Why you will be justified or condemned by the WORD

TOPICS:  What causes people to reject Christ – Why do people reject the WORD? – The WORD  determines your entry into the spiritual realm – The one condition that determines your salvation – Becoming one with the WORD – Why people do not see the beam in their own eye – Look for your own filter – The WORD wants to set everyone free  – Why you judge yourself – The WORD is beyond manipulation by the ego –

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Ascended Master Jesus, April 6, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

What causes people to reject Christ

O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things. But I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned. (Mt 12:24-37)

And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world. He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day. For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak. And I know that his commandment is life everlasting: whatsoever I speak therefore, even as the Father said unto me, so I speak. (Joh 12:47-50)

My Beloved, while these words might sound old-fashioned and ominous in the modern world, yet I tell you that there is a hidden truth behind them. For truly, if you will care to look at the scriptures, you will see that there was an entire group of people in ancient Israel who rejected me and rejected my WORD. And if you care to look behind the surface appearances, you will see that this was not simply the scribes and the Pharisees and the temple priests and others. It was not an outer characteristic that caused these people to reject the WORD. It was an inner characteristic, a state of consciousness. And that state of consciousness is very much still in the world today. And there are millions, if not billions, of people who are so blinded by that state of consciousness, that they will reject the WORD, the Living Word, when they encounter it.

Sad as it is to say, there are many people today who claim to be Christians – who claim to be good Christians, who claim to be the only good Christians – yet they have entered into and become blinded by the very same consciousness that you see in the scribes and Pharisees. And therefore, they sit in their Christian churches every Sunday, feeling holier than thou while in reality – in their hearts – rejecting the Living Word of the Living Christ.

Not only have they shut out the Living Word from their churches, so that they will not allow me, my Comforter – the Holy Spirit – and the ascended masters to speak through their churches today, but they have also shut out the Living Word within their own hearts. For surely, I am not limited by anything in this world and I, as the representative of the Christ Consciousness for the earth, can speak to each person in his or her heart—if they are willing to hear that Living Word.

Why do people reject the WORD?

What I would address at the beginning of this series of discourses on the WORD is the consciousness that causes people to reject the Word. It is very simple, when you have an understanding of the ego. Yet for most people in the world – who have no understanding of the ego – they do not understand that they are actually rejecting the Living Word. And if you were to tell them, they would find it very difficult to grasp—because they have no co-measurement, they have not experienced the Living Word. Or they have not been conscious of the difference between the Living Word and the dead word.

They have grown up – they have been brought up, they have been bred and raised, so to speak, they have been programmed – to accept the dead word as the only true word of Christ or the only true word of God. This is what you saw in the scribes and Pharisees. They were so attached to the old testament scriptures and they used those scriptures to condemn, to argue with me, and ultimately to reject the Living Christ when I stood before them in the flesh.

They were so attached to the dead word, that they were not willing to acknowledge that I was bringing them something more, something beyond the dead word. And even though many of them could feel something stirring in their hearts when they heard me speak, their minds would override their hearts—as so often happens, especially in this modern world, where people have become more intellectual than in previous times. It is so easy for the intellectual, reasoning mind to reason away the promptings you get from the heart.

The WORD  determines your entry into the spiritual realm

In the end, your entry into the spiritual realm will be determined by the WORD, by your acceptance of the WORD. And this is what I expressed in my statement to the scribes and Pharisees, that by your words you shall be justified and by your words you shall be condemned. Now, many Christians interpret this in an outer, superficial way by saying it is the words you actually speak throughout your lifetime. But, as I attempted to explain, the words that come out of your mouth come from your heart, because it is the heart that overflows with the words that you speak. There is a deeper meaning here, that you can understand when you go beyond the literal interpretation.

The reality of it is that there is a Living Word of God behind all outer words, all outer expressions. And this I will explain more deeply in coming discourses. But what you need to understand is that when you stand before the gate that leads to a higher state of consciousness, there is a sorting mechanism, so to speak. If your heart is filled with the Living Word, you can enter through the gate. If you have put on the wedding garment, you can enter into the wedding feast. Yet if your heart is not filled with the Living Word but has become attached to the dead word, to particular expressions of an outer word, then you cannot enter into the spiritual realm—which is not necessarily a physical entering in, but truly a state of consciousness.

So this is not just something that happens after you lay down the physical body. This is something that is an ongoing, perpetual process. Because what were the things that I preached first and foremost when I walked the dusty roads of Palestine? Well, I went out to say that the kingdom of God is at hand, and what does that mean? Most Christians believe that they will enter the kingdom of God after they die, because I have – after all – vowed to take on their sins and therefore save them.

Yet the reality is that at every moment throughout your life, you are, so to speak, standing before the gate to the kingdom of heaven. Because the kingdom of heaven is at hand, it is right here with you! And you have the opportunity to enter into that kingdom at any moment. And again this does not mean that when you enter the kingdom of God, your body is resurrected and disappears. It means that you enter into the Christ consciousness. For truly the Christ consciousness is the deeper spiritual meaning hiding behind the symbol of the “kingdom of God.”

That is why the kingdom of God is at hand. Because even though you are not at the end of your natural life-span, you can still enter the kingdom of God while you walk this earth in a physical body. And certainly, I was not the head of some suicide cult, telling people to kill themselves in order to enter the kingdom. So you see, the kingdom of God is at hand because it is available to you right now.

The one condition that determines your salvation

But what will it take to enter the kingdom? Well, it will take that you understand the deeper meaning of another of my pivotal statements, namely “The kingdom of God is within you.” For truly, as long as you look for it outside yourself – as long as you think it comes with observances, with observing the beliefs and practices of an outer religion, or speaking in a certain way, acting in a certain way, eating in a certain way, using this kind of oil or that kind of crystal or lighting candles, all of these outer things – as long as you think that doing these things will bring you into the kingdom, you cannot enter the kingdom because you are trying to enter through the wrong gate.

The broad way that leads to destruction is indeed the consciousness of thinking that it is the outer things that will bring you into the inner kingdom. In order to enter the inner kingdom, you need to overcome the focus on outer things. You need to draw your attention within and realize that it is only by changing your consciousness that you can enter the kingdom of God.

The importance of that statement – and I speak these words primarily to the people in the world, who might read this at some point, or even pick it up from the ethers as it goes into the mass consciousness – is that there is no automatic path to the kingdom of God. You cannot live a certain way – whether you define this as a good Christian, or a good Hindu, or a good Muslim, or a good Buddhist – and then think that after your physical body dies, God has to let you into the kingdom of heaven.

For the one condition that determines whether you can enter or not, is whether you have put on the Christ consciousness. If you have not put on that state of consciousness, you will see yourself as separated from God. And how can you enter the kingdom of God as long as you see yourself separated from that kingdom? It simply cannot be done! If you stand in front of your house late at night, wanting to get in and go to bed, and you are trying to unlock your front door, but you are using your car key, how likely is it that your door will be opened? Well, certainly you can see that this is an impossibility. So can you not also see that if you try to open the door to the kingdom of heaven by using the wrong key, you cannot enter in? And the only key is the transformation of consciousness.

And what is the key to the transformation of consciousness? Well, it is the Living Word. For by your words you shall be justified, by your words you shall be condemned. This does not mean that I, or God, or some angel, will sit there and judge you. This is the scare-tactic used by so many Christian churches in order to beat people into submission. They have created this false image that we sit up there in heaven and judge people, and that we send them to a fiery hell if they do not obey the outer church while they are on earth.

Again, obedience to an outer church cannot guarantee your entry into heaven, nor can disobedience to an outer church guarantee that you go to some other place. For it is only those who have the Christ consciousness who will enter. And when you have the Christ consciousness, you have become one with the Living Word. You have become the WORD incarnate.

Becoming one with the WORD

And what will it take to become one with the Living Word? Well, it will take what Mother Mary talked about yesterday, the willingness to see in yourself those elements that are not real, that are not in alignment with the WORD, that are based on a dualistic illusion. And then the willingness to see that these elements are not really you, even though your ego might believe that they are, even though you might have been brought up to think that they are. Because as you grow up in this world – where there is so much duality – how could you not come to identify yourself with certain dualistic illusions?

This is natural. None of us condemn you for this. We all know what it is like to be in physical embodiment and how difficult it is. And many of you have taken on these illusions voluntarily. And why have you taken them on? Because you wanted to demonstrate to others that it is possible to be totally enveloped in an illusion, yet still rise above it. So get on with rising above it and do what you came here for. Realize that you are more than these illusions. Be willing to look at them. Be willing to reach for the Living Word.

We give you the Living Word in an outer sense, in our releases, in our books, through many different sources. And you can study these teachings, but the outer word will only change you if you allow it to become the Living Word in your heart, where you integrate it and where you receive, through your Christ self, the inner equivalent of the outer word. The inner equivalent that is adapted to your particular consciousness, your particular beliefs. Each one of you hearing this will have a slightly different perspective, a slightly different understanding of the words that I speak. This is natural. What you need to allow is that the outer word that you hear stirs a process in your heart, whereby you receive the particular words that will help you resolve your particular illusions.

My Beloved, there are many people who have a very similar illusion, such as for example in the Christian churches, where they think that by being a good Christian in an outer sense, their entry into heaven will be guaranteed. But even though there may be a million people who believe in the same outer illusion, each person has a slightly different way of understanding it. And therefore, they have to find their own words that will help them resolve the illusion, help them see that it is an illusion and finally have that light bulb go off inside their heads and say, “Aah, now I understand, now I see it!”

The Living Word, the outer Living Word, will help you only by stimulating that inner “Aha” experience, where you suddenly see from within what you could not see before, and what you cannot see with the outer mind. Truly, it is valuable to have an intellectual understanding of the spiritual path, and of human psychology and of the ego. But you can have a very sophisticated intellectual understanding, yet it still has not clicked, you still have not seen it.

Why people do not see the beam in their own eye

Or you can, as the scribes and Pharisees, have a very sophisticated intellectual understanding that allows you to judge when other people are not getting it, when they are not understanding, when they are not changing as they should be changing. So you are very good at seeing that splinter, that mote, in the eye of another, but it still has not clicked that you have the same thing. For if you see something in the eye of another, there is only one reason why you can see it—because you have it in your own consciousness. Do you understand this, my beloved? Ponder this point.

If you meet a person who says, “The sky is green!” and you realize that he really believes the sky is green because he is looking through yellow glasses, then you know that – because he is seeing through a filter – that is why he sees the sky as being green. The same thing is true for you, if you see a particular flaw in another person. If you look honestly at yourself – and see that there is something that always annoys you with other people, something you always take note of with other people, perhaps something you criticize with others, or perhaps something you see as being wrong in the world – why do you see this? Well, it is because you are looking at the world through a particular filter. And you have the exact same characteristic in your own mind. And because you are looking through that characteristic, that filter, you are projecting it onto the world.

Now, I am not saying that other people don’t have faults. All people have faults. But what I am saying is that if you will be honest with yourself, you will realize that the reason why you see certain faults in others is that you see through the filter, because you have a lens in front of your vision and it colors what you see according to the characteristic of that lens. And that lens is not something that you have mechanically put in front of your eye, it is a belief that you have, that things should be a certain way, or they should not be a certain way.

And that belief is then what forms a filter, and you look at the world through that belief, and you evaluate everything based on that belief. And you have had that belief for so long, and you probably think it is either natural, or necessary or beneficial or maybe the only right way to look at the world. And therefore, you do not see the filter, you do not see that you have a filter, and you focus on other people, what they do, what they say.

They might very well be doing something that is not right, something that needs to be changed. But you see, YOUR entry into the kingdom of heaven, your personal entry into the kingdom, will not be determined by what other people do or don’t do. Their actions, their words, have an impact only on their entry into the kingdom. So what YOU should be concerned about, first of all, is your own entry. And that will depend exclusively on what you do, what you say. And that depends on the words that you have in your mind, what kind of filter you have—that you see the world through but you do not see the filter.

Look for your own filter

The key to entering the kingdom of heaven is to step back and become aware of the filter through which you are looking at the world. For when you become aware of the filter, you can begin to examine it, and you can see that the filter is made up of certain beliefs. And when you examine those beliefs, you see that they are not completely in alignment with the reality of the Living Word.

When you are willing to see your filter, to discover it, and when you are willing to ask for the Living Word, you will get these “Aha” experiences, you will get these insights that come to you—sometimes at the strangest moments when you are in the middle of some activity, or even when you wake up in the middle of the night and suddenly understand something that you had never seen before. And suddenly, you will see that your beliefs that you had held for a long time – the beliefs that you thought were absolutely true and necessary – they are unreal, they are out of alignment with the reality of the WORD, the Living Word, because you now experience that WORD in your heart. And you know that your outer beliefs do not fit, they are not the right key, they will not unlock the door to the Christ consciousness because you are, as I said, judging on appearances rather than judging righteous judgment.

That is why I said that I came not to judge the world but that the world might be saved, because I came to reconnect everyone to the Living Word within them, which is what I called the Comforter—which I said I would have the Father send in my name, and he would bring all things to your attention that I have taught you. And the Comforter is the Living Word in your own heart, your Christ self, which will give you that inner Word that unlocks the understanding for you, the understanding that is beyond any outer words.

It is a reality that I could be talking unceasingly for the next ten years and you could be sitting here listening to me for the entire time, yet you might be no closer to having that inner realization. You might have a very sophisticated intellectual understanding of my teachings, but until you see it in yourself, “Aah, I am the one who needs to change, I need to pull that beam from my own eye and then I will see clearly,” until that happens you have not really started the path that I came to offer the world—the straight and narrow way that leads to eternal life.

The WORD wants to set everyone free

The key is to become one with that Living Word, so that you do not need to judge yourself or judge the world through the outer mind, through the dualistic filter. In fact, you do not go around judging anybody, but on the other hand you do not go into the other extreme of thinking that everything is just wonderful. You have the true Christ discernment of knowing what is real and what is unreal. And you simply have no judgment, no negativity, no criticism toward what is unreal. You just realize it is unreal and then you allow yourself to be the open door, whereby God might speak through you and allow you to bring forth some aspect of the Living Word that might unlock the understanding for another person.

But I tell you that there are many times when you will see other people and see something unreal, but you will not feel an inner prompting to address it. And there can be many reasons for this, but when you get inner attunement, then you will know when to speak and when not to speak. You will not sit there – and this is a pattern that many of you notice in yourselves – you will not sit there and evaluate with the outer mind, “Oh I should say this, I should tell this person what he is doing wrong.”

When you are in that mode of consciousness, when you are in that mode of judging based on the outer mind, the intellectual mind, then you will know you are not one with the WORD. Because the Living Word is not like that. The Living Word is not the hellfire and brimstone of the Christian preachers who are trying to scare people into submission. The Living Word does not seek to condemn or criticize anyone. The Living Word has only one desire and that is to set everyone free.

Human beings are so quick to judge, they are so quick to create a hierarchy, a false hierarchy, saying that this person is better than that person, and this person is really, really bad. My Beloved, this is what I encountered in ancient Israel, where the Jews were so sure they were God’s chosen people, that they looked down upon everyone else that lived in their society or around them – the publicans, the sinners, the Samaritans, the Romans, the tax collectors, what have you – all of them were considered by the Jews to be subhuman.

And you see many people in today’s world who have set up their own classifications, “Oh these persons are really, really bad, they don’t deserve to live, they should be killed, or they should be imprisoned for the rest of their lives.” But why do these people think this way? It is because they see the world, they see other people, through a filter.

Why you judge yourself

And my beloved, if you look at the world through yellow glasses, what happens when you stand in front of a mirror? Well, you will look at yourself, you will look at your mirror image, and you will look through yellow glasses. So by the same standard that you judge others, you will also judge yourself.

When the Conscious You has entered into the prison created by the ego, it will see everything through the filter created by the ego—and therefore it will see itself through that filter. And that is precisely why, the words, the beliefs that you have in your mind, will justify or condemn you—because you are justifying or condemning yourself. Judge not that ye be not judged. For you are the one judging yourself. You are the one who looks upon yourself and says, subconsciously, “I am separated from God, I am a sinner, I am not worthy to enter the kingdom.” Or perhaps you say, “I know better than God, I know better than the Living Christ, surely I will enter the kingdom.” And surely, you are not open to the possibility that perhaps you will not.

You see, you are the one who keeps yourself outside the kingdom by the way you look at the world, because that is the way you look at yourself. And as Mother Mary has explained so beautifully in her book, the Conscious You is who it thinks it is in the realm of time and space. And if you think you are separated from God, then you ARE separated from God—in your own mind. And thus, you can never enter the kingdom of God, and that is when you become susceptible to the illusion, the master illusion of the ego, which wants to maintain its own existence and therefore does not want you to find the straight and narrow path of self transcendence, of inner transformation.

So as an alternative, it has to create the false path, the outer path that makes it seem like you can enter the kingdom of God by doing all these outer things. And then, at some future time when certain outer conditions are fulfilled, you will automatically enter. But you see, that future time will never come. For when can you enter the kingdom of God? Can you enter yesterday? Can you enter tomorrow? No. You can enter only in the Eternal NOW.

And when you contemplate the words of this Invocation of the Eternal NOW, when you really let them sink into your consciousness, you see how profound they are and how they too, how this invocation in its entirety, is designed to give you precisely these “Aha” experiences of seeing what stands in your way—what keeps you out of alignment with the Eternal NOW, with the Living Word, what keeps you outside that state of consciousness that is the kingdom of heaven.

The WORD is beyond manipulation by the ego

Ponder these words. Ponder what I have said here, and what I will say again in different ways. The Living Word is what gives you the opportunity to see beyond the filter of duality to realign yourself with the reality of God, the reality of the universal Christ mind, which is the only reality there is, the only reality that is beyond manipulation by the ego.

The Living Word can never be manipulated by the ego. There are many people in the world, who think they have the Living Word, but they have imposed an overlay, because they are looking at it through a filter. They have not yet become one with it, but when you become one with the Word, because you are open and you say to yourself, “Listen, I have been on the spiritual path long enough, tiptoeing around my ego, now I want to see it, I want to see what I can’t see, I want to overcome it, I want to see that beam in my own eye because I have had enough of being hindered by this, I have had enough of carrying this cross. I am ready to give up that ghost and let it go as I saw Jesus do when he was hanging on the cross and finally let it go.”

This is your potential. You may be able to do this on Easter Sunday, but even if you do not, Easter Sunday is not just one day. For the kingdom of God is at hand, meaning it is always there. So do not panic if you do not have a breakthrough at a certain time, but contemplate these things, contemplate your willingness to let go of these illusions and realize that before you can let them go you must see them. And the only way to see them is to connect to the Living Word, which allows you to see the reality of the dead word, the dualistic word, that might contain an element of truth but is twisted just so slightly that it brings you off the straight and narrow path. And now you do not have the right key to open the door to the inner kingdom.

I thank you for your attention. For I must tell you that it is a great joy for me to be able to bring out this teaching—that I could not bring out 2,000 years ago for humankind was not ready. The outer knowledge was not there nor was the inner willingness to come up higher in consciousness. Oh how I wish I could have brought out these teachings 2,000 years ago and that people could have understood them and have used them, for these 2,000 years, to grow. But you see, cycles are cycles and when you become one with the WORD you become a practical realist, for you realize that people can only come up so many steps at a time before they start losing their bearings, losing their moorings, losing their sense of continuity, their sense of identity.

So we must take it one step at a time. But it is indeed a great joy to my heart that we have reached this point, and I must tell you that the people worldwide who have studied my website, who have given Mother Mary’s rosaries over these last years, you have made an invaluable contribution to bringing this moment to realization. Certainly, you have not done it alone, for the entire world has come up in consciousness. But I must tell you that had we not seen the response we have seen over these last years, it would have been some time still before I could have released these teachings.

So the fact that we can release them now is of great importance, because it gives us the opportunity to avoid certain calamities that could come to pass in the world, because it gives us the opportunity to awaken people so that they can be brought to that point of realization in a positive way. Rather than coming face to face with some outer physical calamity, that finally makes them wake up and realize the transient nature of this world.

For after all, what is it that prevents people from locking in to the Living Word? Well, it is that they hold on to the old world view, they will not let it go, they hold on to the filter, thinking they cannot do without it. Many people will not let go of the filter until they are faced with some ultimate calamity and finally feel like the earth is shaking under their feet, and they finally realize that there is nothing in this world that is permanent, that there is nothing you can really hold on to. And then, finally, they can start thinking, “Perhaps I need to let go of the way I have looked at the world and start looking to the spiritual world instead of seeking my security and identity in this transient world, where everything can change in a moment.” So my beloved, I thank you again, and I shall return to give further teachings on the WORD, the Living Word.


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