It is time for the women of Poland to say: “Enough is enough!”

TOPICS: Equality for the women in Poland – The persecution of women started with the fallen beings – How will the women of Poland get equality? – The women must say “STOP!” – Mother Mary was not a passive woman – Things must change in Europe – Mother Mary’s love for Poland –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, October 29, 2011 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given as the messenger was driving in a car through western Poland.

Mother Mary I AM, and I AM here to anchor light in this nation of Poland. Truly, this nation is dear to my heart; not only because so many people in Poland still have reverence for me in my role as the mother of Jesus, but also because Poland itself holds an important Mother Flame for the continent of Europe.

When you look at the history of the Polish nation, you can see how Poland has been invaded and occupied by armies from virtually every direction. From the North, the Swedes, from the West, the Germans, from the East, the Russians and so forth and so on throughout the centuries. Yet, think more deeply and see what this actually means?

For have we not said, that the Mother element is the one that has vowed to allow self-aware beings with free will to outplay their consciousness, so that the Mother will project back whatever self-aware beings project upon it—in order to make their state of consciousness more visible, that they might decide to finally transcend it. And thus, can you not also see that the Polish people throughout history have been willing to allow armies to invade them from all sides. They have been willing to endure much hardship, much persecution, and this is indeed a proof of the profound and intricate Mother Flame, carried by the Polish people.

Equality for the women in Poland

This then is, indeed, the potential that the Polish people can outpicture in the coming decades, both in Europe as a whole but also in the region of the Baltic countries, that we have now attempted to draw with this ring of Fire that we are putting around the Baltic Sea.

Yet, I must tell you that before the Polish nation and the Polish people can find their rightful place among the family of nations and outpicture the full potential, there are some hurdles that must be overcome. First and foremost, the Polish nation needs to recognize that Poland is currently far away from having manifested the equality among the sexes, that you see in most other nations in Europe and around the Baltic Sea. Women are still put down in Poland almost in an institutionalized way.

If the Polish people are to transcend this momentum – of not protecting women, of putting them down and of not allowing them influence upon important decisions in society – then it must be recognized where this comes from. And truly, it comes, in an immediate past, of course, from the Soviet Union, where it is clearly seen that the Soviet brand of Communism, as for that matter most other brands of Communism, put down women in a systematic way.

Women were considered second-class citizens, the ones who should do the work but otherwise keep quiet when the important men had to make the important decisions. Do you realize, my beloved, that when Gorbachev invited his wife on official journeys and functions, it was almost a shock in the eastern block? This should give you some sense of co-measurement, those of you who have grown up in the West and have been used to seeing women in more important roles. And thus, perhaps the Polish nation can get some sense of co-measurement, of how there is still not a willingness to allow women to be part of society on equal terms with men.

The persecution of women started with the fallen beings

Yet, of course, it must also be recognized that in the more distant past – and certainly also in the recent past and present – the real factor that has caused the put-down of women, is indeed the Catholic Church. For very few institutions on earth have endured for so long while persecuting women, ignoring women, putting down women, shutting out women from the priesthood. Even shutting out women from being able to marry the priests, and therefore still have at least some influence on the spiritual life of the nation, rather than sitting passively in church or doing passive work that is not related to the real, important church functions that are always performed by men.

Do you not see, that this goes back many, many centuries? It goes back to the Roman Empire, which had a clear persecution and putting down of women. But it even goes further back in the Jewish religion and the Old Testament. And thus, if you are willing to truly look at this, you will see that this, indeed, is almost written into the Old Testament, especially the Book of Genesis, where of course the Fall of Man is blamed upon Eve and thereby all women. This especially became pronounced after the Catholic invention of the concept of original sin, which of course was never there originally, even in the Old Testament, and most certainly not in the original teachings of Jesus.

And thus, if you want you go even further back, you must recognize that Genesis is partly written by the fallen beings, who have been putting down the Mother element ever since they decided to rebel against the Father and the Spirit. They determined that since they could not control Spirit, they could at least try to control matter, the Mother element. And they have done so in many subtle ways by seeking to put down women and the female element, even the concept of motherhood.

Thus, when you recognize how deep, how subtle and how ancient the persecution of women truly is, you can also see that much work is needed in order to overcome it. And this does in practical terms mean that Poland in order to overcome the persecution of women – even the outright abuse of women, such as the selling of women into prostitution – then Poland needs to be willing to question the Catholic Church and its influence upon Polish society.

How will the women of Poland get equality?

For it must be recognized, that the persecution of women, the discrimination against women, was institutionalized during Catholic times, before Soviet occupation. But it did not lessen at all during Soviet times, in fact in a way it almost became reinforced, because now both those who are religious and those who are non–religious have been programmed to put down women. And thus, where shall the women of Poland turn to get equal rights and equal representation in society?

Indeed, they shall turn to those, who have embodied in Poland as both men and women precisely to bring about the shift away from both Communism and Catholicism, and towards a more universal form of spirituality, a natural or inbuilt spirituality as we have talked about now for some time. This, then, is the potential, for there are many people who have embodied in Poland specifically to bring about this shift in the collective consciousness, and thereby bring about the shift in society that will lead to a recognition of the simple fact that Poland, as any other nation, cannot fulfill its highest potential unless women are given equal rights, and equal representation in the decisions of society. There cannot be a systematic shutting out of women, if a society is to make balanced decisions.

For when you look at the history of Europe, you will indeed see, how the male ego has outplayed its warring tendencies, when not restricted by the balancing female polarity. And thus, you will also see, that if Poland is to transcend that stage of being the doormat for invading armies and occupying forces, then Poland needs to find a new balance.

And this balance does not mean that the male element becomes as aggressive in Poland as it has been in neighboring nations. It means that Poland must find a new balance. But this cannot be found by the men alone. It can only be found by both men and women coming together to realize, that only together can they form the polarity, that will bring balance to the nation and also to the family. For truly, this change must start in the family. And while it has done so to some degree, I can assure you, that there is a great need for the Polish people to be educated about family matters and how to run a successful family, that transcends the old patterns of a male-dominated family.

The women must say “STOP!”

And thus, again, where can this change come from? It can come only from the women taking the initiative, and then also making contact to the men who in past lives have already transcended this state of consciousness. But nevertheless, even though there are many of those men in embodiment in Poland, they must wait for the women to truly take the initiative. For as has been seen in other nations, and even to some degree in Poland already, it is the women who must stand up and demand more equality before society shifts in that direction.

And thus, the light that I release, and indeed the Flame that I will anchor, is indeed the flame of women realizing that even though you have embodied in a female body, you are still an immortal spirit that is beyond human sexuality. And thus, you do indeed have a right to take a stand, while you are in a female body, and to challenge the male ego and say that this centuries and millennia old putting down of women must come to a stop, and it must come to a stop NOW.

Only when this determination grows and rises in the chakras of a critical mass of the women in Poland, will the men be set free to embrace the shift, that they are actually hoping and waiting for, but which they are not able to bring about on their own. For how many times do you see a codependent relationship, where an abuser and a victim are caught in a spiral, that certainly the abuser cannot break—and that in many cases the victim cannot break either. But in this case, it is necessary that the victim – the women – do rise up and say: “Enough is enough, we demand better conditions, better recognition, better representation in Polish society.”

Mother Mary was not a passive woman

For my beloved, when you consider the many women in Poland who have a devotion to me as the Mother of Jesus, it should be possible for you to make a shift and realize, that I was not the typical passive housewife that you see raised up as an ideal in many nations. I was not a passive mother for Jesus.

For Jesus was as I have said before, an unruly child. And he needed to be shown, that there was a limit even for a child with a certain Christ attainment. And it was, indeed, my role in the family to take that role, which might seem like the role of the man. And this is not to say that Joseph did not also fulfill a role, but it was precisely my role as the woman to stand up to the person who had some Christ attainment, but was tempted to think that he knew all and thus did not need to be corrected by anything in this world.

For such is indeed the plight of many with spiritual attainment. And this is why you see some of them go the way of becoming more and more egotistical and self–centered, and therefore fail their mission. And I was determined to do everything in my power, so that Jesus would not fail his mission for lack of parental discipline and example. And I can assure you, that there were times, where there was a battle of wills, and I had to mount all of my Christ attainment to take a stand and say: “No, you will not cross this line.”

And this is indeed the potential that all those who are devoted to the Divine Mother in general, and to Mother Mary in particular, have. And thus, I put out into the collective consciousness of Poland this thoughtform of the women taking an absolute, unyielding stand; not out of anger but out of true determination. The determination that says: “I will not be moved by anything less than the purity of the Christ vision.”

For, even though matter, and the Mother element, has vowed to outpicture whatever is put upon it, there comes a point, where those self-aware beings who embody in matter do indeed have a right to stand up and say: “This is the line; do not cross it! Or you will incur the wrath of Kali, the wrath of the Divine Mother.” Which has nothing to do with human anger, but is indeed the absolute determination that if you do cross that line, then the Divine Mother will mirror back to you what you are sending out without any delay and without any mitigating factor. So that you reap the full return of your own projections and not receive the grace that normally comes through the delay in time or the reduction in intensity that allows you to do certain things and still survive.

For I can assure you, that there are many forms of karma, that would normally cause the instant destruction of the perpetrator, were not in this delay factor. And this delay factor is not inevitable, but is indeed tied to the free will of those who are the victims of abuse. For whereas you vow to allow some to abuse you in order to outpicture their state of consciousness, there also comes a point, where you must stand up and say that now this is enough and you must change.

Things must change in Europe

This is indeed the potential for the Polish people to stand up—to take a stand and say that there are certain things that must change in Europe, so that the old patterns cannot continue to be repeated. And thus, the Polish people have an important potential for helping to bring about a more permanent, a more stable peace.

For do you not recognize, that there are things brewing in the big neighbor to the East? Which still has imperial ambitions, and which has now come close to re–electing a president who has flirted with the idea that he is almost like the emperors of old, who have or should have unlimited power. And thus, there is a need for Europe to make it clear, that if these ambitions cross a certain line, there will be instant retribution. Not so much with military power as with simply the determination, that this will not be tolerated and that this will be stated clearly.

And thus, I have anchored here the flame of the determination of the Divine Mother to stop the abuse of her children. And it is indeed a flame that, if accepted and embodied by sufficient numbers of people in Poland, can have a significant impact on the future of this nation. For certainly, we of the ascended masters have no desire to humiliate, punish or exclude Russia, which also borders the Baltic Sea.

Yet I can tell you, that if Russia is to find its role as an equal in the region around the Baltic, then there needs to be a very drastic shift in the collective consciousness, where Russia begins to realize that its aggressive past is over for good. And the only realistic way forward is cooperation on equal terms and not cooperation on our terms. And thus, you will see, that Poland has something to say about this, as you indeed see that it was the Polish workers in the “Solidarity” [“Solidarność”] movement who mounted the first real challenge to the Soviet Union and its almost insane preoccupation with power and thinking it could get away with anything.

Well, the workers at the shipyards in Poland demonstrated, that the Soviet Union could not get away with everything. And therefore, there were some among the Soviet Union who could read the handwriting on the wall and realized that a shift had happened, and that the old days were over. And this was, indeed, a great factor in the eventual shift, that caused the historical events in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

We can safely say, that had it not been for the Solidarity movement, then the Soviet Union would not have been dissolved as quickly as it did. Although we can also safely say, that no matter what did or did not happen at that time, the Soviet Union in its original form, would not have existed today. For other events were indeed potentials, that would have lead to either the dissolution – voluntarily – of the Soviet Union or its complete destruction, either through economic collapse or a war of a magnitude not seen in the recent memory of humankind.

Mother Mary’s love for Poland

And thus, truly, while you may think, I sound determined or strict, it is simply to cut through the density, so that those among the Polish people, who are open to my Immaculate Heart, can be set free, that they can feel the Love I have for them or their nation.

Truly, the Love that I have is the Mother’s love. It is unconditional. But as long as your mind is fixated on conditions, how can you receive unconditional love? For you are so busy trying to live up to the conditions you have created in your own mind, that you never have a moment to fall still and just feel the love that I radiate towards you at every moment.

And thus, after the storm comes the stillness, after the firmness comes the silence. And if you will go in your heart, not only now but in the coming time, and simply focus on me in stillness – and seeking to transcend any conditions you may have in your relationship with me – well then, you might indeed be able to experience a glimpse of the unconditional love, the perfect love that will cast out all fear.

The fear, that springs from the consciousness that defines conditions, and that says that you have to live up to them before you are worthy to receive God’s love. If this were true, then God would have to be a conditional being. And naturally, God cannot be a conditional being, for if God were a conditional being, then he would be the false God created by the fallen beings, as the opposite polarity to the dark God, the devil or Satan, that they have also created in order to confuse the children of light with their serpentine logic.

Thus, the light is anchored, the teaching has gone forth, and I am indeed happy and joyful for being able to deliver this release in the Polish nation, while my messenger is going at breakneck speed though the Polish countryside. For we of the Spirit like to move quickly, for we know how quickly the human ego projects conditions upon us. So that people stand still, looking at and worshiping the conditional images, rather than the true Spirit that is ever-moving, ever-self-transcending.

And thus, Mary, the Mother, I AM. Yet I AM forever Mary the MORE, for I am more now that when I started this release. And before you can even think how this release has affected you, I will be more still. And thus, you had better not use this release to create any graven images of me, for in that case you will lose your synchronicity with my ever-moving Spirit.


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