When there is no division, your joy will be full

TOPICS: What matters is where you come from in heaven – Overcome the superiority and inferiority games –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, December 28, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

I, the Mother of God, Mary, come to you in the fullness of my joy. My Beloved hearts, why is my joy full? Because I am not divided within myself. And thus, I am not divided in my relationship to my God, in my oneness with my God. Nor am I divided in my oneness with all life. I come to greet you and to congratulate you for being who you are here in Colombia, for daring to come apart from your environment, both in a particular church, in a family, in a culture, for daring to take a stand for the Divine Mother and for the Mother Light.

What matters is where you come from in heaven

Do you understand that when a human being tries to put God or the ascended masters into their own little mental box, they have lost contact, the thread of contact, to God and to the ascended masters? Therefore, regardless of their outer deeds, they are not truly students of the ascended masters. How can they be, when they are not following us? For my beloved hearts, what is the path that the ascended masters have taught throughout the ages? It is the path of oneness, whereby the teacher helps the student separate himself or herself from the ego, and thus come into oneness with the consciousness of the teacher—which then becomes the open door for coming into oneness with your own higher self and ultimately with God.

There is only one true path, and it is the path of oneness. You cannot follow that path as long as you are divided within yourself, as long as you have any motive that comes from the ego, such as a motive to elevate yourself above other human beings, to compare yourself with others or to compare yourself with those of other religions, other cultures, other races or whatever it might be.

How many of you took note that when I gave my invocation earlier, I talked about an experiment in oneness that we have called you to participate in during this retreat? Why is it an experiment? Because, truly, we have a situation where you have come together from different backgrounds. We have people from the United States, from Denmark, from Australia and from many different places in Colombia. Do you understand that you have been preconditioned by your upbringing to see yourself as different from people from a different background? But we are here hoping to help you see that it does not matter where you come from on earth. It only matters where you came from in heaven. And truly, each and every being came out of God’s own Being.

And thus, each and every being that has self-awareness started out as a son or daughter of God. You may have descended below that consciousness and can no longer accept who you are. But the path of oneness is meant to lead you back to that sense of oneness with your God. And when you are one with God, you see God in yourself. And when you see God in yourself, how can you fail to see God in every other aspect of life, including in your brothers and sisters? For truly, when you see God, when you see God in yourself, you see that everything was created out of the Being and consciousness of God.

My Beloved hearts, some of you have come here with divisions in your psyches, with various doubts and fears. I understand that you have these doubts and fears. I do in no way condemn you for these doubts and fears. In fact, I want you to recognize your doubt and fear, to bring it out into the open and not be afraid to state it. For only by recognizing it do you have the opportunity to work through it and let it go. There is nothing, there is no doubt and fear, that the love of God cannot consume. Yet the love of God does not work against your free will, so you must be willing to recognize your doubt and fears, to bring them out in the open and to have others help you see what you cannot se on your own.

Overcome the superiority and inferiority games

Could you possibly see Jesus going around trying to impress El Morya or playing some kind of trick or game on Saint Germain? No, my beloved, this would be unthinkable, and likewise we desire you to treat each other the same way, with the same freedom, where you know that you are free to be who you are. And therefore, you can set other people free to be who they are. You do not need to in any way shape or form play some of the games that you have been conditioned to play during your upbringing, because you saw it in society, you saw it in movies and on television, you saw it in your parents and in your friends. And you have been conditioned to think that unless you go along with these games and play these games, you will not be acceptable to society, you will become an outcast.

Let me share with you the unconditional love of my heart and assure you that you do not have to play any game to be accepted by me, because my love for you is unconditional, my love for you is full. I love you as you are, but I want to see you be free to be ALL that you are—not just what you think you are right now.

I ask you to observe yourself and to watch for those elements of division in your own consciousness that divides you in yourself and divides you in your interactions with others. I want you to see this and to let it go, let it pass into the flame, the light that you invoke through the rosaries, so that you will feel so transformed and so pure that you will be able to make the completely free choice to never again go back into the ego game that you have been playing for your entire life.

My Beloved hearts, let me give you a visualization to help you let go of these games. For truly, what is it that prevents you from letting go of the ego’s games? It is that you do not feel complete and whole because you do not feel nurtured. So I have come to offer you my unconditional nurturance, as the Divine Mother.

I ask you to envision your favorite image of the Christ child sitting on the lap of Mary the Mother, sitting on my lap. And when you catch yourself being somewhat divided or unsettled or not in a harmonious and peaceful state of mind, immediately pull back from the situation. Do not allow it to accelerate any further, but pull yourself into your heart and visualize that you are that Christ child, sitting on the lap of Mother Mary, being nurtured by me, so that you can feel just as the baby Jesus felt on my lap. Feel completely enveloped in the love of the Divine Mother, so that you have no care in the world because you feel so enveloped in the unconditional love of the Mother of God that none of the cares of the world can touch you. They cannot penetrate the shell, the oneness – the circle of oneness – of my love that I have put around you.

My Beloved hearts, allow yourself to feel that love. Allow me to give my love to you, so that you can feel the fullness of my love and your acceptance of that love can be full. This is my only desire, that you let go of the divisions and see the love of the Divine Mother that truly is the key to your oneness here below as the body of God on earth. We who are your ascended brothers and sisters above see you already as that Body of God, coming together in oneness. And we want you to see yourself that way, and we hope that we can raise you out of the consciousness of division, that you may come into a oneness beyond all outer boundaries, even the boundary of language, which need not be a barrier when you speak with the heart.

Thus, I congratulate you for all of your efforts with the rosaries, and I say, “Welcome to my love, welcome to the nurturance of the Divine Mother.” And thus, I seal you in my heart, as you each one allow me so seal you. And I promise I will be with you. My Beloved hearts, many of you think you have come to hear me speak, or hear other ascended masters speak through a messenger. And while this is true, I must tell you that what we really desire is for you to hear us speak to you in your own hearts. It would give us more joy that you heard us speak one word in your heart, one word that was not tainted, not colored, by the division of your ego but was truly the Living Word that we speak to you in your heart. It would give us far greater joy if you could hear that one word in your heart than if you heard a thousand words through outer messengers.

For we desire to have a relationship with each and every one of you that does not go through someone else, and that does not go through your ego and is not colored by the ego. And thus, this is your opportunity – as you are willing to let go – to learn from the examples of those who have been willing to come into oneness with us and realize that you too can come into oneness. And thus, again, welcome to my heart of oneness. Now be sealed in the Flame of Oneness that I AM.

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