The choice is yours: increased resistance or increased transcendence

TOPICS: The illusion that matter is separated from Spirit – Seeing the stream of consciousness behind all form – The acceleration rate of the universe – The driving force is the transcendence of consciousness – Overcoming resistance – See this year as an opportunity – Questioning the illusion of matter – The thoughtform of the Wheel of the Law – Breaking down the barrier between spiritual and worldly activities – Understanding the reality of time and space –

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, January 1, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

The Buddha I am. Gautama is the name that people have associated with the lifestream that I am, now for over 2,500 years. My beloved, this may seem like a long time, but to the Buddha is there any meaning of speaking about time? For this is indeed the grand illusion, that springs from the consciousness of separation: that there is the possibility of dividing the stream of life into segments, labeling them past, present and future. Or should we even say, that they are labeled only past and future, for indeed those who are blinded by the duality consciousness can never live in the present. They live either in the past or in the future, for they never take their attention within—that they might actually experience the present moment, and therefore experience that the present moment is the eternal now. The now that is beyond past, beyond future—for it moves as you move through the space of the Buddha.

You see, the illusion created by the duality consciousness is, that there is a movement through time. But the reality, seen from the Buddhic perspective, is, that time is not. Which means what? It means that space is all there is for you to move through. You are not moving in time; you are moving in space, the space that gives room for different forms to exist, and that allows you to move from your starting point towards what is not the ending point but is indeed the merging into oneness with your source, with your Creator, with all that is.

If you could see what I see, you would see that the year 2011 is now rolling around this planet, as new time zones celebrate the New Year. This is, as I have explained, the Year of the Mother. And if you could see what I see, you would see the energies represented by the Year of the Mother rolling around this planet. And you might envision, that the planet has been covered by a blanket, that is being rolled aside by the new energies of the mother, the new energies that represent the initiations, that humankind will face during this Year of the Mother. And thus, the old energies from the Year of the Son are rolled aside, as if you started with one line from North to South, started rolling the blanket that covered the earth around that line and then kept going, almost like you open a tin can, by rolling the lid into a scroll.

And so, as these energies move around the planet, there will be a clearing of the old, and this is indeed why people often feel a surge of new energy, of new optimism, a new perspective at the New Year’s celebration—at least when the hangover clears and they again are able to think with whatever clarity is their normal state of consciousness. This, of course, is not to say, that most people are able to think clearly, for truly they are not, as they were not 2,500 years ago. Yet, truly, during that span of what you call time, there has been progress because the earth has moved through space in that time.

The illusion that matter is separated from Spirit

As you know – if you think about what your astronomers have told you – the earth is moving in an elliptical orbit around the sun. But how many people think about the fact, that the sun is also moving in space? And thus, the sun is following a much larger orbit around its center of gravity than the earth. And so, if you were to look at the orbit, that the earth is following through actual space, you would see, that that orbit is not elliptical. It is more like a spiral that moves in a clear direction. Of course, if you were to step even further back and look at the actual orbit of the sun, you would see, that even though the sun is moving around a center of gravity, that center is also moving through space. And thus, even the orbit of the sun is following a spiral.

Meaning that there is nothing that stands still, there is nothing that goes around in a circle, there are no closed circles, for the entire universe is expanding. And that is why time is not real. Time is the illusion, the trick played by the mind that it blinded by Maya, by the illusion that matter is real, by the illusion that Mother is real by itself, exists by itself, exists independently of father. And thus, you see – as I expounded upon last year at the New Year’s time – the Year of the Son was the challenge of learning to discern between what is unreal and what is real, seen from the Christ perspective. But in the Year of the Mother, this discernment needs to be taken to a deeper level, if humankind is to pass the initiations represented by this year.

For indeed, the discernment that you need to acquire in this coming year, in this coming cycle of initiation, is that you learn to see through the illusion that Mother, the matter energy, is separated from its source—which is, of course, Father or Spirit. Look at this planet, and see how many people are completely blinded by the illusion, that you live in a world that is separated from its source, that is separated from Spirit. Look at how many people are blinded by the illusion, that there is no Spirit, that there is nothing beyond the material world. Look at how many people deny their own spirituality, their own reality as spiritual beings, who are only temporarily abiding in a world of matter.

Yet is this a world of matter, or is the even deeper reality, that you are a spiritual being abiding in a world of Spirit? For as you are an expression of Spirit, so is everything in the material world an expression of spirit. Without him was not anything made that was made, as the Christian Bible says. And you will find the same concept in Buddhism, in Hinduism, in Taoism, in Islam and in most other religions or spiritual philosophies.

Yet despite the fact, that these teachings are there for those who have eyes to see, most people do not have eyes to see. Most people follow a religion, and they may study its teachings, they may believe in an outer sense, but they do not believe in the sense that they experience, as an inner realization, what the teachings are actually saying. And thus, people may read a scripture time and time again without truly experiencing the deeper truth beyond the words, the truth that cannot be captured in words, that can never be encapsulated in the imperfect vehicles that words are.

For how can words contain Spirit—unless, of course, they are interpreted by a being who is aware of its own built-in spirituality, and therefore can imbue the words with a deeper meaning, with a subtler energy. And therefore, you can use the words as stepping stones to cross the stream of consciousness and reach the other shore, where Spirit is waiting to give you the experience of itself. So that you may glimpse, that even beyond this veil of matter, there is only one reality. Even beyond the myriad of forms that titillate your senses, that pull on your attention, there is only one reality, one Spirit.

Seeing the stream of consciousness behind all form

And when you see this, even in glimpses, then you may begin to pull back the veil, so that you no longer have to step across the stream. For now you see, that it is not correct that Spirit is on the other side of the stream and that matter is separated from Spirit. For you see that Spirit is also the stream, and Spirit is also a matter. You begin by seeing that Spirit is a stream of consciousness, not the unchanging God that has been depicted falsely by many of the outer religions—or rather of by the false preachers of those outer religions, who have come up with their doctrines and interpretations, that go so far beyond the actual scriptures and their inner meaning. Thus, one must wonder how people can continue to believe in these interpretations, promoted over and over again by those who want to set themselves up as controlling the people by reinforcing the illusion, that the people are separated from their source, from their God. And thus, you need these power elite false preachers in order to get to God, for you cannot find God on your own.

The deeper reality is indeed, that God is the living God. God is a stream of consciousness, and when you begin to see God as a stream of consciousness, you can gradually come to see yourself as a stream of consciousness. And then, you can go beyond and see, that even the material world is a stream of consciousness. And this is when you begin to realize, that God the Father is a stream of consciousness that has expressed itself as material forms. But even though those forms may appear to be separate – to be distinct, to be separate from Spirit, to be separate from each other – they are not truly separate. And even though they may appear, these forms, to have some continuity, even some permanence, they are still only streams of consciousness.

For the very fact, observed correctly by your scientists, that the entire material universe is expanding, is indeed proof that it is a stream of consciousness. For my beloved, look at the scientific myth – and take note that I say “myth”– about the Big Bang. Consider the concept, that at some distant point, the entire material universe as you know it was compressed into a single point, into a singularity. And then, everything that has ever existed and will ever exist – in the form of matter and energy – was hurled outwards in a giant explosion.

Well, if that really was the case, how can you explain, that the material universe is not only expanding but is expanding at an accelerated rate? There is no way you can explain, that the initial energy of the explosion of the Big Bang can cause the universe to expand at an ever accelerating rate. For where would the energy come from, that drives the acceleration? It could not have come from the initial explosion, for surely logic will tell you, that if all the driving force was released in the beginning, then the universe would have to stop accelerating at the same rate and would eventually start contracting. But yet, observations and measurements have proven, that this is not the case—the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. So the question is: “What drives the acceleration?” It cannot be a material force, for no such force exists. And thus, the only rational, logical explanation is indeed, that the real force that drives the universe is the fact, that the universe is a stream of consciousness.

The acceleration rate of the universe

And this, my beloved – pay attention now – is indeed the essential quality of consciousness: it can do what matter itself as a separate entity – that you conceive of – cannot do. Matter cannot transcend itself, matter cannot go beyond the state in which it was created. Yet consciousness has this ability, consciousness can reinvent itself, consciousness can transcend itself, consciousness can choose to let the old die and be reborn and be resurrected into a higher state.

This is what drove the Creator to create, and this is what drives the Creator’s creation to expand at an ever accelerating rate. Just as the entire material universe is expanding at this ever accelerating rate, so you as an individual self-aware being are being compelled by the very life force itself to expand your consciousness, in order keep up with what is happening to the universe. And this, of course, is precisely what is also propelling the earth through space at an ever accelerating speed.

And yet, what is it, then, that gives birth to what I have called the illusion of time? It is precisely the fact, that the inhabitants of earth are not expanding their consciousness at the same rate that the earth is being pulled through space by the expansion rate of the entire material universe and the entire unascended sphere in which you exist. You are not alone in this universe. The people on earth are not the only self-aware beings in the material universe. There are numerous, numerous planets with intelligent forms of life, and the vast majority of those planets are in an accelerating spiral, where the inhabitants of those planets are accelerating their consciousness. This is what has created what is comparable to what your scientists call the cosmic background radiation. There is a cosmic background expanding force, that is what Christians traditionally have called the Holy Spirit, which is created by all the self-aware beings in the material universe who are expanding and transcending their state of consciousness.

This is the acceleration rate for the entire material universe. This expansion of consciousness is what drives the material universe, the physical planets and galaxies, to move away from each other at an accelerated speed. This is, so to speak, the background growth rate of the universe in which you live. The inhabitants of earth are not expanding their state of consciousness at that rate; they are expanding it at a slower rate. And this means, that the earth is lagging behind the position in absolute space, where it would have been, if it had followed the expansion rate of the universe as a whole.

This lagging behind is what creates the illusion of time. This lagging behind is what creates the friction, that creates so many problems on earth that seem to have no solution. The reality is, that the earth is being pulled by the background expanding force of the universe to move through space at an ever increasing speed. But what will it take for a planet to move through space at an ever-increasing speed? Well, look at what happens to an object on earth, such as a car, when you increase the speed. There is increased air resistance, there is increased friction, and therefore it takes more force to overcome that. So it would then seem, that in order for the earth to grow, there would have to be an ever increasing force, and this is indeed what is currently the case. But there is an alternative to this scenario, for the ever-increasing force is necessary only to propel a body of the same density. Yet what if the earth was becoming less and less dense, so that – as it was propelled to move faster – there was less friction, less resistance. And therefore, the earth could effortlessly move through space at an accelerated speed without there being an increase in force.

The driving force is the transcendence of consciousness

What can make this possible is indeed the transcendence of consciousness, the acceleration of consciousness, whereby you let go of the old sense of identity, that was at a certain level of density. And when this happens on a collective scale – by humankind raising the collective consciousness – then the entire planet will become less dense. And therefore, it can move through space at an ever accelerated pace without the application of greater and greater force.

This will indeed bring about a revolution, not only in human thought but in society as a whole. Where you will see, that you will no longer need this force, this physical, mental, emotional force to keep the old structures alive. For they will be replaced, not by new structures but by the willingness to flow with the stream of life. So that you do not seek to encage and incase the stream of light in your structure, in order to give you a sense of permanence, of continuity. For you do not gain any longer your sense of identity from the structure, you gain it from seeing beyond structure, beyond even the structure of the earth itself.

For you now see, that you are an expression of the stream of consciousness. You are flowing with that stream of consciousness, and when you no longer feel like you are drowning in the stream, what is the need to hold on to a structure? Why would you seek to hold on to the banks or seek to grasp for a life-belt, if you are not afraid of drowning?

For you know, that it is indeed your greatest joy to flow with the River of Life, to flow with the stream itself, to just let go and be at peace in the flow of life, rather than resisting it, rather than seeking to force it to fit into your mental boxes, to fit into the mental box created by your perception. The perception that comes from the ego, the separate self, that is afraid that at some point in time it will cease to exist.

For this is indeed the price you pay for falling behind the acceleration rate of the universe. The moment you start lagging behind the rest of the universe, there will be a gap. And this gap is what gives rise to the fear of death, the fear that there will come a point where you, as a self-aware being, are no more.

But this fear can exist only because the self-aware being that you are is now perceiving life through the filter – the structure, the perception – of the ego, rather than perceiving life through the pure awareness, that you can attain when you recognize yourself as the Conscious You, as an expression of the Creator’s own Being. And thus, as the Conscious You, you see yourself as the open door, as the clear pane of glass, as Jesus has so carefully explained. And you know that the stream of life, the stream of consciousness that is your I AM Presence, can flow through you unhindered, effortlessly. And thus, you do not need to exert a force to uphold the illusory existence of the separate self. For you can flow effortlessly with the stream of consciousness that is your I AM Presence, seeking expression through you.

Overcoming resistance

What is the need for force, what is the need for resistance, when you recognize who you are: the open door for the I AM Presence. And you accept this, and you flow with the stream of consciousness, that is the Presence, that flows through your being. And instead of hearing the roaring of the stream as a threatening noise – that you feel might one day overwhelm you and drown you – you are now flowing with that stream. And thus, you hear, that it is not a roar that threatens to destroy; it is indeed the gently flowing, bubbling stream of the bliss of the Creator being expressed through you.

And thus, you would experience that bliss by simply letting go of the sense, that there is anything you need to resist—or anything you need to uphold, or anything you need to destroy. It is indeed the sense that matter has reality, that matter has permanence, that trips you up, that prevents you from flowing with the stream. For you think, that you need to look at matter and accept, that matter in its current form is permanent and thus has power over you. Or you need to accept, that matter in its current form is wrong and thus must be changed or destroyed by you. And thus, you are here to save the world or to destroy evil, and either way this requires you to change something outside yourself. And this is what gives rise to the dramas and the epic mindset, that we have talked about now for two years.

A time span, if you will again talk about time, long enough for even the most dense to begin to realize the deeper teaching behind our words. Certainly, you can distance yourself by arguing with our words at the level of the words and thus miss the point. And this is, of course your, right—if you wish to lag even further behind and thereby experience greater and greater resistance, greater and greater opposition to your being, to your flow, to your joy, to your happiness.

Resist if you will, but let me give you the realistic assessment that when you look at a planetary scale, you will see that in this coming year of 2011, the Year of the Mother, it will become increasingly difficult for people to resist the flow of the River of Life, the flow of change, the flow of acceleration, that will propel this planet to take a giant, quantum leap forward and therefore begin to catch up, to narrow the gap between where the planet is and where it could have been, had the inhabitants of it followed the background acceleration rate of the entire universe.

The gap must be closed before the year 2012 runs around, so that the cycles change. Not that it needs to be closed completely, but it must be shrunk considerably. For if not, then the resistance will become even greater after the cycle marked by the year 2012 turns. And this can then result in physical events, not exactly at the magnitude predicted by some, but certainly at a greater magnitude than what you have seen so far.

See this year as an opportunity

And thus, this Year of the Mother of is an extremely important opportunity for the spiritual people on the earth, to have a positive impact on society on a world scale. Take note of what I have just said. You will not have a positive impact, if you are trapped in the epic mindset and think that you have to go out and change other people or change society, based on the dualistic awareness that says, that something has gone wrong and this must be corrected.

It is not a matter of appointing a scapegoat in the form of other people, and then seeking to force these people to change. It is a matter of you taking responsibility for your own state of consciousness, accelerating that state of consciousness and then, as a natural expression of your own acceleration, you share your Presence, you share your joy, you share your insight with others—even on a greater scale with society.

My beloved, many of you have studied the teachings we have given through this messenger now for years. You have studied the AskRealJesus website for years. You have taken in, you have internalized, you have given rosaries and invocations, and this is all well and good. It is not my intent to say that what you have done has not been adequate. But it is indeed my intent to say that in this year of 2011, studying teachings, practicing rosaries and invocations will not be enough in itself. If you want to truly pass the initiation and embrace the opportunity of this coming year, you need to begin to express, to give out, to share. So that you share your Presence, you allow your Presence to shine through you and uplift other people. Not in the sense that you tell them what is wrong with them, or with society, or with the universe, or with God’s plan, but that you simply share your insights, your joy, your acceleration.

You demonstrate what others can do instead of blaming them for not doing it. This is the essential distinction between those who are in tune with the River of Life, with the ascended masters, with the movement of the Holy Spirit and with the background acceleration of the universe and then those who have fallen out of sync with the forward progression, and who are thinking, that they are helping to save the world. But they are simply continuing the age-old game – started by the fallen beings in a distant sphere – of seeking to force the universe into their mental boxes.

If you take that road – as is, of course, your right by your free will – then you will find, that in this coming year, it will become increasingly difficult for you to maintain the illusion, that your mental box is reality and that it is possible to force the universe to conform to it. This is also what you will see on a planetary scale. I last year gave the thoughtform that the sword of Christ would flash forth as the lightning and cut down the veil that was hiding reality from unreality, cut down the veil that would allow the power elite to hide. You have indeed seen this happen in various ways in this last year, including the leaking of many documents, that surely the power elite would have preferred to keep secret from the people.

Questioning the illusion of matter

Nevertheless, what you will see in this coming year is, that this will be accelerated to an even higher level, where people will be – if you will – “forced” by the acceleration to question many of the things, that they have not even started to questions so far. This is not about just questioning the power elite or questioning authority. No, it is indeed about questioning the very illusion, that is created by matter itself, or rather by the fact that seen from the duality consciousness, matter appears to be dense, matter appears to have reality, matter appears to have continuity, matter even appears to have permanence.

These are the illusions, that will begin to be threatened in this coming year. The houses of cards will start tumbling down. This will happen in many areas of society, including the financial world. You will also, however, see that there will be the need to question many of the institutions of society that have not been questioned, including whether democracy is truly functioning at its highest potential. Or whether there is a need to take it to a higher level, rather than thinking that the western democracies have achieved some level, that cannot be transcended.

This will especially be a challenge for the nation of the United States, which sees itself as the birthplace of modern democracy and thinks it is still the most advanced form of democracy in the world. An illusion that will be – and that needs to be – questioned in this coming year and the years to come,. For indeed, America has falling far behind the original vision of the founding fathers and especially the vision of Saint Germain—who of course has not stood still since the founding of America, and thus has an even greater vision today than what he could impart to the founding fathers back then.

Even beyond this, you will see the need to question whether matter truly is real. There is already a movement, that has been going on for a long time, where many people have begun to look at the findings of science—that we have adequately described in terms of the findings of quantum physics and beyond. And they have taken these findings of science and begun to question, whether matter has a separate existence or whether the underlying reality truly is consciousness.

This movement, this willingness to question, will be accelerated in 2011 and beyond, until it will become so strong, that most people on this earth will no longer be able to ignore it. And then, there will eventually be a shift, so that they will no longer want to ignore it, for they see that this is not a threat to their lifestyle or their worldview. It is indeed a great opportunity for expanding their lifestyle and their worldview, taking it to a distinctly higher level, that gives new opportunities that they could barely dream of before.

The thoughtform of the Wheel of the Law

So, what then is the thoughtform that I wish to give? Well, it is indeed the concept of the wheel of the Buddha, the Wheel of the Law, the Wheel of the Dharma, that is the traditional symbol for Buddhism. Last year I gave the thoughtform of the Sword of Christ cutting the veils that hide the illusion. But what I desire to give you this year is the thoughtform of the Wheel of the Dharma, that is rolling away the veil of Maya, the veil that matter is real, that matter is separated from Spirit and that matter has a density that can hide the Spirit from which it came. Envision – both in your life and on a planetary scale – how this veil is rolled up as a scroll and now exposes the deeper reality that matter – the matter world, the Mother world – is an expression of Spirit and that Spirit is the one reality behind all forms that you see.

This is a powerful thoughtform, that you will also benefit greatly from using in your personal life. For even you who are the forerunners for the raising of consciousness will face the initiation that humankind will be facing. You will face it in your personal lives, you will be challenged in many ways with conditions in your lives, that will seem to be beyond your power to change, that will seem to be real, that will seem to have some power over you. Something you must do, something you must adapt to, and you feel that it will limit you. So therefore, you need to envision how the Wheel of the Dharma, the Wheel of the Law, how I, the Buddha, hurl that wheel – if you will allow me – into your personal life to roll back the veil of illusion.

This, of course, can only have its full effect, if you are indeed willing to question the structures, that you might not have questioned before. Do you see why it was so important – as we have said before and as Jesus especially explained in his discourse in the Basilica of Saint Peter’s – that you question your structures? You let go of the structures, and therefore you become the open door. Yet despair not, if you have not let go of all of your structures. But be willing to step it up, so that you become willing to question. And so that when you encounter that obstacle, that resistance, then you step back and say: “What is it I have not seen? Mighty I AM Presence, show me the structure, show me the illusion. Gautama Buddha, hurl the Wheel of the Law to roll back the veil, that I may be able to see what is holding me back. So that I can become the open door, so that I can flow with the River of Life. And so that the rushing River of Life of my I AM Presence can flow into this situation, and roll away or dissolve the resistance, the obstacles. So that my spirit can be set free to express itself in this world, in this situation, and that I may not only be free but that I may be an inspiration for others that they might be free as well.”

This, then is indeed the thoughtform. Use it also in your own life to ponder the illusion of time, to ponder what I have given in this release. Go beyond the words, ask for that guidance from me, from your Mother Mary, who will give further teachings on this, and of course from your I AM Presence. Ask for the guidance, be willing to ponder the enigma of time.

Breaking down the barrier between spiritual and worldly activities

For truly, all of you will be challenged on time. You will feel, in this coming year, as if you have less time than ever. You will feel, especially, that it will become more and more difficult for you to find time for what you have so far labeled as your spiritual activities. For you will feel, that the so-called daily or worldly activities will pull on your attention, will demand your attention and your time.

And so, this is then the challenge, that is specific to the most spiritual people, those who have started walking the path of Christhood, even to the point where they are beginning to glimpse the path of Buddhahood. The challenge for you is this: can you uphold the illusion, that there is a division between what you call spiritual activities and what to call worldly activities? For do you not begin to see that this is, indeed, an artificial division?

If everything is an expression of the one reality of the Creator, if everything is a stream of consciousness, how can you say, that one activity is spiritual and another is not? The deeper reality is, that everything can be seen as a spiritual activity, and there is no real division between spiritual and worldly activities. If you are willing to let go of the veil, that you have created in your own mind – because you have taken in the illusion created by the fallen beings, that the world is separated from Spirit and therefore the world pulls you away from oneness with Spirit – and therefore you need to withdraw from the world and go into a monastery or go into a church on Sundays, where you feel that now you are being spiritual by going into God’s house. But the rest of the week, you cannot be spiritual because of your worldly activities.

Be willing to take a drastic step in your mind, be willing to envision, that the Wheel of the Dharma goes around the world and shatters all the churches and temples and places of worship, shatters them not in a physical sense but in your own mind. So that in your mind, there are no special places of worship, so that you can see that every place is a special place, that every activity is a special activity, that every time is a special moment. For the present moment is all there is, and it is in the present moment that you must be spiritual, that you must be the open door for Spirit to express itself. For you cannot be the open door in the past, you cannot be the open door in the future—you can be the open door only in the NOW.

And therefore, do not postpone your spirituality, so that you say: “Oh, on Sunday I can do it, or next year, or when I overcome this challenge, or when I reach this level of consciousness, or when I have given so many rosaries, or when I have prostrated myself on the floor 10,000 times or done this or done that.” Instead, recognize the reality, that you can be spiritual right now and that you will never be spiritual until you decide, that this is the “now” where I will be spiritual, where I will be the open door.

Understanding the reality of time and space

What is time? What is it that time has done? What is it that the veil of matter has done, the veil of Maya has done? Well, as Jesus has explained in his latest discourse, everything – everything – follows the Law of Free Will. What did the fallen beings say, when they rebelled against God? They said: “We demand to have a place, where we can feel separated from God and the stream of consciousness that is God, that is the rest of our sphere.” And so, in order to give them that, there had to be created a world, where there was the illusion that matter is real, that matter hides Spirit and that time exists. So that it is possible to postpone self-transcendence and uphold your current sense of self for a period of time.

When you separated yourself from the guru, when you refused to define your own role – as Jesus has explained – when you hid from Maitreya, you demanded the same as the fallen beings demanded: a place where you could believe, that you were separated from the teacher, separated from your source. A place where you could believe, that you could uphold your current sense of self for a length of time. This is what you demanded—not consciously, but in order to make the choices you made, you subconsciously demanded this.

If this is the way you want to continue to exist, then I, the Buddha – as all ascended masters – bow to your free will. I accept that choice, but I also say: then you are not ready to be in the Sangha of the Buddha. And thus, I have nothing further to offer you.

I have something to offer only to those who have come to the point, where they are willing to begin to question their previous choices, their current sense of identity, their current perceptions. Those who are willing to say: “I no longer want the space where I can believe I am apart. I no longer want to uphold my current identity into the future for a period of time. I want to transcend my current identity and come closer to oneness with my source. This is my desire, this is my choice, and I am willing to take responsibility for the fact, that I am the one who must choose. And I am the one who must be willing to let the Wheel of the Dharma roll back that veil of illusion, that has allowed me to uphold the sense of separateness, the sense of a separate self that can exist in time, or that can even exist at all.

Time is Mother; space is Buddha. Do you see, that the Mother in her love allows the children to uphold the illusion, that they can create something – a separate self, a form of life on a planet – and that that something can endure over time? Even the illusion that the separate self could gain some sense of permanence or immortality or be accepted into the kingdom of God. This is the illusion that the Mother allows you to uphold, so that you can experience it, until you have had enough of the experience and you are ready to make the choice to transcend it.

Yet on an even deeper level, how can you have the illusion that the matter world is separated from Spirit or that there is no Spirit? What allows this illusion to exist? It is the fact, that the Buddha holds the balance for you. The Buddha holds the balance for space, the space between where you are now and where you would have been, if you had followed the background acceleration rate of the world in which you live. It is the Buddha consciousness, that allows this to happen—again, so that you may have the experience of separation until you have had enough of it. And then you desire and decide, that you are willing to let it die, to let that illusory sense of self die, so that you may catch up to where you could have been, had you accelerated at the same rate as the rest of the universe—as indeed the Buddha has done.

But he has allowed himself to be put in between, so that he might fill the space between where you are and where you could have been. Only the Buddha’s love allows that space to exist. And if the space had not existed, you would either have had to follow the acceleration rate or cease to exist in the second death. And thus, the Buddha creating space is the background for the Mother giving you the illusion of time. Time truly is not.

Space is not real in the sense that the space between where you are and where you could have been is not real. But the deeper reality is, that space is indeed real, as that is what allows forms to exist and what also allows them to transcend by moving closer and closer to the ultimate acceleration rate, that will cause your entire sphere to ascend and become a permanent part of the spiritual realm.

Thus, even though I, the Buddha, do not exist in time, I will recognize that I have spoken for what for some people will seem like a long time. For they have not been willing to accelerate their consciousness as my release has unfolded. And therefore, there came a point, where they started feeling a distance between their state of consciousness and the state that I moved on with as the release unfolded. This might give you pause, if you never locked in to my state of consciousness and my acceleration rate, or if you started falling behind by feeling: “When will he ever stop, I cannot stand this any longer, this is too much.”

The reason it is too much is, that you have not been willing to flow with me and transcend your old state of consciousness. And thus, this can be a sign for you, that you have work to do, that you need to step back and look at yourself and see why you cannot hold your awareness on the Buddha for the space of an hour. For consider how many times you have watched a movie for more than an hour, and then ask yourself: “If I can be fascinated by a movie, why can I not be equally or more fascinated by the release of the Buddha?” It is because the movie in most cases does not require you to transcend your level of consciousness. It goes around at a certain level, and thus is circular, whereas my release is an upward spiral, the acceleration that the earth is following through absolute space.

And thus, if you want to move in your own temporary space instead of moving in an upward spiral through absolute space – the deeper space of the Buddha – well, then you cannot follow me even for an hour. And so, how can you then follow the upward acceleration for the next year? And therefore, how can you transcend the resistance that otherwise will increase? You see, it is quite simple: you will either experience an increased resistance or you will experience an increased transcendence. The choice is yours!


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