Victory Is All That Is Real

TOPICS: The difference between the true and the false path is one of decision – Let the Living Christ call you – Stop believing in the orthodox lie – You must love something more than you love the ego – Challenging the momentum of anti-victory – Allow yourself to feel the victory – Suffering is not necessary – Welcome the big decisions – The Seal of Victory –

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Ascended Master Presence of Victory, July 3, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

Victory is my name. Victory is my flame. Victory is my game. And I am here, and I am the only game in town! I am the Presence of God’s Victory and I am here to seal the victory that it has been for planet earth that so many of you have completed this section of rosaries to beloved Mother Mary.* I AM here to lend my momentum of victory to your own because, truly, you have multiplied the talents you were given by beloved Mary. And therefore I am come to say, “Well done thou good and faithful servant. Thou hast been faithful over a few things. I will make thee ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of the Lord.”

And, truly, victory is joy. Is there any greater joy than knowing that you have won a victory, that you have taken a step up, closer to God, and that there is no turning back. And neither is there any turning back for planet earth. This truly is a day that will mark a turning of cycles. It is a turning away from the consciousness of Pisces and the tendency to look outside yourself for the victory that can be won in only one place, and that is in the kingdom of God within you. Where else shall you have your personal victory but inside yourself?

How can anyone give you that personal victory? All of the forces in heaven, all of your ascended brothers and sisters, have one desire: to see you have your personal victory. But remember: we want to see you, the Conscious You,** have your personal victory, so that you win that victory from within yourself because you have internalized who you are as a God Flame. And you have identified yourself with that God flame, so that the flame burns away all that is unlike itself. And therefore you are that flame in manifestation on earth. This is the ultimate victory. And no one can do it for you. That is why you need to recognize that we, who are your ascended brothers and sisters, can help, inspire and teach you, but we can do so only up to a certain point.

The difference between the true and the false path is one of decision

There will come a point beyond which you cannot move, until you move from within yourself. There are many forces of darkness who will gladly take away your victory, and they tell you the lie that someone or something outside yourself can guarantee your victory. That may be an outer church, it may be an outer guru, it may even be the false image, the idol, of Jesus Christ that has been raised up by these orthodox churches for so many hundreds of years.

Jesus Christ cannot give you your personal victory. And your personal victory is the very meaning of salvation. Therefore, Christ can lead you to the living waters but he cannot make you drink. You must drink and become who you are. How else can you win your personal victory? And what folly it is to think that Jesus Christ, with all his love for humanity, would want for you to have anything less than your personal victory, coming from within yourself. That is why he told you that the kingdom of God is within you.

Awaken, people on earth, and realize the true teachings of Christ that truly are the only key to the victory of the Piscean Age. The inner teachings of Christ, whereby you realize that when it comes right down to it, the difference between a Christed Being and a person who is trapped in duality is one thing—decision. It will not happen by some force of magic. It will not happen by Jesus Christ appearing in the sky and rolling up the world as a scroll. It will happen for you when you make the decision to take that final step into the God Flame that you are, allowing all that is less to be burned away by the flame that is you.

Truly, not everyone is ready for that final step and that is why the ascended masters come to you and offer you a path that you can follow step by step, and thereby rise until you are ready. But on that path of Christhood, there are certain points, where you make bigger decisions. The entire path is a string of decisions that you must make. And most of you fully understand that Christhood is self-transcendence and that the key to self-transcendence is that you make the decision to let go of a former limitation that you accepted. Let it go. Let it die on the cross, and then you are reborn into a higher sense of identity.

And the path to Christhood has many small steps, whereby you gradually rise. But there will come points on that path, where a small decision is no longer enough. In order to rise to the next plateau, to the next level, you must make a big decision, a big decision to let go of something in your former life, in your former sense of self, to leave it behind to let it die, to step out of that mold and to follow the Living Christ, whether he appears within or appears without in the form of a person who is a true spiritual teacher, such as Jesus Christ.

Let the Living Christ call you

Truly, study how Jesus called his disciples. Imagine yourself going about your business in your daily life, and suddenly a person comes up to you with intense, burning eyes and says, “Leave your nets and follow me!” And then he turns around and walks away without looking back.

When you are at a plateau, where you need to step up to a higher level, then – in some form or another – the teacher will come to you, be it within or without, perhaps as a person, perhaps as a book, perhaps as a voice in your head that you know is the true voice. And that teacher will say, “Leave your nets and follow me!” And that is all he will say. Not necessarily in those exact words but he will give you a clear instruction that cannot be misunderstood or misinterpreted.

The question is, “What are you going to do?” Are you going to follow the teacher, even though you do not know where the path leads you? Or are you going to cling to what is familiar and ask for guarantees or time to prepare. You see, the eternal motto of the ascended masters is that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. So when that situation does happen to you, you are ready at inner levels. Your ego, of course, is not ready – and doesn’t think you are ready – and will come up with a million excuses of why you are not ready and why you should not follow this person, or this teacher or this voice inside of you.

Yet I must tell you that when Jesus called his disciples, he did call more than 12 disciples. And not all of them heeded the call. But those who did heed the call did so because they instantly followed Christ. They did not think, they did not plan, they did not prepare, they did not look back. They simply dropped their nets and they followed Jesus.

There will come a point, where you will need to do this to step up to a higher level. This messenger, many years ago, had a discussion with a minister in a Lutheran church.**** And this very topic of how Jesus called his disciples was brought up. And the minister, who supposedly represented Christ, said, “Oh, I am sure the disciples had a long time to prepare to follow Jesus. They had at least a year to get their things in order.” And this shows you the state of consciousness of orthodox Christianity today.

They have taken out the essence of the guru-student, the master-disciple, relationship. They have put Jesus on a pedestal. And in order to do so, they have also elevated his disciples, so that they could follow Christ directly, but you cannot—because you are miserable sinner, so you need to follow the outer church instead of following the Living Christ.

Stop believing in the orthodox lie

That is the most atrocious lie perpetrated upon humanity over the past 2,000 years. You are all here because you know in your hearts that you volunteered to play a part in exposing that lie to the people on earth. In demonstrating that you will not believe in that lie, you will not let it limit you—you will step away from these false teachers, these blind leaders. You will step out of their churches, and you will shout the message from the housetops that Christ is risen in you, and that Christ is real and that all have a Christ potential. That is what will bring about the second coming of Christ that is the ultimate victory of the Piscean age and the ultimate open door to the Aquarian age consciousness.

A critical mass must be reached before you will see physical manifestations of the Golden Age. That critical mass has been brought much closer by the vigils you have given to Mother Mary’s rosaries. It will be brought even closer through the vigils you will continue to give. Yet I must tell you that there will come a point where no further progress can be made, until you make the decision to let your former sense of self die on the cross. You simply let it drop as the disciples dropped their nets, and you turn around and follow Christ.

You must love something more than you love the ego

And how can you make that decision, when you are so involved with your lives and the things of the world and your former consciousness? You can do so only when you love something more than what you are giving up. That is why so many people get stuck at a certain level of the spiritual path. And I must tell you that when I survey planet earth today, I see millions of earnest spiritual seekers who are following this or that organization or guru or this or that teaching. They are sincere, they are earnest, they are following what is not a false teaching but is not the ultimate teaching either. Because the teaching does not directly teach that there does come a point where you must transcend, you must go beyond what you thought was enough.

This is the essence of self-transcendence. You see, my beloved hearts, when we give you any concept related to spiritual growth, or salvation, or Christhood – any concept we give you – the duality consciousness, the serpentine mind, will immediately start twisting that concept. And it will set up an idol, saying, “As long as I do this and this and this, I will be saved, I will become the Christ, I will make whatever goal has been defined.”

Yet the true goal of all spiritual seekers is to continue to self-transcend. The consciousness of anti-christ would prefer to have all people on earth remain completely ignorant of the path of self-transcendence. But for those that they cannot keep in ignorance about the path, they attempt the next best thing—that is to make them follow the way that seems right unto a man, but the ends thereof are the ways of death. And the path that seems right unto a man is simply this, “There must come a point where I am saved, where I am the Christ, where I am perfect, where I am immortal. And then I will be home free, and I can sit down and relax and I no longer need to grow and transcend.”

This is the dream of the separate mind, that some kind of plateau is reached and from then on no more growth is possible, no more self-transcendence is needed. This is what the false teachers will tell you over and over and over again. “We have the truth. Our church is the only one. As long as you are a member of this church, you will be saved, you are home free. Don’t challenge your ego. Don’t transcend yourself. Don’t let go of the past. Just be comfortable. You are saved. You have it made.”

There are millions of versions of this lie, and they all do the same thing. They seek to lull people into the state of consciousness, where they think they don’t need to transcend themselves and come up higher. They don’t need to take that big step forward that brings them to an entirely new level that they could hardly even envision before.

Challenging the momentum of anti-victory

This is the anti-victory that has been rampant on this earth for thousands of years, and I am here to challenge it. And I – because I love you – will start by challenging it in you. Whatever you think is enough, I serve you notice this moment, “It is not enough!” Because what is required of you is ongoing, perpetual self-transcendence. Do you think it would be right for a river to say, “I have flowed along long enough, I am going to stop right here.” Nay, because at that moment, the river would die, because the river is the ever-moving stream.

And thus, you are created as the offspring of God. You were created to be a co-creator with God and take part in the ever-flowing River of Life that is God’s creation, for in God’s creation nothing is stationary. All is moving and transcending and even God itself, the Creator itself, is transcending all the time. And thus if you are part of that river of life, you are transcending. You never stop. You never become attached. You never say, “I have done enough.”

This, however, does not mean that you come from fear or a sense of lack or a sense that you are not good enough or that nothing you do is good enough. The entire shift in consciousness that you need to make is the shift that because life is an ongoing process of self-transcendence, there is no ultimate goal that will stop the self-transcendence. And when you fully accept this one fact, you realize that there is no point in feeling that you are not worthy because you have not reached the ultimate level that isn’t there.

Allow yourself to feel the victory

Do you see my point? You can go on for eternity, feeling you are not there and you are not worthy. And you will be chasing that carrot because you will never, ever, catch up to the ultimate. So, the change is simple. Allow yourself to know that the path is an ongoing process of self-transcendence. And each time you transcend yourself, you have touched the hem of Christ’s garment. You have touched the hem of the garment of the Presence of Victory that I AM.

And you should allow yourself to feel that joy of the Lord, of having come up higher. And as you begin to make this shift in consciousness, you will sense God’s unconditional love. And there is no greater love than the love of a spiritual teacher, who sees the student take that very next step and leave behind the old state of consciousness. That is the greatest love you will experience. And when you begin to experience that love, there will come a point, where you suddenly look at your life, and you look at planet earth and you say, “There is nothing in this world that compares with the love I feel for my God, for my teacher. Thus, there is nothing in this world that I would rather have than the unconditional love of God.”

And thus, you become willing to give up anything in this world to experience that love. And that is when the path ceases to be a struggle, and it becomes a joyful walk. It ceases to be the Via Dolorosa that the churches have again set up as an idol, thinking they should focus on the suffering of Christ.

Suffering is not necessary

Their mistake is to think that the suffering was necessary. Yet the suffering only comes from an attachment. Something that makes you attached, so that you cannot let go of the former self and take that giant leap to the next plateau. For truly, to let go you must be willing to let your former sense of self die. And if you will look at Jesus’ life without the glasses of idolatry, you will see that he faced the exact same decisions that you will face.

And even when he was hanging on the cross, he was faced with a decision. And in his mind, he had an expectation of what should happen, and suddenly he realized that that expectation would not be fulfilled, because God would not come and save him. And at that moment Jesus realized that he would have to die on the cross. And for some brief moments, even Jesus hung on to the physical life. And then, finally, he surrendered, and he gave up the ghost of his former expectation. He let his body die on the cross, as a symbol for letting a part of your ego die on the cross. And because he was willing to let the former state die, he was reborn into the resurrection, that is the eternal life.

This is the process you must follow when you realize that Jesus was the example, the wayshower, and not the idol to be worshiped. And I can assure you, that the decisions you face will be no more or no less difficult than the decisions faced by Jesus. So many think it was easy for him. But if you read the scriptures carefully, you will see that it was far from easy. And you can take some comfort in that, and realize that it is a difficult decision, but that it can be done.

And you can even take some comfort in saying, “But I can learn from Jesus’ example. I can learn that if I can tune in to the love from Above, then I do not have to feel attached to the former. I can let it die without resistance, without a struggle.” And the less attachment you feel, the more willing you are to come to that point of saying, “I recognize I have come to a turning point where I need to rise higher, and I need to let go of this old self.”

Welcome the big decisions

When you recognize this consciously, and have the momentum of love, you can let it go without the suffering, the pain, the going back and forth, the arguing with yourself, reasoning whether you should do this or that. Instead, it just drops from you.

You keep your eye on Christ, and you follow Christ. And before you know it, you look back and you say, “But that wasn’t such a big decision—why did it seem so hard at the time?” And when you have done this a number of times, you build the momentum of victory. And now you see the decision coming. You welcome it instead of resisting it. And because you are not resisting it, you do what Jesus said at Easter—you own it.

You own the condition that you need to surrender. And when you fully own it, and are no longer resisting it, then you can let it go with ease. And it drops as the scales fall from the eyes of those who are blind. It drops away, and you see the new day. And suddenly, you are spiritually reborn into a new sense of self. And did not Jesus tell Nicodemus that unless a man is reborn, he cannot enter the kingdom of heaven (John 3:1). And this truly is a spiritual rebirth, and not the physical rebirth that Nicodemus – as a symbol for the human consciousness – could envision.

Let it go! Let it drop. Learn to recognize when it is time to take a major leap forward on your path—and then take it with joy. Welcome it. Anticipate it. See it as the doorway to a greater freedom, the freedom of a new sense of self as a co-creator with God, basking in the Light of the God of Freedom for the earth—Saint Germain. Basking in the radiance of the love of Jesus, who is your forerunner on the path. And basking in the warm glow of the love of Mary, who is there to congratulate you any time you take that step higher. And I, too, will greet you when you make those important decisions. And I will respectfully let Mary get there first, for I know that my time will come.

The Seal of Victory

And thus, as my gift to you today, I offer each of you who is willing to come before me and receive the seal of victory on your forehead. [The audience forms a line and each person goes in front of the messenger, who, with his index finger, makes the sign of Victory (a ‘V’) on their foreheads, while the Presence of Victory says:


The dictation continues:

And thus, with the overflowing Joy of Victory, I seal you in my heart. And as long as you are willing to follow the Flame of Victory and self-transcend, you will remain there, for Victory is beyond time and beyond space. Victory is all that is real. I AM Victory.

* During the spring of 2005, people from around the world joined forces in giving four 33-day vigils for four of Mother Mary’s rosaries.

** The Conscious You was introduced in a question and answer session with Jesus.

**** This was a minister in the Danish State Church, a Lutheran denomination.


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