Understanding power and love in the roles of men and women

TOPICS: All you need is love—unconditional love – Why love is power – Reconsidering male and female roles – Abuse of power springs from lack of love – Misusing power to cover unworthiness – Those who abuse power are consumed by fear – Using the power of love to transform society – Can you accept yourself and receive God’s love? –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, October 27, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, I come as the representative of the Divine Feminine. And why do I come? I come because the key to changing Britain and every other society on earth is indeed love—the unconditional love that is truly a quality expressed by the Divine Feminine.

I come now with the great joy of being able to congratulate you for having achieved a breakthrough at this conference. For while you might not have noticed it, this latest invocation you gave was the culmination of the process that you have been going through since you started this conference—of coming into oneness. And you will notice that when the participants of a conference are willing to come into oneness, there is a synchronicity, where they do not need someone to actually lead or set the tempo, for they are so tuned in to the flow, that the invocation flows by itself. And everyone is in sync. And this is precisely the one thing that we always look for when we have a conference—the willingness to transcend the outer differences and come into oneness.

As we have truly explained, all problems come from the consciousness of separation, the consciousness of duality. And how shall we overcome the dualistic problems you see on earth, unless someone is willing to rise above that consciousness of division and come into oneness here on earth? Why do you think Jesus said that, “where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them?” It was because there is a universal law that we of the ascended masters cannot give to humankind unless there is a platform on earth, unless there is a chalice raised on earth into which we can pour the spiritual energies. And what is that chalice? Well it is, indeed, the chalice of oneness.

You can achieve this individually, and certainly many people have done so by coming into oneness, by overcoming division in their own beings. But there is far greater power when a number of you come together in a physical location and then strive for oneness with each other. For when you achieve that oneness, here in the material realm, then you open the door whereby we, in the spiritual realm, can pour out a far greater measure of light and truth and love.

All you need is love—unconditional love

You know very well that when you go into a dark room, you can see nothing. When there is a little bit of light, you begin to see something, but you also see that there are dark shadows and you cannot see what is hiding there. So a little bit of light can almost be more scary than an entirely dark room. Yet you also know that as you increase the intensity of light, the shadows disappear. In a sense, you could say that the light will remove all of the darkness on earth. But how shall that light come forth, given the Law of Free Will? Well, it can come forth only when someone dares to be the open door through which that light can flow. And when many people come together in oneness, well, the door is much wider than their individual numbers, for it is multiplied exponentially.

This is indeed our goal—to release as much light as we can through those who are willing to be the open doors for it. For this will indeed open the door for a new awareness that will awaken people, so that they will forget about the doom and gloom and come to realize the eternal truth, that the Ma-ter light will gladly outpicture their vision for a Golden Age. And the light itself would prefer to outpicture that vision, rather than continue outpicturing the current limited vision.

Yet there is light and then there is light of different qualities. But there is also something beyond what you normally call light, for you tend to think of light as something visible to the physical sight. Beyond the light is the source of all light, and that source is the unconditional love of God. So, my beloved, the key to transforming your own personal lives, and the key to transforming your nation and your planet is love—not the conditional, controlling, possessive, human love, but the unconditional love of God.

You have the old song that was brought forth in this country, with the saying, “All you need is love.” But you see, even though from a certain viewpoint that statement is true, the context in which it was given made it a human love based on ego-centered needs, whereas the reality is that love is not all you need. For if you only have human love, you can be the most loving human being ever to walk this earth, but it will not transform society.

What will transform society is the unconditional love of God, but in order to be the open door for that love, you must have Christ discernment, so that you do not seek to express love for selfish purposes in order to gain something, or in order to control others. But you allow it to flow through you, as El Morya explained yesterday, where he described the flow of the IS that is the source of the force of MORE, the source of transcendence. Having united with that, he has become a representative of that force of MORE, which is why he has changed his name—to truly give people the vision of the MORE.

All of you have the potential to be open doors for that flow of love—the flow of love that is unconditional, precisely because it will not accept status quo. It will not accept any condition on earth that keeps people trapped in a lesser state. And that is why unconditional love will compel people to become MORE, to transcend their current limitations and rise higher, until they truly have the abundant life, and not what they might conceive of as abundance today, which is largely a monetary, physical, material abundance.

Why love is power

You understand the dynamic that love – unconditional love – is not the human, sympathetic love, that seeks to make people feel good in a limited situation. It is the living, dynamic love, that compels people to rise above their limitations and become MORE. This is the love that I want you to understand, to tune in to. For it is only when you understand the nature of unconditional love, that you will understand why we say that love is power. Human love is not power. It is indeed, as most humans see it, soft, gentle and therefore it does not rock the boat. It does not compel people on to transcendence; it does not compel a society on to transcendence.

Is it really love to keep humanity in a limited state of consciousness and a limited state of abundance? No, that is not true love. It is true love to awaken people to their highest potential and to help them manifest that potential. That is love, and that love is power.

Reconsidering male and female roles

The traditional concept of power on this earth is as distorted as the traditional concept of love. For the concept of power is that it is tied to force, so that you must pound against the wall until you break it down. But my beloved, the real power is the unconditional power that transforms the wall into a higher vibrational state, so that it no longer blocks the progress of the light.

Consider the traditional male role, where you see men as powerful and women as more gentle, more loving. Do you see that this very much ties in with what Master MORE discoursed on today, when he talked about the example he had attempted to set in his past lifetimes in this nation, of a type of man that did not believe might is right because he was committed to higher principles? Where does the commitment to principles come from? It can only come from love, a love for something higher than the ego self, for something higher than the conditions on this earth. You love God, you love the principles of God, more, and therefore you are willing to align yourself with those principles, come what may in the physical.

This is the matrix that we of the ascended masters would like to set—that there is a higher image of what it means to be a man, and it is perfectly possible and appropriate for a man to express power in a loving manner, to be loving but still be loving in the way that is unconditional and does not accept unreality or limitation, but propels it on to change and transcendence. And when you have men who can express that kind of love, then do you really have a difference between the role of men and the role of women?

Are not women quite often able to express this kind of loving power? And do you not see how, in the last several decades, as women have, so to speak, become more liberated, you see many women who have entered the workplace or entered politics, and who have been able to express greater love but still not compromise power. Certainly, you have also seen some women, who, in order to attain positions of power, have attempted to beat the men at their own game by being more powerful or controlling or manipulative. But nevertheless, you will in general see that women are more attuned with their feelings and are better able to express those feelings.

If you could have an awakening, where the men realize that it is not weak to be loving and to have a love for higher principles, and the women realize that their love also is a love for higher principles and not just a human sympathetic love, well then you could see a society in which the traditional gender roles are simply dissolved and you no longer have a battle between the sexes. For men and women see each other as complementary facets of the wholeness of God. They see themselves, first of all, as spiritual beings who are beyond sex as you understand it on earth. And thus, they realize that they are only temporarily in a male or female body and they are more than the sex of the body. And thus, they do not have to be trapped in these traditional gender roles.

But beyond that, they also see that if you are in a male body, you are meant to express love in a more powerful way, whereas if you are in a female body, you are meant to express love in a more nurturing way. For nurturance is not just feeding people to maintain status quo, but it is giving them the real meat, as Jesus called it, where you give them the teaching and the love to help them rise higher, so that life in the material realm can be a reflection of the reality of the spiritual realm.

Abuse of power springs from lack of love

When you have this complementary interchange, this complementary interplay between the transcending love and the nurturing love, well then society will be propelled beyond the old concepts of love and power. For what Master MORE was talking about, was the people who have formed a power elite, and who have perverted power and abused power. But do you see, that those who abuse power do so for one reason only—namely, that they do not have love.

They do not have real power, the power of God, and therefore they must take power through force here on earth and seek to force other people into submitting to them—and if they will not submit, then kill them. This is a complete abuse of power, and it is only possible for people to do this to other people when they have no love for those other people. How can it be that a person can have no love for other people? Well, as Jesus said, do unto others as you want them to do unto you, which can be switched and mean: what you do unto others is a reflection of your state of consciousness. And therefore, what you do unto others, you have already done to yourself in your own mind. So if you have no love for other people, it can be for only one reason, namely that you have no love for yourself—for you do not love yourself, you do not believe you are a loving person, that you are worthy of love.

And yet, how can people come to feel this? Well, it is possible only because they have been completely blinded by, and absorbed in, the consciousness of separation from God—the consciousness that was started by those beings who, in a higher realm – in a higher sphere, as Maitreya explains in his book – decided to rebel against God and therefore separated themselves from God. These lifestreams have separated from God, and thus they cannot experience God’s love for them.

The Creator has the same infinite love for all lifestreams, regardless of their current state of consciousness. For did not Jesus say that it rains upon the just and the unjust? So you see, God’s love is unconditional which means that it is offered to every lifestream, every being. But those who have separated themselves from God, cannot experience that love, for there is only one way to truly experience God’s love—and that is to come into oneness with love, to become the open door, whereby that flow of the love, the flow of IS, the River of Life, can flow through you and you are one with it.

That is how you experience the fullness of unconditional love, so naturally when you engage in the consciousness of separation and see yourself as separated from God, you cannot experience God’s love. So, such a lifestream must rationalize that God does not love that lifestream, and that will inevitably lead to the conclusion that “I am not lovable.” And even though many of these lifestreams are not consciously aware of this – and would deny it if they read these words – I can assure you that at subconscious levels, they all believe that they are not worthy of love.

Misusing power to cover unworthiness

Yet it is very difficult for a lifestream to live with itself if it feels it is not worthy of love. So what do lifestreams do in order to deal with that situation? Well, they must find some way to cover over the conclusion that they are not worthy of love. And how do they do this? In many cases by seeking some kind of position on earth that makes them seem superior to other people.

For if they can feel that they are better than others, then they can ignore or forget the sense that they are not worthy of love. In a sense, what they are doing – often subconsciously – is that they are doing the same thing as the old story of the fox who could not reach the grapes and concluded that they were no good anyway, so it didn’t really want them. They cannot reach God’s love, so they say, “We don’t want God’s love. Love is weak. Power is better.”

When they do not have the love, well then their power can only be perverted and used for selfish purposes. These people suppress others through force because they have not the love, and thus there is nothing to rein in their power. And that is why you see some of these lifestreams be willing to go to almost any length to use their power to destroy those who oppose them. Yet what you do not see is that they have actually done the exact same thing to themselves. For as they seek to suppress others through force, they have already suppressed their own inner beings through force. They have forcefully denied themselves, their origin as spiritual beings, their worthiness to rise again and unite with the love of God.

I give you these teachings for several reasons. One is that you should not allow yourself to fall into the old trap of engaging in the dualistic struggle. Surely, you need to be aware that there is a power elite on earth. You need to be aware of their methods and how they have influenced society and the mass consciousness. You need to be aware of their subtle lies. In some cases, you do need to be aware of who they are in order to stand up and say, “We need to question those people who are representing a certain state of consciousness.”

Yet you do not fall into the trap of seeing yourself in opposition to this power elite, or to particular individuals. You do not feel fear of them, nor anger towards them. For when you unconditionally love yourself, you can only unconditionally love other people, and the unconditional love is what the Bible calls the perfect love that will cast out all fear.

Those who abuse power are consumed by fear

When you have unconditional love, you are not afraid of the power elite. You do not feel threatened by them. In fact, you realize the truth that those who are the most powerful people are the most afraid. For if they were not afraid, why would they need the power? When you separate yourself from God, it becomes possible that a lifestream can cease to exist, that it can go through the ultimate spiritual death, that we have sometimes called the “second death,” because it is the death of the lifestream itself, and not just the temporary death of the physical body. So the inevitable companion of the sense of separation is the fear of annihilation, the fear of the cessation of self.

And for those who are in the duality consciousness, it is a real potential, but only because they remain in the duality consciousness instead of stepping outside of it, which they can do at any time. And again, as it is difficult for people to live with the sense that they are not lovable, it is difficult for them to live with the sense of fear. And so the more fear they have, the more they have a need to compensate. And how do they compensate? They compensate by taking on power on earth, by taking power through force. Because if they can make millions of people in a country believe that they are powerful, well then they can ignore or gloss over their inner fear, to the point where they almost don’t feel it anymore.

Why is it, that some of these powerful people need millions of people to confirm the illusion that they have power or that they are fearless? Because if they really knew in their own beings that they had power and they had no fear, why would they need other people to confirm their power? So you see, they are also the lifestreams who have the greatest doubt, and that is why, only when millions of people follow them, revere them as powerful, only then can they believe it themselves and therefore push aside their doubt, their fear, their sense of not being lovable.

This of course holds true for the men that you see take on the image of being tough men. They also are driven by fear, and they compensate for it through violence because violence is always a way to make other people fear you. But truly, it can never have a permanent effect in helping them overcome their fear, for it will always surface again.

These people are on an impossible quest, that often accelerates until they lose control of their lives and end up destroying themselves. And you see this in so-called ordinary people who enter a negative spiral of anger and violence, until they either get themselves killed or end up in jail. And this is certainly what you have seen in these boys who committed the school shootings. It was again their fear, their lack of self-love. But you have also seen it in some of the “great leaders” of history, such as Hitler, Napoleon, and others, who in their insatiable quest for more and more power to cover over their fear, ended up destroying themselves.

Using the power of love to transform society

The real key to transforming a society is not that the people use power against the elite who is abusing power and suppressing the people. The real key is that a critical mass among the people wake up and realize that the true power is love. And they connect to the love they have in their own beings – their love for higher principles, for higher truth – and then they express that by simply stating the truth that society needs to change, that the old ways are no longer working, that it is time to come up higher.

When you are still in fear, people will start a movement, and to some degree it is driven by a true desire to see improvement in society. But because of the fear, it always ends up being a scape-goating effort, where the people appoint somebody as the scapegoat who is responsible for everything that is wrong in society. So if we only get rid of the scapegoat, we will solve all of our problems. This certainly is what you saw in the French Revolution, where the aristocracy were named as the scapegoat. But in reality, they were just one expression of the people’s unwillingness to take responsibility for themselves. And when the aristocracy was removed from power, another power elite emerged and took over, and thus the people were hardly freer than they were before.

The key to breaking this pattern of one power elite taking over from the existing power elite, is that the people must awaken their love so they do not need a scapegoat. They do not need to make it seem like the queen is so bad and that’s why we should get rid of the monarchy. Instead, they just state the truth that it is time to change the monarchy in its present form, to ask the questions that need to be asked.

Because it is a question of recognizing that there is a progressive movement in the world, as Master MORE talked about, with the River of Life. And when society has moved forward to a certain point, well then the old clothes no longer fit and it is time to throw them away and get a new wardrobe. There will come a point, where the monarchy in its present form has outlived its purpose. And we do not need to say that it is wrong, that it is bad, that it should be destroyed. We need to transform it. Perhaps that will mean that we no longer need a particular institution, but perhaps we need something else as a symbol for the nation.

Likewise with the Church, it is not necessary to go out and make the Church seem like an evil institution. But it is necessary to say that the Church of England is no longer fulfilling the spiritual needs of the majority of the British people, and that is why they no longer go to church and they no longer feel that they get the answers they need. So it is necessary to seek for a new approach to spirituality, that can meet the needs of the people in this age.

Likewise, you do not need to single out the upper class. You do not need to be negative towards anyone who has more money than the average. But you do need to challenge the consciousness that some people are inherently better than others, and you can challenge that only when you tune into the unconditional love of God. For when you realize the nature of unconditional love, you see that unconditional love cannot love some people more than others. For that would be conditional love, would it not?

Can you accept yourself and receive God’s love?

What I desire to see for the spiritual people of every nation is that they tune in to the love, and that they do it by following Jesus’ timeless admonishment to look for the beam in your own eye. Look at yourself, my beloved. Can you accept that you are worthy of love? Can you understand and accept that if God’s love truly is unconditional, then it is not a matter of whether you are worthy or not worthy to receive that love? You are worthy by the mere fact that you exist, that God created you, that God gave you a spark of its own Being.

And if you find that you have difficulty accepting these concepts for yourself, then be willing to work on it. For I desire nothing more than to have you come into that sense that you are worthy, that you are acceptable to God, and that God loves you unconditionally. For when you do that, suddenly it will be no struggle to let go of the limitations that are holding you back. They will just drop from you, and you do not have to struggle to overcome a certain habit. You will spontaneously decide that this is no longer necessary in my life. And so, it is gone instantly.

My Beloved, the key to transforming society is the unconditional love. But that love can only come through those people who have the greatest spiritual awareness. Yet those people – in order to become the open doors for love – must be willing to overcome all elements of the consciousness of separation, all doubt about their own lovability, and come to the point where you accept yourself. You accept your true spiritual identity, your own worthiness, and thus you are no longer afraid to stand up in front of one person or one million people, and express who you are and what is the higher truth that you see—not as a matter of belief, but a truth that you know is true, because you experience it, you have internalized it, you have become one with it.

Thus, you can approach the state of consciousness where – when Jesus was asked by Pontius Pilate “What is truth?” – well Jesus knew that he was one with truth, which is why he had already said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” You, my beloved, have a conscious self that, as was so profoundly explained yesterday, is a spark of God’s own Being, and thus it is infinitely worthy of God’s love. And it is, in fact, part of infinity and thus an expression of the infinite, indivisible love of God. For how can love be unconditional, unless it cannot be divided and therefore subject to conditions?

Ponder these concepts, but first of all take a long look at yourself. Be willing to recognize that you have all grown up in a culture, where you have been programmed from early childhood, even in many lifetimes. The mass consciousness, the consciousness of duality, has been pounding on you to make you feel that you are unworthy, that you are not acceptable. And it is inevitable that you have taken some of this on. In fact, many of you have volunteered to take it on in order to transmute it and show an example for other people. And thus, I am simply reminding you, that you took this on in order to transmute it. So get on with transmuting it and don’t postpone until tomorrow what you can only accomplish in the NOW, the Eternal NOW.

There comes a point on the spiritual path, where you have attained a certain spiritual maturity, but unless you actually dare to acknowledge that and decide that you will accept yourself, well then, it is not fully manifest. Because it might be in your etheric, in your mental, and your emotional body, but you have not dared to let it break through into the outer mind, where you consciously accept who you are as a spiritual being, as the living Christ.

So simply realize, that you are not here to carry this burden for the rest of your life, to suffer with it. You are here to transcend it, and thereby demonstrate to other people that they too can transcend it—that they can transcend the conditional, possessive love and connect to the unconditional love within themselves, whereby they can express that unconditional love in their society, and thereby make obsolete the institutions and individuals who represent the consciousness of anti-love, namely the abuse of power. You do not need to battle those who abuse power, as has already been said. Rise above them and make them obsolete. This is the vision we hold for you.

Once again, I congratulate you for your willingness to come into oneness, and I ask you to play the piece of music that was played before this dictation. And while it is being played, I desire you to open your hearts and beings to experiencing the unconditional love of God. Feel how that love is raining down upon you, washing away all anti-love in your being, as you are willing to let it go.

And if you cannot fully let it go at the present, well then, do not get down on yourself for that, but be willing to acknowledge that you have something to work on. And then work on it with all the tools we have given, even the tools available in the world, in the field of psychology and self-help. And thus, once again, our gratitude for your presence here and your willingness to come into oneness with each other, whereby you surely also come into oneness with us. [Meditation music was played.]


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