Let women be raised up in the Catholic Church

TOPICS: Many Catholics are closed to the truth – Being open to ideas beyond doctrine – The tragedy of the ages – The Church must change or die – A realistic assessment of the papacy – The most important issue facing the Church –  Can the Church survive? – Women in the priesthood – Use my rosaries to reform the Church – Unbalanced masculinity creates war – Recognize the power of the Mother of God –

Ascended Master Mother Mary, April 2, 2005.

I am indeed Mary, your Mother, and I come on the eve of the pope’s passing. Yet I come at 11:00 at night [Eastern standard time] to symbolize that this is indeed the 11th hour for the Catholic Church. It is the hour, when this church must make a choice to either go up or down, because it can no longer remain lukewarm to the reality of Christ.

I am aware that many Catholics around the world are in mourning over the passing of their beloved pope. My Mother’s heart would reach out to these many people and comfort them in this dark hour, this hour of fear, uncertainty, grief and sorrow. Yet you must understand that the compassion I feel as an ascended being is not human compassion, is not human sympathy. I am not here to console without helping people to change.

I am here to provide divine compassion, which is aimed at raising people above the state of consciousness in which they feel sorrow. And thus I come to quicken, I come to awaken those who have ears to hear, those who are willing to hear the true message of what the Mother of God wants to say about the Catholic Church, wants to say to Catholics in this dark hour, this crucial hour that will be a turning point for the Catholic Church.

And whether it be a turning point for good or a turning point for darkness remains to be seen. And the outcome will be determined not by who is elected pope, not by one person or even a group of cardinals in Rome; it will be determined by a critical mass of Catholics around the world and what they choose to do based on the opportunity presented to them at this time.

Many Catholics are closed to the truth

I come to give you a small sense of co-measurement of the difficulty I face, and that other members of the ascended masters face, when we seek to enlighten humankind. I would like you to take a little journey with me in your imagination. I would like you to imagine that you are up here in heaven, looking down upon earth and considering the state of consciousness of most Catholics around the world.

Most Catholics today realize, at some level of their beings, that times have changed, that society has changed. And in many ways, the times have run away from many of the customs, the traditions and the beliefs in the Church which they consider to be the true church of Christ. Many of these Catholics have grown up with questions about God and about Christ that were never answered by official doctrines. Some have sought answers elsewhere, while some have simply stopped asking the questions. Many feel a sense of loyalty to the outer church and feel that in order to remain loyal to the Church, they should close their minds to any considerations that cannot be explained by doctrine. It is as if these people feel that being loyal to the outer doctrine is more important than knowing the inner truth.

Yet if you would look at the example set by my beloved Jesus, you would see a person who had committed his entire life to the truth and who was not willing to compromise the truth in order to please human beings or please his own outer consciousness and ego. And this is the example that you should follow, so that you will not let your own ego or any human being or institution stand between you and the discovery of the truth, the truth of Christ that will make you free from all human limitations and shackles.

The question that is faced by most Catholics today is the same question that has been faced by human beings throughout the ages, “Do you want the truth or do you want to remain in the state of illusion, confusion and darkness?” This is the question that Jesus asked – spoken and unspoken – of every person he met 2,000 years ago. They were all faced with the necessity to either accept the truth embodied by Jesus or to reject that truth.

Being open to ideas beyond doctrine

The question remains today, “Will you accept the truth of Christ, or will you reject that truth?” I ask you to consider that I, Mary, have been working in various ways with Catholics for a very long time. You have seen apparitions, you have heard messages, you have seen tears flowing from statues, and you have seen various forms of miracles performed by the sun. Yet I would like you to consider why I have appeared in such ways and why I have often given messages that are very simple, almost to the point of being simplistic.

The reason for this is that so many Catholics have closed their minds to anything beyond the official doctrine of the outer church. And therefore, you might consider how I, Mary, could possibly awaken people. How could I possibly awaken Catholics to the truth that would make them free? And the sad fact is that I have very limited options for awakening Catholics, because many of them are afraid to find a truth that might be beyond the outer doctrine. Their first and foremost concern is not to know the truth that will make them free. Their first and foremost concern is that any idea they come across must conform to the outer doctrine of the outer church.

And thus, how could I possibly appear in a way that did not conform to the standards set by the outer church? And how could I possibly say anything in one of these apparitions, that are approved by the Church, if what I said did not conform to the doctrine of the Church? You see, I am a spiritual being and I know the truth of Christ and the reality of God. I have a great longing to impart that truth and reality to all who revere me, be they Catholic or not. Yet how could I pass on that truth if all you want to hear is what conforms to an outer doctrine, especially if that doctrine is not completely aligned with the truth?

The tragedy of the ages

Consider why Jesus called the scribes and the Pharisees hypocrites and why it was precisely these people who attempted to silence him by killing his physical body. The reason is simple. These people did not want the truth. They were afraid of the truth. They wanted a Messiah, but they wanted that Messiah to conform to the outer doctrines of their religion. And yet the Messiah is sent by God to set them free from their illusions, so if their doctrines are out of alignment with the truth of God, then what is the Messiah to do? Is he to give them the truth or is he to conform to their doctrines and thus keep them trapped in error and illusion?

You see, my beloved, Jesus did not want to compromise the truth and that is why he challenged the scribes and the Pharisees and the lawyers who had taken away the key of knowledge, the key of knowledge that the kingdom of God is within you and that the key to salvation is not an outer religion but to go within and obtain a higher state of consciousness. Precisely because Jesus did what he was sent by God to do, namely challenge people’s illusions, he was persecuted or ignored. And in the end he was condemned to death and crucified.

This is the tragedy of the ages, that those who are trapped in illusion are in a catch-22, where their beliefs are lies, yet they have been programmed with a fear of questioning the lies that they have come to believe. Their fear prevents them from questioning the lies, and if they are not willing to question the lies, how can they possibly receive the truth that will set them free from those lies? And thus people are in a catch-22 from which even a representative of God, even the Son of God sent into embodiment, even the Word made flesh, cannot awaken them—unless they have ears to hear a truth that goes beyond the outer doctrine that keeps them trapped in illusion.

The Church must change or die

You see, planet earth has turned a corner. Time and spiritual cycles have moved on, and if you will be honest with yourself, you will know, somewhere deep in your being, that time has moved on, that cycles have changed, that things cannot remain the same—not even in the Catholic Church.

You should know that I, Mary, would like to see this Church change with the times and become a living, vibrant church that can meet the spiritual needs of many seekers in this age. Yet the church cannot and will not change unless a critical mass of Catholics decide that they will no longer remain blindly loyal to the outer church and the outer doctrines. Instead, they will raise their loyalty to a higher level, and they will seek the truth of Christ and be loyal to that truth and that truth only.

And this then is the movement that must come from below, because if you are willing to look at history, you will see that revolutionary change has rarely, if ever, been brought from above. It has only come about through a pressure from below that eventually made those in leadership positions realize that they either had to change or lose their positions.

And thus, you will see that even the Catholic Church has a hierarchy that is dedicated to the preservation of the outer church and their own positions in that church. They are truly in the same position as those in the Jewish religion who felt threatened by Jesus, when he brought a truth that was higher than the outer doctrine of the old religion. And thus, the question is simple. You know from the scriptures that 2,000 years ago the leaders of the Jewish religion chose to kill the living Christ rather than to accept him as the Savior and the Messiah. The question today is whether the leadership of the Catholic Church will be willing to accept the living Christ or whether they will attempt to kill him and his true teachings given in this age.

And that living Christ is not only the Christ of Jesus speaking through the same messenger that I am using to bring this message. It is truly the living Christ within many people around the world, including many people who are working within the Catholic Church and who are seeking to reform it because they know it must either be reformed or it will die.

A realistic assessment of the papacy

And thus I come to give you a loving but realistic assessment of the papacy of John Paul II. Let there be no doubt that this pope is deeply loved by me. Yet let there be no doubt that he is no more loved than any one of you. Let there be no doubt that Pope Paul II was a pope with a great love for the Church and a great love for the mission of Christ, as he understood that mission. This pope was truly a more spiritual, a more mystical pope than many you have seen throughout the centuries. He was far less concerned about the politics and the power plays of the outer religion than he was concerned with the spirit of the Christian religion.

Yet, that being said, I must tell you with true realism that this pope found it difficult to transfer his mystical longing to the outer Church. He was not able, he was not willing, to take the daring step of transforming the Church according to his inner vision. The pope had many good reasons for thinking that the Church could not, or was not yet ready, to be transformed. Yet I must tell you that these reasons did not spring from the Christ mind but sprang from the collective consciousness of Catholics, a consciousness that has been built and reinforced for almost 2,000 years.

This consciousness deeply affected the pope throughout his life, and it affected him to such a degree that he was not able to look beyond it. And thus, you will see that in many ways this pope attempted to carry on a tradition that many Catholics have realized had become outdated before he even took office. And I must tell you that the outer life of this pope, and especially his illness over these past months, was an illustration of, an expression of, the state of the Catholic Church as a whole. What you see here is a pope who was greatly loved by many Catholics, and he was loved because he was an honorable pope, an honorable person. And thus, in a way, he came to represent the good in the Catholic Church, the potential of the Catholic Church.

And that is why many people did not want to see him go. And in a way this was why he was not willing to go, why he was not willing to give up his office, even when it became obvious to everyone that he was no longer physically or mentally able to fulfill that office. He hung on to his position to the very end, which symbolizes that so many Catholics are holding on to the old ways, the old traditions, to the very end. And what you saw in the life of the pope is that he was not willing to change but that he kept sticking to the old ways, until he passed from the screen of life into the illusion that people call death. The question is, “Will the Church continue to hold on to the old ways until it dies, or will it be willing to be reborn in the Spirit, so that it can become new in Christ, so that it can become a new church in Christ?”

The most important issue facing the Church

Now, I am fully aware that there are many issues facing the Catholic Church in this critical time. Yet I would like to point out one issue to you that, in my assessment, is the most important issue facing the Catholic Church today. And that issue issue is the role of women in the Church and the role of women in society.

This messenger recently had the experience of visiting a place, where it is claimed that I have appeared for some time and where I supposedly speak through a person and gives messages. He asked politely if the people overseeing this place were willing to have him leave a stack of booklets with my Miracle Rosary. At first he was told yes, but then, when these people started looking at my Miracle Rosary, they noticed one sentence in the very beginning, where it says, “Our Father-Mother God.” And these people could not accept that God is Mother because according to Catholic tradition God is seen only as Father.

These people used this one expression to reject the rosary that I have given from my heart. Not only is this an illustration of the state of consciousness of many Catholics and how impossible it is for me to enlighten these people and help them come up higher in consciousness, but it is also an expression of how many of the Catholic doctrines and traditions are illogical, even to the point of being in direct opposition to what is stated in the Bible. For does not the Bible say, “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.” Revelation 1:8)

And is not “Omega” the feminine aspect? The Bible says that God is Alpha and Omega. Does this not prove that God has an Omega aspect, that God has a feminine aspect? And thus, who is the Catholic Church to deny this and thereby deny the Mother of God, the feminine aspect of God, the very Mother flame itself?

This is a tragedy, and it has been a tragedy now for almost 2,000 years, during which the orthodox Christian churches have denied the reality of God as Mother, have denied the divine feminine, and have denied the rightful role of women that was defined by Jesus in his relationship to me and to my beloved Mary Magdalene. Jesus came to raise up women and to free them from the yoke of blame that had been put upon them for thousands of years by making them responsible for the Fall of Man.

What we see in this time is that there is a great need for a reform in the Catholic Church concerning the role of women. Yet that need can only be met if there is a recognition of the fact that God has a masculine and a feminine aspect, that God is both Father and Mother.

Can the Church survive?

What exactly will this mean for the Church? It will mean that certain Church doctrines and certain ingrained aspects of Church culture will have to be challenged. First of all, the Church must stop blaming women for the Fall. It was a small step in the right direction, when the church exonerated Mary Magdalene and recognized the fact that she was not a prostitute and that, in fact, earlier Church fathers had turned her into a prostitute for political reasons.

And this shows that the Church has, in some incidences, been willing to deal with the past and correct the errors that had crept into the faith for political reasons. Yet, this one instance is only a drop in the bucket of what is needed in order to reform the Church and turn it into a viable organization that has a chance of surviving in this new millennium.

And there are so many more aspects of doctrine and culture that must be reformed. And I must tell you that unless the role of women in the Church is truly brought into alignment with the reality of Christ, there is very little chance that the Church will survive for another century. In fact, the Church might see its demise in less than 25 years, unless the role of women is completely changed and brought into alignment with the reality of God.

One might say that the current condition of the Catholic Church is the expression of a male-dominated culture, a male-dominated organization, that has created certain problems over these past many centuries. These problems were not created because men are incapable of running a spiritual organization. But they were created because a male-dominated culture causes men to become unbalanced. These men will deny the feminine aspect of their own nature, and thus they will become too rigid and too fanatical, and they will be unable to create an organization that can change with the times.

And thus, it is absolutely necessary that the proper balance between masculine and feminine qualities is restored in the Church. And it is highly unlikely at this point that the Church could be restored by men alone. Therefore, I tell you, it is the true desire of myself and Jesus that the Catholic Church be reformed in allowing women greater influence in the Church. The first step should be that Catholic priests be allowed to marry. This will restore balance to the life of the priests, who are unbalanced without the company of a woman.

And this extreme unbalance is what you have seen outpictured in the systematic and widespread sexual abuse of children that has been going on for decades. And this misuse has been exposed in the United States, but I can assure you that it is taking place all over the world in Catholic congregations. It would be folly, it would be arrogance, to assume that this is only an American problem. So far it has only be exposed in the United States, because the United States is in certain ways more honest than many other nations. Yet this problem cannot be swept under the rug forever.

Women in the priesthood

I tell you that there is an absolute necessity to allow priests to marry. And yet there is an equally great necessity to allow women into the priesthood. And this is obviously a step that will meet immense resistance, not only from the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, but from many Catholics themselves. Yet I tell you that unless this step is taken, and taken within the next few years, I see no future for the Catholic Church. The Church will continue to fall behind the times, until its membership dwindles to the point where it becomes an insignificant force in the world.

I must even tell you that unless proper balance between male and female, masculine and feminine, is restored in the Church, I foresee various disasters that will actually destroy the Church. This will happen from the inside out in terms of inner turmoil and conflict. And it will happen from outer events, such as the lawsuits that have led to the bankruptcy of many congregations in the United States and could spread to the rest of the world.

I am well aware that the many Catholics who are grieving over the pope would like to hear a more comforting message. But if you will be willing to go within your souls, and listen to what your higher beings are telling you in your hearts, you will realize that my message is actually supremely comforting. Because I am not simply giving you soft words that make you feel better at the moment yet do absolutely nothing to change the organization. Instead, my message is a message of hope and comfort for those who are willing to realize the stark reality that the Church must change or die.

So the question is simple, “Do you want temporary comfort and a long-term discomfort of seeing the Church that you love shrink into oblivion? Or do you want to use this dark hour as the birth of a new opportunity, a new cycle of growth and change, that can change the Catholic Church into a modern organization?”

Use my rosaries to reform the Church

So I tell you, truly, this is the eleventh hour. It is the hour of choice, because when the midnight hour strikes twelve and ushers in the year 2012, it will either signal that the Church has begun a process of fundamental, of foundational, reform, or that it has resisted change and thereby entered a period of irreversible decay. I must tell you that these next seven years are crucial for the Catholic Church, as they are crucial for the entire planet. And I must also tell you that unless a far greater number begin to use my rosaries as a tool for reforming not only the world, but also the Catholic Church, then I see very little hope that the Church will be able and willing to transform itself.

Therefore, if you are a Catholic, or if you have concerns for the Catholic Church, I encourage you to spread my rosaries to as many people as you can. Give them whatever explanation you find appropriate. But use the rosaries yourself and bear witness to the transforming power they have in your own life.

I must tell you that I need those who are in the Catholic Church, or who care about the Catholic Church, to have open minds to the reality of the message I am speaking here. Because truly, I am using a messenger who does not come from a Catholic background precisely because he is not hampered by fear and tradition, whereby he would have been unwilling to let me speak through him the truth that must be spoken in this hour.

Unbalanced masculinity creates war

Surely, I am aware that many Catholics will use various excuses to refuse this messenger and to refuse my message given through him. Yet I must tell you that this is truly the message of Mary, the Mother of God, Mary, the Mother of Jesus. I am come in this age, not only to reform the Catholic Church, I am come in this age to reform Christianity and to restore the Divine Feminine to her rightful role as the polarity of the Divine Masculine.

I am come to restore balance to the human race and to all who are true spiritual seekers on this planet. Because, truly, such people will be able to see that the threat of war that has been hanging over this planet for thousands of years is the offspring of an unbalanced masculine consciousness that wants to dominate all through power. Therefore, it sees only one way to attain and maintain that power, namely, to kill all those who oppose it. And this complete disrespect for the value of life can only come from a perversion of the Father flame and a complete ignoring of the Mother flame.

It is therefore an extreme unbalance. And the only way to prevent a large-scale war, is a very quick restoration of the true balance between the masculine and feminine polarities, not only in individuals, but in society as a whole. But yet that restoration must start within the individual. It must start by millions of spiritual seekers who seek to restore that balance between the divine masculine and the divine feminine in their own beings. And I tell you that if you will read between the lines in my rosaries, you will see that each and every one of them is designed to restore the balance between the masculine and feminine forces in your beings, in society and on the planet as a whole. And therefore, these rosaries are the key to the golden age that could be born, that is longing to be born, but cannot yet be born because too many people are not willing to let the Christ be born in their hearts.

Truly, as Jesus said recently, there is not yet room in the inn for the Christ to be born in the hearts of so many people on this earth. And unless that changes, and more people are willing to look beyond traditional doctrines, to look beyond fear and let the Christ be born in their hearts, unless they are willing to let the Christ restore balance in the masculine and feminine polarities in their beings, then truly the golden age cannot be born until the earth has gone through more severe birth pains than you can possibly accept with your outer minds.

I come again, not with a message of doom and gloom, but with a message of realism. It is an hour of choice. Will you choose to let the truth take you higher, or you will choose to cling to traditional doctrines, many of which are based on illusions that spring from imbalance? This is the choice to be made, not only by Catholics but by all spiritual people around the world.

Yet it is my hope that, as the Catholic Church enters a new phase of its history, many Catholics will rise up and demand reform in the Church. And it is my hope that many people will ask that some of those reforms be directed at restoring the role of women to its rightful place, whereby women can be seen as fully equal with men. Thereby, the discrimination against women, upheld by the Catholic Church for so many centuries, can finally come to an end, and the Church can be an instrument for the reverence of the Divine Feminine that Jesus and some of his disciples expressed 2,000 years ago.

This reverence has been written out of history by those who had a political agenda of raising up men by putting down women. This must stop! And I, Mary, am not a feminist in the human sense of the word, but I am the original feminist in the divine sense of the word. Yet only those who are willing to reach for the mind of Christ will know the difference, the difference between truth and error, between light and darkness, between life and death.

Recognize the power of the Mother of God

Therefore, I come now with the full fire of the Being that I AM, a Being of such Light and Love that none of my apparitions have shown the full fire of who I AM. And therefore, I stand before all people in the world, in the fullness of my fire and I say, “Recognize the power of the Mother of God, and recognize that she is the coequal of the Father of God! Yet she also knows her place as the polarity that balances the Father without tearing down his authority as the force of self-transcendence.”

And thus, I say, “Awaken to the reality that God is both Father and Mother, and therefore you have both masculine and feminine aspects in your own soul. And the key to salvation is to restore balance between the two, for truly only by restoring balance can you put on the wedding garment. And only those who wear the wedding garment will be admitted to the wedding feast. All others will be bound hand and foot by their illusions. And they will be cast into the outer darkness, created by the darkness in their own minds, a darkness that springs from imbalance, the imbalance that will not allow them to let the Christ be born in their hearts.”

And thus, I say, “Be willing to reach for balance, put on the wedding garment and enter the kingdom of God within you!” In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, it is done. It is finished. It is sealed, for the mouth of the Lord, the I AM THAT I AM, Mother Mary, has spoken it. Amen.


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