Only Oneness between masculine and feminine can stop war

TOPICS: Why most wars are started by men – Your Spirit is beyond male and female – How women prevent war – The division of Germany and Europe – Concerning the Middle East and Israel – You have made more progress than you realize – Only the female polarity can stop war – Peace starts in the home – Caught between traditional religion and atheism – Some people are happy about being unhappy – The beauty of oneness – Focus on the light, not the darkness –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, November 1, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

As my beloved Master MORE came yesterday to offer you the Father’s Love, I, Mary, come today to offer you the Mother’s Love. Which I can assure you is no less intense, no less powerful, but yet perhaps often expressed in a more gentle way. So, for example, when Master MORE stepped forward, claiming his right to speak first, I Mary – with a quiet smile – let him do this. For we who represent the Divine Feminine have learned, that we must sometimes step back and let those who represent the Divine Masculine step forward.

Why most wars are started by men

For my beloved, if you look at the situation on earth, is it not true that most wars are precipitated by men? This is a universal reality seen throughout history, at least, known history. I am not saying there have not been exceptions from this rule in the past. But certainly, in general it is those who represent the male energy who go to war.

And why is that? It is because it has not found expression in a balanced manner. For, you see, the very nature of the masculine energy is that it wants to express, it wants to break boundaries. It wants to go beyond and transcend. That is indeed the driving force in creation. And there is nothing wrong with this, as long as it is expressed in a way that raises the All. It is indeed the very force that brings the creative process forward. Yet, when that force is suppressed, when it is held back in an unnatural way, well, then the force will not die—the force will not go away. So, it will keep building pressure upon pressure. And sooner or later the pressure becomes so great, that those who are under that pressure see no other way to relieve the pressure than through some act of violence and aggression.

Which, of course, is a phenomenon that is known by the false teachers, who have come to this earth. They know, that if they can make people believe in the illusion, as Master MORE explained, that one other group of people is the cause of all of their problems, well then, it is inevitable that as the pressure keeps building, there will come a point, where people are motivated to go to war with those who have become the scapegoats.  And so you see the pattern here, that it is the male energy – unbalanced – that creates or sets the stage for war. For, of course, what truly creates war is the free-will choices of human beings.

Your Spirit is beyond male and female

Today, you see that there are many people who may be in a male body who have trouble expressing their sexuality in a normal male way, or those who are in a female body and cannot express it in a female way. What is happening in the world is that actually this is an expression of the fact, that we have reached a point in human evolution, where human beings need to see beyond these outer characteristics. They need to see that being in a male body does not mean that you have to fulfill the traditional male role, which leads you to become the aggressive warrior.

You can indeed be in a male body and have the male energy be balanced by the feminine aspect of your own being. For surely, those who are in a male body are not truly male beings. They are universal spiritual beings, they are co-creators with God, who are simply in this lifetime, and perhaps for several other lifetimes, expressing themselves through a male body. But this does not make the spirit male or female.

All self-aware beings – all lifestreams – have both the masculine and the feminine as a polarity in their beings. So, it is necessary in this age for human beings to realize, that you can be in a male body but still have a balance between masculine and feminine. You can, as some people have said, be in touch with your feminine side without becoming less of a man, without going into a perversion of expressing your sexuality in an unnatural way.

How women prevent war

Unless there is that greater balance between masculine and feminine, well, then there cannot be true peace. And certainly, those who are in a feminine body can – and have for generations – been holding a certain balance that has actually prevented even more wars than have taken place. For many times the women in a society, in a nation, have provided that balancing aspect that has prevented that nation from going to war.

In some cases they have not been able to hold that balance. But what I am expressing to you here is, that in this day and age women are not meant to hold the balance for men. Women are not meant to compensate for the fact, that men are unbalanced in expressing the masculine energy. It is indeed the responsibility of the men to get in touch with that feminine aspect of their beings and allow it to balance the masculine outgoing, expressive energy.

And so it has indeed been necessary for women to step back, or rather to transcend the traditional feminine role, where they are not just the passive ones who stay at home and take care of the man when he comes home, whether it be from work or war or whatever activity. It might even be going to the pub and worshipping the gods of beer or wine as some have done for generations, to the point where one must wonder: how many lifetimes does a soul need in order to fully have explored any effect that beer can have on the mind and body and come to a point where one says, perhaps there is more to life than blowing the foam off a glass of beer.  And so you see, women have stepped forward in society to take up positions that just a generation or two ago could have been held only by men.

 The division of Germany and Europe

You see this county of Germany has a female leader, which not very long ago would have been completely unthinkable. In fact, it would have been unthinkable before the reunification. For you see, when Germany was divided, it was, to some degree, an expression of that division between male and female. It was necessary for Western Germany to actually be far more masculine and aggressive, whereas indeed Western Germany should have been more feminine – if the country had not been divided – so that there was more of a balance between East and West. But what we need to see now is, of course, that the divisions of East and West go away – that they blend into each other – and that when this happens in Germany, it will open up for the divisions between East and West in Europe to go away, to blend away, to be transcended. So that we can have a truly united Europe, where there is the correct flow of spiritual energy.

I am extremely joyous over the fact that you have stepped up and decided to use my rosaries and invocations. My Beloved, there are many, many people in Russia or in the former Soviet Republics, who are using these rosaries, therefore forming the eastern polarity with those here in western Europe, especially such a large group in Holland that have been using these rosaries. But certainly in other nations as well; even those who are in the nexus between East and West, between Russia and western Europe.

For you see, Poland, for example, is right there in the nexus, where it has been willing to allow itself to be overrun from both the East and the West many times by conquering armies, yet still maintaining an integrity that is seen in the Polish people and in many of the other peoples of eastern Europe. And so you have that balance being held East and West, as you have a balance being held North and South, especially from the Scandinavian countries, who have held an important balance for peace now for generations, having, as this messenger likes to joke, gotten their warring tendencies out during the Viking age.

Wish the same was true in Southern Europe, where those of Spain, Italy and Greece have not yet been willing to sufficiently free themselves from the centuries of oppression from the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church, forcing them into a mold, where they think they cannot possibly hold a greater spiritual balance. They cannot claim their spiritual identities; therefore still being more stuck in traditional roles, even the traditional roles of male and female, than you see when you go further North in Europe.

 Concerning the Middle East and Israel

It is indeed so important, that you all contemplate how you can attain that balance in your own beings—between the masculine and feminine aspects of your beings.  And this, of course, is precisely what my rosaries are designed to help you attain, and what the course of Christhood is designed to help you attain. For it is a great tragedy indeed that the Catholic Church portrayed Jesus as a male chauvinist, which is almost what they are doing—denying the role of women. They are denying the fact that Jesus himself acknowledged and honored women at a level far beyond what the people at the time could handle—and, I am sad to say, what the people in the Middle East can still handle. For there is still such a suppression of women in that part of the world, that it is completely amazing that this can continue to go on.

Certainly, the state of Israel is to some degree a bright spot. But you see that recent events did not allow a woman to form a coalition in the government. And thus, the state of Israel is still somewhat in limbo and the question is, “Will there be one of the male hawks that will step in and take over Israel and therefore potentially set up a confrontation that could have been avoided by having a female leader?” Hopefully, the people of Israel will step up in this upcoming election and give their support to those who represent the more feminine, peace-loving energy. And this is indeed something you might hold the vision for and also call for in your rosaries.

You have made more progress than you realize

Now my beloved, you may know, especially those of you who are in a female body, that there is a deep, profound joy in a mother, of serving her children as they grow up, come into their own, and begin to express their individuality, begin to find their way in life. And that joy is indeed mine, when I observe all of you who have striven so honestly, so earnestly, not only with my rosaries, but with studying the teachings on the ego, studying my books on the abundant life.

It is such a joy for me to see how you are all growing. And I think it might be in order for me to tell you, that all of you have made far more progress than you recognize with your outer minds. You see, in order to be an honest spiritual seeker, an honest student on the path, you have, of course, to be willing to look at the beam in your own eye, to recognize that there are things that need to change in your psychology. Yet it is easy to take that to the point, where you are always looking for the next problem, the next hang-up to overcome, the next fault that you need to deal with—and then overlook that you have positive beautiful qualities. Is this not true, that you all have that tendency to only look at the deficit side of the balance sheet, but not often look at the positive side? Is this not true my beloved?

In recognizing this, can you not also recognize that as Master MORE said: “We of the ascended masters do not look at you that way. We look at your immaculate concept, and we see that you are much closer to breaking through, to being whole, to manifesting Christhood, and that many of you have already started manifesting Christhood and expressing that Christhood; only you do not dare to recognize and acknowledge it in yourselves. And thus, again, I too will say, as Master MORE said with the masculine energy, I will express with the feminine.

Allow yourself to just look in the mirror spiritually and acknowledge—acknowledge the Love in your hearts, the Love that is flowing through. For as some of you have expressed, you knew that you have a Love for God in your Beings, and that is the Love that propelled you higher, that propelled you to overcome certain conditions, whether it be outer conditions or psychological conditions. You have a love for something more, my beloved, and it can and will carry you beyond anything on earth.

Allow yourself to feel the Mother’s Love. For you see, the true Mother’s Love is not the love that is based on what you do, what you accomplish, as the Father’s Love might often be more focused on the outer accomplishments of his children. But the Mother’s Love is focused on the children themselves; who they are in their inner Beings, their spiritual qualities, their individuality. The mother does not look so much on what the children do, what they accomplish, how they stack up, as they say, compared to others.

The mother sees the uniqueness of each child and just looks at the child. And a tear wells up in her eyes just out of recognizing the beauty of that child and its uniqueness. And that, of course, is how I look at each one of you. For I see your uniqueness. And a tear wells up in my eye of just recognizing the beauty of what God created in each one of you. And if you will ask me, I will – again as Master MORE offered – attempt to give you that vision that I see; to help you feel that love. For my beloved, that Mother’s Love can consume – can transcend and transform – all imperfections in your self-image.  And as you transcend that former self-image, so you lift up the mass consciousness.

Only the female polarity can stop war

For if Europe is to be united in peace, then people must transcend the self-images based on division and separation that caused them to follow the blind leaders into the collective blindness that is war. There is no greater example of blindness, spiritual blindness, than when nations go to war.

Generals on a battlefield talk about the “fog of war.” For once the battle has started, it is impossible to know what is going to happen or understand everything that is happening. But even on a greater scale, beyond the individual battles, as soon as two nations or many nations go to war, there is a cloud that hangs over them and blinds them. And many times it is only after things have gotten much worse than they ever thought they would get, that they wake up from that blindness and see, and ask the question, “Why are we doing this? Why are we continuing to kill and allow our own people to be killed? When must we stop, when CAN we stop?”

That is where the female energy is the only thing that can stop the male energy from running amok. For once the male energy has gone down the path of war, it cannot stop itself. It must be the female, because the female, my beloved, is what is in touch with what is happening in the earth, what is in touch with the consequences of war. And therefore, it is the female that knows the suffering and the pain inflicted upon the children and all who participate in a war. I do not mean just the physical children, but all are, in a sense, children, and they are suffering, both the soldiers on the battlefield and the civilians in their homes, waiting for the next bomb to drop.

The female is the only thing that can stop war, the female energy, the female perspective. And therefore, it is also the female that can prevent war—that can prevent the masculine from being unbalanced, so that it keeps building tension, until violence seems like the only way out to the masculine, because they do not see beyond their own cloud of energy. But the female can see beyond. The female can see that there is always a way out without violence. There is always an alternative to violence. There is always an alternative to war. And indeed, the female can see what the male cannot see. For the male believes that once you have started on the path to war, you must continue in order to maintain your honor.

Ah, my beloved, how many people on this continent of Europe have been killed because of this idolatrous image of honor? How many people around the world have been killed based on this idolatrous image that we must save face. We must maintain the illusion that we are somehow superior, even if it means killing those who threaten that illusion—or being killed ourselves. This is something that seems perfectly logical to those who are unbalanced in the male energy. Sometimes it even seems logical to women who have become unbalanced in the feminine energy. But for most women it seems illogical and even often ridiculous, when men posture and challenge each other, whether it be in ordinary arguments over the dinner table or between nations that eventually lead to war.

Peace starts in the home

But do you not see, that all behavior of a nation is mirrored in the individual citizens? And therefore, what you do at the dinner table will have an influence on the entire nation. How the people of that nation interact will determine the collective psyche, and thereby determine how that nation interacts with other nations. And when you have a nation who has low self-esteem – and therefore swings into the other extreme in being overtaken by a false teacher who preaches a gospel of superiority – well, then it is inevitable that that nation will be deceived into performing acts of aggression against those nations who seem to threaten its sense – its fragile sense – of superiority.

For can there ever be a sense of superiority, that is not fragile? Of course, this is not possible. For indeed, any sense of superiority will be based on the sands of the duality consciousness. As Jesus has explained over and over again, in duality there will always be two opposite polarities. So the more you go into the extreme of one polarity, the more you will attract to you the opposite polarity, which will threaten your illusion.

And this is indeed the safety mechanism built into the Law of Free Will, that allows people to go into that state of separation. And in the state of separation, which is separated from oneness, there must be a division. For you cannot leave oneness without dividing into at least two. And so, there you have the two opposite polarities, and the more you go towards the extreme of the one, the more your illusion will be threatened by the opposite extreme, so as to finally wake people up and say: “This is too much. We have gone too far. We must come to the center. We must find balance. We must find peace, for we can no longer stand this tension created by the dualistic conflict.”

But it is only, my beloved, when they start recognizing that the dualistic conflict starts within themselves, that they will make true progress towards peace. For certainly there cannot be peace, if you always think it is those other people who have to start creating that peace.

Caught between traditional religion and atheism

And thus, I can tell you that despite the fact that large portions of the people in Europe have left traditional religions and have become almost agnostic or atheistic or simply indifferent, I can tell you that underneath the surface, things are not nearly as grim as they might seem. For there has been much spiritual growth in Europe over these past decades. But it is a kind of spiritual growth, that has not found much expression, because Europe has not yet found that middle way between the traditional religious expression and the opposite extreme of atheism.

There is indeed a universal way to talk about spirituality without tying in to the traditional images, but without surrendering to the atheists and agnostics, that will not allow you to talk about anything spiritual. And you will know, that you have that in your inner beings, if you tune in. You have it in your inner beings, and you need only bring your outer mind into attunement with it, and then allow it to express itself through you. The key I give you is, that if you find yourself feeling some kind of pressure to speak and to tell other people about your spirituality, then recognize that that pressure comes from the ego, from the mass consciousness.

For the sun does not feel an obligation to shine its light. The sun shines its light as an expression of its true Being, and the sun experiences peace and joy by feeling the light flowing through it. For in a sense, it is not – as you have been brought up to believe – the sun’s light. For the sun does not produce the light. The sun is the open door for the spiritual light to shine through from the spiritual realm to the material and therefore give life to planet earth.

You too are designed to be open doors. You are not designed to be separate beings, cut off from your God. Nor are you designed to be robots. You are designed to be co-creators. But you co-create by bringing your outer being into attunement with your higher being, and then simply letting that higher being express Itself naturally.  And when that happens, you feel no obligation, you feel no pressure. You are not worried about how people are going to respond, for you are like the sun shining its light.

And if you are not quite there in consciousness, then simply say to yourself, “I do not need to express anything about my spirituality.” Step back and allow yourself to feel that the sense of obligation, the sense of having to talk, drops from you. Do not feel you have to. I, Mother Mary, give you permission to be at peace and feel that you have no obligation to express anything spiritual.

Obviously, I am hoping that you will not have to be in this state for the rest of your lives, but I am doing it as a psychological mechanism – I trust you can see – so that you may free yourselves from the ego’s desire to impose its beliefs upon others so that it can feel secure, because the whole world recognizes the validity of its belief system, even though that belief system is out of touch with the reality of God. And so I give you this opportunity to free yourself from that pressure, so that you can come to that point of attunement, that peace, where your own higher being can find spontaneous expression through you. And you will feel at peace after you have expressed yourself, even if you did so in a more direct and forceful manner than is considered the norm in your culture.

Some people are happy about being unhappy

For, certainly, when you look at a continent like Europe, you see, that the different countries have their different culture of what is proper, what is appropriate. And you see, indeed, many countries where it is almost considered inappropriate to be enthusiastic, to have joy, to be on fire for something, to be on fire for the truth and for reality. Nay, you are supposed to be like everyone else, a quiet little mouse.

For you are supposed to express yourself according to the norms of your society, so that you do not disturb people in their comfortability—that all is well in the state where they think all is well. But look at how they spend their time—ninety percent of the time complaining about this and that and everything. Yet, they still maintain the belief that all is well, even as they are complaining about every aspect of their lives. Does this make sense to anyone, my beloved? Or is it just that they have not stepped back and said, “What are we doing? Why are we doing this? Are we dissatisfied, because, if we are, maybe we should do something to change conditions? Or are we actually happy with the way conditions are, in which case we should stop complaining about them?”

Some people have gotten themselves into a state of mind, where they are actually most happy when they are unhappy and complaining about somebody else, for it prevents them from looking at the beam in their own eye. You will see this in almost every nation, not only in Europe, but around the world. But you will see it more in Europe, partly because this is an old continent where each country has their history that goes far back. And you will see that there are countries, that are looking to the past with regret over something that happened 30, 50 or 100 years ago, or even centuries ago, in some cases, where they worry about what was done to their nation, some injustice 500, 700, 800 years ago.

We of the ascended masters respect people’s free will. And if the citizens of a country want to look to the past and complain about the past, then we respectfully withdraw from that country. And I can tell you, that there are some countries in Europe where there are very few people we can work with, as you will see by the fact that there are very few people giving my rosaries. And yet, the beauty of the growing awareness of Oneness in Europe, even the European Union, is that there is more of an awareness that this is one continent.  And so, it is possible for people in other nations to pull up even those nations, where no one is yet ready for direct contact with the ascended masters and our teachings.

The beauty of oneness

And this of course is the beauty of Oneness. This is the beauty of you coming together, representing so many countries. And I ask you to look at yourselves and consider when you come to a conference like this, do you come with a consciousness that you are a German, a Frenchmen, a Dutchman, an Englishman? Or do you come with a consciousness that you are all Spiritual Beings, spiritual seekers, who are coming together in that higher vision of spirituality?

And surely, you can see that you have transcended that national consciousness based on separation. And you have found a higher sense of Oneness.  And I am asking you to meditate on that, to meditate on the importance that you have come together from so many different nations; that you have come together with a spiritual vision; and that thereby, you can represent those nations and the people. And you can pull up the people in your own nation in an unprecedented way, that has never before been seen on this continent, at least, not in recorded history.

And this is the vision, again certainly not to cause any kind of pride, for I trust you are beyond that; but to again have that realism of allowing yourself to recognize that it is important for you to be a forerunner for your country, that you are indeed that forerunner, that tip of the spear. And then also acknowledge, that you are personally holding a spiritual balance for your nation. And if there is only a few of you in that nation, well, then it is logical that you are carrying a greater burden of the mass consciousness of that nation, that you are having to work through yourself for you are doing it for the many.

Allow yourself to recognize, that the burdens you sometimes struggle with are not your own. For when you recognize that they are not your own, you can distance yourself from them. You do not identify yourself with those burdens, and therefore they become so much easier to carry, so much easier to deal with.  And I wish to see all of you overcome the sense of being burdened, but instead attain that sense of joy, that you are serving as the open door for your nation, just as the sun is the open door between the spiritual realm and the earth. You are the sun for your nation!

Allow yourself to see yourself as that open door and then allow yourself to recognize, as Jesus said, “I of my own self can do nothing.” You of your own self cannot hold the spiritual balance for your nation. You of your own self – your separate self – cannot pull up your nation. Ah, but who are you really? You are an extension of a greater Spiritual Being. And that greater Spiritual Being can, when you are one with it, hold the balance through you. One person in Oneness with his or her higher being can hold the balance for an entire nation, my beloved, and can BE that open door.

Certainly, when more people come together, there is less of a burden—there is more Light, and there is a multiplication of their efforts. But one person can hold a balance. And the more you allow yourself to recognize this, in realism, the more you become the open door, the more of a balance you can hold and the more you acknowledge that it is not you holding the balance – it is not your Light – then, the less of a burden you will feel. For you will suddenly begin to recognize the truth in what Jesus said, “My burden is Light.”

Focus on the light, not the darkness

That, my beloved, is a concept I truly desire you to grasp. For when you recognize it, you will focus on the Light rather than the darkness, and then you will no longer see the darkness. You know it is there, you are not in denial, you are not blind. But you are not focused on it – you are not identified with it – you are focused on the Light and the immaculate concept, and you see that the darkness is just a temporary manifestation. You see that through the Law of Free Will, the Ma-ter Light has taken on an imperfect expression. But it can as easily and instantly transcend that expression and out-picture the immaculate concept, and so that is what you focus on. That is where your focus is—on the Light!

Get your vision off the burdens, off the problems, off the darkness. Do not look at the glass as half empty. Look at it as overflowing with Light. The cup of your heart is the cup that runneth over with Light, for you have allowed your heart chakra to become that chalice, that chalice for the Light to be poured into, and it is so filled that it runs over. And indeed, if you have been willing to follow me through the cycle that I have taken you through in this release, then you have come full circle through all the lines of the cosmic clock, through all the aspects of your Being, to where you are now at the eleven o’clock line of Victory. And if you will dare to acknowledge that, you will feel that your heart is the cup that runneth over, and that is precisely the feeling we desire you to have.

You are here, my beloved, and when you, the number you are, are in Oneness with your higher being, you are enough people to pull the entire continent of Europe to a higher level, so that it will never be the same. So that there will be so much Light poured out through your hearts, that Europe will be transformed. And even though it may take a while for some people to realize it, there will be those who instantly will recognize that there has been a fundamental shift in the collective consciousness. And it is not conceit to recognize, that some people must be the open door for such a shift to occur. Other people have done it in the past, but you are here now, and you are enough in Oneness. If you come into Oneness, vertically with your higher beings, horizontally with each other, you are enough. You are that majority in God – for One is always a majority in God – to raise this continent.

And in fact, if you will recognize it already, if you will accept it right now, then the raising of the continent of Europe and the collective consciousness is already a manifest reality through your acceptance. Will you accept it? [Audience responds, “YES!”] Then, accept that it is already manifest and there is no doubt about it. There is no need to second-guess, my beloved. For, it is a reality through your acceptance. For the cosmic mirror will surely mirror back what you send out.

And thus, we have come full circle in a short time, where I have taken you through these steps. And you might go back and read this dictation and try to see how that I have systematically taken you through the steps of the ladder of Life, of the lines of the clock, up through the chakras until you have that victory of the open crown chakra, that is indeed the merging of the Alpha and Omega, the merging of spirit and matter, whereby matter awakens to the reality that it is Spirit. And therefore, there is only Oneness, for Spirit is Infinite and Infinity cannot be divided. It is indivisible. It is the One. You are One.  We are One.  All Life is One.  And therefore, our Victory is won.


Copyright © 2008 by Kim Michaels