You cannot give away what you do not own

TOPICS: The key psychological dynamic that blocks true healing – You cannot enter the kingdom of heaven – Ownership is the key – Most Christians have anger against God – The master key to healing – Healing and your divine plan – Jesus also suffered and had frustrations – Be willing to carry your cross – The making of a saint –

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Ascended Master Jesus, March 28, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

The key psychological dynamic that blocks true healing

I AM the Being that all people know as Jesus Christ. And although in the ongoingness of God, the constant self-transcendence of God, I have now become more than I was 2,000 years ago, I am ever happy and grateful for those who will listen to me in the form of Jesus Christ.

I am come to give you a teaching on healing, specifically why so many people cannot be healed. And as you know from the scriptures, there were many people who met me 2,000 years ago and who were not healed. And there were those who had healing, yet their condition reappeared. So why is it that so many cannot be healed?

To fully understand this, I would like you to consider what is the greatest threat, the greatest single threat, to your salvation. There are many answers that human beings would give, but very few human beings have discovered the real answer. The real answer is that the greatest single threat to the salvation of humankind is religion—an outer, fear-based religion that sets up and upholds the idol of the external God who resides outside of the inner kingdom.

This creates a schism in the psyche of every soul that has been exposed to this form of religion, especially if they were exposed to it from early childhood and were brought up in a fear-based environment. The schism is that the lifestream knows from within that it came from somewhere else, that it is not a product of the body, that it is not the product of one lifetime, but that it is ancient and that it came from a higher source. Yet the outer religion, be it a religion that claims to worship God or be it a religion that denies God, such as scientific materialism; that religion tells the soul that God is outside, that God is separate and that you cannot reach God on your own.

And many religions furthermore set up an ideal for how the perfect human being should be, the perfect human being that is acceptable in the eyes of God—that is: according to that religion. And they portray the image that only those human beings who live up to this outer definition of the perfect human being, only those will be allowed to enter the kingdom of heaven. What is the lifestream to do, when it is presented with this approach to salvation?

The lifestream then tries, with the outer mind, to mold itself after the ideal that has been put before it since childhood. The lifestream does not know that this ideal is an idol and a violation of the first two commandments. So the lifestream tries its best, using its outer mind, its outer will, to mold itself after this idol of the perfect human being. And not only does the lifestream fail to understand that it is an idol, but it also fails to understand – because it has never been told – that it is an impossible idol, that no human being could ever live up to this outer standard of perfection.

And the reason for this is that this outer standard originated in the mind of anti-christ, the mind of the devil himself, who believes that there is a mechanical path to salvation. And this then leads the lifestream to perhaps spend an entire lifetime to strive for the outer righteousness that was the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, that I denounced when I said that, “Unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no wise enter the kingdom.”

And why will you not enter the kingdom? Because the kingdom is within you, and until you unite with the consciousness of the kingdom, how can you BE in the kingdom?

You cannot enter the kingdom of heaven

In fact – in reality – you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. You can BE in the kingdom of heaven or you can BE outside in consciousness. Because, truly, God is omnipresent. God is already where you are. The illusion that you are separated from God’s kingdom can only exist in the lower mind, the mind that has been trapped in duality.

And when the Conscious You identifies itself with this mind, the self is in a catch-22. It knows from within that it is more than this outer mind. And yet it has come to believe that in order to be saved, it needs to live up to this outer ideal, and the outer ideal is a denial of the lifestream’s true creativity and true being. So the outer mind is trying to force the outer matrix upon the lifestream, and at subconscious levels the Conscious You knows that this will not lead to salvation, so the Conscious You rebels against the outer discipline, and thus you become a house divided against yourself.

You become your own worst enemy. You see so many people who are trapped in this no-man’s land, where they are neither hot nor cold. They are lukewarm, and the true inner meaning of being lukewarm is that you are trapped in the catch-22, where your outer mind – assisted by your religious upbringing – is trying to force something upon the Conscious You, against which the Conscious You, in the core of its being, is rebelling because it knows it is not God’s will.

And as long as you are trapped in that duality, that catch-22, you cannot move forward on your own. Thus, you cannot be healed of the conditions that your mind has created out of that duality consciousness, be it mental illness, physical disease or outer problems. You cannot be healed until you get out of that impasse, you get out of that catch-22. And what is the key to escaping from this condition of being neither this nor that, neither fully alive nor fully dead?

Ownership is the key

To explain this to you, let me ask you to consider an analogy. Imagine that you are walking down the street with a child that is dear to your heart. You pass a toy store, and in the window is a beautiful toy, and the child falls in love with the toy and says, “Will you give me that toy?” Can you reach through the glass and take the toy and give it to the child? Can you go into the store and grab the toy and run out with it and give it to the child? Well, you can but there will be consequences. So what will you have to do before you can give that toy to the child and thereby fulfill the desire of the child and your desire to give the child a gift?

What you will have to do is simple. You will have to go into the store and pay for the toy, and when you have paid for it, you can take ownership of it. And when YOU own the toy – instead of the store owner – then you can give the toy to the child. And the essence of the story is that you cannot give away that which you do not own.

Remember this sentence, “You cannot give away what you do not own.” To give something away, you must first take possession of it. You must take ownership, and when it is fully yours, then you have the option to give it away. And this is what you must do before you can be healed of any condition in body, mind or soul. You must take ownership of that condition, you must take possession, and when it is yours, then you have the option to give it away. And it is in the giving away of the condition that you can be free of the condition; you can be healed

Most Christians have anger against God

You see so many conditions in the earth that spring—not just from the duality consciousness, but from the fact that the soul has been programmed by an outer religion to believe that it should not be experiencing this or that condition. This comes in many disguises, but let me just bring up one example. So many Christians have been brought up to believe that in order to be good Christians, they should never be angry.

And yet they experience situations in their lives that bring up the feeling of anger. But because they are “good Christians,” they do not recognize the anger, they do not take ownership of it. So what do they do? They deny it, they stuff it into the subconscious mind. Yet anger is a form of energy, anger is thought imbued with the power of feeling, and thus it will eventually cycle through the energy system of the material universe, until it manifests as a physical condition in the body or a severe schism in the mind.

How can you be healed of a physical disease that is the product of anger? You cannot be healed fully through surgery or by taking a pill. You can be healed only by recognizing that the condition is the product of anger. Then, you must take an honest look at the anger, going all the way into it, until you discover the cause that made you feel that anger in the first place—and that cause is often an expectation that is not in alignment with the reality of life or the higher will of your being. But until you own the anger, until you take possession of it and accept that you created it by making a choice, and until you discover the cause for why you made that choice, how can you ever give away the anger?

And thus, so many Christians have been brought up with a belief system that does not make sense, that does not answer their questions about life, that does not explain why they have personally encountered tragedy or why one child is born with immense handicaps and another child is born rich or gifted. They see the inequality in the world, and their only option is to reason that God must have created it that way. And yet, when you reason that way, it is inevitable that you will feel that God is unjust, and so there is anger against God.

And so many Christians, in fact over 90% of all of those who call themselves Christians, have an unrecognized anger against God. Yet because they have been programmed with the need to be “good Christians” – because if they are not good Christians they cannot enter the kingdom of heaven and be saved – they have only one option and it is to ignore, deny and suppress that anger.

The master key to healing

Yet how could you possible enter the kingdom of God, when you feel anger against God? You do not want to come close to something that makes you feel anger or fear—you want to run away from it. So how can you enter the inner kingdom until you have resolved your anger, and how can you resolve the anger until you take ownership of that anger and see that it was something you created because you came to believe in one of the serpentine lies?

And now that you own it – now that you understand why – all of a sudden you can do something you could never do before. You can say, “This is anger is mine. I take responsibility for it, and at this very moment, I own it fully.”

And then you can say, “But I also realize that although I created the anger, the “I” that created the anger was the human ego, the human “I.” But I am more than that human ego. I am an immortal being, created by God in his image and likeness. And it was not my Conscious You who created the anger, and thus I don’t want the anger any more, I don’t want it to be part of my being and my life experience.”

And once you realize that the anger is separate from yourself – it is a thing you own and not a part of yourself – at that moment, you have the option to give it away. And instead of giving your anger, or rather trying to give away your anger, by taking it out on other people, you can give it to the one Being who will gladly take your anger. And that being is God, because God loves you and does not want to see you live a life burdened by anger or the effects of anger, such as mental and emotional and physical disease.

God wants you to be free of the anger, and God is an unlimited fire, an all-consuming fire, that can consume the anger in an instant. So God will gladly take it from you, but God gave you free will and will not take your anger until you give it to him. And you cannot give it to him until you take ownership, until you take possession, and you say, “This was created by a part of my being, and thus I accept accountability and responsibility. Yet it was created by a part of my being that is not my true self. Thus, neither my ego nor the anger created by the ego is part of my Conscious You. And I will no longer identify with the ego or with the anger, I will separate myself out from it. I will come apart and be a separate and chosen people, elect unto God because I have chosen to separate myself from the consciousness of death.”

And when you do this, then you can take the anger and you can turn to God – the God in the kingdom within you – and say, “Oh Lord, I offer this to you, please take it from me.” And if you can fully let go, it will be taken. And as the cycles turn in the material universe, even a physical condition that is the result of anger will be taken from you.

Healing and your divine plan

Yet, as we have explained over these last two days, there are conditions where healing may not occur or may not occur instantly. And the reason for that is that the Conscious You either has not fully learned the lesson it needs to learn from that condition, or it has not fully balanced the karma that it was meant to balance by carrying that condition in its body or mind. And this can be personal karma, but for many spiritual people it truly is world karma that they are holding for others. Many of you chose to come down into embodiment in order to carry a certain portion of world karma. All of you who are here, and all of you who are on the spiritual path, have volunteered to carry a burden, to carry a cross, so that others might not have to carry that burden and therefore have the opportunity to rise.

Yet what often happens to such beautiful and loving lifestreams is that when they come down into embodiment, they get overwhelmed by the intensity, by the weight, of the energies on this planet, that are truly so heavy now that it can overwhelm almost any lifestream. And then they get influenced by the programming of the world, which says they shouldn’t really be having that condition. And perhaps it is an unjust and angry God that put it upon them, or perhaps there is no God. The Conscious You who volunteered to come down to carry that condition, to carry that cross for others, now is tricked into entering the same catch-22 that I described earlier, where the outer mind of the soul rebels against the condition that it has volunteered to take on.

The outer mind is trying frantically to overcome that condition through outer means, through mechanical, physical means, by running to doctors or health care practitioners or healers of any kind. And yet – deep within – the Conscious You knows that it volunteered to carry that condition, and therefore it does not want to let go of that condition until the purpose has been fulfilled and the lifestream has carried that burden long enough, so that others might rise and make use of the opportunity that they were given.

The Conscious You rebels against its own divine plan and the decision it made while it was in the lighter energies of the spiritual realm. And so many wonderful and loving lifestreams go through an entire lifetime of rebelling against that which is their own choice, and which they chose out of love. They have negative feelings about their condition, be it fear, anger or resentment. And those feelings only make it so much harder for them to bear that condition. And unfortunately, the harder they make it for themselves, the easier it is for the Conscious You to begin to identify itself with the condition, so that it thinks it is a part of its being that it cannot overcome.

You see, there is a very subtle difference between identifying with a condition with the outer mind and stepping outside of that condition and taking ownership by realizing that, yes, you did create that condition or you did take it on, but the condition itself is the expression of a state of consciousness and that state of consciousness was not created by the Conscious You. It was created by your ego and by the forces of this world, including the egos of other people.

Jesus also suffered and had frustrations

Again, many lifestreams, who volunteered to take on a condition to balance a certain amount of world karma, will get stuck in carrying that condition far beyond the point that is necessary, far beyond the point where they have actually balanced that portion of world karma and are now free to focus on the positive aspects of their divine plan, which is to bring their gifts to this world.

A lifestream has two purposes for taking embodiment. One is to carry the cross, one is to bring its gift. And spiritual people often choose to take on the cross first, and once they have conquered that task, they are then free to be whole in bringing their gift. But if they are tricked into rebelling against carrying their cross, and if they are not willing to let their human ego and their attachments die on that cross, then the lifestream will be stuck. And this is what happened to Peter—that he recognized the Christ, but he was not willing to fully identify with me, even to the point where he was willing to be crucified next to me if that was God’s plan.

The key to moving out of this impasse is to learn from my example, where you saw me in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before my trial and crucifixion. And again, the serpents of this world have created the false image of Jesus Christ that makes it impossible for most people to identify with me. And thus they tend to gloss over the fact that, while I was in that garden, I was deeply disturbed and deeply distraught.

I cried tears of blood. I was suffering, as so many other people are suffering, by carrying the burden that I was carrying, by carrying my cross, and by the thought of what would happen next. And I was so burdened by this that even though my Conscious You had volunteered to come into that situation, I still asked God to take that cup away from me. And this will show you that Jesus Christ was indeed human like yourself and not some God and not some superhuman, for whom the path was easy.

The path was not easy for me. I was as frustrated and distraught that evening as any human being has ever been frustrated. And yet the inspiration you can take away from this is that I eventually came to the point, where I took ownership of my situation. I decided that I was willing to let God’s will be done, and not the lower will of the outer mind. I surrendered myself to God and said, “Nevertheless Father, not my will but thine be done.” Yet I could not have surrendered myself to God unless I had taken ownership of my situation, unless I had taken ownership to the point where, if I had had to keep the condition forever, I would have been at peace with that.

Be willing to carry your cross

If you have a condition in your life, be it an outer condition, be it a mental, emotional condition or be it a physical ailment, you need to come to the point of inner peace and surrender to the higher will of your own being, your own Conscious You and I AM presence, where you are willing to say, “God, if I have to carry this for the rest of my life, I will not only be at peace with that, but I will take the situation and make the best of it because I will love that condition. And I will approach it with love, so that even if I have to carry that condition, I will not use it as a reason to turn off the flow of God’s love through me. And I will let that love flow, come what may in this world.”

And when you come to that point of total ownership, at that point you can surrender yourself fully to God. And at that point, you might indeed get an inner direction of how you can actually balance the karma you are carrying in a different way than through the limitation you are facing. It might be through rosaries, it might be through service, it might be through the resolution of psychology, whereby you not only resolve your own psychology but help resolve the mass consciousness, the collective unconscious of humankind, making it easier for your brothers and sisters to overcome the same condition.

Once you come to that point of total surrender that does not spring from fear or the desire to get away from the condition, but it springs from total acceptance of the condition that can only come from love—once you come to that point, you are setting yourself free to flow with the will of God, the higher will of your I AM Presence and Conscious You, for your present embodiment. And at that moment, you will no longer be at an impasse.

You will be back in the flow of life, and you will feel like a burden has been lifted from your shoulders. Because even if the condition remains, you will no longer be as burdened by it, you will be free to be the loving being that you are, to feel the fulfillment, even the fulfillment of carrying that condition because you know you are giving someone else the opportunity to rise higher and come closer to God.

The making of a saint

And suddenly, your life will open up, and you will no longer be in resentment or anger or disappointment or fear. You will be in the flow of love, and you will feel that love flowing through you. And that is when you will see the transformation that leads to the condition called sainthood, where you see so many people who have suffered a condition for many years, and for many years they were so focused on themselves and their own suffering, but suddenly a change occurred. And they opened up, and now they were no longer focused on themselves, they were only focused on how they could help others who are going through that same situation, or even others who had worse conditions to deal with.

And suddenly you have the making of a saint, the awakening of a lifestream because the Conscious You is now back in the flow. It is not at an impasse, it is flowing with the love of God out of which it sprang. And thus the Conscious You knows that even though it might not be perfect in an outer sense, and even though it might have this or that human condition, it is on the road to salvation, and it knows that it is coming home.

And you know how the old horse starts walking faster when it smells that the barn is near. And that is how the Conscious You feels when it is awakened to the acceptance that it chose to come here for a positive reason, a reason that sprang out of love. And when it reconnects to that love, all of a sudden the weight of the world falls off your shoulders and you can stand upright, no matter what conditions you are facing. And you can say, “But these imperfections on earth don’t matter because I now see the barn, I am coming home and I see my God standing in the doorway and next to him is my older brother, Jesus, and my older sister, Mary. And they are greeting me, and they are beaming their love to me, making it easier for me to walk the last steps of the road home.”

My Beloved, ponder these teachings. Go within your hearts, be willing to face any condition in your psychology, in your consciousness. Be willing to take ownership, to accept it in love, and then give it to God. And if God take it away, be content. And if God does not take it away, be content. Because either way, you are going home when you are in the flow of love.

This is my teaching for this Easter, and I would that all human beings could understand this and get back into the flow of love. For truly, what is that flow of love but the true meaning of the resurrection. And even the physical body can be resurrected and made new from any condition, including the condition that human beings call death. There is nothing on earth that cannot be transcended through the power of God. But to unleash that power of God, you must first take ownership and then give away that which is not of God.

So I seal you in the love of my heart, and in the name of the Father, the Mother, the Holy Spirit and the only begotten Son of God, which is the Christ consciousness, Amen.

Part of this dictation was used in the book: Heal Your Life by Forgiving Everything.

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