We want our students to self-transcend

TOPICS:  Breaking up the old mindset – I set you free from expectations – Claim your right to be who you are –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary with El Morya, October 22, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, as I started this conference, it has been my privilege to seal it and to give you a little bit of an evaluation of what has been accomplished during these few short days. What is it that we of the ascended masters want to see for our students? This has been a question that we have brought up many times during this conference, it has been one of the themes of this conference. Well, of course, we want you to become MORE. We want you to move on. And this does not necessarily mean that you move on to a particular outer teaching, messenger or organization.

Breaking up the old mindset

Will you not please contemplate the fact that we of the ascended masters – regardless of what image you may have of us – we of the ascended masters are indeed above any human judgment. We do not judge any human being, neither do we judge our students. We desire to see all rise higher. And we do indeed desire people to come together and help each other rise, as they are able and as they resonate with each other. For we only want growth for all.

What we had hoped to achieve with this conference, was a breaking up of the old mindset. For sometimes it causes us almost a despair – and certainly a wonder – when we see how people continually take the teachings we give as the Living Word and then turn them into the dead word, turn them into a mental box that stops their growth and entraps them at a certain level of consciousness.

In many cases, the net result we get out of sponsoring a spiritual organization is that we did raise people from their old state of consciousness to a higher level. But then, once they reached that higher level, they somehow found an excuse to stop there, and now they are not transcending themselves anymore. And it would be a great joy for us to see this pattern broken. And indeed, what you have achieved in this conference is a worldwide action of breaking up the mindset that causes spiritual and religious people to become so attached to an outer teaching or organization that they no longer want to listen to the inner promptings in their hearts. And thus they do not want to move on.

And if, indeed, people could then be awakened in their conscious minds, then this could be turned into a true victory that would help break up the entire momentum of the Piscean Age—of especially the Christian churches, particularly the Catholic Church, that have become such a closed box for so many people that they dare no move on, thinking they will go to hell if they do not believe what the priest tells them to believe, even though it makes no sense whatsoever.

I set you free from expectations

So I desire to set you free from any expectations of how other people should be responding. For I desire you to go out and share with them your joy, your love, your truth, and to do so freely. But in order to do so freely, my beloved, you must be non-attached to the reactions of other people, so that you do not feel rejected if they do not agree with you. So that you do not feel abused if they give you a negative reaction. For you simply let it pass through you. For it is of no consequence. We desire you to become suns who shine your light. And this is not something that will happen in one momentous occasion, where you go from being an “ordinary human being” to now being an enlightened master. No, my beloved, it happens gradually, step by step.

And therefore, I desire you to have the image that every time you let your light shine, you are attaining a personal victory. For regardless of how other people respond, you have shown your willingness to let your light shine. And that will add to your momentum, so that you can do it better next time. You can do it with less attachment and expectation next time. And pretty soon, you build such a momentum that you are no longer thinking about letting your light shine, or thinking about what happened when you did so and got a negative reaction.

You don’t even analyze it. You don’t even go over it again and again. You simply let it pass through you, for it is of no consequence. And you just move on. And gradually, as you do this, you will come to feel that joy that you can truly, if you look, see expressed in some spiritual people. And you see that they are simply being joyful on the path and expressing that joy. And this can be attained very quickly by all of you. And it will be a great joy for you when you reach that freedom, where you are ready to just let your light shine. And you are not turned off by the fact that some people will not accept it or will condemn you for it. For you don’t even let it touch you.

Imagine that the people on earth decided that the sun was bad and they wanted it to stop shining. And they decided to build this big rocket that they could shoot up to the sun and blow the sun to pieces. Well, do you think any rocket built on earth could be big enough to actually penetrate the heat of the sun and do damage? No, it would be burned up long before it actually reached the sun. And likewise, you can build such a momentum of joy that it simply burns up any negativity sent towards you, so that it never even reaches the core of your being and you don’t notice it. You don’t feel threatened by it, and thus you don’t go into a defensive mode of either defending yourself or accusing others. You simply say, “So be it. I honor your free will.” And then you move on.

Claim your right to be who you are

But you do not let that stop you from expressing your joy. For my beloved, others have a right not to accept your joy. But they do not have a right to demand that you stop expressing it! For your supreme right – given to you by God when you were first created – is to Be who you are and to express who you are. And as the life of Gautama Buddha, Jesus and other masters have demonstrated, God has given you the right to Be who you are here on this planet—regardless of what those who are trapped in the duality consciousness think or say or do about it. You have a right, from your Creator, to Be a son or daughter of God and to state that, to stake your claim to this planet.

So my beloved, go BE! Wherever you are, dare to let your light shine. And I can assure you that if you will listen, I will be there with you, whispering a word of comfort, of encouragement. Or perhaps you might even hear a soft chuckle, as I laugh with joy when I see you finally coming into your own—being who you are. For this is my only desire as your spiritual Mother. Not to control, but to free you to BE who you are—to be that immaculate concept that I hold for each and every one of you. A concept I will be more than happy to impart to you, if you will ask me and listen with an open heart and a stillness in the analytical mind.

So my beloved, receive my love, receive my gratitude and receive the love and gratitude of the ascended masters—and especially the masters who have spoken, to let our voices be heard in the physical. For truly, we are the open door that no man – or no man-made institution – can shut. Thus, we will BE what we will BE! For we are forever the MORE! And thus, I seal this conference. I seal you in the flame of Being MORE! It is finished!  But, of course, in the MORE nothing is ever really finished.


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