The power of unconditional acceptance

TOPICS:  Your conditions keep you outside the kingdom of God – God accepts you for who you are – Do whatever it takes to let go of your conditions – You must choose to let go of your conditions – The essence of the spiritual path is surrender

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, May 18, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, there truly is no greater joy for your spiritual mother than to experience her children sharing their heart flames in an environment where everyone is accepted for their uniqueness. For my beloved, if there was one message that I would want to get across to all humankind, it is precisely this: In heaven everyone is unconditionally accepted for who they are. For in heaven we see only the uniqueness of your individuality in God, the individuality for which you were created, and the individuality that you yourself have co-created in oneness with the Christ flame in your heart.

This unconditional acceptance could literally solve all of the world’s problems and remove all of the world’s conflicts—if, of course, it could be accepted unconditionally by the people of the world. And here precisely is the problem. For so many people in the world have been conditioned to think that there must always be conditions.

Your conditions keep you outside the kingdom of God

It is precisely the conditions that prevent you from experiencing the kingdom that is within you. For you think that you are separated from that inner kingdom. And what is separating you, my beloved? Well, you might very well think that it is some outer condition such as your sins, your karma or your psychology. But these outer conditions are nothing but symbols, symbols for the fact that in your own mind, in your own being, you have come to accept conditions. You have come to believe in the lie, the serpentine lie, that in order to come back to God, you have to fulfill certain conditions.

What was it that separated you from God in the first place? It was conditions! You began to believe that you needed to fulfill certain conditions in this world in order to be worthy to enter the kingdom of God, which you had now come to see as being outside of, separate from, yourself. You saw and experienced yesterday that there is a mountain in Ireland that primarily is climbed by Catholics who do this as a penance, because they have come to accept the basic belief that in order to be saved they have to fulfill certain conditions in this world. And the more painful those conditions are, the more they think they are paying back their sins.

But why did Jesus say that unless you become as little children ye shall in no wise enter the kingdom? Do little children have conditions? No! They love unconditionally. And they accept love unconditionally. They do not have the adult sophistication of the mind and the intellect to even come up with these conditions. But they learn quickly by observing the adults around them, from their parents, to their teachers, to their ministers in church, where they quickly learn that in order to receive love or whatever else they need, they need to live up to certain conditions.

This makes them susceptible to believing in a religion that says that if you put yourself through pain by walking up a very steep mountain with lose rocks, perhaps even doing it barefoot, then somehow through that pain of yours, the God in heaven is satisfied and will now forgive you your sins and let you into his kingdom. And yet, the reality is that God will let you into his kingdom any time you let go of the conditions that you think keep you outside that kingdom.

The more pain people put themselves through, the more distance they create in their minds between themselves and the kingdom of God. For they will not truly contemplate and accept the momentous statement made by Jesus that the kingdom of God is within you. Did he not say, “The kingdom of God comes not with observation?” And is walking barefoot up a mountain not observing some outer rule, some outer concept, of what it takes to enter the kingdom of God?

God accepts you for who you are

Your Creator, your God, accepts you right now unconditionally for who you are. And there are two meanings to this statement. For it should be obvious, given the knowledge that you have – and, certainly, I realize that most of the world do not have these teachings or do not accept them – but you who accept these teachings can understand, that you were created out of a greater spiritual being who came out of an even greater spiritual being and that chain of being reaches all the way back to the Creator.

Perhaps you do not fully internalize and accept this teaching. But you can understand it – at least intellectually – and therefore you can understand that when you were created out of the Creator’s own Being, surely God the Creator accepts himself. And certainly, God the Creator accepts that part of its own Being that is imparted to you. So you should be able to understand and accept that God can have unconditional acceptance for that part of your Being that truly is an individualization of the Creator.

Yet, I desire to give you an even deeper teaching, which I know will require you to stretch the mind and the heart and to watch your emotions and see the inner reaction. I ask you, as I am speaking these words, to watch your reaction, your thoughts, your feelings—the conditions that come up in you. For I must tell you that many of you might look at yourselves today and say, “I can understand that God accepts my God Flame, my I AM Presence, my divine individuality, but surely I have fallen into a lower state of consciousness. I have created an ego. I have accepted conditions. I may have psychological issues. I may have done certain things in my life. And surely how could God accept this? So how could God accept the outer personality, the outer sense of identity that I have created in this world?”

But you see, my beloved, the reality is that God accepts you for who you are right this moment. And God’s acceptance of you is unconditional. Watch your reactions. Watch how your ego will struggle with this statement and come up with reasons for why this cannot be so. “For if God accepts me for who I am right now, then why do I have to go through this arduous path of penance and forgiveness of sin and being saved by some external savior?”

The truth is, the path that you have to go through is the path that you have created through the conditions that you have accepted. Depending on what kind and how many conditions you have accepted, there is a path for each one of you to follow. But here is the essential key, that so few people have understood. The path that you have to follow in order to qualify for your freedom is NOT fulfilling the outer conditions that you have come to accept. The path is to let go of those conditions!!! To come to see that they are unreal, that they are illusions, that they are dualistic illusions created by the serpentine mind, by the fallen state of consciousness, by the consciousness of separation and duality.

Many of you have already realized this because you have experienced this in your own lives, that you had to go through a period of searching or depression or outer difficulties, only to come to a point where you surrendered, you let go, where you said, “I don’t need this belief anymore. I don’t need this vicarious atonement. I don’t need to feel like a sinner.”

Do you see the essential characteristic of thinking that in order to be saved you have to fulfill an outer condition? And so you strive all of your lives to be a good Catholic or a good Muslim or a good Hindu or a good New Age person or whatever you think is the outer path. And yet the alternative is to realize that the real path, the inner path, is to let go of the conditions that are inside of you instead of trying to fulfill outer conditions, that only take your attention away from the kingdom of God that is within you. Making you think that you have to enter some external kingdom, that you need an external savior or an external church or to fulfill some external conditions.

Do whatever it takes to let go of your conditions

Sometimes it is indeed necessary for you to ascend a physical mountain, in order to realize that you did not need to ascend the mountain because you can find it all inside yourself. Yet there is nothing wrong with ascending the mountain in order to come to that realization. Yet there is nothing wrong with going halfway or not going at all. You see, whatever you have to do on the outer to be able to surrender the outer, it is fully acceptable.

But I wish to impart to you – and I wish I could inspire you to impart to the world – that the essence of the spiritual path, the essence of salvation, is precisely to overcome the inner condition that makes you think you have to fulfill an outer condition. And when you realize that – when you fully realize it – then you can let go of the outer conditions. You can be reborn of the Spirit.

Did not Jesus say to Nicodemus (John 3:5), that in order to enter the kingdom, a man must be born of water and he must be born of Spirit? Well, following an outer path is the process of being born of water. But when you come to the point of realizing what I have just explained – that it is not the outer conditions, but it is letting go of the inner conditions – well, then you can experience the total surrender – the unconditional surrender – that brings about the rebirth of the Spirit, whereby you can suddenly accept who you are. And when you accept who you are right now, then you can let go of what is unreal instead of holding on to it.

Do you understand the very subtle psychological mechanism that comes into play when you accept the serpentine lie that in order to enter God’s kingdom you have to be acceptable to God—and what determines whether you are acceptable to God is whether you fulfill certain outer conditions defined in this world by some institution or teacher or even by your own ego? When you believe that in order to be saved, you have to fulfill these outer conditions, well the psychological mechanism that comes into play is that you cannot fully accept that you have these conditions. You cannot, as Jesus has said, take ownership of them.

And when you cannot take ownership of them, you cannot surrender them. For you cannot look at them squarely and say, “But this is unreal. And I no longer need to carry this with me. I no longer need to accept this condition or to accept the belief that caused me to accept whatever illusion I have carried around for a long time.”

So when you think the path is about fulfilling outer conditions, it becomes impossible for you to look at your own imperfections, to look at your human condition and say, “This is unreal, this has to go.” Instead, you do what so many people in the world do. They ignore the beam in their own eye. And either they focus all attention on the splinter in the eye of another or they focus on the outer path, saying that if only I give so many Hail Marys and light so many candles or walk up a mountain barefoot and put myself through this or that pain, then God will have to accept me, even though I have not let go of the conditions that keep me – in my own mind – outside the inner kingdom.

When you come to that realization – that God accepts you for who you are right now – then you can say, “Well if God can accept me even though I might look at myself as being an imperfect human being, well then certainly I can accept myself.” And the reason why you should be able to accept yourself is precisely this: God has given you free will. And what that means is that God has given you the right to enter this world and to create a certain world view based on whatever conditions you have chosen to accept. And God has set up the universe as a mirror, to mirror that view back to you, so that you can create for yourself any experience you desire.

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