I challenge the people to stand up to the elitist tendencies in the United States’ government

TOPICS: The veils of secrecy will come down – The two main failures of Congress – The challenge to transcend gridlock – How many more pointless wars? –

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Ascended Master Nada, February 12, 2011  through Kim Michaels. Given in front of the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

Nada I AM, the Chohan of the sixth ray. Ministration and service. Peace. But even the higher vision of the beginning of the integration of the knowledge, that you are part of a whole that is greater than yourself and any other part of the whole? For truly, the whole is more than the sum of the parts—when a critical mass of the self-aware beings who are part of the whole are willing to acknowledge, that they are more than the lower self, more than the separate self.

And this of course is the critical ingredient to make this Capitol building, and the government that resides within it, work. Will these representatives recognize, that they each are more—more than their personal selves, more than the special interests that are impinging upon them from all sides through the lobbying groups or the bureaucracy, or even more than the people they represent in their home states? For truly, is there any one state in this Union, that can dominate the Union? Is it not so, that the Union is more than the sum of the states? And if there is not this awareness, then how can the Union function, how can the government function?

The veils of secrecy will come down

And thus, I come to anchor here the flame of the sixth ray, throughout this entire building, as the Omega supplement to Gautama Buddha’s presence in the rotunda. This flame will go out into every nook and cranny of this building, above and below ground. And it will penetrate all aspects of the American government, even those that they think they have hidden from the people, under some justification, so to speak, of secrecy.

There is nothing secret for the Chohan of the sixth ray. For I have been involved in God government for a long time, and I know how to look through even the most hidden compartments of human government. You think you can hide from the ascended masters? You can hide nothing! There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed, as stated by Jesus, the foremost representative of the sixth ray to embody in known history.

Thus, I predict, indeed, after the anchoring of this flame, you will begin to see the unveiling of all the secrets that they think they can keep hidden from the people. For this flame will challenge those veils of secrecy. As indeed Gautama Buddha said at New Year’s, how they will start coming down, and how you will see, that the Mother itself will spew out of her womb those who think they can stay in there longer than their allotted time. Those who think they can hide in the womb, and thus not having to transcend themselves and their comfortability.

“Let it all hang out,” as they say. For you can no longer hang out in the mother’s womb, if you are not willing to work for raising the all of the entire cosmos, that resides in the Mother’s greater womb. You may think you can create your own little compartment, set apart from the whole. You cannot, for these separate compartments will begin to crumble around you, and the walls of secrecy will come down. Let this be a word of warning to those in this building, who think they can hide from their own people how they are pursuing the interests of special groups, of elite groups, who have the money to finance the lobbying groups or buy favors. This will not be allowed to stand anymore, as the people will not tolerate it and will demand openness. And they will demand the service of the All.

The two main failures of Congress

The two most spectacular failures of the Congress and the Senate to fulfill their mission, in recent times, has indeed been, that they failed to stand up to President Bush, when he presented the false evidence that seemingly, at the time, justified the invasion of Iraq. And the second incident was when they also failed to stand up to President Bush and the bailout of the big investment banks on Wall Street.

In both cases, neither the Senate nor Congress were willing to fulfill their roll of balancing the President, making sure that the President would not go on some ego trip, mislead by special interest groups. This is their true role in the constitutional system: To make sure that no branch of government can go too far. They failed spectacularly on both occasions, and this is what needs to be seen by the people, so that they demand that this will not happen again.

There is, indeed, a need to rethink this government and make sure it is of the people, by the people and for the people. And of course, it is necessary to go many steps up towards that ultimate goal of self-government. Is the American nation a self-governing nation? Do the American people govern themselves, or have they allowed their so-called elected representatives to form an elite, that is not governing based on what is the will of the people? How can it be, that this institution – which is meant to represent one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all – is still divided between Republicans and Democrats, and now adding the discordant voices of the Tea Party?

How can it be, that they have not voluntarily transcended this dualistic system and realized, that it is not viable to have this institution constantly ping–ponging between the extremes, of the extreme Democratic position and the extreme Republican position, when in reality the majority of the people are squarely in the centre of American politics, doing the best they can according to their state of consciousness to pursue the middle way — that is not in-between the extremes, but transcends the extremes based on a higher vision.

This is not the will of the people, nor is it the will of the founding fathers. And I challenge all of the elected representatives, the media, the bureaucracy, and the people themselves to openly acknowledge this. And therefore to look at this building and say “But the Emperor has nothing on.” The senators and congressmen who claim to represent the will of the people but have sold out to special interests — they have nothing on. Even if they believe they are serving some greater cause or just plain reality politics, they still have nothing on.

And thus, it is time to say: “Gridlock be gone! You have no power in this house of the people. We do not want gridlock. We want you to lock in to the grid of the ascended masters and the grid of Saint Germain for the matrix, for the Golden Age in America.” This is the grid you need to lock in to. Not your own, self-created grid, based on your dualistic state of consciousness, that you are not willing to transcend for the good of the Union.

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