly, I am not that important. For who am I? I am the cosmic trouble-shooter. I am the one who is willing to go down to the lowest of planets and hold the balance until some are able. This is not what you would call a very high job. I am, in a sense, the cosmic renovation worker, my beloved.

There are certainly those beings in heaven, such as Lucifer himself, who were not willing to get his hands dirty by doing the kind of work that I have been doing for eons of your time. And thus, again, you see, “He who would be greatest among you, let him be the servant of all.”

Going beyond status

For there comes a point where one is beyond seeking status, seeking position. One is beyond the illusion, as Saint Germain exposed, of thinking that by attaining some ultimate status – because of one’s prior actions or wisdom on the spiritual path – one is guaranteed to enter the kingdom. But you see, the kingdom is only open to those that are beyond duality. And when you are beyond duality, there can be no value judgment, no status whatsoever.

And thus, I come to represent to you the fourteenth ray. It is a ray that is extremely difficult for the linear mind to fathom—it is impossible for the ego to fathom.

We, of course, need to use words to communicate in this form. And so, the words that I desire you to ponder concerning this ray is indeed, “Sharing your Presence,” sharing your Divine Presence.

When I came to Earth, my beloved, the Earth was at such a low level, there was no civilization as you see today. There were no means of communication. There were only beings who, although they had a human potential, were living as sophisticated apes, my beloved.

What teaching could I possibly give?

There was no prior religion that I could tie in to, as Jesus indeed sought to renew the Jewish religion, as the Buddha sought to renew the Hindu religion. There was nothing, absolutely nothing to tie in to. There was no foundation whatsoever for giving a spiritual teaching. For you cannot give a teaching to beings who have no awareness of any spiritual side of life, not even the concept of God, or any superior, supreme being.

What then could I do in the Earth? I could share my Presence, my Divine Presence—thereby allowing the beings that I encountered to experience that there is something beyond their present state of consciousness.

The trap of doing

And so, as you climb the spiritual path – passing the initiations of the other rays – you come to acquire greater understanding, greater wisdom. And yet, this understanding can become a millstone around your neck. Something that weighs you down, that forms barriers in your mind, where you start thinking that in order to awaken humankind – bring God’s kingdom, or bring Saint Germain’s Golden Age into manifestation – you have to go out and give people some sophisticated teaching. And the more sophisticated the teaching, the more elevated you are as a teacher—is that not the common misconception?

And yet, the reality remains exactly the same today as it was in those primitive days. What will truly make the difference is that people experience the Divine Presence. You can give no other gift to humankind – to other people, to the cause of Saint Germain – than to share your Divine Presence.

But so many times [the problem is] the linear mind, my beloved—not necessarily your ego. For as you come to the higher levels, it is not so much the ego [that is the block], but the fact that your conscious self has not yet transcended the linear mind. And thus, you are so fixated – with that linear mind – on an outer teaching, thinking that you have to go out and preach the word – a particular word – and get people to convert to a particular teaching, a particular organization, follow a particular guru.

And you see this all over the world—well-meaning people, who have attained some maturity on the spiritual path but are still trapped in thinking that they have to preach a particular expression of truth as the highest one, or as the solution to all problems. And in going out and being so fixated on this, they are, as Gautama has talked about, so fixated on changing other people that they forget the importance of Being who they are—of sharing who they are. Not as a separate self, but as the Divine self, the Divine Presence.

My beloved, surely the linear mind can take what Jesus said about challenging the liars and the lie – challenging the false teachers, challenging the moneychangers – and the linear mind can take this to mean that you must look at their lie and counteract it with a teaching in words that is the opposite of the lie, namely, the truth. But as we have said, words are words. Words are relative. It is not possible to express an absolute truth through words.

Listen to what I said. It is not possible to express an absolute truth through words. Any word can be interpreted in more than one way. If I make any statement with words and have ten people listen to it, they will have ten different experiences of what the words mean to them.

The need for gnosis

That is why, as we have explained in previous discourses, there is the need for gnosis, whereby the knower becomes one with the known. If you truly want to understand – grasp, know – what I am expressing, you must go beyond the words and tune in to my Presence. If you truly want another human being to understand – to grasp, to know – the truth that you have come to know, then it is not enough to give that person words or teachings or techniques—you must share your Divine Presence.

I am not saying you cannot give them words. But the words cannot simply be infused by the linear mind and its desire to change them. The words must be infused by your Divine Presence, of who you are in your Higher Being, shining through the lower form—therefore, stirring something deep within their hearts, a faint remembrance, that they, too, came from somewhere beyond this world. And by experiencing your sharing of your Presence that is beyond this world, there begins to stir in them the awakening, the memory, that they too are more than this world.

My beloved, there is no point in you going out with the understanding you have and seeking to simply challenge those who have a different, or a lower, understanding or a false understanding—if you only do it from that level of the linear mind, or even from the ego and its value judgment. You will only be seeking to establish one relative truth as superior to another or even all other relative truths. This will not diminish the dualistic struggle, but add to it.

Yet if you state your truth, infused with your Divine presence, then you might indeed awaken others—show them that there is an alternative to the dualistic struggle, to the struggle of raising up one truth as superior to all others.

Be willing, my beloved, to learn from my example. Do not judge who is ready or who is not ready, who is worthy or is not worthy. Do not set up criteria or conditions that people have to meet, before you will share your truth with them. Be willing to share your Presence with all.

There are some, my beloved, who are in such a state of consciousness that they are not ready, at that level of consciousness – or perhaps just temporarily not ready – for a certain sophisticated, spiritual teaching. But regardless of what state of consciousness people are in – temporarily or long-term – they are always ready for you sharing your Divine Presence.

Sharing your Presence is never wasted

This can never be wasted, my beloved. It can never be wasted on anyone. You are so accustomed to look at people, whether they are spiritual or not. But where does this come from? It comes from the fact that over many lifetimes you have been rejected by those who are not only not spiritual but are anti-spiritual. And so you have allowed the false teachers and their students to warp your own perception of why you are here, to warp your emotions to the point where you are so afraid of being rejected – so afraid of casting your pearls before swine – that you always try to evaluate whether people are ready before you open your mouth and approach them.

And I am not saying that there needs to be no evaluation. For as I said, if a person is not ready for a sophisticated spiritual teaching, there is no point in giving that person the teaching. But you can always give them a cup of cold water in Christ’s name, as a sharing of a cup of your Divine Presence.

Some may reject it, some may condemn or judge. That is immaterial to you, for in sharing your Presence, is the victory—not in the result.

This world is yet unascended. What will bring it closer to ascension is that some who are in embodiment become the open door for the light of the Divine Presence to shine through their outer forms and into this world.

It does not matter that a particular person does not receive it. For by the fact that the light enters, the world is changed a little bit. The world becomes a little bit brighter. And eventually, many small cups of light will produce a greater change.

No sharing of your Divine Presence goes to waste. For the purpose is not so much to change a particular person—for we must always respect free will. But free will does not mean that people can remain in darkness. And so, you have a right to be in this world and be an open door for the light that will eventually lighten up everything – including the collective consciousness – so that people can begin to see what was hidden before. They can begin to shift their consciousness and make better choices, enlightened choices.

A tool for stilling the mind

So consider that if you truly want to give the highest service of which you are capable, then you must come to a point where you are willing to study on the fourteenth ray. And how do you get there? Well, as Saint Germain said, you must be willing to question everything. Even the teaching that you have acquired through an arduous journey on the spiritual path, and that you feel is genuine or sophisticated or better than some others. And so you see, you must come to that point where you realize that even the highest possible teaching is not the solution to all problems, is not the right teaching for every human being.

There is no one teaching that will automatically awaken every human being. There is, however, one factor that can serve in somehow touching most human beings—and that is sharing your Divine Presence.

Consider this concept carefully. Some of you will not be ready for it. But many of you are indeed ready—if you are willing to go through the rebirth of accepting that you are ready to share some measure of your Divine Presence, that you have already been doing so, but that you can do so even more by becoming consciously aware of this, and by, therefore, tuning in to the Divine Presence, instead of being satisfied by being in the linear mind and always thinking what to say and what to tell people.

Instead, follow the call of the Buddha to go within, to still the mind. And so, I will endeavor to give you a simple, yet effective method for experiencing that stillness, my beloved. You may approach this in a variety of ways. But the general concept is that you set aside some time every day, or at least as often as you can. Go into a quiet room. Sit down in a comfortable chair with your spine somewhat erect. And then direct your attention within.

Inevitably, thoughts will come up. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that in order to still the mind, you have to fight the thoughts, hold them back. For in so doing, you strain the mind. And how can you still the mind by straining even harder?

Many people have wasted countless hours in meditation attempting to still the mind—and in so doing only increasing the struggle and the turmoil within the mind. Instead, the approach is simple. You know that behind every surface appearance there is an underlying, deeper reality. If you look at your physical body, you know that beyond the visible surface there are organs and bones. Yet the bones and organs are made of cells. The cells are made of molecules. The molecules are made of atoms. The atoms are like miniature solar systems with electrons orbiting around the core. But between the electrons and the core is empty space.

And so, if you go deeper and deeper behind surface appearances, you see that eventually you come to something that is empty. Empty. There is nothing there. No electron, no neutron, no proton. No molecules. No “thing.”

You can use different visualizations—perhaps the one I have just given. Perhaps you can visualize a river and how it is constantly moving, but that still, between the molecules, is empty space. Beyond the flow of the water, there is a stillness that is the backdrop for movement.

For movement must be movement in relation to something, as you know very well that a very gradual movement – where there is no point of comparison – cannot be detected by your senses. And so, ultimately all movement is possible only because there is a backdrop of stillness.

So you might meditate in your mind on a river. And as thoughts come up, you see that they are like swirls in the river. But as you go into them and go beyond them, you eventually come to stillness. My point, then, is that when a thought comes up, you do not then seek to fight it. But neither do you flow along with it. You go right into it. You go through it. And you look for what is behind it.

Another thought might come as a result. Go into it, go through it. Look for what is behind it. If another thought comes up, go into it, go through it. Look for what is behind it. Keep doing this, my beloved, and you will eventually reach some measure of stillness.

Spend time in the stillness

Keep practicing it day after day, and you will come to a point, where you can quickly go into the stillness and experience that behind, beyond, the stream of thoughts, there is a stillness—a Presence that forms your sense of identity, your sense of Being, your sense that “I AM.” And it is only because you have that sense that “I AM” that you can have thoughts come through your mind, through your being. And so by going beyond every thought, every feeling, every sensation in the mind, you can come to that ground of Being that is the core Presence, your I AM Presence.

And then, spend some time in that stillness—without forcing, without wanting, without asking, without praying for anything. Be content to simply experience the Presence, my beloved. Do not ask for anything, any answers, any changes. Be content to experience the Presence. And when you feel that it is time to move out, then take a little time to gently return to a normal state of consciousness.

This is not a meditation that should take a long time. As you get more proficient in it, it should take only a few minutes every day. And then, afterwards, you simply go out and go about your daily business, not expecting, asking for or demanding anything. But you will be surprised how contacting the Presence can be the catalyst for bringing new thoughts, new perspectives, new ideas to your outer mind. Ideas that you realize are not part of the general static that goes on in the atmosphere of this Earth from the mass consciousness, but come from a higher realm, have a certain measure of infinity in them—and therefore allow you to be in that creative flow and bring forth new solutions, new perspectives.

And then, as you tune in to that Presence, you can also begin to carry the feeling of that stillness with you. You will come to a point, where you can begin to speak from the stillness. So that your words are not flowing out of the static of your own mind or the collective consciousness, seeking to counteract some other form of static. [Instead] they flow from a deeper level; they are imbued with something. They are imbued with a Presence, and thus, they reach people at a deeper level. For they touch them in the heart and help them see beyond.

There is sometimes validity to challenging people in a very direct and confrontational way. For some of you, this is a natural expression, at least at your present level. I am not hereby saying that all of you should express yourself in the same way. I am simply saying that all of you have the potential to consider sharing your Presence in some way, so that there is more to the words than just the words and the linear mind. So that they are infused with something that is genuine, my beloved.

I call for a genuine spirituality

Look at the spiritual and religious people on this planet. Turn on your television sets on a Sunday, when the preachers are on. Pay attention to when you hear other spiritual people talk about spirituality. And see how often they speak from that surface level – the linear mind – or even the ego with all of its fear or desire for control. And then, realize that if there is to be a new spiritual awakening in this age, it will not come from those who preach from the outer mind. It will come only if there are those who will be the open door for something deeper—something genuine that touches the heart.

And then recognize that this is perhaps the greatest need that you can serve to fulfill in this age—to become those who are known for speaking genuinely about their spirituality. For bringing a new voice into the spiritual debate, into the arena of spirituality and religion. Where you are not simply taking one side of defending a particular religion, or the other side of attacking all religion from a scientific, materialistic perspective. But you are going beyond it, you are finding the Middle Way of being genuine.

For you speak from the stillness. You imbue your words with the Presence that you are. For you know that you are that Presence. For you have been reborn into accepting that you are an expression of the Presence.

And thus, when you know who you are, how can you not express that in all of your words, in all of your actions, in all of your thoughts and feelings? For that is what will give you the greatest sense of joy and fulfillment.

My beloved, the ego finds a certain satisfaction in convincing someone else that it is right. But there is a far deeper joy in feeling the flow of your Presence through your outer being, and in feeling that expression, experiencing that creative flow. And also, then, in sometimes seeing how other people respond, how they are surprised, for here is a person who talks about spirituality but not in the usual way—it is a different voice.

And at first they might not know what to do with it. But you will see that many will respond in a new way, a deeper way. They will be awakened – by the sharing of your Presence – to tune in to their own Presence. And they will begin the journey, until they can come to the point, where they can share their Presence. And as this spreads as rings in the water, then there will be an entirely new spiritual movement of simply sharing the Presence, my beloved. Expressing that Presence, with no expectations of a particular result, simply the desire to share who you are, to share your Presence.

The reward for service is MORE service

This, then, is the essence of the fourteenth ray. I, Sanat Kumara, have vowed to represent this ray to the lifestreams on Earth and to serve to give you the initiations on this ray.

You have now received, my beloved, a teaching beyond what has been given in any previous dispensation. Do not let it become a source of pride or superiority. It is a teaching that is not given because you are superior, but because you have been willing to humble yourselves—look for the beam in your own eye, work on the ego, look beyond the duality consciousness, and therefore, go beyond pride and elevation and superiority.

You have been willing to do with your own being, what I, Sanat Kumara, did coming to Earth—go into the depth [and] not shy away from getting your hands dirty. And so, you have earned the privilege of a teaching that can take you beyond and enable you to become better servants for the Ascended Host and Saint Germain, and Jesus, and the Buddha and others in the ascended realm. The reward for service is MORE service. Thus, also, the teaching on how to give better service.

Thus, there are seven rays that were used to manifest the material realm. There is one ray – the eighth – which occupies the nexus of the figure-eight flow, the first seven being in that lower part of the figure-eight. Symmetry is, of course, an inherent quality of creation. And so, there are seven rays above as well. I have talked about the fourteenth, but there is a fifteenth, completing the seven above, the seven below, and the one in the nexus.

The fifteenth is a ray that cannot, in any way shape or form, be grasped by the linear mind. It cannot truly be described with words. But I will make you aware that it exists, and I will give you something to ponder. Ponder, therefore, “unconditionality.” And beyond unconditionality, the Infinite—infinity.


For at the top of the figure-eight is the singularity that is the Creator. The Creator is infinite, has no conditions, no form that can be captured in words or images. Yet, because your conscious self is an extension of the Creator, you can experience the Presence of the Creator by going beyond all conditions.

For the Creator, too, desires to share its Presence, which is why you exist, why the world of form exists. It is simply the Creator sharing its Presence. And you can partake of it, but the best way to partake of the Creator’s Presence – the Creator’s infinite Presence – is to share your finite, yet, divine, Presence with others.

It is in giving that you receive. It is in letting the light flow to others that you might have the experience of where the light comes from. So that as others experience the light coming through you, you experience where the light ultimately comes from—out of the singularity of the infinite mind, the One Mind.

It is, therefore, with great joy, that I seal these releases that started at the New Year’s conference and now have reached a certain completion, where they can be put into a coherent whole that might indeed empower people to manifest personal healing, personal wholeness.

For these are truly master keys, my beloved. For those who have ears to hear, and who do not seek to interpret them with the linear mind—but are willing to reach beyond for that inner experience, that gnosis with the Spirit that is the source of the words. So that they might experience the Presence beyond the expression.

Our gratitude for all of you who are part of this movement and who have given us a foundation for releasing this teaching.

The thirteenth ray of creative flow



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