Is it CONSEQUENTIAL for bringing in the Golden Age?

TOPICS: A higher level of Christ discernment – The overall goal is Christhood – Do not let the world distract you – Know which people you cannot help – Pick your causes carefully – Mother Teresa and environmentalism – Be willing to surrender everything –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain (7), July 15, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Thus, my beloved, we have reached the end of this series of discourses from my heart to the heart of those who are my own in embodiment, those who have come with Saint Germain to bring the Golden Age into manifestation at this turning point in earth’s history. I have spoken here to different levels of consciousness. For as I said, I have placed people in many different locations and in many different areas of society, so that they could do their particular work at that particular place in time and space. Thus, this last discourse is directed at those who are the most spiritually aware, the most spiritually mature, and therefore are the ones who have the potential to manifest either full Christhood or a high degree of Christhood in this lifetime.

A higher level of Christ discernment

What I desire to give you, and those who are willing to come into alignment with this vision, is the realization that one of the essential elements of Christhood is not only Christ discernment but a higher level of Christ discernment that enables and empowers you to put your priorities straight. You see this exemplified in Jesus at the age of 12, where he disappeared from Mary and I, and when he was found again said, “Wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?” And so this is a motto, that you might take on as your own as you contemplate your life—as it has unfolded up until now and as it has the potential to unfold in the future.

For what is your Father’s business? Well, it is your divine plan, my beloved. Which, of course, is not imposed upon you from any external authority, but is the choices of your own conscious self and your higher being—your I AM Presence. So you came here with the love of wanting to see that divine plan unfold. And in order to achieve this goal, you need to step up to that higher level of Christ discernment, that gives you the sense of what is truly the priority for you to attain in this lifetime.

What I come to call to your attention is that any Aquarian-age movement has one major, overall goal that supersedes all other goals that you could possibly envision. And that goal is simply this: To demonstrate the path to personal Christhood in the material world in such a way, that it is impossible for anyone to overlook or deny the reality of it. For you have so internalized the path, that when you stand before people and demonstrate it, well they are seeing the Living Christ in you as they saw the Living Christ in Jesus.

Thus, my beloved, fix in your minds – if you feel that this resonates in your heart – that this is very much a goal that is in alignment with your individual divine plans. For the overall goal of the ascended masters in this age – at the end of the Piscean and the transition to the Aquarian age – our overall goal is that a critical mass of people finally awaken to the lessons of Pisces and embody them, so that they can form the platform for the descent of the aquarian-age consciousness.

What I call you to envision – not of course in a prideful manner, but in a manner of practical realism – is that you are the only ones who have this potential. And thus, if you do not do it, who will? And if you do not do it now, then when will it be done? So you realize that because you have the potential, it is indeed part of your divine plan to demonstrate that Christhood, both individually and as a community coming together, dedicating your lives to demonstrating that path. So that the people of the world do not see it demonstrated in just one individual that they can easily idolize. But that they see it in many people who have come from similar backgrounds as themselves, so that it suddenly becomes much more difficult to see all of them as idols, as exceptions. For someone will begin to realize that if this person – who comes from a similar background as myself – can walk the path of Christhood, then perhaps I can too.

The overall goal is Christhood

I have given you many goals in my previous discourses of what needs to happen in the world. And if you feel strongly that one or more of these goals is part of your divine plan, then by all means go after it. But in going after that goal, still keep in mind that the overall goal is to demonstrate the path of Christhood. For there is a need to demonstrate the path of Christhood in every area of life. There is a need for those who will rethink everything and start to think the thoughts that have not been thought on this planet for eons: How will a Christed being behave in the arena of politics? How will a Christed being behave in the area of business? How will a Christed scientist behave? How will a Christed religious person, religious cleric or priest behave?

This is a great calling. And I call this to your outer awareness, so you can realize that it is indeed extremely important for you not to become trapped in, not to become attached to, particular outer goals. For did I not just speak about ownership, my beloved. And it is indeed possible – and this has happened to many sincere spiritual seekers – to become attached to achieving a particular goal in this world, seeking a particular response from other people or the world.

Yet, when you have your priorities straight, you realize that the overall goal is to demonstrate the path of Christhood. And you can do this with complete independence of how people respond or do not respond to it. For you are not here to produce a particular response, but to give them the choice – sometimes for the first time ever – to choose a response to a Christed being. So my beloved, keep in mind, always, that the greater goal is to demonstrate the path of Christhood in all activities in which you engage in society.

Do not let the world distract you

Yet I also want you to realize, that there are people who are meant to rise above all entanglement with particular aspects of the world and come to demonstrate the true universal River of Life that runs behind all spirituality. Thereby, they serve to bring forth a demonstration of the possibility of having a truly universal spiritual movement with a truly universal vision. Some of you might feel a calling to being a part of this endeavor, where you are directly demonstrating the path of Christhood as a spiritual endeavor, and thus forming the Alpha polarity to the people I just spoke about, who are demonstrating the Omega of Christhood expressed in particular areas of society.

Yet, what will it take for you to demonstrate the path of Christhood? Well, it will take, of course, many things, but one particular element I want to bring to your attention now. You see, my beloved, the fallen beings, those in the fallen consciousness, are well aware that the greatest threat they face is even one person – but even more a great number of people – who have manifested Christhood and demonstrate it to the world. So one of their primary tactics is to distract or divert your attention from the larger goal of demonstrating Christhood, so that you become so focused on achieving a particular goal that it takes you away from the overall path to Christhood. This is not to say that you cannot do some good by pursuing a particular activity. Yet it is not the greatest good that you have the potential to bring forth in this embodiment.

So I want to give you the concept, that you are familiar with from cosmology, of a black hole. Yet, I want to take that concept further and make you aware that black holes do not only exist in the physical realm, where they are driven by gravity, but also, of course, exist in the emotional, mental and the lower etheric realms. And they often in those realms – especially in the mental and etheric realms – take the form of what we might call a dead-end activity that is designed to distract your attention from the goal of Christhood. This makes you think that something else is either more important or has to be completed first, before you can focus on the path of Christhood. Thus, you keep postponing that path indefinitely until it is too late to demonstrate it in this lifetime. There is a myriad of such activities. And you need to keep in the back of your mind your overall priority, realizing that you need to be alert for any activity that distracts you from that overall goal.

Know which people you cannot help

Let me give you one example, my beloved. I spoke yesterday about the need to establish a truly universal community, where people can feel welcomed in whatever state of consciousness they are at. Yet I am obviously not saying that you should allow anyone to come in with whatever ego manifestation they have, and then act out that manifestation to the point, where they disturb the peace and the balance of the organization—or even take the organization on a sidetrack that takes it away from its overall goal of demonstrating Christhood.

There are people who have such complexity in their psychology, that you have no realistic opportunity to help them in this lifetime. And thus, if you became attached to actually helping such a person, well it would take you away from your greater goal of Christhood. You might have been exposed to such people, who attempted to draw you into an endless cycle of questionings or debates about this or that or the next thing. All of which led to no real change in the people because they were not willing to transcend some particular aspect of their egos.

And it can come to a point where you say, “I cannot help you, and thus I must focus my attention on helping those whom I can actually help. For if I continue to focus my attention on the people who are black holes, well then do I not deprive the other people – whom I have a realistic opportunity to help – of the help that they need?”

Pick your causes carefully

This also applies to particular causes in the world. For although I say that there is a need to demonstrate Christhood in all areas of society, I want you to realize that those who have the greatest attainment and potential to demonstrate Christhood must do so in an overall manner—without being tied up in details that are not truly important for the onward progression of society.

You might go out in society and you might say, “Here is a worthy cause, here is a problem that needs to be corrected.” And I am not disputing that it is a worthy cause. But I desire you to step back and in your heart tune in to your Christ self and my Presence and ask yourself the question, “Would Saint Germain consider this cause to be essential for bringing in the Golden Age? Or would it really only be a minor step forward that is not CONSEQUENTIAL for the overall goal of manifesting the Golden Age and demonstrating the path to Christhood?”

So, my beloved, consider what is CONSEQUENTIAL for the fulfillment of your divine plan, for the demonstration of the path to Christhood, for the manifestation of the Golden Age. And if you realize that a particular activity is not consequential for either of those three goals – that are truly one and the same – well then let it go. And trust that there will be someone else who will pick up that torch.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Envisioning Saint Germain’s Golden Age.


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