Beyond Maitreya’s Mystery School

TOPICS: The true meaning and purpose of a mystery school – The mystery of a mystery school – Beyond the mystery school – Kindness knows no fear – Reconnect to your original love and heal all wounds – Letting go in order to move on – Oneness is not sameness –

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Ascended Master Lord Maitreya, December 30, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

The true meaning and purpose of a mystery school

I am indeed Lord Maitreya and I come to greet you in the fullness of my joy. Why is my joy full? Because I can now see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, where we can fulfill the work that was begun so many thousands of years ago in what humankind knows as the Garden of Eden. My Beloved hearts, you know that the Garden of Eden was Maitreya’s mystery school and that I was indeed the God in that garden. Meaning not that I was God in the ultimate sense, but that I was the spiritual teacher assigned to teach the lifestreams who had come to that mystery school to learn their lessons.

Many of you have wondered why there was a Serpent in the Garden of Eden who could tempt Adam and Eve. Well I shall endeavor to explain this to you. And you know already what you have been told by beloved El Morya, where he set the foundation for what I am now going to tell you.

The Serpent was in the Garden of Eden because the Garden of Eden was created for the same purpose that we have created other spiritual organizations, namely to give the opportunity to fallen angels to rise above their fallen consciousness by interacting with those who were the Holy Innocents. This can seem like a shock to some of you who have grown up thinking that God created the Garden of Eden for the sake of those who were the innocent.

Yet when you consider what El Morya has told you, you will see that it is indeed logical that the Garden of Eden was a mystery school set up to teach both the fallen lifestreams and those who had already internalized the light, so that both would have the opportunity to grow from their interaction. This surely was a sacrifice on the part of those who had not fallen from Above, yet it was a sacrifice they were willing to make out of their great love, not only for their fallen brothers and sisters but for the plan of God.

The mystery of a mystery school

My Beloved, consider then what it means that there is a mystery school. Wherein lies the mystery? The mystery is indeed that there are initiations in the school that are not explained in full, so that there is something that is left as a mystery by the teacher.

Why then was it necessary to leave something unspoken, to leave something a mystery? Well it was, as beloved El Morya explained, because the fallen angels could not admit who they were and that they had fallen. They were not able to confront their pride, their egos, in a straightforward and direct manner, and that is why the mystery school had to allow them to hide who they were—otherwise we would have had no chance of reaching these lifestreams.

Do you see, my beloved, that those who are trapped in the ego cannot instantaneously overcome that ego? They cannot confront their ego all at once, so we must give them a gradual path. And in order to give them the opportunity to grow gradually, we must allow them to enter without exposing who they are, without exposing their egos and its many subtle games. Obviously, this has a cost, for those who are the innocents can easily be influenced by the fallen angels because they do not know who they are, they do not know their games. But again, as I said, this was a sacrifice that those who were in the mystery school had vowed to make, had volunteered to make, before they descended to the mystery school.

The world believes that the Garden of Eden was the beginning place of humankind. You who are more spiritually aware know that this is not the case. Your beings were created in the spiritual realm and descended to the material universe. And although the Garden of Eden was not in the same level of vibration, was not in the same frequency spectrum as the material universe is today, it was nevertheless in the material frequency spectrum. And thus it was in a lower vibration than what human beings call heaven but which we today prefer to call the spiritual realm.

No lifestream was created in the Garden of Eden; all lifestreams that were there had either fallen or they had descended voluntarily to that mystery school. And those who had descended voluntarily did so out of their greater love. They were willing to sacrifice, they were willing to run the risk that they might indeed be ensnared by the serpentine logic and therefore themselves fall into the duality consciousness. They were willing to take that risk because of love.

And what we endeavor to do in this day and age is to reconnect those of you who descended voluntarily to the original love that caused you to descend. So that even if you have fallen, even if you have taken on the ego and the duality consciousness, you can quickly reconnect to your original love and therefore rise above all negative feelings, all hurts, all wounds that you have received by being in this dense octave and being exposed to the ego-plays of those who have not been willing to rise above their egos, even though they have had numerous opportunities, starting with the Garden of Eden all the way to today.

Beyond the mystery school

One of the ways we seek to move forward is to establish the successor to Maitreya’s mystery school. This is indeed a dispensation that I have received from the Karmic Board. It is a dispensation that was granted only this Christmas Eve. And it was granted only because  so many people have responded to the call to the Path of Oneness.

You have given the rosaries of Mother Mary, which are the very foundation for the Path of Oneness, the path of separation from the ego, leading to the oneness with your Christ Self, with each other and with the ascended masters. Because a critical mass had responded to the rosaries and to the teachings we had given, I Maitreya could go before the Karmic Board and receive this dispensation to establish a new movement, a new platform, that is not a mystery school but is a step above the mystery school in that it takes out the mystery. [NOTE: This is not a physical organization that requires any form of membership. It is a spiritual initiative that will work with members of any spiritual organization as they will open themselves to the new energies.]

I then come to announce to you the inauguration of what I will call Maitreya’s Sphere of Oneness. This is a new platform, where we endeavor to give teachings that have not been released on planet earth before because the consciousness of humankind had not reached the critical level. This is indeed the teachings about the Path of Oneness that we desire to release, and that we have desired to release for a very long time.

This is an important endeavor for the future of this planet because unless a critical mass of people commit themselves to the Path of Oneness and walk that path – coming into greater oneness – it will not be possible to establish the kingdom of God in the physical octave on planet earth.

Thus, what we endeavor to establish is a platform for the Golden Age, for the kingdom of God, by establishing a sphere of Light where we no longer have the requirement of the mixture of dark lifestreams and lighter lifestreams with the cover of the veil that allows the dark lifestreams to hide. We will create a sphere dedicated to oneness, where no one who is not willing to confront their ego can remain for long, where the ego simply cannot hide, and where those who are trapped in the ego consciousness cannot attain or maintain positions of leadership.

This then will be an example, such as has never been seen before on this planet, of a oneness between people here below establishing the chalice, the Holy Grail, that opens the door for the oneness between you here below and us, the ascended masters, above. This is the vertical oneness and the horizontal oneness, the Alpha and the Omega.

Thus, when you look back at the history of this planet, from the present moment to the Garden of Eden, you see that all spiritual organizations, all religions, have been mystery schools in the sense that they all allowed those who are trapped in the ego consciousness to hide and to intermingle with those who had started the path of oneness with their higher selves. And thus, we now have the opportunity, as those who are willing to enter let go of their egos, to set forth an example that has never been seen on this planet—an example of people dedicated to that Path of Oneness.

Kindness knows no fear

My Beloved hearts, surely we will give more teachings on this and how to establish this Sphere of Oneness in any spiritual organization, yet I will endeavor to begin with a few basic teachings. You have heard in the past that when I, Maitreya, volunteered to descend to earth to help the evolutions of this planet, I went before God and said, “They have not responded to anything else, can we win them with kindness?”

Thus, Maitreya’s Sphere of Oneness must be based on kindness. Yet as some of you know, I was told that if I were to endeavor to win the lifestreams of earth through kindness, I had to master all of the shades and aspects of kindness. Thus, kindness has many facets, and kindness is not the soft gentle kindness that so many people think it is. Kindness is more than anything else honesty, openness and directness that will not allow a person to remain trapped in the ego and therefore is willing to expose the ego and its games even when it encounters a negative reaction, a reaction of ingratitude for its service.

Yet I must tell you one absolute requirement. As I said, kindness can be very direct, but I must tell you that there is no shade of kindness that has any fear in it whatsoever. This is a teaching that you need to ponder, for if you are to come into Maitreya’s Sphere of Oneness, then you must be willing to become one with my Flame of Kindness. And I tell you that you cannot become one with the flame of kindness unless you are willing to let go of all fear, for there can be no fear where the flame of kindness is manifest.

Thus, I want those of you who have been members of any spiritual organization to look back at your experience and see how many times you were treated by other people in a way that was distinctly unkind. I many spiritual organizations there has been a tendency for those who think they are above others to abuse the teaching in order to control or put down others. Thus, such people take on the role of being the shepherds of the people, as you even see in the Christian churches.

Yet I must tell you that virtually every one of the people who took upon themselves this role – and mind you that I say they took it upon themselves – virtually every one of these people did so out of fear. So what they were doing was not expressing the directness of El Morya because El Morya’s directness has no fear in it whatsoever. El Morya’s directness is a shade of kindness that has simply taken on the blue flame of the Will of God to awaken people to the need to come back into alignment with the Will of God. Yet those who have not let go of their fear cannot in any way, shape or form imitate El Morya’s directness. And thus, what they express is a fear-based attempt to imitate a master, and it can only hurt both other people and themselves.

Reconnect to your original love and heal all wounds

Yet I ask you to understand, as I said before, that many of you volunteered before you came into embodiment to enter a certain organization because many of you were in the original Garden of Eden, and ever since then you have volunteered over and over again to serve in the same capacity on earth. Do you see, my beloved, you have done so, you have served tirelessly, out of your great love for God and the expressions of God, the individualizations of God, even those who have fallen into the sense of separation from their God.

And thus, I ask you to seriously make an effort to reconnect to that original love, that original joy. Because when you do so, you will see that your love can quickly heal all wounds you have received. And therefore, you can forgive, you can let go of the past. And my beloved, if you do not let go of the past, if you do not heal your wounds, you cannot enter Maitreya’s Sphere of Oneness. Do you see the equation?

It is one of the essential requirements of the spiritual path that there are certain levels. When you are on a specific level, you take small steps and you grow gradually. But there comes a point, where you have reached the final step on that level, and now, in order to step up to the next level, you must let go of the previous level. You must let go of the old before you can enter the new. Thus, before you can enter this new dispensation, this Aquarian dispensation, you must let go of the old dispensation and of the entire Piscean consciousness.

Letting go in order to move on

This is something that many spiritual students, or would-be students, have not understood—the need to let go of everything you have attained on the lower level in order to rise to the new. This is why you indeed see people in many spiritual and religious organizations who have worked very hard for many years to attain a position in a specific organization, and therefore they cannot let go of that position in order to move on to something new.

Thus you see many of those who are in leadership positions who cannot conceive of letting go of the position for which they have worked so hard, in order to move on with the ascended masters. You even see many of the students who have no position in an outer organization, and they too find it difficult to let go, because they still feel they have built a position for themselves, where they feel they have a relationship with the masters, they feel they have a sense of security because they have done so many things and given so much outer service. And they are not willing to let go of that sense of security in order to move on with the ascended masters and come into a new awareness.

Oneness is not sameness

In Maitreya’s Sphere of Oneness, all are called to become One. Yet oneness does not mean sameness, oneness does not mean that you lose your individuality, lose your uniqueness, and that you all do the same thing.

And thus, I must tell you that in the old mystery schools we allowed the ego to play its games of idolatry, and therefore you will see in many spiritual organizations that there was a very distinct idolatry of the outer messenger or guru. My Beloved hearts, this idolatry can only spring from the consciousness of anti-Christ, for when you say that one son or daughter of God is more important than another son or daughter of God, you are denying the Christ in yourself or in other people. In the Aquarian age we cannot allow idolatry of the leaders of any organization. How can you become one with each other when you set some people up on a pedestal, thinking they are so far above you or they are more important than yourselves.

Of course, this works the other way as well, in that leaders cannot allow themselves to have self-idolatry. Thus, when you look at Aquarian spiritual leaders, take note of whether they have manifested the kindness that is direct, open and does not pretend in any way, shape or form. See that this is the kindness you can strive for, for the way we desire to see you interact with each other is in that kindness that is open, straightforward, does not play any games, does not hide anything, does not seek to manipulate, does not create barriers or distinctions or differences. This is the openness, the directness, the loving-kindness that we who are the ascended masters have and enjoy when we interact with each other here in the spiritual realm. And that is what we desire to see in the Sphere of Oneness on earth, so that we can be as Above so below.

My Beloved hearts, I come to give you my gratitude, an infinite and unbound gratitude, for having been willing to go through what you have gone through, not only in this lifetime but in so many lifetimes. Most of the people who will respond to this new dispensation of the Sphere of Oneness are those who volunteered to descend into the Garden of Eden on a rescue mission. I have known you for a very long time. I have loved you for a very long time. And I have no other desire than to raise you out of the consciousness of fear and separation, so that you can once again experience my love for you.

This, then, is why my joy is full at this hour, for I see that the ultimate fulfillment of Maitreya’s Mystery School is now within reach. My Beloved, rejoice! Rejoice with me, rejoice with your other brothers and sisters of the ascended masters, and rejoice with your brothers and sisters here below. Thus, I say, “Be sealed in the fullness of the joy of Maitreya. It is sealed!”

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