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Ascended Master Patrick, May 17, 2007  through Kim Michaels. NOTE: This dictation was delivered on top of the mountain known as Croag Patrick, from which Saint Patrick took his ascension and became the ascended master Patrick.

I am indeed Patrick. And I welcome you to this mountain, named after me. Although I will tell you the honest truth that I ascended it only once. For my mission was among the people of Ireland, not among the mountains of Ireland. For the mountains can fend for themselves, whereas the people truly need guidance and an example to follow—and so that is why I was here.

My Beloved, the weather you experience is a taste of what it was like for me in those dark days—to come to this island where no one really wanted me. Because the druids and the kings – who had the people under their control – did not want me to set the people free, by bringing them the true teachings of Christ, that the kingdom of God is within you and that you do not need a king or a church to take care of you—to save you.

You do not need anyone who can perform magic rituals or any signs and wonders. You need the stillness within. The love in the heart. The fire in the heart. It is not an outer path. So why do you need outer signs? In those days the people did need signs, which is why Christ manifested them—as did I to some degree. But I must tell you that in this day and age we are past it.

Help us expose the false teachers of Europe

We need those who know from within what is the true teaching of Christ when they hear it from without—because they have already heard it from within. And sometimes they just need that outer reminder to know that this is the time to discover the inner kingdom, to demonstrate the inner path, so that the people can be set free from this tyranny of an outer church—of the outer false teachers who come in many disguises and have surely come to this continent of Europe in many different disguises, setting themselves up as those who own the people and can control them.

My Beloved, this is why Christ came to this earth. This is why all of us who have followed in Christ’s footsteps have come to this earth—to set the people free from the tyranny of an outer church, of an outer institution who says that you are nothing and you need us in order to be saved. These are indeed the false teachers. Those who have – as Maitreya explains in his book – fallen in higher spheres and have kept falling, and have kept affirming that fallen consciousness of the separateness from God and the separateness from the true teachers and the true shepherds of the people.

Therefore, I say to you, I Patrick pronounce their judgment from this Holy mountain, as I pronounced it in the valleys many times in those dark days when I stood up against them. The serpents have had their day on this continent of Europe. They have had their day on this island of Ireland. They have had their day on this beautiful planet. And thus I say, “Their day is done!” And I count on you to affirm it in your hearts, all of you who have found these true teachings that we are giving forth in this age—that are truly the true teachings of Christ, set forth as an example as an outer reminder of what you already know in your hearts.

You know that the false teachers have no power

For my beloved, you know very well that there is no institution and no power on earth that has any authority, any power, over you. For it is only Christ within that is your true Lord and your true Shepherd. Thus I say to you, follow that inner calling and keep following it, as you saw me following it 1500 years ago, as you saw Christ follow it 2,000 years ago, as you saw Mother Mary follow it. For those who overcame – those who ascended to heaven – were those who followed the inner voice and who only used an outer voice as a reminder to connect them to the inner voice. And once connected, they knew who they were. They knew where they were going. And they did not deviate from that goal set before them, the goal that they had chosen before they descended into embodiment.

You all have that inner guidance. You all have the inner determination. You know who you are. You can know very quickly why you came to this planet. And you have the fire. You have the will or you would not be on this mountain top today. It is not just I – it is not just Jesus and Mother Mary – who could withstand the onslaught of the dark forces and the dark energies and the mass consciousness who do not want you to overcome, who do not want you to rise above their level of consciousness. You all have it, for it is the same God that is in you, that is in me, that was in Jesus, that is in Jesus today. It is the same God I tell you!

For there is no other God than the one true God. And thus I say to you, “Connect to that inner God!” Be that inner God in action. And therefore come up with us, for we are only your brothers and sisters, we are only a few steps ahead of you. And although the winds might blow and the rains might blind you, we are there. And we are waiting for you. And we know you can catch up to us in this lifetime. So bend the head and forge on through the storm clouds, for you WILL reach the summit. And on the real summit of Being there is no cloud to obscure the view of your own I AM Presence and your older brothers and sisters.

As a gift, I shall anchor an extraordinary amount of my ascension flame—not only in this mountain, but wherever those who have the true flame of Christ and the true love of Christ in their hearts, wherever they gather or wherever they are individually. As I said in the beginning, who needs outer signs in this age? So what is the folly of thinking that there are special places on the earth and only in those places can there be an anchoring of light? I am not saying there are not special places; I am saying that those who know Christ in their hearts, know that wherever they are is a special place. For truly, did not the Lord say, “The kingdom of God is within you.” And within you is wherever you are.

So find that inner sanctuary. Find that peace of Christ, the peace of Buddha, where there is no wind blowing and no rain falling. For there is only the eternal sunshine of the sun of your own I AM Presence, the sun of Being. Thus I bid you go with peace, the peace of all the saints who have ascended before you. Know that peace. Carry it with you wherever you are and BE that peace to the world. For the world needs nothing more than peace, peace, peace, peace!


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