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TOPICS:  The serpentine mind in the Catholic Church – How they destroyed the Church of Ireland – The eternal plot of the power elite – Thou shalt not surely live – Can the Catholic Church ever be renewed? – The test of overcoming all expectations – Find the true bliss beyond dualistic expectations – We all had our challenges – Our vision for spiritual movements –

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Ascended Master Patrick, May 18, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

The serpentine mind in the Catholic Church

In the stillness of nature is where you find your power, in the stillness of the heart. I am Patrick, the Ascended Master Patrick. For in this day and age, I prefer to leave out the “Saint.” For my beloved, as an ascended master, surely you realize that I am not a Catholic. I am here to raise up all life, not only those who belong to a particular religion or race or ethnic or national group.

Even though I won my ascension serving Christ in Ireland, I am not Irish either. For when you ascend, you go beyond all human divisions. For as Mother Mary so beautifully explained earlier today, you ascend by surrendering the human conditions that make you think you are outside the kingdom of God.

This beautiful invocation that you have just given, the Invocation of the River of Life, is one of my favorite invocations. And it is partly because it so beautifully captures the essence of the River of Life that we experience in the ascended state. The ongoingness of the joy of God that is unstoppable, that always flows—no matter what. But I must tell you, also, that this invocation reminds me of a personal experience that I went through after I had been in Ireland for a while.

On a cold, damp, fall day, I had come to feel somewhat discouraged, for I felt that there had not been the expected response to my coming and my preaching, even to some of the so-called miracles that had been performed by God through me and those who also were willing to come up higher with me. So I did, as I so often did, take a walk in the mountains. And I came upon this little brook, much like the one you followed in the ascent up the mountain yesterday. And I sat down and I quite frankly put my head on my knees and shed a tear in despair. And for some time I was going over in my mind what I felt was my personal woes. For I too could sometimes become melancholic or – as the modern saying goes – depressed.

Fortunately, there was no psychiatrist standing next to me ready to offer me a get-happy-quick pill. So after some time of feeling sorry for myself, my attention was suddenly called to the gentle babbling of the stream. I raised my head and I looked up and I saw this miniature waterfall passing over a small rock. And suddenly my eyes zoomed in, and I saw how that rock had been worn soft and smooth by the passage of the water during the passage of time.

And suddenly, I realized that even if I did not see visible results in my lifetime in this land, then surely my efforts were not in vain. For I would plant a seed, and as that seed would grow, it would be like the flowing stream where even the soft water could wear away the hardened rock. And in an instant my depression, my self-pity, was flowing downstream with the water. And my spirits were lifted. For I realized that that water had to come from somewhere. It had to come from the top of the mountain. And beyond that top, it had to come from the rain that descended from the heavens. I felt reconnected to the River of Life. And I felt that river flowing inside of me and I was greatly comforted and energized. And I leapt to my feet and I walked back to our humble mission, and I was a transformed person, for surely my compatriots had noticed my somewhat gloomy demeanor, as I pushed aside an uneaten dinner and walked up in the hills without saying a word.

How they destroyed the Church of Ireland

I give you this image to inspire you. But also to give you a realistic assessment of what it was like to be Patrick. For when you look back at my life today – after 1,500 years of idolatry and idolizing – you do not see the real Patrick—for how could you? You see the Saint Patrick that the Catholic Church – especially the Catholic Church of Ireland – has wanted to pass down to you. They do not want you to know the real person as I was back then or as I am today as the ascended master.

They want you to accept their graven image, for their graven image is carefully crafted to give you the impression that I was so special and so far above you, that you could not possibly walk in my footsteps and make a difference for an entire country. They do not want you to realize that if you are willing to let God in you flow, to let your light shine, then God in you can make a difference for your country. If just one person is willing to be God in action, to realize the truth in Christ’s words that, “I of my own self can do nothing, it is the Father within me. He doeth the work.”

One person, God through that one person, can plant a seed, can start a new movement that will gradually grow and change an entire nation and the mindset of an entire nation. Yet I must tell you that unless more people pick up and create a movement that is sustainable, well then the change will not last.

For surely, if you look at the history of my life and the history of Ireland, you will see, that yes Ireland was changed by my presence, Ireland became a Christian nation, but surely you will see – given the open-minded people that you are – that after just a century or so, Ireland started going the way of the rest of Europe. Where the Catholic Church became increasingly rigid and focused on outer doctrines and rituals, and started burning as heretics anyone who dared to speak the Living Word of God.

For my beloved, I can assure you that I did not convert the closed-minded people of Ireland by speaking the dead word and reading from a scripture. I spoke the Living Word, for I let the River of Life flow through me, so that that river could speak what the people at that time needed to hear. What happened was that those who were in the serpentine consciousness, those who opposed me openly as the Kings and the Druids and their priests, they reincarnated as the Catholic priests and Bishops who then took power in the Church in Ireland and then quickly followed along with those in the Catholic Church throughout Europe, who shut down the Living Word and shut down those who dared to speak or write the Living Word as did so many, even some of the early Church fathers, such as Origen.

You can see this if you care to look at history, how what they were after was to shut down the Living Word, so that all that could be preached from the Catholic pulpits was the controlled Word, the dead word, that would not ignite the heart flame of the people so that they would wake up and become the Christ in action—after those that had inspired them by demonstrating Christhood.

The eternal plot of the power elite

This is their eternal plot. They would prefer that no human being on earth ever dared to express any kind of Christhood, but they know that realistically they cannot prevent this, for once in a while there will be one who dares to speak out and demonstrate that Christhood. Although they do all manner of things to keep the population down, they know that once in a while there will be the rare few that will defy them and the programming of the mass mind. And when that happens, what do they do?

Well, as soon as that person has passed from the screen of life, they start idolizing that person, putting him up on a pedestal so that none dare follow the example. So even though one person had demonstrated Christhood, it will not become a trickle that will spread through others, eventually becoming a powerful waterfall that sweeps away and wears away the rock of those who have the consciousness that is not the rock of Christ, but the immovable rock of the serpentine mind.

They did this with me, when it became apparent that they could not prevent the people of Ireland from revering me as someone who had inspired their country. Well, they turned me into a saint, and not only that, a good Catholic saint who follows all the rules and directions of that Church for what a saint should be like. For once I was out of embodiment, I could not well challenge them, could I? So they could do with me whatever they wanted, as they have done with Christ whatever they wanted.

I can assure you that while I was in embodiment, I was following the inner guidance of my higher being, of my Lord Christ, of my Christ Self. I was flowing with the River of Life, letting the Holy Spirit flow through me. And I can assure you that what I preached was not “good Catholic doctrine” as it is seen today or as it was seen back then by those who had attained powerful positions, such as the Bishop who presided over me until I obtained independence through the grace of God and the enlightenment of one Pope who was not in the serpentine mind.

It is even a misunderstanding to say that St. Patrick was the one that not only brought Christianity but brought Catholicism to Ireland, for what I truly preached was a teaching that was far more universal than what has ever been preached by the mainstream Catholic Church. For I am sure you realize that in those days, communication was much more slow and much more primitive. So it was not possible to have an Internet broadcast of my sermons given in the mountains, so that the Pope in Rome could have some censor sit there and say, “Ah! That Patrick guy up in Ireland said something wrong! We have to reign him in!” I am sure you realize that had this been possible then, that is exactly what they would have done. And before long they would have had somebody come in on the airplane and put me in my place, as the Bishop in England tried to do several times.

I was surely up against those in the serpentine mind in the Kings and the Priests of the pagan religion. But I was also up against those in the serpentine mind in the Catholic Church itself, for they were surely there from the very beginning of the formation of that Church. As indeed Constantine himself was a primary example of a person who is completely identified with the serpentine mind.

Thou shalt not surely live

What did that mind say to Eve? “Thou shalt not surely die.” But I must tell you that when you dip into the duality consciousness, thou shalt not surely live either, for there is no life in that consciousness, there is no spiritual life. I was a true universal Christian and I was that way because at the time, the Catholic Church had not totally calcified. And I had the hope that it would indeed not go down but would go up and become more universal, the true universal Church.

Many of us back then saw the Church that way, we saw the hope, the promise, that it would remain Christ’s Church. Surely, I saw the danger signs. But it was, as I said, too early to totally say that the Church was beyond the point of no return. It was my hope that the Spirit itself would transform the Church and those in it, as it had transformed myself and those to whom I preached. For as I said, I was not into the politicking of the Church; I was but a humble preacher.

And yet my beloved, I must tell you, that in retrospect, I realize that that in itself was also a certain weakness, as you might say. I do not look back at my lifetime with regret, for I realize that it was not my divine plan in that lifetime to go into Church politics. It was indeed my divine plan to preach the Living Word, yet I must tell you that if I had been more attentive, I could have set forth a better example, a better organizational structure, for the Church in Ireland that might have kept it from going rigid so soon.

And therefore I tell you, anyone in a spiritual movement must be aware that when you are in this physical octave, you are constantly dealing with the serpentine mind. And when you start a new spiritual initiative, a new spiritual movement, that serpentine mind will seek an inroad in whatever way it can into your movement. And if you are not alert and not aware, as Eve was not aware, it is all too easy to gradually slide down the slippery slope, where you are not surely dead, but where you are not surely alive and connected to your Christ Self either.

You are thinking that because you are doing the outer things that you have been doing for a long time, and that have been prescribed by your religion, you are still on the right track. But you do not realize the subtleties that the things that you did yesterday have fulfilled their purpose, have come to the end of their cycle. And thus, the only way to keep the upward momentum of your own growth and the growth of your movement is to transcend the level of yesterday or a year ago.

Has the Great Divine Director not said that his motto is, “Change is the order of the day?” Change meaning growth. But I must tell you that sometimes any change is better than still-stand. For when there is change, there is at least the opportunity that people with re-consider their approach to life, their World view. But as long as things remain stuck in the mud, stuck on the treadmill of doing the same thing – yet expecting different results – well, then who will rethink the approach when they think everything is going perfectly and that they are on the right track to salvation, however they define it.

Can the Catholic Church ever be renewed?

This is what some of you have witnessed in various spiritual movements that are much younger than the Catholic church. By seeing how – within a few decades – things can slide unknowingly into the rigidity and subtlety, the fogginess of the serpentine mind, where people confirm their own illusions that they are doing the right thing. And so with this in mind, you might then look at the Catholic Church and say, “How can an organization that has been rigid for so long, ever be renewed?” And I tell you, it is a topic that is on the discussion board of the ascended masters—whether it is possible at all to renew the Catholic Church.

I must tell you that on one hand we are always willing to let the Holy Spirit flow through individuals who are willing to be the open door, and certainly there are Catholic ministers who are willing to be the open door for the Holy Spirit, at least to some capacity. And they receive the anointing for which they are worthy, that they are able to bear. But I can also tell you that what is going on right now is only a trickle of what it needs to be, if the entire organization is ever to be transformed. And I must tell you, in all honesty, that we do not see how this can happen with the present Pope still in office. For is he not a good example of the kind of people I was up against, when I wanted to follow my inner direction, my clear spiritual direction to preach the Living Word, and yet they first had to make sure they could control me before they were willing to send me to witness to Christ?

Those who are stuck on doctrine and the letter of the Word will always feel threatened by those who have the vision, the fire of the heart, the joy, the enthusiasm—who are on fire for God. Those who are stuck on the outer word do not have the fire. They either never had it or it has gone out, because now they have become attached to the conditions they have believed, they have accepted in their minds, as Mother Mary spoke about. They have accepted a set of conditions, defined by their religion, that says that as long as you stay within this mental box, this physical box, you are sure to be saved because God simply has to let you into his Kingdom because you are such a good Catholic.

Ah what folly is this, my beloved! How long can the people on this earth, how long can they believe in this lie? Can they not look at the life of Christ and then look at the Bishops and the Pope and the Cardinals in their elaborate Catholic Cathedrals, swinging around their incense and their cups of gold, can they not look at that and say, this is not how Christ preached, this is not how St. Patrick walked about in the hills of Ireland—dressed up in ornate raiment and swinging the incense before him? Can you see that throughout the ages, those who have had the flow of the Spirit have not needed or wanted all the outer appearances?

Do you see this my beloved? When you have the flow of the Spirit, you need none of this. You do not need to build yourself up with outer appearances of this or that kind. You can stand anywhere. And you can let that Spirit flow, for those who know in their hearts will recognize that Spirit even if it comes in a humble disguise. And those who do not recognize it from within are beyond your reach anyway.

The test of overcoming all expectations

There is a teaching I would give you, that relates to what I started talking about, of my feeling somewhat depressed over the lack of response. And I must tell you that this came from my own conditions, from my own expectations, where my spiritual vision of going to Ireland had been used in subtle ways by my ego to create the expectation of certain outer results, of seeing a physical manifestation of many people converted. Even a subtle sense that I could see the results from my labor, not that I had a desire to be elevated, but I had a desire to see that my labor had borne fruit, that I had made a difference.

This is something that all Saints and spiritual people have struggled with and must struggle with. For the spiritual path, as we have said, is not an outer path, so in a sense why would you expect outer results? Yet I realize full well – for I have gone through it myself – that there is a point on the path, where you need to see some result of your action in order to keep going. And therefore, at the lower levels of the path, you do need to see that you are making a difference, by seeing outer differences, outer results. But I tell you, as you walk the path – especially when you come closer to Christhood – there will come an essential initiation, where you will need to let go of all your expectations, all of your conditions of wanting to see a certain outer result. For if you do not, you cannot manifest your Christhood.

For the Christ is completely non-attached to what response he gets from the people on earth, for he is not here to awaken them. He is here to let his light so shine before men, that they have the opportunity to see that there is an alternative to the serpentine, human state of consciousness. But the Christ knows that he is not here to choose for them, but to give them the opportunity to choose, which they did not have when they had only seen people who talked religion based on the serpentine mind.

If you think back to your own experience of walking that mountain yesterday, you will see that you might have a certain vision, a certain expectation, of what might happen at the top. Certain things you would like to see, certainly a little ray of sunshine and a lot less rain, or perhaps other expectations. But I must tell you that those who are the true overcomers on the spiritual path – those who win their ascension, those who fulfill their divine plans – are those who are willing to take a look at such expectations and say, “I am not here to fulfill these outer expectations and conditions. For I am only here to let my light shine.”

When you have expectations, especially when you have expectations of how other people should respond to you speaking the Word, well then you set yourself up in a dualistic situation, where your inner fulfillment and peace depends on something outside yourself, depends on other people who have free will. And it is predictable, is it not, that there will be some people to whom you preach the Living Word, who will use their free will to refuse to rise above the serpentine consciousness. And thus, they will refuse to go along with you, and when they reject the opportunity to come up higher, what must they do? Well, their egos must justify this rejection, and how do they do this? By criticizing you, by putting you down, by putting your teaching down, by finding slick serpentine ways to cast doubt on the validity on your teaching, the purity of your motive or any other thing they can think of.

So you need to recognize that some of you are reluctant to stand up and let your light shine. And surely, we who have ascended all understand this, because we have gone through it. But I tell you, we went through it precisely because we came to the point, where we recognized that we were not here to please or even awaken other people. We were here to let our light shine. And that was our job. That was our job number one, as they say. And it was the only job.

So you see, when you make that shift – and it is a fundamental shift in consciousness – your inner fulfillment does not depend on anything outside yourself. And it is only then that the prince of this world will have nothing in you, whereby he can discourage or scare you into not sharing your light at all. Or whereby he can play on your pride and get you to feel that surely you must be pleasing to God because you have preached to all these people and done this or that to promote this or that teaching.

Do you see my beloved, there is always the two dualistic polarities of fear and pride, the inferiority/superiority complex. For one cannot exist without the other, but YOU can exist without both of them—when the conscious self recognizes that it is more than this dualistic personality and identity. And thus, you are willing to let it die, as Mother Mary said. You realize that surrendering this dualistic personality is not a loss but a gain.

This is what happened to me that day, when I sat at that creek. I finally saw the folly of my attachment to outer results. For why did I start my mission in Ireland? Because I had a divine vision, an inner spiritual vision. And so what was the folly of thinking that I could only continue following that vision if I have certain outer manifestations. No, I needed to be true to the inner vision, to be non-attached to the outer. And when I had that non-attachment, I can assure you that I had further visions, and I felt a much greater inner fulfillment than I could ever have felt, even if the entire country of Ireland and been converted by me personally.

Find the true bliss beyond dualistic expectations

As Jesus talked about at the last retreat, there are these dualistic roles in the play that you can play. But as long as you go into a dualistic role, surely you can experience joy, but it is the joy that is in a polarity with sorrow. But beyond it is the bliss of God. And that is what you can experience when you let go of those expectations.

If you truly want to be the saints of the Aquarian Age, the forerunners of the Aquarian Age, look at your expectations, look at your attachments, be willing to let go of them and say, “I am not following the spiritual path, I am not promoting a spiritual teaching, I am not speaking the Word in order to see a particular outer result. I am simply speaking the Word because it gives me the unconditional Joy of God to feel that Word flowing through me. What else could I possibly need than that? Why do I need some human beings pampering my ego, telling me I am special, I am doing a wonderful job, when I know from within that I am being who I was created to be, and I feel the infinite joy of the flow of the River of Life through me. “

When you are in the darkness, a little flashlight can seem like a great comfort. But when the sun is high in the sky, do you sit there staring at the flashlight, or do you look up at the sun? For truly, my beloved, there are many people on earth who do follow the lesser light of the moon, even when the sun has risen. But those who are the saints, those who are the overcomers, those who have ascended, are those who look for the sun within themselves, who see that sun of the I AM Presence, and who follow it, never again looking back to the moon. You might have needed the moon at some point, but when you connect to who you really are, you no longer need it, and you can let it drop away from you and never again have expectations or desires that human beings should treat you a certain way.

What does it matter to you, my beloved? Why would those who have the Spirit of God ever need approval from those who are in the serpentine consciousness? Be they among the people, be they in Church leadership, be they in the governments, be they in the media, be they among the rich or the powerful and the high and the mighty, why do you need it? Why do you think Christ stood in the hills and preached to the common people? Why do you think that I did the same most of the time? It was indeed because we realized that that is where you find those who are open-minded, those who are the meek who shall inherit the earth.

When you look back at history, look at those who are the high and the powerful. Look at the empires they have built of various kinds. Well, have they not all crumbled? So can you not look at the empires that you have today and say, “They too will crumble, for the ever-moving flow of the River of Life will wear them away, will smoothen them out, for the high shall be made low by the passage of time.”

The meek shall inherit the earth, the meek being those who are willing to go beyond the dualistic games of playing either Lord or follower, master or slave. But indeed, being the independent ones who say, “I do not need to control other people, nor do I need someone to control me and tell me what to do. For I am willing to take responsibility for my own path, and make my own choices.”

This is the difference between those who have overcome and those who are still in the dualistic state, where they suffer and have joy and suffer and have joy, and suffer and have joy in an endless cycle—that will not end until you make the decision that “Enough is enough!” and you will no longer play the game.

We all had our challenges

My Beloved, one more note on idolatry: I did have a spiritual vision, but I can assure you that when I came to this island and felt the mass consciousness literally seeking to push me into the sea, I had my moments where I was wondering if this was indeed possible. And I only overcame it by being willing to surrender the expectations, and I only surrendered those expectations by making the decision to let it go. The decision that I am not the doer, for it is God within me who is the doer.

I tell you this because I want you to realize, that even for the most spiritually mature people, such as Jesus himself, there are indeed times when your vision is clouded because as yesterday, when you were ascending that mountain, you were literally walking in a dense cloud and you can see only a few yards ahead. And there are times on the path for anyone, where all you can do is to lean forward against the wind, bend the head and determine to keep putting one foot in front of the other until you pass through that cloud and the weather clears.

So many people look back at Jesus’ life, at my life, at Mother Mary’s life and say, “Oh it must have been easy for them, they never had any doubts, they never had any problems, they never encountered any difficulties.” But we all did, you see. So why did we make it? Was it because we were special? Yes indeed, we were special. Was it because we were stronger? Yes indeed we were stronger. Why were we special, why were we stronger? Because we decided to take one more step than the person who gave up. How do you win the race? By always taking one more step than you think is possible or necessary.

For I tell you, truly, as long as there is that doubt in your own being, the forces of this world will pound on you relentlessly as the winds yesterday showed no signs of stopping, no compassion whatsoever. The only way to make it through, is to not let it bother you because you are not attached. You do not have an expectation that it should be easy. I must tell you that so many sincere well-meaning spiritual people have been awakened to the spiritual path, have started doing some outer work, but they have had an expectation that if they were willing to sacrifice themselves, to sacrifice a part of their life in order to promote the spiritual teachings, well then somehow God would make it easy for them. This is something all of you have seen if you will be honest, in yourself and in others.

And yet you need to be willing to re-asses your expectations, realize your expectations were not realistic, and then keep following your vision, your inner vision, and just share your light and your teachings, no matter what the outer response is. And this is how you will win, this is how you will overcome. For then you come to that point, where there is no resistance in you, so the wind can blow right through you. And then you can move as if there was no wind of the mass consciousness. You see what I am saying, my beloved? They Holy Spirit is a mighty wind. And yes, the Holy Spirit is stronger than any wind on earth. So theoretically, if you have a sufficient flow of the Holy Spirit, you can resist any of the forces on earth.

But do you see that in this Aquarian age we are calling you to come up higher, to go beyond the dualistic game and say, “We will not seek to gain the Holy Spirit in order to push against the false spirits, and impress them with some trickery or some outer physical manifestation. We will instead seek the even higher spirit, the Spirit that is beyond duality that does not push against the forces of this world.” It simply blows right through them, reaching those who are open-minded and have open hearts to the true non-dualistic universal, timeless, eternal, triumphant teachings of Christ that are being brought forth in this age. And they shall continue to be brought forth throughout the Aquarian Age, as long as there are hearts who are open and mouths who are willing to speak the Living Word, which is truly the only way that the teachings of Christ can be brought forth in their pure form.

For my beloved, you can go back and read these words in a book, but will you get the same flow in the voice that is speaking? For surely there is a flow of the Spirit, and there could be an even greater flow of the Spirit, and might be in the future, if it is necessary.

Our vision for spiritual movements

But I tell you, my beloved, we are not out to produce an impressing display in front of 50,000 people, where we have people fall over and jump out of wheel chairs. For that is not our aim with Aquarian age movements. Our aim is to awaken those who do not need these outer manifestations. Because, as I said yesterday, they know what is true in their hearts.

What is it we desire to see for modern spiritual movements. Well, we do not desire to see one or two people who have the flow of the Spirit. We desire to see many who have the flow of the Spirit in various forms and capacities. The same God that is in me is in you. The same God that was in Christ Jesus when he walked the earth is in you right now at this moment. The difference is that Jesus was willing to say, “Not my will but thine be done. I and my Father are one, so my Father can do whatever he wants to do through me. And whatever words I receive from my Father, I will speak them to the people.”

Jesus was willing to let the God in him out of the box. When you become willing to do the same thing, surely that God will work through you, according to your divine plan. So the question is, again, when will you be willing to do this? When will you be willing to let go of your expectations and your conditions? For those expectations and conditions have exactly the effect of preventing God from working through you, for God will not violate your free will. If you have an expectation that the Holy Spirit should flow only in certain ways, well then the Holy Spirit will not flow through you. It simply cannot be, for in the Aquarian Age, the Holy Spirit will only flow through those who are in the River of Life, the river of self-transcendence, and who are willing to demonstrate that river by being willing to transcend themselves on a daily basis, never saying “This cannot be done,” never saying “This should be such and such.”

Do not be disturbed by anything, do not be disturbed by a sudden noise, do not be disturbed by other people’s reactions and their thoughts. Being who you are is the absolute requirement for making your ascension. You cannot enter the kingdom of God permanently until you have demonstrated that you are willing to be the Christ in front of the world and the condemnation of the world. For only in being willing to demonstrate that, to endure the scorn and the ridicule and the persecution of the world, can you truly demonstrate to yourself that you have attained total non-attachment to the things of this world.

The ultimate test is to let those who are the scornful do and say whatever they want to say, and just turn the other cheek. For when you feel in your Being that no matter what they send at you, it will not touch that infinite peace in your heart, well then you know that you have overcome your expectations, your attachments, your conditions.

And that is when you can then fulfill the final requirement for the ascension. Which is that you are willing to turn away from this world, to face the gate to the spiritual world and take that final step that brings you through that gate forever, so that you permanently leave the earth behind. This is sometimes the most difficult test. And I can assure you that even for Jesus and myself this was a difficult test, for we still had a desire to see our work come to fruition and benefit other people.

But in the end, we had to be willing to say that if nothing visible had come out of our efforts on this earth, we were still willing to leave the earth behind. For if we had not been willing to do this, what would have happened? Well, we would have had to come back into embodiment, would we not? Until we came to the point where we felt we could let go of the expectations and the conditions and walk that final step that permanently raised us above this world, regardless of the conditions in this world.

I thank you for enduring with me during this long discourse, but I wanted to give you a feel for my true Being. And so I deemed it more comfortable for you that I did not do that on the mountain yesterday. Once again, I seal you in the ascension coil of Patrick, the ascended master. I give you a portion of my Peace, the peace that I found inside myself, the peace that helped me become non-attached to the serpents of this world, therefore rising above them as if they had never existed. Thus, I say to you, “BE in the Peace of the ascended master Patrick.” Thus, it is done!


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