The ongoing spirals of ascension towards the White Cube

TOPICS: Moses also preached the transcendent God – The psychology that wrestles with God – Beyond a literal interpretation of the exodus – The mistake of Jacob – The pride of those who wrestle with God – Wandering in the desert – The symbol of the promised land – My victory over my drama – All is vanity in the epic dramas – Enter the fire of God – Lord Ling takes his leave of this planet –

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Ascended Master Lord Ling (Moses), October 26, 2009 through Kim Michaels. In the Negev Desert north of Eilat, Israel.

As an ascended master, I have been known as Lord Ling. But as many of you know, one of my last embodiments was indeed as Moses who led the Israelites out of the captivity of Egypt. My Beloved, why did I not make my ascension after that embodiment? Why did I choose a name that was so far away from the biblical character of Moses, when I finally ascended? Well, there are many reasons for this, some of which I will reveal to you.

For although I do not expect that any of the Israelites will be willing to hear or read these words – or assign any authority to them – I will nevertheless speak it in the physical, so that those who have ears to hear and eyes to see may know, that there is a deeper truth and a deeper mystery to be understood. For one of the great problems in religion on this planet has always been the combination of the ego and the linear mind, and its tendency to want to interpret any spiritual teaching in a linear, literal manner. Thereby turning it into a codified doctrine, a scripture that is considered to have some ultimate authority, and therefore can never be expanded upon, can never be exceeded by a higher teaching.

Moses also preached the transcendent God

For there are always those trapped in that linear mind, trapped in the pride of the ego or the fear of the ego, of not daring or not wanting to give up the sense of superiority, that they have the highest, most important teaching that ever has and can be given on this planet. As my beloved colleague, Master MORE, has explained, he preached as Abraham the transcendent God. Well my beloved, what do you think I preached as Moses?

Well, indeed, it was, too, that same transcendent God who – when I asked for a name – would not actually give me a name, but would only give me the words “I will be who I will be,” as a meditation for those who are willing to realize, that the Living God can never be captured by a name, by an image, by a scripture or by anything else in the material world. For there is indeed nothing in the world of form that can contain the formless. This is an eternal truth, an eternal idea, contemplated by those who are willing to know the Living God, rather than wanting to worship a graven image of their own making or of someone else’s making.

The psychology that wrestles with God

And who might that someone else be, but precisely those beings who – as Jesus has recently explained and as Maitreya has explained before him – who have fallen through several spheres—falling into this one with that sense of superiority that they know better than God. Abraham was a true man of the Living God, who was willing to transcend all outer images of the tribal Gods. I too was a man of the Living God, but was the third patriarch, Jacob, a man of the Living God? Indeed why would he wrestle with the Angel of God, if he was?

The hallmark of the fallen beings is indeed that they wrestle with God about anything and everything. For what is the difference between those who know the Living God and those who will not know the Living God? It is indeed, that those who know or are willing to know the Living God will let nothing on earth come between them and a direct experience, a direct encounter with the Living God. They are willing to overcome any mental box, any graven image, that they or others have conjured up here on this little planet. They are willing to reach beyond it all, to continually transcend their state of consciousness in order to have even a brief glimpse of that Living God and the Presence of that God.

Those who are not willing to go beyond, what do they do? Well, they turn God into a player in their epic dramas. You will not find a more profound teaching than the one given recently by Jesus, and given by other ascended masters in the recent book, about dramas. You will not find a more profound teaching anywhere for explaining the psychological dynamic that has been going on on this planet for eons.

This teaching can liberate you from being a blind follower of the blind leaders, who are the fallen beings—who are wrestling with God, who have been wrestling with God in previous spheres and therefore have been doing it for what is even beyond the beginning of time in this universe. And from a realistic perspective, most of those beings will probably continue to wrestle with God, until they face the final judgment and the end of their opportunity as self-aware beings, who have any power to express themselves in the world of form.

These beings have turned the Living God into a graven image, that fits within their epic dramas, whichever drama they have conjured up and have come to believe themselves is the absolute truth about God and this universe. They are not likely to give it up. They could potentially give it up, but I tell you, that that should not be your concern for that is up to their free will. And the Law of God is indeed set up to give them that opportunity for the appointed time.

You may shorten the time they have here on earth, as you have been instructed by other masters, but you need not concern yourself about whether these beings will be converted to the true Living Path for it is indeed not your job to convert them. It is your job to let your light shine and to set forth an example of those who are willing to reach for the Living God, who are willing to look beyond and question any graven image created by the religions of this world, by political philosophies or even by the ideology; the religion if you will, of materialism.

Beyond a literal interpretation of the exodus

Going back to my opening remarks about those who want to take any teaching literally, well, it is possible to take the Bible – the New Testament, the Old Testament, the Jewish version, the Muslim version, any version you like – it is possible to take it and interpret it in a linear, literal fashion. This is indeed possible. And it is not necessarily wrong, that some people do so, for they are at a level of consciousness, where they are not able to do anything else. They are not able to look beyond the outer teaching, for they still need something outer to follow, they need a religion with a clearly defined scripture, a clearly defined set of rules, so that they can follow them for a time, until they become more mature and able – actually – to think about religious matters, for many of the new lifestreams cannot.

However, there is a distinction that must be made here, for there are many lifestreams who have come to the level of maturity, where they should have long ago started to take responsibility for themselves and thinking about religious matters—going beyond the outer teachings, the outer scriptures, the outer dogmas and traditions, so that they could reach for the Living God. For you cannot experience the Living God, if your mind is closed and fixated on some outer religion that you think you must follow blindly. You simply will not encounter the Living God this way, for there must be an openness of mind and heart. For the Living God respects his own Law of Free Will and will not intrude, if your mind and heart is closed.

We now have on this planet billions, literally billions, of souls who have come to that level of maturity, but who are still blindly following an outer religion, created by the fallen beings as a part of their epic dramas. And these people are, so to speak, held in a no-man’s land, in a catch-22, where they have been given certain beliefs but also been infused with a fear to ever question or look beyond them, for the fear of some calamity coming upon them, such as enduring eternal torture in some fiery hell.

Oh my beloved, what a lie! What a lie perpetrated upon humankind, that the real God, the Living God, could ever condemn you to such a fate. For what does the Living God want? Well, as Jesus said, “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom” so what is there to fear? Indeed, I too came to preach the same message.

For you see, there WERE certain people captured in the land of Egypt by certain powers that be. I did serve in some capacity to lead them out of that on a search for the Promised Land. But if you take the Bible the way it is written and interpret it with the linear, literal mind, then you will miss the deeper meaning. For what is the true symbolism here, the deeper symbolism that can unlock the keys to your understanding? Well, what does the captivity in Egypt symbolize spiritually? Is it just a matter of physical captivity? Nay. It is a captivity of the mind, a captivity of the mind. The Israelites were not so much imprisoned by physical powers, as they were imprisoned by a set of illusions in the mind.

The mistake of Jacob

What does Pharaoh represent? He represents the Fallen Beings, and what was it that had imprisoned the minds of the Israelites? Well, it was indeed the epic dramas, the epic dramas that the people had come to believe. And why did they believe it? Because they followed the patriarch Jacob, who did not follow the path outlined by Abraham, of seeking the formless God but wrestled with the Angel of God until, as the scripture says, the Angel relented and gave him a blessing.

But was it a true blessing, or was this simply an illusion? What really happened was, that the Angel wrestled with Jacob to help him see beyond his mental box of the need for a graven image of God. And when the Angel could get nowhere, he had to withdraw to respect the free will of Jacob. And thus Jacob faced that choice that is the judgment—will you follow the representative of God sent to you or will you remain in your mental box? Because Jacob wanted to stay in his mental box, he indeed interpreted the event to mean, that he had been blessed by the Angel, who had confirmed his view of God, his idolatrous view of the external God, the personal God that favors the Israelites and is therefore simply, as has been said before me, an extension of the tribal Gods. The Living God cannot possibly have one people on this little planet, that is his chosen people over all others.

Think back to the visualization given yesterday of the immensity of this universe and how small this planet is. Do you not realize, that the Living God is the originator of all this expansive world of form? And now consider how infinitely small this earth is, how your scientists have already revealed millions of planets that could potentially have life. And I tell you, there are millions upon millions of planets in this universe that do have life; most of them are far more advanced and sophisticated forms of life than what you have on this planet, certainly a much higher state of consciousness than what you see in humanity today.

And thus, does it make any sense whatsoever, that out of the vastness of this universe, the Real God would have one small group of people, wandering around in the desert in this parched part of the planet, that was his favorite and chosen people? And they were the only ones who would be saved, and all other inhabitants on this beautiful planet would perish in some fiery hell—or whatever hell you want to envision.

The pride of those who wrestle with God

It makes no sense whatsoever and can only be believed by people, who are so blinded by their own epic drama, that gives them such a need to feel superior to all others, that they will believe almost anything that seems to affirm that sense of superiority. Why were the Israelites driven into exile? Because what else could be done to shake them out of the mental box that they had entered into—that they were God’s chosen people? What else could break that arrogance, that pride, but persecution after persecution?

But did it break the pride? No, my beloved, for there is no sure way to make people wake up against their free will. There is nothing, that the duality consciousness cannot interpret to mean whatever it wants it to mean. And therefore, you see that the Israelites did not take the persecution as an opportunity to say, “What is God trying to tell us; is he perhaps telling us that we have misunderstood something—that we need to look beyond our mental box, and what is indeed that mental box?”

Well if you look beyond it, you will see that you are – your conscious self is – an extension of God’s own Being—but so is the conscious self of every other human being. And thus, it makes no sense to take racial, or religious, or ethnic differences and turn them into some epic struggle, where everybody else is against you and you are the favorite people. For all are extensions of the One Living God. And when you know that you are an extension of that God, you see that all others are too. And thus, you know what Jesus was trying to tell the Israelites—that you are all extensions of the Living God, that there is no favorite son except those who hear the Word of God and do it—the Living Word of God that they are willing to embody.

And thus, you see the symbolism of the Israelites being driven into exile, in order to shake up their mental boxes, including the mental box, that there is one piece of land on this entire earth, that is holier than others, that is chosen by God for them and that therefore they have some divine right to take and defend at all cost. What happened was, that prophets were sent to the Israelites as, indeed, prophets have been sent to all other people and civilizations on this planet to give them the Living Word; some teaching, some revelation, some progressive revelation that could take them out of their mental box.

And thus, I was simply one of them. One that was sent to show them that the power of the Living God is indeed greater than the abuse of power symbolized by the magicians in the court of Pharaoh. And in Pharaoh himself and the institution he represents, which is indeed the government of man, a worldly government as opposed to God Government.

Wandering in the desert

Because the Israelites somewhat responded to my calling and my message, they were at least somewhat – even though they grumbled and wrestled with me – they were at least willing to leave the comfortability they had built in their state of slavery. For even slavery can become a source of comfortability, for now you have someone telling you what to do, and you do not have to take responsibility for yourself and think for yourself. You see why many among the Israelites would rather have stayed there, but when a critical mass were willing to leave, they all felt compelled to follow.

We left the court of Pharaoh; we left the land of Egypt to wander in the desert. And again, the symbolism is not necessarily a physical wandering in the desert, but the symbolism of a journey in consciousness from that false, idolatrous religion that worshipped a graven image of the extended tribal God, until you come to the point, where the people can begin to grasp that there is a Living God. But could they grasp it? For do you not see the symbolism of me ascending the mountain to get the Laws of God, leaving the people down below—leaving them in their current state of consciousness after having given them teaching and examples, that were plenty to help them see, that they too could reach beyond that state of consciousness.

Do you not see that this was a test my beloved? A test as to whether the people would accelerate out of the old state of consciousness, or whether they would cling to the sense of the comfortable. Indeed, you see again, that the Israelites started to argue amongst themselves, and instead of being willing to transcend, to go within and reach for an experience of the Living God, they wrestled with God, with their image of God and came up with the need to have some physical representation symbolized by the golden calf.

When I came down from the Mount, and saw that they had started worshipping an outer symbol, instead of seeking the Living God within their own hearts, well, it was obvious that they were not ready for the higher law, that I could have given them based on my state of consciousness. The state of consciousness to which I had ascended, as a symbol for my ascending the Mountain of God and encountering the Living God who appeared as a burning fire—that was willing to burn away the last remnants of the personal and epic dramas that had lodged in my consciousness.

The symbol of the promised land

Indeed, I did respond with a certain state of disappointment and passion and anger, when I saw them having descended. And I had to withdraw again and meditate again on what could be given to them; given that they were not willing to rise above that lower state of consciousness and reach for the Living God. Even though other teachings may have been given in the past, I desire you to understand that the deeper meaning here is, that although we wandered for a long time in the desert – and although I was not allowed to enter the Promised Land – the deeper meaning is that the real, true promised land was not a physical area on this planet.

The Promised Land in its pure form is a symbol of a state of consciousness, a state of consciousness that Jesus later called the Kingdom of God. And where did he say, that that kingdom was to be found? Well, “within you,” my beloved. And I knew this full well. I knew that the real Promised Land is within, is a state of consciousness. And thus, when the Israelites were not willing to reach for that state of consciousness, once again they were allowed to go their own way. For I could do no more for them, and thus again they came to believe, that they had to find a physical land and enter it. And I had to stay without, for I could not follow them into that lower state of consciousness.

My victory over my drama

I had to remain true to the vision and to the level of consciousness I had attained. Thus, I stayed outside; I left the people behind, I left my physical body behind, I left even the drama behind, that I had created as a necessity for my playing the role that needed to be outplayed for the people. For I, indeed, played that role to some degree, so that I thought I could save them, I could do something for them. Just as you see Jesus himself had taken on a certain drama of thinking he could help the people, he could awaken the people. And indeed, he had to give up that ghost while hanging on the cross before he could be resurrected.

Well, I was not fully able to give it up after that embodiment as Moses, which is why I had to re-embody in a completely different spiritual tradition, where I finally was able to let go, was able to let go of the seriousness and the tendency to take life and my mission and myself so seriously, that I had become attached to the drama in which I had assigned myself. This epic role that I thought I had to take so seriously, for the fate of the people hung in the balance. And thus, I thought I had failed. And in my thinking I had failed, I created an attachment to the drama. For when you play a role – when you play a role in a drama, that is enacted to give people the opportunity to see their own dramas, to see their own reaction, as Master MORE so profoundly explained – well, when you play such a role, the test for you is to not become attached. For you are not here to force anyone; you are not here to force their free will. You are only here to give them an example, so they have an opportunity to choose.

All is vanity in the epic dramas

We have the personal dramas, we have the epic dramas created by the fallen beings and we have the cosmic dramas created by the ascended masters, who enact these dramas in order to give certain people an opportunity to see the inconsistency, the contradictions, and the pure ridiculousness of the epic dramas! So that they can see the falsities, see how unnecessary it is, see how pointless it is, how it is all vanity. Vanity my beloved, “all is vanity” in the epic dramas, for it can never lead to any outcome of any consequence in the reality of God.

The epic dramas claim, that there is a final solution, as indeed Hitler believed there was a final solution to the Jewish problem. But you see, as you have heard various myths and legends of those seeking to reach some marker, yet just as they are about to reach it, the marker is moved forward and now they have to keep going. Well, that is the nature of an epic drama. It promises you some reward when you reach an ultimate goal, but the goal can never be reached. So when you think you have reached it, you see that this was not so, but then there is the immediate promise, that if you just keep going, perhaps changing a little bit and adjusting a little bit here and there, there will be the ultimate goal, the ultimate end, the ultimate outcome.

My Beloved, you have free will. Play these epic dramas for as long as you want—it is your right. But I am here to tell you – as one who has ascended – that they will never lead you home, they will never lead you to the promised land, they will never lead you to the ascended state of consciousness. They will only lead you round and round on the merry-go-round, where the devil is turning the wheel and laughing. For as the wheel goes round, you give him your light.

Enter the fire of God

This of course is again your free-will right. But should you come to the point, where you have had enough of wandering in the desert, then I say, “Come with me, up on the Mountain of God, where you will see the eternal fire of the Living God, ready to burn off the dross, the remnants of the drama, the imperfect energies in your consciousness. But that which is real, that which is the real you, is like the bush that will burn with fire but will not be consumed.”

And therefore, when you have had enough of dancing around the golden calf forged by the fallen beings, then come up and enter into the fire of God. Not the fiery hell, but the true fire of the resurrection and the ascension, that will burn away all elements of the human consciousness, the fallen consciousness. And thus, you will stand naked in your original purity before the Living God. And that Living God will appear to you in the form of Alpha and Omega, the first expression of the God expressing itself, the formless God expressing itself, in form.

And they will welcome you home, so that you may sit, once again, at your point of origin, sitting on the White Cube between Alpha and Omega. And you may know, that this is the point of origin of all beings who have journeyed into the world of form. And you can return to it when you are ready, when you are willing, when you have expanded your sense of self to the point, where you are willing to step up and become a Creator of your own world, instead of being a co-creator within the world of form created by your Living God. Thus, you may know – when you ascend from earth – your true origin. And you may choose from the ascended state to still journey through the many levels of form, that are now open to you, before you finally return home to the White Cube, from which you can accelerate your Being out of the world of form—to the point where you are now no longer the co-creator, but the full Creator God. This is the potential. This IS the potential.

I can assure you, that this journey from the ascended state is far more rewarding than the false rewards promised by the fallen beings in their epic dramas—for it is a real journey. It has a real destination, namely your total awakening to the ultimate state of self-awareness. This is indeed the ascension beyond the ascension, the ultimate ascension.

Lord Ling takes his leave of this planet

My Beloved, I have chosen to walk that path toward the ultimate ascension. This planet was my springboard into the ascended state. I am grateful for the opportunities to be here, to play my part in many embodiments and to come to that point, of finally seeing through the fallacy and the illusion of the epic dramas. This insight allowed me to take full responsibility for myself, to transcend my personal dramas and to thus ascend fully and finally from the material realm.

I have tarried some time with planet earth, feeling there was still more I needed to learn and still feeling some sense of responsibility. For I felt, that there had not been given an outer teaching that fully explained what the Israelites could not see, and that those who have honored the Bible ever since still have not understood, even though they have had the magnificent teachings and examples of Christ added onto the Old Testament.

And yet, I feel that with these latest teachings given over these last couple of years – the teachings on the duality consciousness, the teachings of the dramas and this release that I have given – I feel that I can now take leave of this planet fully and finally. And therefore, I can move on, on that cosmic journey toward the final destination of the White Cube. The White Cube where you sit and do not look into the world of form, but you turn the other way and look out into the Pure Being of the Living God, the Living Presence of God.

This will indeed be the final release from the ascended master Moses, the ascended master Lord Ling – whatever you may want to call me – for it is of no consequence to me, as I take my leave of this planet and the lifestreams upon it, wishing you God-speed but having no attachment whatsoever. And thus, this is indeed—this is my final gift, as whether you will believe it or not, the ascended master Moses, the ascended master Lord Ling, from this moment, is no more, for I AM MORE!


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