Gratitude is the key to the abundant life

TOPICS: 2012 – The spiritual cause of terrorism – Cain and Abel – The consciousness of death – The importance of surrender – the serpentine mind – the lie of good and evil – God does not require perfection – Hiding from the teacher – The master key to Paradise – Terrorism and the Cain consciousness –

Ascended Master Mother Mary, March 28, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, I come to you today in the flame of Miracle Gratitude. I come to you as the Mother of Gratitude. I come to express to you the gratitude of heaven for the service that so many of you have rendered, oh for so many years, even for so many lifetimes. It is truly this service, and the momentum that you have built through your service, that empowers you to make a difference on this troubled planet and to bring earth one step closer to seeing God’s kingdom manifest.

I come also to express my gratitude, and the gratitude of heaven itself, for those of you who have so diligently given my new rosaries. These rosaries are truly making a difference, and I can assure you that had it not been for these rosaries given, you would have seen very devastating earthquakes in this past month. These earthquakes have been averted, and instead you have seen many smaller earthquakes that did not cause loss of life. Yet I must warn you that the danger of earthquakes and other natural disasters is far from over. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to keep up the work of giving the rosaries.

These rosaries are not just for the year 2004 but for the future itself. I can assure you that there is a great need for these rosaries to be given for the foreseeable future, especially from now until the year 2012. As many of you know, 2012 is the last year in the Mayan calendar, and many spiritual people see great significance in this fact. I can assure you that there is no danger that the world will come to an end in the year 2012, but what will come to an end is a spiritual cycle for the earth. If we can transmute a critical mass of imperfect energy before 2012, the earth can truly be reborn into a new age of abundance and peace. If that energy, that karma, is not transmuted, there will be much upheaval on this planet and the potential for loss of life is great.

If my rosaries can spread like rings in the water, until thousands and even millions of people use them, then truly all dire portends can be mitigated, and instead you will see the second coming of a Christed age of peace and abundance.

The spiritual cause of terrorism

I come today to address a problem that you have seen manifest in this past month, namely the problem of terrorism. While terrorism might seem like a manifestation of the imbalance that causes war, there is more to it than meets the eye. Terrorism has its roots in the very state of consciousness that caused Cain to slay Abel. It is the consciousness of one son of God being jealous of another son of God, and therefore deciding to destroy or kill the brother that seems to stand in the way of him being the favorite son.

As you will know from my previous discourses, there is always more to the stories in the Bible than meets the eye. As my beloved Jesus explains throughout this website, there are many layers of meanings hidden behind the stories and statements found in the Bible. And of course there are also layers and meanings that are not found in the Bible.

Let me now give you a deeper understanding of the story of Cain and Abel. In reality, this story symbolizes the relationship between those who allow the light of God to work through them and those who have separated themselves from God. Abel is a symbol of a being with great spiritual light, meaning that the expanding force of God the Father is stronger than the contracting force of the Mother, as mandated by God’s law of perpetual growth. Therefore, Abel has more light than his brother Cain, and he is more able than Cain. Those who have spiritual light can accomplish what seems like miracles to most people, as demonstrated by Jesus himself.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that God loves Abel more than Cain. It simply means that both were created as individualizations of God, as the expressions of God’s perfection; they were simply created with different roles in the drama of life. So how can it be that Cain, or rather the conscious beings living in the material universe, ever came to envy their brothers and sisters who have more spiritual light, making them feel that they were being unjustly treated by God? Well, the answer to that question was given in my last discourse, in which I explained the fall of Lucifer.

I explained to you that Lucifer rebelled against God’s unyielding law of constant self-transcendence, of constant growth. I explained how Lucifer descended to the matter universe and how he waged war against God and the sons and daughters of God in this universe. I explained how he attempted to pull every human being into his own state of consciousness. He attempted to create the mindset that no one in this world is allowed to have great light or to rise above the crowd. He attempted to make all people accept the lowest common denominator, so that no one could manifest Christ consciousness. He even spread the lie that striving to become the Christ is blasphemy.

The story I told you is true. There was truly a being named Lucifer, who rebelled against God’s purpose and who then attempted to draw all beings on earth into that rebellion against God. Nevertheless, there is more to the story. And it is that Lucifer was not the only being to ever rebel against God. You see, Lucifer rebelled because he decided to embody a state of consciousness. That state of consciousness was in existence long before Lucifer, because it came into existence when God decided to create beings that have free will.

My Beloved, this is a very subtle topic that can be difficult for people to understand while they are in a physical body, and therefore tend to think in the linear way that is programmed into the physical brain. However, there is great value in stretching the mind, trying to understand that which is incomprehensible to the physical brain and to the carnal mind. It is in so doing that you reach for the higher perspective of the Christ mind, and even if you only attain a faint glimmer of that perspective, it has still lifted you much higher. So I ask you to stretch your mind.

The consciousness of death

In my last discourse I explained that the entire universe sprang from the creative tension between the expanding force of the Father and the contracting force of the Mother. I also explained that the universe is meant to constantly expand but that the expansion is meant to happen in a balanced manner that creates sustainable growth. What is the key to maintaining this balance between the expanding and contracting forces? It is the perfect vision that is held in the universal Christ mind, and in the individual Christ minds of God’s sons and daughters.

When creation expands according to this perfect vision, there will be balance between the expanding and contracting forces. Yet when God gave his sons and daughters free will, it became possible for them to move away from this perfect vision of the Christ mind. It became possible for them to take on a state of consciousness that is out of alignment with the balanced vision of the Christ mind. This state of consciousness is based on an imbalance between the expanding and the contracting forces of the Father/Mother God.

I told you that the forces of the Father and the Mother are not opposites; they are complementary. And when they are in balance, they form a harmonious whole that creates offspring in accordance with the vision of the Christ mind. Yet when the two forces are out of balance, out of harmony, they no longer form a whole. Instead, they become opposites, and as opposites they begin to cancel out each other. They begin to counteract each other, and therefore their offspring will not be in harmony with the vision of the Christ mind. As a result, the offspring is not sustainable. It cannot survive in the long run because it becomes subject to imbalance.

This imbalance is described by your scientists in the second law of thermodynamics. Scientists have discovered that when a system becomes closed, it will begin to break down and deteriorate. What this really means is that when anything in the material universe becomes cut off from the flow of energy originating in the spiritual realm, it becomes a closed system. When that happens, the structures and forms that are created in the material universe can no longer transcend themselves, can no longer grow. Therefore, they now become subject to the contracting force of the Mother, which will cause everything to enter a spiral of contraction and decay that eventually ends up returning everything to a state in which there are no forms or structures. In other words, when creation no longer follows the vision of the Christ mind and the drive to continually self-transcend, it will simply contract until the force of gravity causes matter itself to collapse into a black hole from which nothing can escape.

The key to maintaining a sustainable and balanced creation is the vision and the truth of the Christ mind. This vision creates constant and balanced growth. It is a law of God that in exchange for the gift of life, you must constantly grow and self-transcend. Life itself is growth and self-transcendence, so if you choose not to grow, you are choosing death. God allows you to make that choice, yet the inevitable consequence is that you will enter a spiral of decay, leading to death.

When you choose to partake of the consciousness of death, you can no longer see the expanding and contracting forces as true polarities that complement and enhance each other. You can no longer see that the expanding force of God the Father must always be a little bit stronger, so that creation can continue to self-transcend. Instead, you begin to see the expanding and contracting forces as opposites, and you begin to fear self-transcendence. You begin to fear that if you change, if you transcend yourself, you could lose what you have.

The importance of surrender

You see, in order to grow to a higher state, you must be willing to surrender yourself completely unto God. You must be willing to lay your attainment upon the altar as the acceptable offering, whereby you literally give everything back to God. When you do this, God’s law will multiply your offering manifold, as Jesus explained in the parable of the talents. Yet before the multiplication can occur, you must be willing to truly give up your attainment as if it was gone forever. In so doing, you demonstrate that you are not emotionally attached to anything in this world of form, and this demonstrates your undying love for the Father who is beyond all form. This then allows you to take another step toward union with God.

The act of surrendering everything you have to God is the key to spiritual growth. The act of giving up your limited sense of identity is the key to becoming all that you are as an individualization of God. As Jesus explained in the parable of the talents, there is a state of consciousness which makes people fear that, by giving up what they have, they could suffer loss. People become attached to what they have and therefore refuse to give it up for multiplication. This causes people to bury their talents in the ground (in the carnal mind) and it prevents their multiplication. People become prone to holding on to what they have, refusing to let it go in order to transcend and become more of God.

As I described in my last discourse, this is what happened to Lucifer. He had reached a very high level of spiritual attainment, yet he faced the same test that is faced by everyone, namely to let go of everything you have in order to take the next step on the path of growth. Yet the more you feel you have, the more difficult this test becomes, as Jesus explained in the parable about the rich man. Lucifer had the opportunity to descend into the material universe to bring the balance and the light of the Christ mind to all beings in this world. Yes my beloved, it is true that Lucifer means light bearer or light bringer. Lucifer was indeed meant to bring light, the light of Christ and the truth of Christ, to the beings evolving in the matter universe.

Yet because he became afraid of losing his light, he refused to be the servant of all. He refused to lay everything upon the altar and truly give it up to God. He began to hold on to what he had, and as a result of that, his consciousness became subject to the contracting force of the Mother. His consciousness began to contract, and his entire vibration became lowered, until he could no longer see the higher vibrations of the spiritual realm.

The important point to understand here is that although Lucifer is truly an example of what can happen to every being with free will, you should not focus undue attention on Lucifer or turn him into some kind of scapegoat. You should not fall into the trap of thinking that Lucifer is to blame for all of the problems on earth. In reality, Lucifer simply partook of a state of consciousness that is apart from the perfect vision of the Christ mind. We might therefore call it a consciousness of anti-christ.

This consciousness is based on a lie, and the original lie is the lie that the expanding force of the Father is in opposition to the contracting force of the Mother. Yet from that original lie springs an almost infinite variety of other lies that make up an entire conglomerate, an entire state of consciousness, which I would like to call the serpentine mind.

This is the state of consciousness that is symbolized by the serpent in the Garden of Eden. It was the state of consciousness that was there to tempt Adam and Eve because they were given free will by God. You see, you cannot have free will without having the opportunity to go against God’s law and his purpose for creation. God wants you to follow his law and purpose, but he wants you to do so as the result of a completely free choice. You cannot make that choice without knowing that you have the option of going against God’s will. Ideally, God wants you to know this and then choose to follow his will out of love.

The lie of good and evil

When lifestreams decided to partake of the forbidden fruit, they fell into that state of consciousness and now began to see the contracting and expanding forces as opposites, namely the opposites of good and evil. They actually began to think that God the Father is good and that God the Mother is evil. Therefore, they began to think that everything they did in this matter universe was evil and this has led to the concept of original sin. It has also caused people to blame women for the Fall.

In reality, there is nothing evil about the contracting force of the Mother. it is simply there to act as a counterbalance for the expanding force of the Father. It is the contracting force that keeps the entire universe together and gives form to the world of form. Evil only enters the picture when the contradicting force becomes so unbalanced that it overrides the expanding force and therefore stops growth. This can happen only when conscious beings refuse to grow, so they cut themselves off from their spiritual selves. Thereby, they become closed systems that are outside of the spiritual laws of God and therefore subject to the material laws that contract everything and return it to the lowest possible energy state.

So my beloved, I hope you can now see that the problems on planet earth are not caused by one being. Even though Lucifer’s followers are filled with pride and think he was very powerful, he was simply not powerful enough to create all of the problems and imbalances found even on this small planet. It takes two to tango, and it takes an entire humanity to create the problems and the suffering you currently see on earth. Therefore, most people on earth share in the responsibility for the current problems seen on this planet. They share this responsibility because they have descended into the lower state of consciousness, the anti-christ mind, the serpentine mind.

They have done this by accepting some of the serpentine lies that make up this state of consciousness. What are those serpentine lies? Well, there are a number of God qualities, and those qualities can be envisioned as spiritual flames of a certain color and a certain crystalline structure. There are many such qualities, such as love, power, truth, wisdom, mercy and many others. My point here is that for each of the positive qualities of God, each of the facets that make up the world of form, there are perversions, a set of lies, that counteract the God quality and the God flame.

Each lifestream springs from one of the flames of God, and it came into this universe to express its individualized version of that particular God flame. Yet when the lifestream fell into a lower state of consciousness, it did so because it began to believe some of the lies that are perversions of its particular God flame. For example, some lifestreams sprang from the flame of God power. They failed by believing some of the lies that are perversions of God power. One example of such a lie is that a small elite must attain power over the majority of the population and exercise totalitarian control to prevent people from destroying themselves.

The point of this explanation is to show you that each lifestream descended to planet earth for the purpose of expressing its particular God flame. As I explained in my last discourse, human beings were not created in the fullness of God consciousness. They were meant to descend to this realm and experiment with their free will and with their God flame, so that they could gradually build their God consciousness. Therefore, they were given a safe environment in which they could experiment and make mistakes without destroying themselves and others.

God does not require perfection

What I am telling you here is that God did not require instant perfection of his sons and daughters. God knew that when a new lifestream descends to earth, it does not have the full Christ consciousness. Therefore, it cannot always find the proper balance between the expanding and contracting forces of its particular God flame. You see my beloved, within each of the God flames you find the eternal polarity of the expanding and contracting forces.

For example, within the flame of God power, there is an expanding tendency and a contracting tendency. When these two tendencies are balanced, you will express God power in a harmonious way. When they become unbalanced, you express God power in an unbalanced way that often causes you to ignore the free will of others and seek to attain unlimited power over other people, including unlimited control.

My point here is that when the first lifestreams descended to earth, they made many mistakes but none of the mistakes were so serious that they created a downward spiral. You see, these lifestreams were in constant contact with their spiritual teachers. Such teachers are symbolized in Genesis as the God in the Garden of Eden. This being was truly a representative of God, a being from the spiritual realm who served as a teacher for lifestreams.

So the lifestreams were allowed to experiment with their God flame, and when they made a mistake and expressed their flame in an unbalanced manner, their spiritual teacher would lovingly make them aware of their mistake and help them correct it. Thereby, lifestreams could continue to grow and become better and better at expressing their God flame in a balanced manner.

You see, these lifestreams would lay everything they did on the altar of God with complete love, meaning complete non-attachment. Through this surrender, all of their mistakes were instantaneously forgiven and the misqualified energy purified. All of their right actions were multiplied and the energy stored as their treasure laid up in heaven. In other words, both their right and not so right choices were used as stepping stones for the continuous growth of their lifestreams. They were truly living in a positive, uplifting spiral in which every decision brought them closer to God.

Unfortunately, certain lifestreams decided to partake of the forbidden fruit, namely the consciousness of death that opens you up to the fear of irretrievable loss. The first waves of lifestreams that descended to earth experimented with their God flames without ever considering that they could go against God’s purpose for life. They continued to learn and transcend themselves, and they became better and better at expressing their God flames. They refused to let the consciousness of death enter their beings.

Yet there came a point, and it came after the fall of Lucifer, when the lifestreams on earth decided to partake of the forbidden fruit of the serpentine consciousness. They fell prey to the serpentine lies, and as a result they became afraid of making mistakes. They suddenly saw themselves as “naked,” meaning imperfect, and they became ashamed of their mistakes. Instead of simply learning from their mistakes, accepting God’s forgiveness and moving on, they now became afraid of experimenting and wanted to hold on to the attainment they already had.

They fell prey to the serpentine lies that God would love them less or judge them harshly because they were imperfect, and they felt like they could never be as worthy as their brothers and sisters in the spiritual realm. This is the birth of the Cain consciousness in which people begin to believe that if they have less than others, they are less worthy of God’s love. So instead of surrendering everything they have on the altar, they want to hide their imperfections from God, they want to hide their mistakes from their teacher. And in their attempts to do this, they are willing to “kill” those of their brothers and sisters who seem to have more light, who seem to stand above the crowd. They do this out of the mistaken belief that if no one is above them, they must be the favorite son.

Abel was able because he was willing to surrender his all to God, and it was God’s multiplication of Abel’s offering that made him worthy. As Jesus said, “I can of my own self do nothing. It is the Father within me who is doing the work.” Cain could have become equally worthy by surrendering his all to God. Yet because he was not willing to make the acceptable offering, God had nothing to multiply, and therefore Cain was always second to Abel. Instead of surrendering himself and letting God make him worthy, Cain sought to become worthy by removing what he thought was the obstacle to him being loved by God. He sought to remove his brother who served as a constant reminder of his own imperfection.

This mindset is, of course, an illusion, for God loves all his sons and daughters with an unconditional and infinite love. Because God’s love is infinite, how can there be favorite sons? How can there be inequality in infinity? As Jesus’ parable of the talents demonstrates, it does not matter to God that one son has more attainment or more light than another. All who are willing to lay their attainment upon the altar will have their gifts multiplied and will enter into the joy of the Lord.

Hiding from the teacher

The real problem with the Cain consciousness is that it causes people to hide from their teacher. When you make the decision to hide from your teacher, you break the flow of energy between the spiritual realm and the matter universe. You break the flow between your spiritual self and your lower being. This then breaks the circle of life, and you now become cut off from God, cut off from your spiritual self, and your soul becomes a closed system.

Now my beloved, when you are cut off from the flow of life, you gradually begin to realize that you have lack, that you are incomplete, that you are imperfect. And this can give rise to the sense that God has treated you unfairly, that God has not given you what you deserve and that God has made it too hard for you to grow.

Even though your lifestream is in the material universe, it has the potential to manifest God’s perfection in this world, as your ascended brothers and sisters are manifesting that perfection in heaven. Yet to manifest that perfection, you must attain the Christ consciousness that gives you the balanced vision of how to express your God flame in the perfect polarity of the expanding and contracting forces.

This is within the reach of everyone, but as I explained in my last discourse, human souls were meant to gradually attain this Christ consciousness, and therefore they were not given all of it at once. Yet one of the lies found in the serpentine consciousness is the lie that human souls should have been given the Christ consciousness without earning it through their own experimentation and effort. Now, human souls were given life. They were given a beautiful and harmonious planet on which to experiment with their free will, on which to express their individuality and their God flames. My Beloved, what more could a soul possibly want?

What a beautiful and wonderful gift from God to have the opportunity to self-transcend and gradually become all that God is. Yet in becoming all that God is, you also have the opportunity to become a unique individualization of God. You have the opportunity to become more than you were created to be, because you can build your own individuality through your experiences in the world of form.

Human souls were truly given the highest gift that anyone could want. Yet through the lies of the serpentine consciousness, some souls began to believe that they had been shortchanged by God, that they had been treated unfairly, that God had made unreasonable demands of them by making it possible for them to make mistakes. This then is the consciousness that I described in my discourse, in which Lucifer attempts to make everyone feel that God made a mistake by giving them free will.

My Beloved, please understand that when God gave you free will, he gave you the possibility of making a mistake. Yet God also gave you a spiritual teacher who could instantly correct your mistake. And I can assure you that there was no blame associated with making a mistake. Contrary to the serpentine image of God as an angry and judgmental God, God is a God of unconditional love. God never blamed you for making a mistake. As soon as you recognized your mistake and decided to correct it, God’s forgiveness was instantaneous and unconditional.

You now see that human souls were given a safe and loving environment in which to experiment. They were given free will and the right to experiment with that free will, even the right to make mistakes and have those mistakes corrected by a loving teacher. And they were given instantaneous forgiveness for any mistake they made. What is the one ingredient that can break this edenic state, what is the one thing that can break the flow of energy between spirit and matter, what is the one factor that can take people out of paradise?

Well, remember that God’s forgiveness is instantaneous. However, because you have free will, you must accept that forgiveness. Otherwise, you would not be free of your mistakes! So the one aspect of the serpentine mind that prevents you from accepting God’s forgiveness is that you begin to feel ingratitude toward God.

When you allow the serpentine lie of ingratitude to enter your consciousness, you cannot accept God’s forgiveness for your mistakes. Therefore, you can no longer see life as a gift, and you begin to see it as a risk. And by not accepting life as a gift, you will inevitably break the thread of contact, break the flow of energy between spirit and matter and thereby break the circle of life. This then is the very thing that prevents people from returning to the Garden of Eden, which is truly a state of consciousness. In that state of mind, that state of Grace, every human being is connected to his or her Christ self and through that to the I AM Presence and the spiritual teachers in heaven.

The master key to Paradise

I hope you can now see that the master key to restoring heaven on earth is to restore the sense of gratitude, the sense of infinite gratitude for God and for the opportunity that life truly is. My Beloved hearts, take a look at this planet and see how few people feel gratitude for the gift of life and the opportunity to make of life what their souls desire. See how many people feel ungrateful toward their parents and blame them for their misfortune in life. See how many people feel ungrateful toward their spouses and blame them for their problems. See how many people feel ungrateful toward their societies and blame them for not giving them everything they need. See how many people feel ungrateful toward God, blaming God for everything under the sun, including blaming God for the very fact that they exist. See how many people blame God for having created the misery and suffering that you currently see on earth, instead of acknowledging the truth that human beings have created the imperfect conditions that are found on this planet.

By blaming others for your problems, you solidify those problems because you make yourself powerless to change them. Yet by acknowledging that to have free will and therefore have the opportunity to align yourself with the Christ truth in your heart, you empower yourself to bring the power of God into your life to change the conditions that lead to suffering and a sense of lack. And by doing so, you can escape the Cain consciousness and rise to the consciousness of Abel, whereby you will become able to manifest God’s abundance in all aspects of your life.

My Beloved hearts, it is truly the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom of the abundant life. God wants you to have abundance of every good and perfect gift. Yet you have free will, and God must respect that free will. And therefore, he cannot force his abundance upon you. If you decide to break the circle of life, your life will become subject to the unbalanced pull of the contracting force of the Mother. This will cause your life to contract, until there will be lack and suffering. And if you insist on continuing on this path, because you will not accept God’s forgiveness, then you will create a downward spiral that will eventually lead to your personal destruction. When a critical mass of people take this path, it can lead to the destruction of entire civilizations, as it has indeed done in the distant past that is not recorded in your current history books.

The choice is yours. God has given you this planet, and he has given you the right to experiment with your free will. You can choose to remain in the serpentine state of consciousness that causes you to build mistake upon mistake, until you are caught in a maelstrom of karma and imperfect energies that inevitably takes you down into a black hole, from which there seems to be no escape. Or you can choose to reach for the Christ mind, which is always available as the still small voice in your heart, and break the downward spiral. Hereby, you can begin the upward climb back to the abundant life.

And the key, the master key, to breaking the downward spiral of self-destruction is to reestablish your lifestream’s sense of gratitude for God. By truly feeling this gratitude, by filling your soul with an infinite and unconditional gratitude for God and for God’s perfect gifts, you will reestablish the flow of energy between spirit and matter, between your spiritual self and your lower being. Thereby, you will once again close the circle of life that was broken when you ate the forbidden fruit of the serpentine consciousness.

The Miracle Gratitude Rosary

It is precisely to help you reestablish the circle of life that I today release my rosary of Miracle Gratitude. This rosary is the antidote to every human lack and every aspect of human suffering.

I am not hereby saying that my other rosaries are no longer needed. They are truly needed for their specific purpose. Yet I must tell you that there is hardly any problem on earth that could not be solved and removed through gratitude. And the reason is simple, namely that gratitude brings God (back) into your life. And with God all things are possible. Therefore, when God is in your life, all problems can be solved and suddenly the abundant life is manifest.

Terrorism and the Cain consciousness

I now turn back to the topic of terrorism. The terrorists who have been attacking the western nations have truly descended into the Cain consciousness, and they feel jealous of their western brothers and sisters who seem to have more abundance than themselves. They feel this is unjust, so they are now out to destroy western civilization by the faulty logic of the Cain consciousness, which makes them feel that if they slay their brother, then God must love them all the more. Oh my beloved, what an illusion this is because God already loves them with an infinite and unconditional love. It is simply their own state of consciousness which prevents them from accepting God’s love.

I am sure you can see that it is impossible to reason with terrorists. It is impossible to reason with those who are trapped in the Cain consciousness. Yet what you can do is to consume that Cain consciousness, and the key to doing this is to send waves of infinite gratitude into the collective consciousness of humankind. This then is precisely what my Miracle Gratitude Rosary will accomplish—if it is given by a critical mass of people.

I say to you once again that I count on you to embrace this rosary and give it with all the fervor of your hearts. I count on you to spread the word of all of my rosaries and to give them in every situation possible. My Beloved, these rosaries are my gift to all. I realize that not everyone will be able to accept the fact that these rosaries were brought forth by me speaking through a person in embodiment. Not everyone will be open to our website and its teachings. Yet I give you the gift that you can spread these rosaries to everyone, even to people who are not open to the teachings on this website.

You can translate these rosaries into any language on earth, and you have my permission to publish the rosaries as you see fit. Yet please be aware that the rosaries are copyrighted to prevent them from being exploited by commercial interests. So please observe the appropriate laws, for your own protection and for the protection of the rosaries.

As my final word let me say that although my rosaries are given to turn around world conditions, each rosary carries with it a personal benefit for those who give it. I am sure you can see that my Miracle Gratitude Rosary can be of immense benefit for you personally by restoring the flow of life between your spiritual self and your soul, thereby bringing God’s abundance into your personal life. I trust that I need say no more to make you see that this rosary truly is a gift that should make you feel the miracle gratitude that is the key to opening the door to heaven.

In the name of the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I hereby seal you in the Miracle Gratitude of the divine Mother, and I send an infinite wave of miracle gratitude into the earth.

I now say, as the Divine Mother speaking through a physical mouthpiece: “By the infinite power of the divine Mother, I am consuming the black cloud of ingratitude that has enveloped planet earth. Therefore, I set all life free with a new opportunity to embrace gratitude for God, gratitude for life and gratitude for the earth as a platform for growth. In the name of my Son, Jesus Christ, it is finished. Amen.



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