Forgive those who have hurt you and walk into the new day

TOPICS: How fallen beings can appear as spiritual leaders – What is a fallen angel? – The problem in spiritual organizations – Take a fresh look—and forgive – Discover your deeper reason for being here – Let go of the desire to save certain people – Let go of the desire to be in the superior organization –

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Ascended Master El Morya, December 29, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

Ninety-seven, ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one hundred, ready or not, here I come! I am indeed your El Morya and I come to you on a lighter note than I came this morning. I come as the playful father who is willing to play with you the old child’s game of hide and seek. If you are willing to let me come and find you, then I will indeed come to your hiding place—because I already know where you are before I count to one hundred.

My Beloved hearts if you are not willing to let me find you, then I will pass you by where you are hiding in the bushes, thinking that I cannot see you. Yet, how could anyone possibly think they can hide from the Chohan of the First Ray who sees all, whether it is within the will of God or outside the will of God? Yet if you want to maintain the illusion that you can hide from me, then I will walk by your hiding place, pretending that I do not see you.

So what will it take for you to be found by El Morya, to come out of the bushes into the sun of my Presence? It will take only your willingness to come apart from the duality consciousness, from the consciousness of anti-christ. And what will it take to come apart from that consciousness? It will take total honesty, total openness, to the will of God. For truly, what is the consciousness of anti-christ but the attempt of a being with free will to hide from his or her God.

So as long as you have not tired of the game of hide and seek with your God, I, the Chohan of the Will of God, will respect your free will. Yet I must tell you that cycles move on and I, Morya, am a man of dates. So I cannot stay with you forever. If you refuse to come out of your hiding place, then I must move on with the cycles of God and leave you behind until you decide that instead of playing hide and seek you will play the game of catch-up and catch up to where I am in the River of Life.

How fallen beings can appear as spiritual leaders

The fallen angels on earth have guarded the secret I told you this morning with all of their power for as long as they have been on this planet. What I told you this morning is the last thing they want you to know, because they can exist and continue to exist – they can exercise power over you – only by hiding the truth, only by taking on an appearance of being the angel of light that even Satan can appear as.

The secret they do not want you to know is that they can take the light that they were given in heaven, the light that they have misqualified as darkness, and they can use it to create an outer appearance of being a spiritual person, of being a spiritual leader, of having contact with the spiritual realm, even contact with the ascended masters, or having various spiritual or psychic powers that impress those who do not have such powers—yet do not need them because they have the pure hearts. And thus, they can see God in their hearts and do not need any psychic powers or any outer phenomena.

It is a fact of life on this planet that in every spiritual and religious organization, the fallen angels in embodiment have gathered and they have tried to set themselves up as the leaders of that organization, as the prophets, as those who knew everything, as the only ones who had contact with God. But you will see, when you look more closely, that they have always done this for selfish purposes. And in most cases their main purpose was to control the members of the organization into giving them their light, the light that they needed because they have turned their own light into darkness.

It would shock you to hear how many of the popes of the Catholic Church have been fallen angels in embodiment, including the present Pope. But it would shock you also if you could see how many of the leaders of other spiritual movements have indeed been fallen angels.

What is a fallen angel?

Now my beloved, perhaps we should specify what we mean with a fallen angel. For as I said this morning, the key to understanding this mystery is to realize that the core of your identity, the Conscious You, can identify itself as anything. So if you identify yourself with the consciousness of anti-christ, the consciousness of separation from God above and the consciousness of separation from all life here below, then you are – for all practical purposes – a fallen angel because you act as a fallen angel. You act as one who wants control, and thus you become more and more enveloped in that consciousness, until you can no longer see that, in reality, you are more than that consciousness.

For truly, God did not create fallen angels—God created angels. And he gave them free will, which means that they had the potential to fall. But God did not want them to fall and did not make them fall. They did so by their own choice. Yet, the original blueprint of the being that God created is still safe and sound in the etheric octave, held in the universal Christ Mind. And therefore, the Conscious You of the fallen angel can, at any moment, choose to stop identifying itself with a sense of identity that it built after the fall and start walking the path back to oneness with its true identity, oneness with its God.

So truly, those who are following the outer path, those who are not willing to let go of their egos, those who are not willing to step on to the inner path of Oneness, those are the true fallen angels. Whether you fell from heaven or fell on earth is not important to the ascended masters. It truly is not important for us what you have done in the past. What is important for us is that you are willing to let go of everything in that past.

But as I have said, to let go you must see that there is a certain consciousness that has entered your being. Therefore you must be honest and you must recognize that the consciousness of separation has entered your sphere of self, your container of self. And therefore, you must separate yourself from it and come up higher, beginning to identify yourself with the divine blueprint that God created.

The problem in spiritual organizations

This, then, is the problem we have seen in virtually every spiritual organization on this planet. The problem is that none of the members of spiritual organizations were truly willing to look in the mirror and to see the beam in their own eyes. Almost every peron wanted to hide their egos and play the game of building an outer appearance of following all the outer rules, thereby doing everything right so that God would save them.

My Beloved hearts, these are the ego games. And I must tell you that even though many people take those games very seriously, they are truly no fun. They are not child’s play because indeed you cannot play the ego game without becoming entangled with the ego consciousness. So I ask you instead to commit yourself to letting go of those ego games, and indeed joining us on the Path of Oneness.

Surely we will talk more about this, but I want you to know that the will of God is clear. The will of God is that all life becomes one, because only then can the kingdom of God be established in its fullness on earth. Yet you, as spiritual people, can come together in a spirit of oneness and you can establish the kingdom of God wherever you are. Yet this requires that you let go of your divisions within yourselves and amongst each other.

What I told you this morning was that most spiritual organizations were designed specifically to give the fallen angels – whose time was up at the end of the Piscean dispensation – one last opportunity to let go of the outer path and discover the inner path of oneness. Thus, you will note that these organizations could not escape the presence of the fallen ones. It simply was not possible to remove them from the organizations. And therefore, you must realize that many of the characteristics of those organizations were indeed designed with the fallen ones in mind, not only to give them an opportunity, but also to make sure that they could not destroy the organization until it had at least had a chance to fulfill its mission.

Take a fresh look—and forgive

Thus, I ask you who have been members of any spiritual organization to step back and look at your organization anew—with the knowledge I have given you. I know very well that many of the people who have come in contact with certain spiritual organizations have been hurt, have felt rejected, have felt that they have been put down. And this is indeed very, very true because as I explained this morning, the goal of the fallen angels, those who are still on the outer path, is to set themselves up as being better than others.

Because these lifestreams are not on the path – the inner path of oneness, the path of becoming the more – their only way to maintain their illusion of superiority is to put others down. Because when they are not willing to become the more, they cannot raise themselves up, so their only option is to put you down – to put your God Flame down, to put your loving hearts down – so that it seems like they are better than others because nobody else is allowed to do anything, to take any initiative, to let their light shine, to express their Christhood, to let the Holy Spirit flow through them.

This should give you an opportunity to reevaluate your own experience. And I hope it will inspire you to indeed forgive everyone who hurt you, forgive the people you met in your organization and forgive the leader, messenger or guru. Forgive yourself for being pulled into the negative energy, the downward spiral, the fear of those who would not let go of the outer path.

Many of the people who were in leadership positions in certain spiritual organizations did indeed have a lot of power and they could easily overpower many of the more loving people who found that organization. Yet I ask you to consider that many of you belonged to the top ten percent of the people on earth in terms of being the most selfless people. And thus, I ask you to realize that you volunteered to come into this organization partly because you desired to help those who were stuck in the fallen consciousness rise above it, or, even to give them their judgment by allowing them to abuse you.

Discover your deeper reason for being here

Thus, I ask you to realize that many of you came into a certain organization for a specific reason in your outer mind, but behind that outer reason there was a deeper reason, which was what I have just explained. And when you understand that deeper reason, you can see that you do not need to condemn yourself or have negative feelings toward the fact that you were pulled into negative feelings or a negative spiral. You simply need to realize that this was, so to speak, the cost of doing business in an organization that had a specific purpose.

My Beloved, if you go to work in the coal mines, you do not expect to come up after a day’s work being completely clean. Yet someone had to go into the coal mine and look for the diamonds that were hiding, that could be brought out, and could be polished so that they could start shining again and that their darkness could turn back into light. Many of you volunteered for this mission. And many of you indeed held the balance for an entire organization that prevented it from collapsing in upon itself, under the weight of those whose darkness was so great that hardly any of you could realize it.

We are now entering the Age of Aquarius. We are in a new dispensation, and it is designed to help the top ten percent of the people on earth establish the inner oneness with God and the oneness with each other, so that you can form a platform for the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth. This is what we desire to see happen. And this is what we will help the members of all spiritual organizations do. And one way of helping you do this is to give you the understanding of where so many of you have come from, so that you can see what you need to do to come up to the next level of your path—letting go of the old consciousness, simply letting it fall away from you and focusing your attention on oneness, the Path of Oneness.

Let go of the desire to save certain people

My Beloved, I know that some of you have good friends in certain organizations, friends that you would like to save, or you would like to open their hearts to a new teaching. But I ask you to consider to please not spend your energy on trying to help those who are on the outer path and who are committed to that outer path of elevating themselves and their egos above others. Instead, I ask you to seek out those that you have seen from time to time, that were the loving hearts that came to the organization but did not have the strength in their beings to withstand the onslaught of being put down by those on the outer path.

I ask you to seek out the people who have been hurt and tell them what I have told you. Thus my beloved, these are the people I ask you to keep in your hearts, keep in your rosaries and to approach them when you feel that they might be open. Yet I must caution you that there are those who came into a spiritual organization and who got hurt, not because their flame was put down, but because their egos were put down—because their egos were not as strong as the egos of certain other people in the organization. Or perhaps because they were insulted because neither the leader, nor the ascended masters would play along with their ego games.

There are indeed those who are trapped into playing the ego games. And instead of the old game of the two boys talking, one saying, “My dad is stronger than your dad,” these people are essentially saying, “My ego is better than your ego. My ego is more spiritual than your ego, because see what all my ego can do.” Those are the people that I ask you to recognize for the fact that they are trapped in the ego game.

I am not saying that you need to ignore them, but I am saying, “Do not spend too much time and energy seeking to help them.” And I am saying also, “Do not allow yourself to be emotionally attached to such people or to turning them around or saving them or whatever it is that you think is your obligation to do.” Do not feel any obligation toward people who are committed to the outer path, because by doing so you will only tie yourself to the consciousness of the outer path.

Let go of the desire to be in the superior organization

My Beloved, the vision that we would like to see is that there are a number of messengers of different languages and cultures, who are willing to commit themselves to oneness with each other, rather than seeking to pursue their individual missions, either based on the ego or based on the wrong belief that one individual mission justifies ignoring the overall mission of the whole. If you look at the world today, you will see that there are literally thousands of people who claim to be taking messages or channelings from this or that being in another realm. Yet many are either motivated by the ego or they think that they alone are saving the planet. This is the consciousness we need to let go of in the Aquarian Age.

We need to recognize that there are many people in many organizations in many teachings who are all part of the Diamond of the Will of God, each one holding the balance for a certain facet of the growth of humankind’s consciousness. Therefore, we ask you to let go of the old consciousness that your movement is superior and that your teaching is the most advanced or the most important teaching on the planet.

Truly, you do not need to see yourself as better than anyone else. In fact, as long as you are in the consciousness that compares one person to another in a spirit of vain competition, then you are not on the true path of oneness. For when you see that all life is one, all comparisons, all competition, lose their meaning and fall away from you. And you only see the uniqueness and the infinite worth of each human being, each lifestream embodied in this universe.

My Beloved hearts, I call you to let go of that old consciousness, the vain competition that so many people engage in, in anything from sports to war, or playing the game of which nation is more important or wealthy or powerful, which nation has the biggest weapons and the biggest potential to destroy. How could the potential to destroy life be a measure for greatness? So how could the potential to judge other people, to criticize other people, to see their faults and to tear them down, how could that ever be a measure for your greatness and your spiritual attainment?

And thus, you will see that those who have set themselves up in positions of power in this or that spiritual organization and are using those positions to judge others, to put them down, to hold them back and prevent them from expressing their Christhood and their God flames, these cannot be true leaders. For did not Christ say, “He who would be greatest among you, let him be the servant of all.” Let him be the servant of the All that includes all life. Thus, I seal you now in the flame of my infinite gratitude for your presence with me. Be at peace in the love of Morya.

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