No nation is an island

TOPICS: The need to combine science and spirituality  – The good and the not so good about nuclear technology – Those who learn only from the school of hard knocks – The true servant leader is ALWAYS giving – Golden Age leadership – Insensitivity and leadership – Overcoming the island mentality – A positive vision for Britain’s contribution to Europe – Love is the key –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, October 27, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Saint Germain I AM, and as my beloved brother MORE, I have spent several lifetimes on this island. My Beloved, I came also to set forth an example of how to be a man without misusing power. So I came to give a slightly different role model than the one represented by King Arthur, and the various embodiments of Master MORE as Thomas More and Thomas Becket. For I came to show the man who is not necessarily a man of government, not necessarily a man of action in the sense of being involved with society, but a man of ideas, of science, of knowledge, of even understanding how the material universe works; working on transmutation, transforming base elements of the human consciousness into the gold of the Christ consciousness.

I came to bring forth that example—that a man does not have to be on the battlefield in order to be powerful. For indeed, knowledge is power, understanding is power, wisdom is power. And that is why you have the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword, and I played some part in making that a commonly known statement. I have come in a couple of embodiments to set the foundation for the emergence of modern science. But of course I did not come as a person who was devoted only to science, to the intellect, to the analytical mind. I came as an example of a person who was still intuitive and therefore very much seeking that attunement to the spiritual realm, as MORE was saying that he was representing the attunement to higher principles, to the higher principles of God Government, expressed as the king, or as the one who stood up to the king.

Well, I represented another aspect of this, the attunement to higher knowledge. To bringing forth the practical knowledge that will allow human beings to transform their society into a higher state. And this is certainly something that I would like to see people in this age understand.

The need to combine science and spirituality

For what is the age in which you live? Is it not often characterized as the information age? But should it not rather be characterized as the wisdom age? For should we not help modern people develop the discernment that knowing facts may be useful, but it is far more useful to have the wisdom to put those facts in their proper context? And that wisdom can come not from the intellect, not from the senses, not from the knowledge that can be gleaned through physical, scientific instruments, but only when science is combined with intuitive insights.

You will indeed see – if you study the lives of the greatest scientists – that they all had intuitive insights that allowed them to make some of their greatest breakthroughs. And this is indeed the example that was set forth in the legend of Merlin, who knew through an intuitive knowing how the universe worked, and how to therefore have a certain mastery of mind over matter. Again, as Roger Bacon and as Francis Bacon, I attempted to set forth the example of a person open to science but not closed to spirituality. For the example I wanted to bring forth is that science and spirituality are two sides of the coin of life, and you will only have complete wisdom when you combine the two.

For as you see so clearly in modern society, the scientists may have great intelligence and great knowledge of factual things, but do they always have the wisdom to know whether what could be done, should be done? And that wisdom can come only from the intuitive attunement to one’s own higher being – and to the greater Being of the ascended masters – so that a scientist will know why a certain idea is brought forth and that it is brought for the raising up of all, rather than to be misused to empower the power elite and give them even more control over the people.

Technology in itself is not evil. I have sponsored modern science and the development of much of modern technology for the pragmatic reason, that I knew that unless people were set free from the drudgery of how they made a living during the Middle Ages, well there was no chance that we would ever have a spiritual awakening on this planet. So there is nothing inherently evil about technology. But as everything else, it can be used for good or it can be used for not good. It can be used in a egotistical sense to enrich one person or the elite, or it can be used in the altruistic sense to enrich all life and bring forth the abundant life for all people in a society.

The good and the not so good about nuclear technology

Take as an example of this nuclear technology. It can be used as a source of energy that does not pollute if it is handled correctly. And thus, if handled correctly, it could be a viable alternative to oil and coal that do pollute the environment. This is not to say that nuclear technology is the ultimate technology, but I am making a point here. And the point is that what you have seen instead is that nuclear technology has been misused to create nuclear weapons that are controlled by whom, my beloved? Well, by the elite, who controls the Government and the military that has, so to speak, their fingers on the button that can unleash nuclear weapons on this planet.

But beyond that, you see that nuclear weapons have actually had a very subtle and profound effect on the consciousness of the people, in terms of making them so afraid of a nuclear war that they have often been afraid to stand up for principles or for freedom, for fear of what could happen. You saw, for example, during the Cold War, how many people in the West were intimidated into silence, of not speaking out against the Soviet Union and world communism for fear of creating a tension that could escalate into a nuclear war. You see somewhat of a similar effect today, where many people in the West are intimidated into not speaking out against radical Islam for fear of precipitating terrorist attacks. So you see, the power elite have used nuclear weapons to induce fear in the population.

Now it must be said, that nuclear weapons have also had some positive effects, and this is indeed why nuclear technology was brought forth. Because it was determined that humankind was so caught up in the spiral of one war leading to the next war – where you clearly see the First World War setting the stage for the Second World War; and the Second World War setting the stage for the Cold War; and the tension between the communist block and the western block. This surely would have precipitated another war, had it not been for the fact that humankind was given the ultimate destructive technology, so that they could see that the cost of waging another war was simply too high.

And thus, even though the power elite have used nuclear weapons as a form of intimidation, they themselves of course have been caught by the same fear that they have projected at the people. They have actually been afraid to start that Third World War for fear that they could not gain an advantage from it. When you look at the Second World War, you can see clearly how the military-industrial complex, as some call it, did indeed profit greatly from that war. But they only profited because the war did not destroy civilization as a whole, and therefore they had the opportunity to spend their profit. Whereas if you had unleashed the full force of nuclear weapons, well then who would have been left standing to spend their profits? So you see how we sometimes have to go to these extreme measures to get people to pause and say: “We can no longer go down this path, for we will destroy ourselves!”

Those who learn only from the school of hard knocks

Those who are blinded by power will keep moving down the path of seeking to attain greater and greater power, and they are seemingly unreachable by reason, and cannot be awakened. And that is why they will not be awakened until they realize, that they now have attained a power that – if unleashed – will actually destroy themselves also and not just those who oppose them in the dualistic struggle.

You can have a situation, where those who are literally so blinded by duality and selfishness that they are beyond the point of insanity, can be somewhat awakened from that insanity by realizing that the effects of using the power they have will be so devastating that they will literally destroy themselves. This, my beloved, is also one of the reasons why in past ages, the concept of a hell was given. So that those who were the most self-centered, egotistical people could be awakened by this fear of something that was so bad that it finally made them realize the need to change course.

This of course is a very risky strategy, that we would much prefer to avoid. But as we have explained before, when people will not learn through the path of higher knowledge, through the path of following a true spiritual teacher, well then they must learn through the school of hard knocks. And they will keep escalating the situation until the knocks get harder and harder. And then – every time the knocks get harder – well there is at least a percentage of the egotistical lifestreams that are awakened. Finally some sense is knocked into them, as they say. And they wake up and realize: “We have to change!”

Of course, the danger is always that there are some who are not awakened until they face the ultimate self-destruction, as you saw with Adolf Hitler, who until the very end believed that he could survive, and only in the very last hours realized that it had gone too far and that self-destruction was inevitable.

There is a potential that some leader like that could unleash nuclear weapons, and it would be too late to stop it. Nevertheless, even if one nation was to do this, there is still the possibility that others would not respond in kind, but would indeed pause and realize that sometimes there is wisdom in not responding in kind, but turning the other cheek. So again, we have hope that humankind will move beyond the possibility that nuclear weapons will ever be used, and therefore rise to a higher understanding of power and realize, as Mother Mary discoursed on, that true power is based on love, not on fear.

The true servant leader is ALWAYS giving

I would expound a little bit upon these concepts given by Mother Mary. For you see, my beloved, true power can only come from God. God desires to raise up all creation, for as Jesus said, it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. God wants all people to have the abundant life. So the true power of God is an expansive power, which is why it comes from love. Because God’s unconditional love is an expansive love that is always giving out, for it is aimed at raising up all life. And when you understand the Oneness of all life, when you understand the infinity of God’s love – that God’s love is inexhaustible – when you understand the principle of multiplying the talents, you realize that the more you give, the more you will receive from above.

You close that figure-eight flow, and that is enlightened self-interest. This then is when you align yourself with the River of Life, seeking to give more and more, to raise up all life instead of raising up yourself in comparison to others. Real power is always expansive, is always giving out, is always seeking to raise up. If you have a king, or an emperor, or a Prime Minister, or a President that is in tune with true God Power, well then that leader will do everything in his or her power to raise up the people, to give them a higher form of life both spiritually and materially. Such a leader will not in any way try to suppress the people. For the leader realizes that he or she is the servant of God and the servant of the people. And the more that the leader gives to the people, the more the leader will receive from God. And that is real power – the servant leader – where Christ expressed it this way: “He who would be greatest among you, let him be the servant of all.” Not only all people, but the ALL of all life.

When you see leaders who are not giving, then you know that you have somebody who is not a leader who is in any way sponsored or anointed or appointed by God. The claim that has been made, that kings were appointed by God, is a false claim, when those kings are not giving selflessly to their people but instead seeking to take from the people and suppress the people and keep them down. Such a leader could never, ever, be appointed by God, could never represent God. Even a leader of a church could not represent God unless that leader is seeking to raise up all among the congregation, instead of seeking to keep them trapped in a mental box of doctrines and dogmas and rules.

Those who misuse power come from fear, and fear is the sense of lack that comes from the sense of separation. “There is not enough, so I must take as much as I can from others!” Instead of applying the principle of alchemy, whereby you receive more from the inexhaustible source, thus realizing that the appearance of limitations, of lack, is nothing but an illusion. But that by bringing the philosopher’s stone, you can accelerate the limited state into greater abundance. Thus, you can literally quicken the atoms of lead into the quicker, faster vibration of the atoms of gold.

Golden Age leadership

My Beloved, it is indeed possible to transform lead into gold. But the true science of alchemy is more symbolic for wanting to transmute the human consciousness into the spiritual consciousness—to turn human beings into spiritual beings, into sons and daughters of God. This is what all true leaders should be seeking to do—to raise up their people, so that the people can express their highest spiritual potential and truly come into that Golden Age consciousness that will then precipitate the Golden Age. For a leader who is abusing power will never be able to manifest a Golden Age in his society. For a Golden Age civilization cannot be based on fear. It must be based on love. For only through love can you access the infinite source of God. And only then can you manifest a Golden Age.

What is a Golden Age? Well, it is a society that is not seeking to use only what is in the material universe in order to create wealth. For if a society bases its wealth on the material, well then it is inevitable that there will be lack. And it is then inevitable that you will see the formation of an elite, who will hoard wealth by taking it from the people. You see this pattern over and over again in history. It is not rocket science to explain this to people. They are ready to understand these concepts in today’s world. So a Golden Age society is one that recognizes, that there is no physical limitation that is set in stone, but that it is possible to apply the principles of alchemy to bring forth more abundance from a higher realm into the material realm and therefore increase the amount of wealth that is available.

And this, then, becomes the foundation for a Golden Age society that escapes the consciousness of lack, by realizing that when everyone works together, combining their minds and their actions, they can precipitate so much wealth that there is no lack and thus there is no need for anyone to hoard. For those who are the leaders of a Golden Age society are not the ones who are trapped in fear. They are the ones who are the most attuned to divine love, so they are the servant-leaders, and therefore they are not seeking to hoard for themselves. They are seeking only to use their position of authority to give more and more to the people, to raise up the people.

And that is why you see – in so many past civilizations, including what you see today – that you have this power elite that are so based on fear, and it is their fear that has propelled them to leadership positions. Do you not see this, my beloved? Surely you do, when you think about this. And I can assure you, that people are ready to understand this – and they are especially ready here in Britain – to understand that it is time for them to demand a new form of leadership in this nation—that is an enlightened form of leadership, NOT based on fear and lack but based on love and abundance.

Insensitivity and leadership

This is what the people desire to see. And as my brother, MORE, was expressing, you see this represented in the reaction to the death of Princess Diana, where she had come to represent that hope of a different form of leadership, that was sensitive to the people. Because, of course, the false leaders who are in fear and who, as Mother Mary explained, have already put themselves down by thinking they are not worthy of love, well then they become insensitive to themselves. And that is why they are completely insensitive to the people. But even though they may seem to be all about themselves, they are actually, in a deeper sense, completely insensitive toward themselves. And that is why you will see that some of the most abusive leaders known to humankind, such as Hitler, had that complete insensitivity.

Because you are not actually dealing with a person in a normal sense of the word. For in becoming so completely insensitive, he had been so taken over by the non-material forces that exist in the emotional realm, that he was barely ever making his own decisions but was just driven by these forces that wanted to use him as a tool for destruction. And that is why he became so blinded that he could not see that this would inevitably lead to his own destruction. This is the insensitivity that you also saw in the British Queen, in her response to the death of Diana. And the people realized, that they had a monarchy which was largely insensitive to their feelings, to their very lives. And the people are ready to demand a different form of leadership, that is sensitive to the people because the leaders are sensitive to themselves.

Again, we have one of these situations that forms a catch-22. For how can the people demand a higher form of leadership, when they themselves have been so suppressed for so long, that in order to be able to cope with the outer conditions, they have made themselves insensitive, they have numbed themselves? So you see the effect that once a country goes into the spiral of the misuse of power, you have the oppressive leaders who are insensitive to themselves and insensitive to the people, and therefore oppress the people. And the people know this is wrong, but if they feel paralyzed and powerless to do something about it, well then how can they cope with the situation and go on existing? They can do so only by making themselves almost as insensitive to themselves as the leaders are.

So you now have both a false leadership and a population who is blinded by this insensitivity. And how can you break the spell? Well, my beloved, you can break the spell only if those in the top 10 percent, the most spiritually aware people, decide to make the effort to free themselves from the insensitivity and to speak out and demand a better way—and speak out in many ways to demonstrate that there is a way to move beyond this insensitivity, this numbness, this sense of being powerless, this sense that nothing matters and that we cannot fight the establishment.

Someone must be willing to be like the little child in the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes and say: “But the emperor has nothing on! This is all an illusion! These people are false leaders because they come from fear that makes them insensitive. But there is a better way, and it is time to demand a true leadership based on higher principles.” And, as my brother was saying, indeed with the British people it is their destiny, their divine plan, to give an example of such a society, where you demand leaders that are based on higher principles are therefore you have an enlightened leadership.

Overcoming the island mentality

I would speak of the island mentality, for you can surely see that a big part of this mentality is precisely insensitivity. For when you have become insensitive to yourself, you have numbed yourself to the possibility for change. This makes a people backward-looking. This makes them want to avoid change, so they want to isolate themselves from other people who might actually induce the potential or the impulse for change.

It is the insensitivity that the British people have built up by being oppressed by the false leaders, that has created the island mentality. And if you look back at history, especially on the British Empire, you will know – if you think about this – that the people themselves did not actually want to be part of violently, forcefully suppressing other nations. For they are not truly a warring people—if they were, they would not want to isolate themselves but would be an aggressively outgoing people. But they felt they had no way out of it, and so they made themselves more insensitive in order to cope with the situation.

And this then created this sense that: “We Brits are different from the people on the continent, and we are set apart and that is the way things should be.” So you have, even today, this sense that the English people do not want to engage with Europe; do not want to see themselves as a part of Europe. For they are afraid that in order to become part of something larger, they might have to change some of the things they cannot conceive of changing, because what would it require for a people to change? Well, they must overcome their insensitivity to themselves.

The insensitivity causes people to cling to what is known, to what is comfortable—because they have become used to it, even though it truly is not comfortable at all. But they have simply become numb. And in their numbness, in their insensitivity, they feel they have some sense of equilibrium that allows them to go on, on a daily basis. So the thought of change breaks that sense of equilibrium, and that is why they tend to shy away from it and cling to what is familiar.

Yet, as Master MORE was saying, you see also the growth in the British people, the expansion of consciousness. And you see, for example, the very fact that the majority of the people truly did not support Britain’s participation in the military misadventure in Iraq. And this shows you that the British people have moved on from the days of the Empire, where in many cases they were supportive out of national loyalty of the military adventure and the forceful expansion of the Empire.

The consciousness has changed, and it has changed dramatically, although it still has not quite broken through to the conscious awareness of a critical mass of the people. But this can happen, and it is very close, as my brother, MORE, was expressing. And I can assure you that I also feel an excitement by contemplating the potential for this nation. I feel a great sense of gratitude and excitement at being able to speak here in this nation, because I can speak into the mass consciousness in a different way by having a messenger physically present than could be done from a distance.

A positive vision for Britain’s contribution to Europe

The British people are ready to overcome the island mentality, the insensitivity. But the key to overcoming it is to give them a positive vision, so they overcome the fear that Europe will influence Britain negatively. And instead, they lock in to the vision that Britain has a positive, constructive contribution to make to European society and the European Union. But, of course, Britain can do so only by demanding that enlightened leadership, based on allegiance to higher principles.

The European Union is potentially a step in the right direction, towards a greater unification of the people of Europe. But as has been explained here, even when you grow on the spiritual path, there is a potential that you can come to a point, where you use your attainment on the path for egotistical purposes—rather than deciding to overcome the ego. So, even though the European Union is a step towards Oneness, there is a potential that it can be perverted into becoming only a materialistic union that is based on the desire for economic growth or, even worse, military strength.

What we desire to see is that in the mix of Europe and the European Union, is introduced the concept, that we cannot be just a material union, we must also be a union based on an allegiance to higher principles. And certainly, this does not mean the allegiance to a particular outer religion, but the recognition that there is a higher authority, a higher reality, a higher source of truth. And that we will only ultimately have a sustainable society, when our society is based on those timeless principles, which will allow our society to continue to exist without destroying itself through its internal contradictions.

And this is precisely the potential that the British people have, and how they could make a contribution to Europe. And thereby, they would overcome their fear of having a negative influence from Europe or having to give up certain things that they consider they could not live without. Certainly, the British people could live without the pound and could adopt a European currency. Would that really be such a big loss, my beloved? No. It is only sensed as a loss because of the fear of change that comes from insensitivity, causing people to cling to tradition; to cling to what has become a symbol for what they look back upon as the greatness of the Empire. But they only do this because they have no forward vision that Britain could become far greater in a different way than is was in the past. That is also why they cling to the monarchy and why they cling to history and tradition.

The correct use of power is expansive, is giving, and thus it leads to transcendence. And when you are flowing with the River of Life, you have no fear of lack, so you have no fear that the future will be worse than today or worse than the past, because you realize that in the River of Life things can only accelerate. And thus, why would you need to look back to the past or cling to past traditions, when you realize that those past traditions represented the highest point of the time, but that there is something beyond it, and that you only reach that something beyond by letting go of the past?

So you see, the clinging to history is again based on fear and the sense of lack. Whereas when you lock in to the River of Life and the potential for expansion, you are not so attached to the past. You see it as the lead that must be infused with the Spirit and thus transcended into a better future. And then, all of a sudden, you realize that making certain practical concessions in order to bring yourself into alignment with Europe is a necessary sacrifice that is not even a sacrifice.

If Britain was to give up the pound and adopt the metric system in order to be aligned with Europe in a more practical sense, well, what could be achieved instead was that the gift of Britain became the English language, which could be adopted as the universal language of the European nation, the European Union. So you would, therefore, see that there is a give and take in everything, but that overall, there is no real loss. For you simply move on to a different level. I would impress upon you that by giving up a few things, you actually attain more. And you would also, by being willing to give up these things, overcome your own island mentality—but you would also overcome the reverse island mentality. Where many people in Europe do see the Brits as being separatist, isolationist, and in some ways “stuck up,” feeling they are better than others, and that is why they do not want to get their hands dirty by dealing with those more “primitive” nations on the continent.

For there to be the right flow, where the British people can fulfill their destiny to bring higher principles, well you see, my beloved, not only do we need to break down the island mentality in Britain, but we also need to break down the mentality or the perception in Europe, so that people will be willing to listen to what the British people have to contribute to the European Union. Without feeling that the Brits are coming from some sense of superiority and that they want people in Europe to adopt ideas from Britain but they are not willing to let anything come the other way.

Love is the key

Love is truly the key. I have a great love for the people of Britain. I have a great love for all people. My love is unconditional and infinite. Yet even unconditional love can be focussed on a particular people at a particular time. And this does not truly exclude others, for unconditional love can never be exclusive. But being that I am speaking in the physical here in Britain, I do want to express my unconditional love for the British people.

I have been embodied among you. I have had the privilege of serving to bring forth certain ideas, including the Shakespearean plays, to set forth a foundation for the British language, being a language that is uniquely suited for expressing spiritual concepts. And this has been done because I have seen the potential for this nation, for these people, to rise up and throw off all of the oppressors and truly fulfill their spiritual potential.

When you are insensitive, you do not feel you are worthy of love. You do not feel you can receive love, and certainly you do not feel you can express love. Which is why you see the mentality of people in Britain often being somewhat reserved and not expressing deeper emotions, but instead using humor as a way to hide their emotions behind that facade of being funny or even being sarcastic and self-critical. Certainly, it is better to be self-critical in a humorous way than a non-humorous way, but it is still a way to hide your deeper emotions. And thus, I want to pour out – through this physical vessel and all of those of you who are here – that unconditional love to the British people, that they might sense that they are worthy of love, that God loves them, and they might come to accept that.

And thus, as did Mother Mary, I ask you to listen to the meditation music that will be played. And while you are listening, tune in to the flow of unconditional love and feel how you go beyond actually accepting it for yourself, as Mother Mary focused on, but you go beyond it to feeling that you ARE that flow, you are One with the flow. And thus, it is flowing through your lower being and flowing out, covering this entire island. And those of you who are from other countries, are certainly free to see that love go to your countries as well. But I ask you to keep part of your consciousness on saturating this island with the unconditional love of God. Although I must say that the concept of saturating something with unconditional love is somewhat of a misnomer, for unconditional love is infinite, and thus you do not need a certain amount to saturate, you just need one point of the Infinite to fill all.

Thus, I thank you for your attention, for your presence, and I also congratulate you for having achieved a true victory here, that will start a catalytic process that will literally send shock waves, as it is, through the collective consciousness in this nation. And you will see that a change will begin to become more obvious in the physical in the years to come. So my gratitude for your presence. [Meditation music was played.]


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