Abraham’s God was the Living God—not a dead god

TOPICS: Understanding Abraham’s God – Those who wrestle with God – The mental box of intolerance – The cause behind the ongoing conflict – A defining point on your path –

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Ascended Master MORE, October 25, 2009 through Kim Michaels. Given near the Israeli governmental buildings, the Ministry of foreign Affairs, Supreme Court and the Knesset.

I am indeed MORE, my beloved, the one and only Master MORE, for there is only one of me, although there are those who claim to be me but are not, for they are not willing to be MORE. And therefore, they cannot flow with me but are left behind in a static state, somewhere in time and space, as I constantly transcend and move beyond time and space in the eternal progression of being, of transcendence, of the River of Life that I AM.

The splashing waterfall in the background symbolizes that River of Life, which eternally moves on and is never the same. You have heard the old cliché, that you cannot step into the same river twice, and it is indeed not just a cliché. There is a deeper truth here, that you might ponder and meditate upon, for so it is with the stream of consciousness, that you call physical space and time.

The illusion – the grand illusion of the ages – is indeed that human beings, in their dualistic state of consciousness, cannot see beyond the solidity of matter. And thus, they assign reality to matter, they assign on-goingness to it, and they indeed believe that it has power over them. For they have forgotten, that they are eternal Spirit Sparks, that they are lifestreams that are designed to flow with the River of Life. And they too have come to the point of stopping that flow through them, seeking to hold on to something that they have not had enough of in this realm, this illusory realm of time and space.

Understanding Abraham’s God

Let us now go back to the time of Abraham, considered to be one of the Patriarchs of the Jewish faith, one of the patriarchs of both Christianity and Islam, as the three monotheistic religions. Did Abraham actually preach what you today call today monotheism? Well, yes and no my beloved, depending on how you understand and define monotheism. For you see, at the time of Abraham this entire region was a mixture of various tribes, each having their own tribal gods, usually having some idol carved in wood or stone or gold or whatever, but some physical object, where they believed, that the God that they were worshipping was indwelling in that physical object and not elsewhere in the realm of matter.

So what you had was not only conflict between the various tribes competing over land for their flocks, but you also had conflict based on the tribal gods and the idea that each tribe believed, that their God was stronger than the God of the other tribe. When I was a young man in that embodiment, I pondered this. I pondered why there had to be this conflict between the tribes, and I realized, that if the tribes were ever to overcome their conflicts, they needed something to unite them, something greater than the tribe. They needed to have a vision of something that was beyond their own tribe, beyond the mental box – although I certainly couldn’t have used that word at the time – for their own tribe.

The vision I had as a young man was, that it was clearly the tribal gods who were blocking the vision of something greater than the tribe and the tribal consciousness. Now, even then there was indeed some exchange of goods and ideas between this region and the East, and I was fortunate indeed to meet a traveling merchant, who had grown up in the East and was familiar with the Vedas and the Vedic world view. I learned from this traveling merchant-sage, as you might call him, the view that beyond the many gods of Hinduism – the specific gods with different characteristics – there was the One Supreme God, Brahman, the originator of all that has formed.

Yet Brahman is beyond form, for how can the originator of form have form in itself? It must be beyond, it must be transcendent, for if something has form, it cannot be the Supreme Source of form. This was immediately logical to me. I know full well, that those trapped in the duality consciousness can and will debate this point endlessly, as you see people today endlessly debating whether God is like this or like that, whether he is like that described by their religion or in some other way. But you see, God is not a he or a she, because the God who is beyond form has not taken on anything that can be compared to masculine and feminine, male and female.

I saw in a vision – on an early morning in the desert, as the sun was rising – I saw in a vision, that even beyond the sun there had to be some source that was driving the sun; driving the light, creating the light, generating the light. And I knew that that God, that formless, transcendent, never-changing eternal God—THAT was my God. And that is the God I preached; the God that is beyond form, and therefore cannot be the personal God, the angry judgmental being in the sky, that has been portrayed throughout the Old Testament.

For certainly, you can see that Abraham cannot be responsible for what happened after his time, where the concept of the transcendent God not only was not understood, but was interpreted to mean a God that had certain human characteristics, where again human beings projected onto that God what they wanted to see, so that they could feel that this God was partial to their people, although it had grown beyond to not just one tribe but the Jewish people. Yet they still wanted a God, who was simply larger than the old tribal God but was partial to their people. So they took the concept that I preached of the transcendent God and made it into a material deity, that they gave human characteristics, first of all by projecting their male chauvinist, their male dominated, world view and mental box upon that God.

Those who wrestle with God

Then, you have the creation of the Old Testament God, which became the God of the Israelites—the God of Israel after Jacob. And you should know, that the word “Israel” means “he who wrestles with God,” the name given to Jacob after he wrestled with the Angel of God for the entire night, refusing to let the Angel go until he had been blessed.

What does this indeed symbolize? It symbolizes an attitude, a world view, where you want Spirit to fit into the mental box you have created in matter. Thus, you wrestle with Spirit, you demand that Spirit come down to your level of consciousness and express itself through that level of consciousness, instead of being willing to do what I did – what Jesus did, what Moses did on ascending the mountain and what all other true teachers and prophets have done – namely raise your consciousness beyond your mental box and move outside of that mental box, as even symbolized by the fact, that I had to leave my homeland and move on to other pastures, move into the unknown in order to prove to God, that I was willing to transcend my mental box. I was even put through the extreme test of being asked to physically sacrifice my son in order to again prove that I was willing to step out, even of the mental box of that ancient society, where your sons were seen as your seeds, your offspring, the key to your future, to the future of your family tree and name.

Do you see, how I was asked not only as recorded in the scriptures but asked many times to transcend that mental box and the next mental box and then the next and the next? And do you see, that this is the sign of those who are willing to flow with the River of Life? For as Jesus has recently explained in his latest discourses on the ego, as long as you are in embodiment, there will be some mental box, for you cannot be in this denser realm of the world of form without looking at it through a particular box, a particular filter, that you then seek to project upon the Ma-ter light, and the Ma-ter light must obey and take on the form that you project through you mind.

This is the test, that all spiritual students have faced throughout the Ages. When will you come to the point, where you stop projecting onto Spirit and thereby reject the flow of the Holy Spirit, that is here to take you beyond your mental prison? When will you stop projecting and open your mind and heart to the guiding hand of Spirit, who may speak to you from deep within your heart, speak to you through another person, even speak to you between the lines of a scripture or speak to you in a more direct manifestation, such as the appearance of what people call Angels but which are truly the thoughts of God, sent to you to awaken you to the need to look beyond your mental box?

For do you not see – when you look at history – that any religious or spiritual teaching has always become a mental prison for many of those who have claimed to follow a particular religion. There is no exception to this, although certainly there are religions that have become more rigid than others, with hardly any becoming more rigid in the entire world history than the three great monotheistic religions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

For do you not see – when you walk through the streets of Jerusalem, when you walk on or around the Temple Mount, when you ascend the Mount of Olives – do you not sense the rigidity, the rigidity of consciousness, the intolerance toward those who have other ideas, other ways of looking at God, other ways of worshipping God? And thus, you will know exactly the same consciousness, that I contemplated in that lifetime as Abraham, where I saw the consciousness of the different tribes. You see now, so many thousands of years later in what is called the modern age – with the immense expansion of knowledge, of awareness of the universe – you still have that same consciousness of intolerance toward those who dare to be different from yourselves, or who are born different through their skin color, race, ethnicity, or what have you.

Do you see why you have the old saying, that there is nothing new under the sun? For human beings are still prone to go into those same mental boxes, always projecting from that mental box, that other people should conform to my mental box, and when they do not, I will reject them! I will reject their right, I will even reject the very possibility, that I might learn something from others. Or that I even might learn tolerance towards others and therefore earn tolerance toward my own way of life, that I might actually transcend that way of life and reconnect to the fact, that I am a spiritual being that sprang from the formless God. And I am meant to return to formlessness, and I can do so only by transcending those form-based mental boxes, created here on earth to trap the Spirit in a lesser form, and therefore prevent that Spirit from letting its light shine and therefore raising the collective consciousness.

The mental box of intolerance

Contemplate for a second the immense expansion of knowledge brought about through science. Contemplate how astronomers have created stronger and stronger telescopes, that can look deeper and deeper into the material universe. Contemplate how they have discovered that the universe is so vast, that the human mind can barely fathom it, that there are billions upon billions of stars, billions of solar systems. Contemplate this immense vastness; this immense vastness of the material universe.

And then perhaps even look beyond it and contemplate the vastness of the spiritual universes beyond the material, that you cannot see even with the best telescopes. For the telescopes merely extend the mental box that science is currently in, having not been willing to go beyond and construct telescopes that can show other realms beyond the material, even though they have actually constructed certain instruments, that can show forms of energy that are not in the material frequency spectrum, only the discoveries have not yet been interpreted correctly to show, that scientists have looked into other dimensions already.

Nevertheless, contemplate this vastness that science has discovered, and then project your mind to the narrow streets of the old city of Jerusalem – even to the Temple Mount and to the Mount of Olives – and then realize, that here you have a flashpoint between the world’s three great monotheistic religion. And realize, that they claim to be worshipping the same God, yet they cannot exist side by side in peace, they cannot worship that God in different ways in peace. And then consider what that says about the people of this region, and their unwillingness to transcend that tribal consciousness, that I experienced so many years ago, and that has been propagated here from generation to generation, with so few people in this area being willing to transcend it, that it almost defies comprehension.

For I have been willing to transcend that consciousness, which is why I am today an ascended being. And I assure you, that if I could reach that level of consciousness, well then so can everyone else. This much I know for sure, for I started out from very humble beginnings. I was not by any means a saint, even in that embodiment as Abraham and in succeeding embodiments, where I was still somewhat trapped in the warring consciousness. There is nothing in the material realm, that cannot be transcended by that which is Spirit.

As Jesus said it, “No man shall ascend back to heaven, save he that descended from heaven.” And the man that descended is your conscious self, that is beyond any form that you might have chosen to identify with in this realm. And thus, you can throw off those shackles of matter, those shackles of form no matter what they are—you can throw them off, you can transcend them, you can go beyond them. This much I can promise you with absolute certainty, for I have proven it to myself, and I know that my brothers and sisters among the ascended masters have proven it as well.

The cause behind the ongoing conflict

And thus, I say to you, it is time, my beloved, to look at this area of the Middle East and to see what is the true cause behind the conflict. The ongoing incessant conflict, that is always there, almost like the explosive gas you see in a mine, that is lying there, filling the tunnels only waiting for that one spark to ignite, so that it explodes into conflict. As you even saw this morning, where this little band of my disciples could not go to the Temple Mount for some conflict – meaningless, nameless – yet a proof of how the consciousness is always there, simply looking for an excuse to burst out into violence, yelling, screaming, hatred. It is then propagated onto the innocent children, who chose to embody here to give the adults an opportunity to encounter the innocence of the childlike mind, and therefore have an opportunity to evaluate, whether they will they pollute that childlike mind with the anger and hatred that they have come to absorb into their beings.

Or will they say, “No, my children deserve a better future than I have had myself. And how can they have that better future, unless I do not put upon them that same heavy burden of anger toward other people, of hatred towards those who are different that was put upon me when I was a child?” Is this not simply sanity? And is the denial of this simple fact not thus insanity? And yet, you yourselves should not sit, wherever you are when you hear or read this, and feel that you are that much better, for you too have your mental boxes, you too have your personal dramas. And I dare say, that there are very few spiritual students who are not also affected by the epic dramas that Jesus has described.

Contemplate this and the other discourses that will be forthcoming, for as a spiritual student, I can assure you that there comes a point on your path, where you will be stopped dead in your tracks, unless you seriously contemplate the existence of the epic drama and how it is your own personal drama that has given an inroad into your consciousness to the epic dramas—that are not only hanging over this planet like clouds but have been turned into, over the millennia, beasts in the astral, in the emotional realm, in the mental realm, even in the lower etheric. These beasts are constantly seeking to get their psychic hooks into your being, so that they can milk you of your energy by stirring up your sense of identity, your thoughts and your feelings to play out the drama, to where you believe in the essential lie of these epic dramas—that the only way to stop the conflict is to manifest the physical outcome that the drama claims it is working towards.

My Beloved, it is time to wizen up and realize, first of all, as Jesus has explained, that the drama itself generates an equal reaction to its own action. And thus, it is simply a lie that there could ever be an outcome to any drama. There cannot be peace through war! There cannot be peace by exterminating those of another race or religion or political ideology. It cannot happen, for there will only be peace when people turn their swords into ploughshares, by refusing to play the drama of war and conflict, by refusing to play any of the dramas that simply seek to reinforce the dualistic struggle, that allows the forces of darkness to milk people of their spiritual light and energy.

This new movement of letting go of the drama, well this new movement is not very likely to start here in Jerusalem, is it—when you are realistic? So then, where will it start? Do you think it will start somewhere in a physical location, or will it start when you decide to look in the mirror and say, “If it does not start with me, then who? If it does not start here, where I am, then where? If it does not start now, then when?” Do you see: it must begin with you, and you, and you and you and all of you who claim to be students of the ascended masters?

A defining point on your path

YOUR reaction to ANY unexpected situation in this material universe is a projection of your own drama and its mental box. The lie of the drama is, that it projects outside yourself, so that you look at other people and say, “They were the ones who did something wrong, they are the ones who have the problem.” And therefore, you have the perfect excuse for not looking at the beam in your own eye and realizing that no one ever did anything to you.

You did something to yourself by your reaction to what other people did, and that something you did to yourself is a product of your drama. And if you want to be free of the drama, you better take a look at your reaction and follow it to its source – in the emotional, in the mental and even in your identity body – to see what it says about the way you look at yourself, the way you look at life, the way you look at God. For that is how you will gain the insight to see the beam in your own eye and pull it from your eye, that you might see clearly what is going on in the world around you instead of looking always through that filter that distorts everything.

So you who should be the wise ones, be willing to look at yourselves and stop looking outside yourselves. For if you will not heed this call, then you will become inevitably more anchored in the rigidity of your drama. And there is a high probability, that you will live the rest of your lifetime inside the mental box of that drama, and there will be very little that we of the ascended masters can do to reach you inside that mental box.


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