Oneness with Saint Germain’s heart

TOPICS: The energy burdening the Australian people – Freedom exists only in the now – Confusing cause and effect  – Motivated by unresolved psychology – Why Saint Germain needs you – Oneness with the heart of Saint Germain

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The Ascended Master Saint Germain, June 16, 2012 through Kim Michaels.

Indeed I AM freedom and freedom you are. Saint Germain I AM, and I am here to anchor a dispensation for the Australian continent by giving you an anchor point for a special shading of the freedom flame that has the potential to set this continent free, not only of past records, but also to set the people free from their current state of consciousness.

The energy burdening the Australian people

Surely, while you were giving this new decree to me, I was taking the opportunity to walk through your forcefields and to walk up and down, East and West, North and South on this continent of Australia, tuning in to the people in a more physical way than we normally do from the ascended realm. While I sense many things that will be left unspoken, I did sense one thing in particular that I want to bring to your attention. And that is that the Australian people, most of them, are burdened by this specific energy. Sort of a blending, my beloved, of regrets or a sense of lost opportunity, or a sense that things are not the way they could or should be.

This is something that makes people more serious than they need to be, that makes them feel not necessarily inferior but gives them a certain sense of hopelessness, almost fatalism. It is as if they do not truly believe that things could be changed, that conditions could improve, that certain problems could be solved.

Freedom exists only in the now

From this I will shift into once again commenting on the topic of superiority and inferiority. As we have already said once, you go into this consciousness of defining a goal that is the superior state that must be attained. What is it that happens to you?

Well, if you are in the consciousness where you feel superior to other people, then you have a sense that since the earth is not yet where it should be according to your epic vision, you are focused on the future, on what has not yet happened but what should happen, what must happen, what you must help to bring about by all means possible. You are trapped in the future. You are imprisoned by the future that has not yet come about, so your prison is the future.

Now look at those who feel they are inferior, that they are victims that they cannot be free, they cannot change their destiny. They often look to the past for what happened that enslaved them, what injustice was perpetrated upon them in the past, be it by the elite that is ruling them, be it by other people or be it by an angry God in the sky. These people are trapped in the past, imprisoned in the past.

You may think that the key to freedom is to let go of the past and move into some state in the future. But my beloved, as long as you see a distance between where you are now and where you should be in order to be free, then you cannot be free. You cannot be free in the distance, in the space, in the separation. You can be free only in the now, in the singularity, in the present moment, in the interval between past and future.

There are many people who will think that they live in the present, but they do not because they are seeing the present through the filter of one of these dualistic dramas, either created in the past or in their vision of the future that should come. This is what gives rise to the sense of regrets, of lost opportunity. When you look to the future, you are regretting that the future goal has not yet manifested. When you look to the past, you are regretting what happened or did not happen in the past. Either way you are trapped, you cannot be free you cannot rise beyond your vision.

Confusing cause and effect

What is the key to this? To some degree, it is understanding, as we have given you, where you rise gradually through the seven rays, overcome the various illusions so that each ray that you pass through, you pass through a veil that obscures your vision and therefore imprisons you. What imprisons you is not a condition outside yourself but a vision, a mental image you hold in your mind. The prison is in the mind, it is not in the outer conditions. Yet look at what has happened to the vast majority of people on earth.

They believe it is the outer conditions that take away their freedom and thus they think the key to freedom is to change certain outer conditions. But this is one of the most subtle aspects of the duality consciousness. When you step into duality, you begin to assign reality to the dualistic extremes. You begin to assign reality to the god in the sky that represents good and to the devil in hell that represents evil.

You believe that certain conditions on earth were created by God and therefore it must be God’s will and therefore you cannot change it, and other conditions on earth were created by the devil and he has the power that you cannot override either. And thus, you cannot change it. What happens when you are in the duality consciousness is of course, as we have said before, that you now reverse cause and effect. You think material conditions are the cause of your state of consciousness whereas the reality is that your state of consciousness is the cause of material conditions. You now get focused on changing the material conditions as the only means you can see to changing your state of mind.

Motivated by unresolved psychology

Some of the most closed-minded beings you will ever meet are the fallen beings in embodiment. They are so trapped in their spiritual pride that they believe it is their sacred duty to get the entire world to conform to their vision, their epic vision of this ultimate outcome that will bring God’s kingdom to earth or will bring all people to heaven, however they define it.

It is simply a complete illusion that human beings are driven by this altruistic goal. Human beings who are trapped in duality may delude themselves into thinking they are working for a greater cause. But the deeper reality is that when you are trapped in duality, everything you do is motivated by your own unresolved psychology, your own state of consciousness. You are not seeking to change the world according to some divine vision. You are seeking to change the world in order to change your own state of mind because you are not willing to take responsibility for yourself.

What do we mean when we talk about taking responsibility for yourself? We mean simply this: You accept that your state of mind is your responsibility, which means you do have the power to take command over your state of mind regardless of the material conditions you face. This is what the fallen beings will not accept. That is why, in their pride and their spiritual blindness, they are literally seeking to change the entire world and enslave all of the human beings on this planet in order to change their own state of mind and attain a state of mind where they can finally feel that they have attained this ultimate state of superiority, which proved that they were right and God was wrong.

This is their goal. They may camouflage it by defining these supposedly noble causes and trying to suck all people into working for those causes. But the deeper reality is that they are driven by completely selfish mechanisms in their own unrecognized psychology. When you begin to realize this you can, of course, begin to ask yourself whether you want to continue to serve one of these causes defined by the fallen beings or whether you will make a sincere effort to transcend the level of duality so that you can attain true freedom.

Why Saint Germain needs you

I am, of course, the hierarch for the next two thousand years of the Aquarian Age, which I am determined – for it is real to me – that it will be a Golden Age. For this to happen – for I am not allowed to come into physical embodiment and change the entire earth into a Golden Age – so this must happen through people in embodiment using their free will to manifest the Golden Age to become the open doors.

When I say you need to free yourself from fighting the causes defined by the fallen consciousness, I do not thereby mean that I look for you to become pacifists who are sitting in your little rooms giving Violet Flame or invocations or studying spiritual teachings. I look for millions of people who are my students in embodiment to engage themselves in society in various ways. I am not telling you to be inactive. I am telling you to not engage in the dualistic struggle. It is only by providing people a frame of reference that there is something beyond the dualistic struggle that you will actually advance the manifestation of the Golden Age.

Do you see, my beloved, why do we not have a Golden Age on earth? Because for so long people have been trapped in the duality consciousness. We will not manifest the Golden Age by winning the ultimate dualistic struggle where good triumphs over evil by destroying evil. This, we have said so many times, simply is not possible, for one dualistic polarity cannot destroy its opposite. Both of them would cease to exist at the same time. But that which is born of duality cannot destroy something else born of duality. Only light of a higher vibration can transform the dualistic energies into a higher form of energy. I look for millions of people to become the open doors not only for the insights and the wisdom but also for the light, the light of freedom, or the light of one of the other rays.

Oneness with the heart of Saint Germain

The Golden Age will not be manifest through the seventh ray alone. It will be a balanced manifestation of all seven rays. I need people in embodiment who will embody one of the seven rays so that all rays are equally represented. I am not in any way trying to make it seem like the seventh ray is superior to the other rays, for all are necessary, equally so. Nothing can truly be manifest without the seven rays, all of them working together in balance and harmony.

I wish to give you an opportunity to attain what is said in this decree, namely that you may feel the love that I have for you. I ask you to center in your hearts, to envision that your heart becomes a portal, a doorway that opens, and that you walk into this opening, walk through it, walk into a tunnel that has a soft violet light. You keep walking and at first you can feel the floor but as you walk further it is as if you lose the feeling that there is a hard floor under you. Instead, it is as if there is just a fog, a violet fog and you are walking on this as walking on clouds.

You begin to sense that there are partitions along the walls of the tunnel and they are defined by a violet light, as if they are portals within portals. These portals, as you walk through them, begin to vibrate, to oscillate. The light oscillates, stronger, weaker, stronger, weaker. And it begins to oscillate more and more rapidly the further you walk into this tunnel.

The oscillations now begin to fill the tunnel until there really is no tunnel, there is just these oscillations of violet light varying in intensity. More intense, less intense, brighter, dimmer, brighter, dimmer, brighter, dimmer, until you plunge through into a realm where you sense this intense violet light that is not vibrating. It is still—completely still.

Before you stretches a vast lake which is still, like you see a lake in the early morning when the surface is like a mirror. As you sit down at the banks of this lake, you experience the stillness with all of your senses, all of your being. It is complete freedom from sound, from sight, from smell, from touch, from any sensory or earthly sensation. Complete stillness, complete freedom.

Now you become aware that the only pulsation you feel is your heart, which beats at its normal rhythm. But then you sense that superimposed upon your heart is my heart, and my heart also beats. Now your heart and my heart come into perfect synchronicity, perfect harmony. Our hearts beat as one, for my heart is superimposed upon yours, and our hearts are one.

In this oneness of heart, can you not sense the love I have for you? I will gently seal this release, and I ask you to sit quietly, for as long as you like, and feel this pulsation of my heart and your heart. And then I ask you to quietly leave this sanctuary when you desire to move on.


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