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TOPICS: Do not use our teachings to feel better than others – The Golden Age consciousness – The dilemma of prophecy – The future is fluid – The Golden Age Invocation – A call to all who revere Saint Germain – The dilemma faced by all spiritual students –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, August 7, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, I come to you on this beautiful summer morning, when the sun is filtering through the trees, creating a patchwork of light and shadow on the green grass. I come with this image of the sun shining through the leaves, to show you that this is indeed how the earth looks from a spiritual perspective. The sun has truly begun to shine through the density of humankind’s consciousness, and now it is filtering through and reaching the ground. Here, it will start warming up the soil, so that the seeds, that were planted by my beloved Jesus 2,000 years ago, can begin to sprout and break through the surface of the earth and begin to form into the beautiful plants they are meant to become.

I come to greet those of you who have been willing to sacrifice the time and the energy to give my rosaries. Yet I want you to know that each and every one of you is appreciated for what you have done. Truly, there is a sense of co-measurement that you need to have. It is the co-measurement that each and every human being has infinite value in the eyes of God. It is the co-measurement that when you do something to change the consciousness of humankind, when you take active part in the work of the ascended masters, then your service is of infinite value.

Do not use our teachings to feel better than others

This, of course, is not meant to be taken by the pride of the human consciousness and the ego to mean that you are more important than other people. We have no desire whatsoever to create a spiritual movement, where the members feel that they are better or more important than others because they are members of that movement. I ask you to survey the history of religion on this planet and see how the members from almost every religion have fallen into this trap.

They begin to think that they belong to the only true religion and that the founder of their religion was the ultimate prophet sent by God. And, suddenly, they begin to feel that they are more important than anyone else and that they are the only ones who will be saved, the only ones that are important to God. Yet did not Jesus say, “For inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me” (Matthew 25:40)?

So how can it be possible that people can begin to think that because they belong to a particular outer organization or religion, they are suddenly better than others? Ah my beloved, this is possible only because these people have used the outer organization to reinforce their egos, rather than follow the original goal of all true religions, which is to win their freedom from the ego.

Do you see the importance of what I am telling you here? It is not our goal whatsoever that the Guardians of the Mother Light should become another movement that reinforces people’s egos and traps them more firmly in those egos, making them feel they belong to the most important organization on the planet. Many people have come to a spiritual organization and have begun to feel that they now have the highest and most important teaching on the planet. And thus, they begin to actually build upon the pride of the ego, until that subtle pride sneaks in and they begin to feel that because they have done so much, they are now so important and their salvation is guaranteed.

The only salvation that is guaranteed is the salvation of those who are continually willing to transcend themselves and come up higher, so that they can transcend themselves faster than their egos can manage to create another mental box in which they become trapped. Therefore, no outer organization can guarantee your salvation, and any organization that claims that it can do so has simply fallen prey to the eternal trap of the ego consciousness.

It is truly not my desire to see those of you who have been faithful in giving my rosaries, those of you who have joined the Guardians of the Mother Light, fall into this trap. I desire to see you be all that you can be by Being more than the ego.

The Golden Age consciousness

My Beloved, I have found it necessary to sound this note of caution because I do observe the ego working in some people. And I desire to see them overcome it as quickly as possible. Yet the only way you can overcome it, is by seeing it, and seeing it for what it is, so that you can consciously choose to separate yourself from it.

This, of course, is the design of all of my rosaries and invocations, namely to expose a portion of the ego, so that by giving a rosary for a time, you can begin to overcome that aspect of the ego. And thus, truly, the latest invocation, the Freedom Invocation is another step up in terms of overcoming that ego and putting it behind you. Yet the Freedom invocation is meant not just for your personal benefit. Truly, in the Aquarian Age, in the Age of Freedom, humankind needs to come to the realization that you cannot be truly free on earth until your brothers and sisters are also free.

Truly, the consciousness that needs to spread among the spiritual people in the Aquarian age is precisely what I mentioned earlier, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” And this, truly, is the consciousness of Christ, the Christ that is in all life. And when you connect to the universal Christ mind within you, you will begin to expand your awareness to see that the universal Christ is in all. And the Christ mind longs to set all people free to attain a higher state of awareness of God’s mystery, wonder and the oneness behind all outer manifestations.

The dilemma of prophecy

The Freedom invocation represents a step up in awareness of the Christ in all life and that the essence of freedom is to overcome the enemy within and the enemy without, the ego and the prince of this world. I want to thank those who have participated in this rosary vigil, since we released the Freedom invocation. I want you to understand that, because of your efforts, giving prophecies on planet earth today represents somewhat of a dilemma.

There are many people, especially in the Christian movement, who claim that if a prophecy is not fulfilled, then that prophecy has failed, and therefore it must have been a false prophecy. Ah my beloved, this is typical for the reasoning of the ego and the dualistic mind of anti-christ. Indeed, when we of the ascended masters give a prophecy, we give it primarily in order to give people the opportunity to raise their consciousness, so that the prophecy does not have to be fulfilled in the physical realm.

It is our goal to awaken people with the prophecy, so that they will make the necessary adjustments, whereby the things prophesied can be averted. Thus, from our perspective, a prophecy that actually comes to physical manifestation is a failed prophecy, because it failed to awaken the people and inspire them to change their ways. Do you see, that the reasoning of the ego consciousness is often diametrically opposed to the truth of the Christ mind?

What I am telling you here is that after so many people have begun to give my new rosaries, I find myself in a peculiar position. It would have been possible for me, at the recent July conference, to have given a prophecy about events that had the potential to come to pass in the world during the month of July. Yet I did not give this prophecy because I knew two things. I knew that enough people were likely to take up the use of the Freedom invocation that the negative portents could be averted. And I knew that in many cases it is better for you not to know what can come to pass, because those of you who have high spiritual attainment can render a higher service by focusing the power of your vision on the positive portents rather than on the negative potential.

Do you see this dilemma? It is not a great one; it is, in fact, a very nice dilemma to have. Because it shows that enough people around the world have discovered the rosaries to make a difference. So what I will do is to tell you that those of you who have given the Freedom invocation for this past month have indeed averted several calamities that could have come to pass and that would have had a planetary impact. This includes both natural disasters, first of all earthquakes, and wars that could have broken out.

The future is fluid

My Beloved hearts, there are those who are always skeptical, critical and look for the negative side of everything. If I give a prophecy and the prophecy does not come to pass, they will say the prophecy has failed and it must have been false. Yet if that prophecy did not come to pass because people took up the use of my rosaries, does that mean it was a false prophecy? No, it means that it was a true prophecy that was successful, yet where is the proof of this?

I could tell you now the specifics of the situations that have been averted by your giving of the rosaries. But the skeptics would say that this is easy to do afterward, and what is the proof that those situations have been averted. And thus if I were to say that the month of July had the potential to have a series of very devastating earthquakes, the skeptics would immediately say that there is no proof of this and that, in fact, July was relatively calm in terms of earthquake activity. Yet I must tell you that those of you who have given the Freedom invocation are responsible for this calmness.

Do you see that if you are in a critical state of consciousness, only a prophecy that does come to pass will be seen as a true prophecy, yet from my perspective that prophecy has failed? My concern is not to be proven right or wrong or to satisfy those who will not look beyond the dualistic mind. My concern is how to inspire the greatest number of people to use the spiritual tools that can turn back any and all negative prophecies.

And it is now time to do this by giving you positive reinforcement rather than giving you dire prophecies that appeal to your worst fears. It is time that people begin to give my rosaries out of love instead of out of fear, for one act done out of love is more powerful than hundreds of fear-based acts. My Beloved, do you see my point? I desire to find groups of people who will walk the spiritual path out of love and who will demonstrate that path of joy to all people—rather than walking out of fear or a sense of obligation, as has been the case in many spiritual organizations.

The co-measurement I want you to have is that when people start to use a spiritual tool as powerful as my rosaries, the earth suddenly becomes fluid. And it becomes fluid in a way that the negative portents, set in motion by humankind’s ego consciousness and karma, are suddenly liquefied, so that they are no longer inevitable. Suddenly, the future on this planet looks more fluid, and there is now no longer any guarantee that the negative portents will come to pass. Because it is indeed possible that those who have the highest spiritual awareness will use that awareness to raise the collective consciousness, whereby lessons can be learned and karma balanced without the physical manifestation of some calamity.

Ten years ago it was quite possible to look at the cycles of returning karma and to look at humankind’s consciousness, and project into the future when certain major calamities were likely to happen. Yet this is no longer possible, simply because of the liquefying of the collective consciousness. This is not to say that calamities cannot happen, because indeed they can happen, as the earthquake and tsunami right after Christmas last year proved.

Nevertheless, what I am saying here is that I want you to have the sense of co-measurement that you can use the rosaries to liquefy the prophecies that have been given from many different sources about the trials and tribulations that humankind might face in the next decade. You can instead focus your consciousness and your inner vision on a manifestation of a Golden Age of prosperity, peace and abundance. And through your rhythmic release of the power of the rosaries, you can send wave upon wave of that vision into the collective consciousness.

As you keep building momentum with the rosaries, and as more people join in these vigils, you can gradually increase the intensity of these waves, until they start shaking the entire collective consciousness of earth, and people are shaken out of their doom and gloom consciousness and their fear about the future. They are shaken out of their fear of looking beyond their established beliefs, their present beliefs, in which they feel comfortable, yet also feel unfulfilled. You can suddenly awaken people to the need to look for answers within themselves, to look for the Christ within instead of looking for the outer savior. And this is truly what is needed for the earth to make the transition into the Golden Age with the minimum of physical calamities.

The Golden Age Invocation

To facilitate this work, of radiating the vision of a Golden Age and sending it into the collective consciousness in wave upon wave, I am come this day to release a new invocation, the Golden Age Invocation. This is an invocation that is very similar to the Freedom invocation. It builds upon the matrix of the Freedom invocation. Yet it takes the Freedom invocation one step further because everything rhymes.

My Beloved, there are two important facets of an invocation. One is to give you understanding, to give you affirmations that will gradually work their way through the layers of the subconscious mind and resolve the dualistic beliefs that prevent you from being who you truly are, that prevent you from having God’s abundance flowing through your being. The other aspect of the invocation is to invoke light from Above, which then forms a wave that is sent—first into your own consciousness and being and then into the collective consciousness and even the physical planet.

All rosaries and invocations have both elements, yet some focus more on the resolution of dualistic beliefs, while others focus more on invoking light. And truly, the new Golden Age invocation, because everything rhymes, is the most powerful invocation for invoking light yet to be released. The fact that everything rhymes makes it possible to build a unique rhythm in the giving of this invocation, and this rhythm will invoke the light and radiate the light in a most powerful way.

This is not to say that my previous rosaries are obsolete or are no longer needed or no longer powerful. They all have their function, and they are all needed and will be needed in the coming years and decades. Yet what I am saying here is that by using the Golden Age invocation, it will be possible to invoke more light than is possible with the other rosaries. It is, however, important that you do not simply invoke light but that you also direct it. And therefore, I encourage you to not forget about the words and meaning of this invocation. Do not forget to visualize what a Golden Age looks like while you are giving this invocation. And, of course, to visualize a Golden Age, you must know what a Golden Age is like, and that can happen only by asking to receive this vision, as I will explain later.

A call to all who revere Saint Germain

My Beloved, I come to release this invocation with all the joy of my heart and with the joy of the hearts of Jesus and Saint Germain. Some of you will be aware that in a past embodiment, Saint Germain was instrumental in the writing of the Shakespearian plays. Some of you will know that these plays had a major impact on the development of the English language. And thus we might say that Saint Germain has been instrumental in bringing the English language to the level that it has reached today. And truly, the English language is very close to an angelic tongue and therefore is uniquely suited for invoking light from Above.

Therefore, anyone who is a true student of Saint Germain should be able to go within their hearts and see Saint Germain’s footprints all over this Golden Age invocation. Do you seriously believe that any other ascended being has the mastery of the use the English language to be able to inspire such an invocation? Do you seriously believe that any non-ascended being could produce such an invocation?

Therefore, I ask you, who are open to this invocation, to find ways to present this rosary to those of your friends and acquaintances who have been open to Saint Germain but have not yet opened their hearts to my rosaries. I ask you to make an effort to present this invocation to them in whatever way you deem appropriate for each individual, according to your inner meditation with your Christ self. I am not asking you to use any kind of outer pressure. I am not asking you to appeal to their egos or their fears.

I am simply asking you to go into your heart, consider each individual, and ask your Christ self and Saint Germain to show you how to best present that individual with this Golden Age invocation. The goal is to give each person the best possible opportunity to make a free choice, a choice that is not affected by the person’s preconceived opinions.

I must tell you that if people do not recognize Saint Germain’s footprints in the Golden Age invocation, then it is because they have not gone within their own hearts and openly asked for inner direction. Truly, only those who ask with an open mind and heart will hear the voice of the real master. Those who do not ask with an open mind and heart will only hear the voice of their own egos or some false master, who will tell them what they want to hear – what their egos want them to hear – and not what their Christ selves, I AM Presences and spiritual teachers want them to hear.

This, of course, ties in with what I said in the beginning, namely that so many people in the spiritual and religious field come to build this new ego, which uses spiritual teachings – that were meant to set them free – as a tool to entrap them even more firmly in a mental box. And once they are in that mental box, they believe they no longer have to change, they no longer have to go beyond the framework in which they are now comfortable and feel they have everything under control. Yet who is it that has everything under control? Is is the ego – who never wants to change – or is it the Christ—who is always self-transcending?

Therefore, you might ask people to consider that if they are not open to examining this Golden Age invocation, or giving it a sincere try, they are not honoring the motto of the Buddha himself, who said, “Accept nothing that is unreasonable; discard nothing as unreasonable without proper examination.” Ask people to consider that if they are not willing to subject this invocation to proper examination – meaning examination in the light of Christ – the most likely reason is either pride or fear. And if you are trapped in pride or fear, how could you possibly be in step with the master of Freedom, who is surely beyond both? And if you have no pride or fear, why would you not give this invocation a proper examination? And how can you properly examine this invocation without giving it for a time?

The dilemma faced by all spiritual students

My Beloved, why am I an ascended master today? Why is Jesus an ascended master? Why is Saint Germain an ascended master? Why is El Morya an ascended master? We are ascended masters today for one reason, and for one reason only—we never stopped transcending ourselves, we never stopped taking the next step. We were always willing to come up higher and go beyond our mental box, even though we sometimes had come to feel comfortable in that mental box.

Yet in the final analysis, we were always willing to transcend, and that is why we kept self-transcending, until we took that final step of transcendence that brought us permanently into the spiritual realm. Yet I can assure you that even here in the spiritual realm we have not stopped transcending ourselves, and therefore we are more today than we were yesterday or 10, 15 or 50 years ago. And this, of course, is the dilemma faced by all students of the ascended masters.

There are those who have been students of Saint Germain for many years, some for a lifetime. Yet if their image of Saint Germain is an image based on the teachings that were given decades ago, then it is possible that the image given in those teachings has become a trap for their minds. For Saint Germain has transcended himself immensely since past teachings were given. Yet if a student has not transcended himself or herself – and the image of the master – then how can that student know the master as he is today?

You can know the master only if you are willing to transcend the image of the master, so that you can follow the Living master and not the dead idol, the golden calf, that has been created by your ego and which your ego claims is actually based on and justified by a true teaching given by the ascended masters. Certainly, our past teachings were true, but your ego can turn them into a false teaching by turning them into a graven image of what the ascended masters are like, how they should speak and what they should say.

The Saint Germain of today is so much more than the Saint Germain of 10 or 50 years ago. And if you are not willing to transcend yourself and your image of Saint Germain, then you simply cannot follow him as he moves on in the Aquarian age consciousness. You will instead be left behind to dance around the golden calf of your own making. And therefore, you will inevitably lose the thread contact to the God of Freedom, the master of the Aquarian age of freedom.

I ask you to go into your heart and to meditate on the Living Presence of Saint Germain. And I ask those of you who are willing to use the Golden Age invocation to take a little time, or as much time as you like, after giving an invocation to tune in to the Presence of Saint Germain, the Living Presence of Freedom, the Living Flame of Freedom that he is. And I desire you to ask the Living Presence of Saint Germain to reveal to you his vision for the Golden Age that he desires to see manifest on earth. And if you will make this part of the vigil, I think you will find that you will begin to see a potential for earth that you had never even imagined before. Thus you will find a new sense of freedom from doom and gloom, the freedom of knowing that the future will be better than today.

My Beloved, I seal you now in the gratitude of a Mother’s heart. I seal you in the love of the Holy Family, represented in the Aquarian Age by Saint Germain, Jesus and myself. Truly, only by balancing the Father, the Mother and the Son can you release the Holy Spirit that is the very foundation for the Age of Freedom. It is finished in the peace of the Mother and the peace of the Buddha.


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