Let What Is Hidden Be Revealed

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, December 22, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

I, Mary, come to you to give my gratitude for your service and for your presence in this place. I come as the representative of the Divine Mother on earth, and I come to pronounce the judgment of the Divine Mother upon all that is hidden within the earth, underneath the earth and on the surface of the earth. We have determined that for humankind to go through the necessary spiritual awakening before the year 2012, we must inaugurate a cycle, where the earth Mother herself will no longer allow those who are hiding behind the surface or under the surface to remain hidden.

Humankind must know what goes on on this planet, and what they have allowed to go on on this planet, because they have not dealt with what is in their own subconscious minds. And therefore, the forces of darkness have been able to hide beneath the surface of the earth or even behind surface appearances. This must stop, so that human beings must be confronted with what is going on in their own psyches, their own subconscious minds, and therefore also in the subconscious levels of the planet.

This will at first be frightening to many, yet it will ultimately lead to a greater awareness and even a greater peace. For when you know what you are up against, you will know how to direct the light of God flowing through you. And that will surely, as we said yesterday, consume all darkness in the earth when you allow it to flow through you.

Thus, I have taken this opportunity, where we are gathered below the surface of the earth, to hold up the right hand of the Divine Mother and to pronounce the judgment of all darkness in the earth, all that remains hidden, and to say, “Thus far and no farther. Their days are done.” And they will be no more in the earth as you call forth and reinforce this judgment, so that they will be exposed and humankind can then choose the higher road of the Christ consciousness, the Life of Christ, rather than the death consciousness that is hiding beneath the earth.

Therefore, I send out the Light of the Divine Mother through this physical vessel, who is speaking these words. I send it out throughout the earth, underneath the surface. And truly, that light will be the judgment of all those who choose to deny the light in others and to deny the light within themselves. And thus, if they continue to deny the light, the earth Mother herself will shake them out of her body and expose them for all to see. Thus, it is done, it is manifest, now and forever. For truly, heaven and earth may pass away, but the Words of the Divine Mother shall not pass away. It is spoken, Amen.

Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels