You cannot overcome the past without looking at the past

TOPICS: You cannot heal what you will not look at – Acknowledging your real worth is not pride – Ponder the enigma of self – You do not overcome superiority through false humility –  Dare to appreciate yourself – The secret to overcoming the ego – The Germans did not exclusively cause the war – You form the tip of the spear – Economic crisis and war – You work through the collective consciousness –

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Ascended Master MORE, October 31, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

How do you heal the psyche of Europe, my beloved? Well, you heal it by inspiring – and by giving people the example – of being MORE. For how can you heal that which is less, as long as you are trapped in the consciousness that you are less? It is with great joy and with a certain swagger in my step, – which you might see from my stance – that I greet you at this conference. We have had somewhat of a competition in heaven as to who would be allowed to speak at this conference, for we have such a short time, but I stepped forward with a determined stance, and said, “I WILL speak first!” And they all said, “So be it!” For I have a greater credibility in the ascended realm than I am sad to say I have on earth—as is the case with each and every one of us.

For the people on earth prefer to worship their graven images of God and the ascended masters rather than the real thing. But you have proven that that can be changed. You have proven that you are willing to go beyond the idolatry – and the self-idolatry – that causes people to worship idols. You have proven that you are willing to not only reach beyond the idols created by traditional religions and that non-religion of materialism. You have proven that you are willing to go beyond the psychological idols, the spiritual idols, even your own sense of a separate self, and see that we of the ascended masters are not so far from you. Because we are your own higher beings, as you recognize yourselves as part of that Hierarchy of Light.

You cannot heal what you will not look at

Thus, this is indeed the key, the key to healing the psyche of Europe. For what has caused the rift, the wounds in the psyche? Well, is it not the illusion of separation? The illusion that the people can be separated from their God, or the illusion that there is no God. And then, inevitably, follows the illusion that they are separated from each other, and that some are better, and some are superior, and some are bad, and some should be herded into railroad cars and trucked off to concentration camps, and then herded into the gas chambers.

For this is indeed the extreme outcome of the illusion of separation, where you seriously believe that you will be better off by killing your fellow men, women and children. This is surely an extreme illusion as you all can see, but I speak it in the physical because I do not desire you to shirk from realizing exactly what has been going on on this continent for centuries. Where there has, indeed, been the consciousness of separation—the illusion that all of our problems are caused by these other people, and if we only get rid of them, by killing them if necessary, then our problems will go away. And this, of course, causes the illusion that prevents people from doing exactly what Jesus said, namely looking at the beam in your own eye. And therefore, how can you heal your own psyche? How can you heal the psyche of a nation? How can you heal the psyche of a continent, if you are not willing to look and see that if your life is going to improve, YOU must change?

You must be willing to change yourself, and you cannot do that, as long as you project onto others that they are responsible for your problems. This is indeed the awareness that you have all come to. You have all, each one of you, taken responsibility for your own path in life. Some of you may not yet recognize that you have done this, but I ask you to be honest with yourself, to recognize that you have indeed taken, at least partial, responsibility for yourselves, for your own destiny, for your own growth, for your own psychology—or you simply could not be here.

Acknowledging your real worth is not pride

You could not recognize the validity of the teachings we have given, for you would still be stuck in some spiritual movement that had its own version of the oh-so-subtle lie that you can be saved without looking at the beam in your own eye. You can be saved by doing this outer ritual, following this guru, or by declaring Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Savior, as the Christians have believed now for so long that one must wonder. They did, after all, stop believing the earth was flat, so how long will they believe in this illusion that an almighty and all-Loving God could have only one son?

When will they recognize that they are all sons and daughters of God, for how else could they have come into Being. You, then, are beginning to recognize this in yourselves, but I ask you to take this one step further, my beloved. I ask you to seriously ponder, that although you have been brought up to believe that acknowledging your worth should not be done – because it can lead to pride – I ask you to acknowledge that this is an illusion. This is a plot perpetrated by the false teachers and the ego.

I am not here talking about a pride – a human pride – that makes you think you are better than others. But the sense of separation, that I am talking about as the cause of conflict in Europe, cannot be overcome on an individual level, unless you overcome both the ego’s pride of feeling superior to others and the ego’s non-pride of feeling inferior or thinking you cannot recognize your own self-worth. You need to find the middle way, the balance between these extremes as you have been well taught by us, for there is always a middle way that is beyond the dualistic extremes. And in this case, in order to find it you need to recognize, that acknowledging your self-worth as a unique expression of God is not pride, is not conceit. It is realism, my beloved – realism – and until you do recognize your self-worth as a co-creator with God, as an individualized expression of the Creator’s own Being, well, then you will not be able to escape the sense of separation.

For, of course, the false teachers and your ego would have you believe, that you can overcome the sense of separation by following this or that outer teaching. But as we have said before, you cannot overcome a state of consciousness by the same state of consciousness that created the original problem. So you cannot overcome separation by going further into separation, which is indeed what many spiritual people have done and are doing.

Ponder the enigma of self

For by the Christians setting up their religion as the one superior religion, they have set themselves apart from all other people on this planet. And if you set yourself apart from other people, then how can you overcome separation? You may be striving for oneness with Christ, but what did Christ say, “Inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me.” And thus, how can you indeed overcome that sense of separation by going further into separation and building the spiritual pride, that because you belong to a particular religion – or a particular ethnic group, race or nationality – that you are then superior to others?

Now my beloved, when you do attain a realistic sense of self, of self-worth, then what do you see? You see that you are not a separate being running around on this little planet. You even see that we of the ascended masters are not separated from you. We are not up here in heaven, floating around on a pink cloud, while you are down there on earth suffering all kinds of calamities. You are expressions of ourselves and we see you as such. We have no other desire than to help you see yourselves as such, that we may be one as above so below. For this is our joy—when you dare to acknowledge your oneness with us.

How indeed can this be accomplished? I ask you to ponder that there is a certain mystery – which is not so much a mystery as an enigma, a riddle to be solved – which is that you are an individual expression of the Creator’s Being, so you do have a separate sense of self. But yet you are an expression of the Creator’s Being, so you are out of the One, and so is everyone else. You must ponder this, until each one individually has that Aha experience that allows you to see that you can indeed be a separate individual – BE an individual expression of the One – while still having a sense of oneness with the One and with all others who are expressions of that One. But you can only do so when you realize, that you are more than the separate self, more than the ego, and that all other people are also more than their separate selves, more than these outer characteristics.

You do not overcome superiority through false humility

The hatred between different groups of people – the animosity, the conflicts – spring from the illusion that we are more, while the others are less. Do you see here in this country of Germany, where this sense of superiority had been allowed to run rampant during the 1930’s and even before, and how this led to the blindness of the people in following the blind leader. Who led them into this extreme form of superiority “Deutschland Uber Alles,” where they seriously believed, that they belonged to a superior race, which then led them inevitably to define an inferior race?

For how can one race be superior, unless you define the opposite dualistic polarity, and therefore has a race that is inferior? And in being inferior, it becomes less than human, and therefore can be exterminated as an animal or even a life-form lower than an animal. For I dare say that there were people who treated the Jews worse than they would treat their own animals. So what is the key to overcoming this? Well, it is not to make yourself less, as you have also seen here in Germany, where some people after the war went through – and where the nation as a whole almost went through – a sense of guilt and shame so deep that they dared not even look at it and acknowledge it.

There has been a national consciousness, even a continental consciousness, that in order to somehow compensate for their feeling of superiority, the Germans had to go into the opposite polarity of inferiority and make themselves less, and that other nations in Europe should help them along with this. As you see the age-old rivalry between various nations, of trying to put each other down and raise one nation up as being the dominant one.

Dare to appreciate yourself

What I am leading up to here is the recognition, that we have no desire to see anyone on earth become less, or make themselves less. We desire to see all people become MORE. We of the ascended masters do not look at any people as bad, as evil, as beyond being raised up to a higher level. We hold the immaculate concept. We see the potential for all to be raised up, and therefore we have no desire to punish. We have no desire to shame. We have no desire to belittle any nation, any people. For we always see beyond the outer characteristics. So do you see, that you cannot rise above the sense of superiority or the sense of separateness by making yourself less?

There are some who think, that in order to avoid pride they have to make themselves so humble. But you see, pride is one extreme. Humility in a human way is the other extreme, the other polarity. You do not escape duality by jumping from one polarity to the other. You escape duality by finding the middle way.

I ask you, each one individually, to take some time in your busy schedule and to sit down; not give any rituals, not give any rosaries, not read any teachings, not think, not analyze. But to take some time and just sit down and appreciate—appreciate who you are, appreciate God, appreciate the ascended masters, appreciate nature, appreciate other people, appreciate something that opens your heart. And when you have then opened your heart, then allow yourself to appreciate yourself. Not your ego, not your separate self, but appreciate your real Self as an individual expression of God, as an absolutely unique expression of God. And therefore, allow yourself to recognize that you are MORE than the separate self.

The secret to overcoming the ego

My Beloved, you have all heard the expression, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” Well, you cannot overcome the separate self, the ego, by destroying that separate self. For you cannot live without a sense of self. That is the price you pay for being an individual, self-aware expression of God.

You have to have a sense of self, and so those who attempt to destroy the self cannot ever make spiritual progress. Even though some of them may think they have done so—they cannot. You cannot make spiritual progress by making yourself a vacuum. You can only make spiritual progress by transcending the duality and recognizing that you are MORE, because you are out of a greater spiritual being in the spiritual level right above the material universe. And that spiritual being is out of an even greater spiritual being, and this Hierarchy of Light goes all the way to the Creator.

This is how you can overcome the separate sense of self by Being MORE. And thus, do you see that this works on an individual level, where you cannot overcome your own separateness, but even more so it works on a national, and even a planetary level, where you cannot grow spiritually if you find yourself in a vacuum. As you indeed see many people in Europe, who have given up on traditional religion – and for good reason – but have then not found anything to put in its stead. And therefore, they can easily be swayed into various forms of extreme expressions that give them a sense of identity.

For do you not see that what Nazism and Hitler offered certain people was a very clearly defined sense of identity, which then allowed them an easy way – seemingly an easy way – out of the state of being in a vacuum, of having no clear identity, no clear sense of who they are? This has been the lure of all totalitarian ideologies—Marxism, Nazism, all others that you have seen. It has been the lure of materialism, the sense that material things is your god and is your purpose for living. It has been the lure of power and those who seek power. It is only by finding something that is beyond the earth – where you begin to acknowledge that you are MORE than this material identity – it is only then that you can escape that sense of material identity.

Yet, in order to do this, you must overcome the programming from both church and secular materialistic philosophies that you are not a spiritual being – or at least not a unique spiritual being – and certainly not a son or daughter of God. And in order to do this, you have to be willing to take some time to look in the mirror – I speak not physically, but metaphorically – to look in the mirror of your soul, and recognize that your true Being is MORE than these outer things.

The Germans did not exclusively cause the war

And thus, you can detach yourself from the outer problems you have – not only physical problems, but psychological problems – so that you can deal with these problems in a detached manner, where they do not cause you pain, for you look at them in a neutral, objective manner without identifying yourself with them. For as long as you identify yourself with a particular problem, you will be overwhelmed by the pain associated with that problem. And in order to avoid that sense of being overwhelmed, well, then you will simply refuse to look at the problem. And this is what you see in the people of Europe, when it comes to the Second World War and the entire warped consciousness that caused that war.

For I tell you, you may have been taught – if you grew up outside of Germany – that it was caused by Hitler and the Nazis and the Germans, but that is not so, my beloved. That war was indeed an expression of the collective psyche of Europe, and every single nation contributed to that collective psyche in some way. So, if you are willing to be honest, you will see that every single nation contributes to the state of affairs that you see in Europe today and that you have seen in the past. And therefore, if the scar caused by the Second World War is to be healed, then each nation and the people of those nations must be willing to look at the problem, to look at the wound.

What has happened so far in Europe is simply that Europe and the people of Europe have put a distance between themselves and the entire conundrum of the Second World War. And this has lessened the pain, but it has unfortunately led many to believe, that we can just let the past be the past without taking an honest look at it. But I tell you, you cannot undo a decision made in the past without looking at that decision. For the beam in your own eye is a wrong decision, a dualistic decision, that you made in the past. And only YOU can undo that decision by making a better decision, by making a decision that is not based on the sense of being less, but based on the sense of being MORE. That is the only way to healing.

So you see an entire continent that is not willing to look at the Second World War, to discuss it openly, and say, “What was it that caused this extreme event? How could we all be pulled into this maelstrom of violence and conflict and hatred? And what can we, each one of us, do to rise above it and to help all of us rise above it?” For my beloved, there can be no healing, there can be no progress in Europe, unless all countries rise together, which certainly includes Germany.

And may I say for the record, although many people will be unwilling to hear it, may I say that the German nation has been, in fact, more open to reconciliation than many other nations. This is proven by the reunification of Germany and how the people of western Germany reached out to their brothers and sisters from the East, in a way that was unprecedented, and that we of the ascended masters see as one of the major positive events in Europe for many decades.

And we would like to see a similar awakening, so that other nations in Europe would reach out to the German people and the German nation and say, “How can we put this behind us, so that we can come into greater oneness without always having to have this sense of distance, this fear of what happened in Germany in the past, and could it ever happen in Germany again?” For surely, by the mere fact that it did not happen in our nation, we have proven that it could never happen here, right? And so, the people will skirt the issue—will avoid it as if it is a taboo that one cannot talk about openly.

You form the tip of the spear

How can you help raise the collective awareness? By continuing what you have already been doing of looking at the beam in your own eye, raising yourself up, and as I said, take that step and allow yourself to acknowledge who you are. Then as you attain that inner wholeness, that inner peace of acknowledging yourself as a unique spiritual being, then you can go out and radiate that and speak it, shout it from the housetops, that there is a way to rise above the past. There is a way to heal these wounds, as if they had never existed in the first place.

And that is how you become the forerunners for changing the collective consciousness. And when enough people do this, then it will eventually have an effect. And I tell you that what has already been accomplished in these few years, where there have been people on this continent who have given Mother Mary’s rosaries, is that you have formed what in the old days we use to call the tip of the spear. Now, the tip of the spear would be not very valuable unless there was the weight of the rest of the spear behind it. But do you see, that those who are willing, who are the most open to looking at the beam in their own eye, well, they do come to the forefront of a new movement. And therefore all other people on this continent who are contributing in some way to a transformation in consciousness, well, they all come behind your efforts, and you then become the tip that breaks through those hard, encrusted layers, because your calls are extremely powerful and directed through these rosaries and invocations.

Take note I am not using the dualistic terms, you are “more powerful.” I am not trying to get you into false pride here. But I am asking you to again be realistic and recognize that by the Alpha aspect of you acknowledging the teachings and Mother Mary’s new rosaries and the teachings on the ego, and the Omega aspect of you being willing to apply it to yourselves, you have put yourself in a particular position, where you can indeed become the forerunners for this breakthrough in consciousness that must happen on this continent if we are to avoid another calamity.

Economic crisis and war

For I tell you – not to induce fear here – but I ask you to be realistic and see that there is a connection, as Saint Germain has said, between war and money. And you will see that there was a great depression, so to speak, in the 1930’s, and then came the Second World War. And we, of course, do not desire in any way to see that pattern repeat itself in this day and age.

Again, this is not to induce fear, but to give you a sense of realism, that it is indeed necessary with a breakthrough in consciousness – a breakthrough in a greater sense of oneness – so that those in the power elite who have a plan to precipitate first a financial collapse and then another war, will not get away with this. Because the people will have overcome enough of their sense of separation, that they simply will not allow themselves to be pulled into this age-old pattern of building hatred against another group of people, who have been portrayed as the scapegoat and a cause of all their problems, so that they eventually go to war with those people, seeking to destroy them.

This is the pattern that can only be overcome by the people rising above it, and saying, “Enough is enough.” And this has happened many times in the past—slavery one example, democracy, another. “It is enough. We will not stand for this any more!” And therefore we look forward again to this breakthrough, where you say, “We will no longer stand for this hatred. We will no longer stand for this separation. We will see ourselves as one people!”

You work through the collective consciousness

And again, by being here from so many nations and coming together, what have you accomplished? You have accomplished that even though you have differences in personality, and culture, and nationality, well, you see that there is something more beyond it—and that MORE unites you. And I may say that some of you have indeed worked through in your consciousness and your relationships, the consciousness of animosity and conflict and suspicion and small even seemingly insignificant conflicts with other people. And if you will look back, you might even see this pattern of how you have been in conflict or small tussles with each other over seemingly insignificant things that normally would not have bothered you, but now they did.

And why was this so? Well, was it not because you were working through this consciousness, that has been hanging over this continent and indeed the entire planet for thousands of years? So you might give yourself a little bit of forgiveness here – give each other a little bit of forgiveness – and say, “I recognize that this wasn’t really your problem and it wasn’t really my own problem. It was the greater psychology that we have volunteered to take on that we might help transform it, and therefore set the people free.” And so again, we ask you to focus on seeing yourself as God sees you, as we see you—as unique expressions of the one Creator. Unique, not in a dualistic fashion of superior or inferior, but unique.

You are all so much MORE. I wish I could impart to you how much MORE you are. How much greater your potential is than what you have been brought up to believe and what you might even still believe. I wish I could show you yourself, each one of you, through my eyes. And if you ask me, I will indeed attempt to give you that experience as you are open to it, each one. But be aware that in order to see yourself as I see you, you must be willing to look beyond how you see yourself, how your family sees you, how society sees you.

But first of all, you must be willing to look beyond how the false teachers see you. For they have induced such a consciousness that you have no worth, in an attempt to keep you down, to keep you in your place, so that you will not challenge them. And thus, you have the entire stigma that you can do almost anything on this earth, but do not declare yourself to be the Christ, to be a son or daughter of God, for that is anathema. Well, my beloved, in my eyes it is not anathema; it is Realism. And I, Master MORE, am Real, and you are Real, and those who say otherwise are unreal. And that which is unreal cannot affect that which is Real. So let us dare to acknowledge that we are One, and our Oneness is Real. And you amongst each other are one, and your Oneness is Real. And with that I bid you good night.


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