Overcoming the planetary momentum of death

TOPICS:  Time and death are illusions – Your attention endows your illusions with life – The fear of death – Understanding the cross – The Living Word and love – The emperor of the government has nothing on – Truth is a two-edged sword –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, April 05, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, it is my great joy and my great privilege to welcome you to my heart. Where is my heart? Well, where else could it be but in the Eternal NOW? And you too are in the Eternal NOW, for you have been willing to make the sacrifice to give this invocation however many times you could give it in this last month. These three last invocations, that I have given you, have been extremely significant. And I will venture to say that you will not quite understand the significance until you have ascended from this planet and looked back at this embodiment to evaluate, truly, the service you rendered.

Time and death are illusions

Time truly is one of the greatest illusions in the material universe. Time causes so many people to lose sight of what is important in the eternal life, because they become so enveloped in the daily life, and they forget that they are not here simply to live a daily life of struggle, of running around from here to there, never really getting anywhere.

Time must be conquered before the last enemy can be conquered. And what is that last enemy? Well, as the Bible says, the last enemy is death. But we will give you a new view of death. For you will understand that there is a worldly image of death and there is the spiritual reality, where death can be seen in a different light – not as the enemy, not as something to be feared – for death truly is not the end but it is a release from limitation, a release from struggle, a release from unreality.

As I have explained in my book and as Maitreya has explained in his, there is a core of your being that is beyond time, beyond space and therefore beyond life and death—as people see it in this realm. You may call it the Conscious You or anything else you like. But there is a reality of your being that allows you to be aware that you exist, that you are conscious. And this is the reality that can be set free from limitation, from the limitations of time and space.

And thus, how can that real self, how can that conscious self, be set free? Well, it can be set free only by overcoming unreality, by overcoming illusion. And how can you overcome illusion? Well, you can overcome illusion only through a total release from that illusion. And that release can happen only when the illusion itself – and the self that you have built from that illusion – is allowed to die.

Your attention endows your illusions with life

The Conscious You is an extension of God’s very own Being. And it is through the Conscious You – through the nexus of the Conscious You – that the light streams from the upper part of the figure-eight flow, from the figure-eight of your own Higher Self to the lower part of your being, your sphere of self that is conscious in this world. Whatever the Conscious You places its attention upon, it will endow with light—and thus it will endow it with life. You see, everything in this world can be said to be a mirage—an illusion that has been temporarily endowed with life through the attention of the conscious beings who have co-created or created this world.

When you create – or come to believe – an illusion that you think is real and that you think is the real you, you endow that illusion with life through your attention and through the light that streams through it. This does not make the illusion real, it does not make it eternal, it does not give it eternal life. But it does give it a temporary life in time and space.

The fear of death

How can the Conscious You be free of what it has created, unless it is released from it? And in order to be released from it, it must allow the unreality that it has created to die. And yes, what you are feeling – what you are dealing with in this day and age – is nothing less than a cosmic process. For you see, ever since humanity started descending into the duality consciousness – started creating millions and billions of these illusions that envelop this planet – well, ever since then they have feared death.

What is it that fears death? Well, it cannot be the real self. But the ego fears death, because it fears losing whatever life it has. Humankind as a whole is enveloped in, is captured in, this illusion that death is to be feared. And therefore, they hold on to the form of life that is the highest form of life they can see right now. And they think that if that limitation – if that unreality – goes, they will have nothing left. What the spiritual people in this age are up against is the planetary momentum of the fear of death. And whether you are in this teaching or that organization matters not, for all truly spiritual people around this planet are engaged in the same process of helping humankind rise above and see through the illusion that death means loss, that death is the end.

And that is why some of you will feel a certain fear and trepidation when you contemplate death, or when you contemplate the death of some illusion, some part of the mortal self. But you are doing this not for your own sakes alone, but for the planet and for humanity as a whole.

Understanding the cross

For some must be the forerunners, some must be the trailblazers, who are willing to see what Saint Paul had seen when he said, “I die daily.” For truly he knew that unless the carnal mind – as he called it – unless the carnal self was allowed to die, bit by bit, day by day, he could not truly follow Christ. For it was what Jesus was talking about when he said, “Take up your cross and follow me.”

What is the cross? It is the unreality, the illusion, the unreal self that holds you fixated in a position where you think you cannot move. All of humanity is truly crucified, fixated, paralyzed by this illusion, especially the fear of death. Because the fear of death creates a Catch 22—if you fear to let go of the illusion, how can you let go of the illusion?

How can you overcome unreality if you are afraid to release yourself from it, to release it from you? It cannot be done, for you cannot bear the loss of self—the Conscious You cannot bear to lose all identity. And indeed it is not meant to lose all identity; it is meant to transcend the limited identity, until it reaches a higher state of identity, even goes on to reach the ultimate identity of total oneness with God and oneness with all life.

The Living Word and love

So my beloved, why have we called you to a conference where we will talk about the restoration of the Word and Love? Because they go hand in hand as the Alpha and the Omega. As you will hear, the Living Word can indeed be shocking because it cuts through the illusion and makes it much more difficult for people to deny that they need to change. And at a certain level of the spiritual path, this can be difficult to bear. Because you are still somewhat identified with the outer self, with the ego, and thus you go into this fear mode of fearing that if the ego is exposed, then you will suffer a loss and you will not know who you are.

So that is why you need the Omega balance of Love, of understanding what Love is – of tuning into it in your hearts – so that you can allow the process of the Living Word exposing the unreality, without going into a state of shock or trauma or denial because you do not have enough Love. Only those who truly love can let go of the illusion. Only those who love unconditionally, as Jesus loved unconditionally on the cross, can give up the ghost and let that ghost die—even if it means that a part of what they thought was themselves dies in the process.

This is a retreat and I know that some of you have been to other retreats and some of you have the concept that a retreat should be relaxing, where you withdraw from the world and the normal daily cares of the world, and you withdraw from your often hectic daily life and your work life and now you can relax and focus on something spiritual. Well, I must tell you that although those expectations may be reasonable, they are not relevant for these next few days. For we have much to release, and therefore I caution you to look at this retreat as a work retreat, for we need you to hold the balance in the physical octave for the release of the Word, the Living Word, that we will release.

The emperor of the government has nothing on

My Beloved, you are close enough to this nation’s capital that there can be an arc of light from this place, to the Mall, to the Capitol building, to the White House in Washington D.C. And we will use this arc of light to release the Word that needs to be released into the government, into the national psyche, to awaken people to the reality that this nation is ready to take a major leap forward, but that this cannot happen without the willingness to let go of the old, the willingness to look at the reality and say, “The Emperor of this government has nothing on.”

And with that I do not simply mean the outer government that is sitting where they can be seen by the public, but everything that is involved in the process of governing this nation, including what is hidden from view. And I am not simply talking about people behind the scenes, I am talking about a national consciousness of denial, of running away, of an unwillingness to face the truth and realize that, “We need to change, that this nation needs to change for we have lost the connection to reality. We have created an illusion where we think we are on the right track, we think we are the greatest nation on the earth, we think we are favored by God, we think we can do no wrong, we think we can do whatever we want.”

And this illusion needs to be shattered, so that those who are open can wake up and so that they can consciously see what they know in their hearts but which they cannot formulate into words. And that is why we need the restoration of the Word in this nation. For the Word is that which gives you a tie to reality. A reality that is beyond the manipulation by the human ego, by the power elite who think they can run this nation better than the people—who think they can run this universe better than God and God’s representatives.

This is what needs to happen. And in these next few days, because of your proximity to Washington D.C., you can indeed produce a magical, a dramatic effect, in starting the process that will change the psyche of this nation in a dramatic way. This is not to say that you can do this alone, but as Jesus said, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Thus, we Above, and you below working together can be the open door for this change.

Truth is a two-edged sword

But for this to happen to the fullest, we need you to be willing to do in your own consciousness what this nation is not yet willing to do. And that is to look in the mirror, to look at the beam in your own eye, to realize that truth is a two-edged sword and one end is cutting through your own illusions. For we cannot have a repeat of what we have seen so many times in the past – including in the Christian movement, in the Christian churches – where people go out and say what should happen in the world and what other people should do, but they have not been willing to look in the mirror and remove the beam from their own eye. So therefore, they are like the hypocrites who confronted Jesus and rejected the Living Christ when he stood before them in the flesh.

If you go out without having cleaned your own house, people will reject you, they will find fault, they will find something to criticize. But if you go out with a clear heart and mind – because you have healed your psyche, you have become whole – then the prince of this world will have nothing in you whereby he can discourage you. And neither will they have anything in you that they can use as an excuse for rejecting the Living Word that you bring.

This is a two-fold process. Yes you are here to do a work for a planetary impact. But the foundation for that work is the personal work that you do in your own mind. Therefore I say to you, that there is not one person here – this messenger included – who does not have some human dualistic illusions left in their consciousness. And if you are willing, you can indeed come to see things during this retreat that you have not seen – not only in this lifetime, but in many lifetimes – things that are holding you back. And I am not here talking about you being a bad person in any way. I am talking here about the fact that you all have things that you do not see. And if you could see them, you would be more free because you would be more whole.

The impact that this retreat can have on the world is in direct proportion to your willingness to look in the mirror and to see things in yourself that you have so far not seen—perhaps because you still believed the ego who said you didn’t need to see this. But I tell you, you DO need to see it! For truly, in the Christ Consciousness – in the presence of the Living Word – nothing can remain hidden. No aspect of duality can remain hidden, when the Christ Light shines into its dark cave. For duality and death thrive only in the shadows, for only in the shadows can illusions exist.

The only reason why your illusions continue to exist is that there is some dark corner of your mind, where you have not so far been willing to let the light shine. And certainly, I respect your free will. I welcome all of you to my heart. I find fault in no one. I judge or condemn no one.

I simply say that if you want to have the greatest possible personal growth and if you want to be an instrument for producing the greatest possible impact on a national and world scale, then the one thing – the master key – that will make that happen is precisely that you come to see some aspect of the duality consciousness in your being that you have never seen before. And that you let it go, you let it die, you let it pass into the flame of unconditional love that consumes it and thereby sets you free, more free than you have ever been in your sojourn on this planet.

I am not telling you that you are a terrible person, and you need to see this illusion and you need to feel bad about yourself. I am telling you that you have a unique opportunity to come to see an illusion that will set you free to be MORE of who you ARE. And after all, is that not why you came here—to be more than you were before you came? For truly, why would you go through the trouble of coming to this retreat, of traveling so far, to come out the same person that went in?

I want you to get your money’s worth, as they say. And that can happen only if you open your mind to the possibility that there might be something hiding in the recesses of your psyche that you have not yet seen, or seen for what it is. For truly, in participating you only rise higher. You cannot get the maximum benefit from a retreat like this by passively sitting back and thinking all you have to do is take in. For as I said in my book, as Maitreya has said in his, as Jesus has said in his ego discourses, as we have said in many other dictations – there comes a point on the spiritual path, where you will not grow until you start giving out, until you start serving, participating. For it is not enough to take in—what has been taken in must be multiplied in service to all life. Thus, I seal you in my sacred heart.


Copyright © 2007 by Kim Michaels