Overcoming the Fear of Making Decisions

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, June 8, 2017. This dictation was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary. It is my great joy to speak to you but more than that, to be with you in this beautiful gathering of your beautiful hearts in this beautiful place. My beloved, Archangel Michael has given you, so to speak, the marching orders for this conference. Therefore, I wish to give you some thoughts from my heart and a practical tool that can help you overcome the pain of making decisions.

Avoidance decisions

We have spoken before here in Russia about this issue of making decisions, giving certain directions specifically for the Russian people, but I wish to give a tool that is universal. Truly, when you recognize the very basic teaching that we give, namely that everything in the entire universe revolves around free will, then you recognize also that the primary goal of the fallen beings (from the moment they came to this planet and for that matter from the moment they fell), has been to cause self-aware lifestreams who have not fallen to make decisions that the fallen beings can then later use to manipulate you in various ways.

First of all, their goal is, of course, to prove that God was wrong by giving you free will in the first place. They also want to trap you in all kinds of downward spirals where you make a decision that causes you intense pain. The pain, of course, is not caused by the decision but by the manipulation and reaction of the fallen beings. Nevertheless, they get you to make a decision, they cause you pain and then they seek to manipulate you into a never-ending spiral where you either seek to hide the pain of that first decision, you seek to justify it, you seek to explain it away or you seek to avoid making decisions again. Of course, the fallen beings are very skilled at manipulating you into practical situations on earth where you have to make decisions. In order to avoid making the same decision that caused you pain in the beginning, they seek to make you make other decisions that we might call “avoidance decisions.” They are decisions aimed at, in your mind, avoiding the kind of decision that caused you so much pain.

You think that by making other types of decisions, you can avoid the pain. Of course, this leads to other kinds of pain and soon you are caught in this spiderweb where the more you move, the more you get rolled in and covered by the slimy substance, and the less you are able to move. Pretty soon, you sit there like a fly caught in a spiderweb and all you can do is buzz in the same place because you cannot truly move yourself out of that place. You then can keep doing this while the fallen beings milk you for your energy or until you decide that now it is enough and it is time to come up higher on the spiritual path.

Avoiding avoidance decisions

My beloved, we know very well your situation on earth and we know how difficult it is to be in embodiment on earth. We also know the mechanism of making these avoidance decisions. We know that it is difficult to avoid making avoidance decisions, but we also know that you cannot actually enter the path of Christhood by making avoidance decisions.

Now, listen carefully. You can enter the spiritual path while you are still trapped in these avoidance decisions. You can make progress on the spiritual path because by studying spiritual teachings and practicing spiritual techniques, you can make progress. In order to step from what we might call the outer path (or the spiritual path) onto the inner path (or the path of Christhood), you have to be willing to make decisions that are not seeking to avoid a greater decision, that are not seeking to avoid pain. They are not actually a reaction to outer situations where, in a sense, you are making a decision to follow an outer teacher or practice an outer ritual. You are really doing it in order to avoid making the deeper decisions of what kind of being you are, what kind of world you want to live in, what you are willing to look at in yourself in order to change your outer situation and in order to change your inner situation and be free of these patterns that are programmed in there by the fallen beings.

Now, as was expressed by both the messenger and Archangel Michael, our only desire for you is to see you be free from whatever limits you, from whatever keeps you from, in the short run, feeling good about yourself and in the long run, qualifying for your ascension, manifesting your Christhood. In Holland we spoke at length about feeling good about yourselves and how important that is. Well, my beloved, may I ask you a simple question: “Do you think a Christed being is not feeling good about himself or herself?”

Naturally, if you think about this, you realize that as you walk higher and higher on the path, you express a higher and higher level of Christhood. You realize that it should be natural that you would feel better and better about yourself. After all, what did Jesus say? He said: “I and my Father are one.” Well, if you are one with your Father, your I AM Presence, naturally you will feel good about yourself because your I AM Presence is not in this world or of this world, and it feels good about itself.

An exercise for uncovering limiting decisions

I have had you give certain mantras and invocations in order to clear your chakras, and it is helpful to give this every time you go through the following exercise. I ask you to center in your hearts, to mentally go into the heart chakra, and I ask you to make a decision whether you want me to guide you in discovering the decision that is blocking your heart chakra, that is blocking the full expression of light in your heart chakra.

If your answer is “Yes,” then I ask you to visualize that I am sitting in a chair and you are like a little child. You walk up to me and you reach up your hands. I bend down and pick you up and put you on my lap and I hold you in my arms. You are now completely surrounded by my loving arms, my loving aura, my loving vibration. You are protected against all the dangers of this world. Surely, the Divine Mother can protect you against anything from this world that is created out of the Being and substance of the Divine Mother. As you are lying on my lap, I ask you to formulate a simple question: “Mother Mary, show me the decision that is blocking my heart chakra.” Then, as you go through this exercise on your own, you may take some time, you may play some music in the background if you desire, and you may meditate on my Presence, not with any forethought, not with any analytical, linear thinking or mantras or rituals or anything in your mind. Seek to calm the mind and to simply listen. I will not, in most cases, give you words but I might give you images, sensations that relate to what kind of decision you made. Naturally, you know that the heart chakra is the expression of love and so the decision for you individually, most likely, revolved around that you somehow felt your love was rejected and you decided not to express it again on this dark planet.

Now, it may be that as you give this exercise, you may get an impulse that you will want to meditate on or process. You may want to ask me to help you resolve this issue. Really, there must come a point where you see the issue clearly and you decide that you will undo that original decision because you now know that you have risen higher on the spiritual path, you have risen higher on the path to Christhood. Therefore, you will not again feel the pain that you originally felt when your love was rejected. Even if your love is rejected again, you still will not feel the same pain for you are a different being and therefore you do not need to be afraid of seeing the decision and changing it. You do not need to be afraid of expressing your love.

If you do not get a particular sensation, it may be because you need to work on a different chakra and therefore I ask you to move on with this exercise. For each chakra I go through, if you get a strong reaction, you can pause or stop the exercise and focus on that chakra. You can give calls on it, you can appeal to my heart, you can listen to music, whatever appeals to you, my beloved.

Now, I ask you to visualize that you are going up from the heart to the throat chakra. You are tuning in to your throat chakra, going into it and you are again asking me: “Mother Mary, help me to see the decision that blocks my throat chakra.” You know, of course, that the throat chakra is related to expressing power and will. There was a time where you dared to express your power. Somehow, this decision caused you pain and you decided that you would never express your power again. You would never manifest that kind of a strong will, you would be less determined, less willing to take a stand, but kind of flow with things, whatever comes to you in order to avoid that pain. Again, you can ask me for my guidance in showing you the decision. You can know that you have risen higher and therefore, again, you can come to the point where you see the decision and you decide: “I am willing to express my God power, to use my willpower to take a stand and say: ‘Thus far and no farther, I will go forward from here.’”

Next, I ask you to move down from the heart Chakra to the solar plexus. Again, you go into the solar plexus chakra and you ask me: “Mother Mary, help me to see the decision that blocks my solar plexus chakra.” Naturally, the solar plexus revolves around peace, it revolves around service. There may have been a time where you decided to take a stand for peace and somehow this led the fallen beings to cause you pain. There may have been a time where you decided to give some service to life and again it was rejected and caused you pain. Again, mediate on my heart, see what comes to you. Apply the tools and teachings until you can see the decision clearly and can decide that you are willing to give service, you are willing to actually be at peace because you know that your peace is not as easily disturbed as it was in the past.

Then, we again move up from the heart chakra to the third eye, and you go into it and ask me: “Mother Mary, help me to see the decision that blocks my third eye chakra.” This is the chakra of vision. It is the chakra of seeing truth. You may have taken a stand for truth and you were somehow hurt by the fallen beings. You may have expressed some higher vision and it was rejected. Again, when you come to see that decision, see it for what it is, you may decide that you dare again express your vision, take a stand for the highest truth that you see right now while knowing there may always be a higher truth for you to see. As you can let go of that decision, you will feel like a weight has been lifted from you, as you will feel in each case when you decide to again dare to express light through a particular chakra.

Now, we go down from the heart chakra to the seat of the soul chakra, the chakra that is related to creativity, playfulness, the joyfulness of the child. Just look at this planet and look at how those who have the childlike mind have often been brutally abused or hammered down by the fallen beings in some way, so that they dared not be the innocent children. Instead, they went into a fearful mode of always expecting that something bad would happen or they would somehow be punished.

Did not Jesus say: “Unless ye become as a little child, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven?” Unless you dare to let the light flow through your seat of the soul chakra, how can you then truly make progress on the path to Christhood and dare to express yourself? You can again tune in to my Being, ask me to help you see the decision. If you get a strong impulse, then meditate on it, process it. Use the tools until you come to see why you decided to shut down your creative flow. As you decide to consciously change that decision again, another weight is lifted.

We now go up again to the Crown chakra, related to the Second Ray of God Wisdom. It is also the chakra that helps you connect to your I AM Presence to the spiritual realm, to a spiritual understanding. Again, I ask you to tune in and ask me to help you see the decision that blocks the flow through your Crown. Did not Jesus say: “Let no man take thy crown.” Well, of course, it is almost impossible to embody on a planet like earth without having the fallen beings do something to destroy you or harm you when you dare to express your wisdom. Or you dare to express your intuition that you knew that something was true, even though there was no material proof of it. Once you tune in, once you are willing to open your mind and heart to receive an impulse from me, you can consciously begin to change that decision and therefore you can again have a weight lifted from you.

Now, we go to the last chakra, the base chakra, which has been called the Mother chakra, not in the sense that is particularly related to women or the Mother, or even sexuality. It is truly the chakra through which you express your creative drive to create and manifest something in the physical octave. It is this chakra that is the last in the chain when you are superimposing an image upon the Ma-ter light, seeking to bring it into manifestation. That is, of course, why the fallen beings are so intent, aggressively intent, on blocking it in as many people as possible.

Ask me again to help you see the decision of how you expressed something, manifested something, and it was rejected, put down, criticized, judged or perhaps it even was destroyed brutally in front of you. By tuning in to my heart, by opening your mind and heart, you can come to receive an impulse that gives you greater clarity and you can begin to change the decision.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Healing Your Spiritual Traumas.

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