13. Your Internal Dialogue

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

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I would like to go in a slightly different direction by asking you to participate in an exercise. I will give you very few instructions before the exercise in order to give you a more open and true response. The only physical requirement is that I ask you to have pen and paper ready so you can write down your response.

You do need to be aware of what psychologists have called your internal dialogue. This is the dialogue you have with yourself, often inside your head, sometimes spoken aloud. You may already be well aware of this internal dialogue, and if so I simply ask you to pay attention to it during the exercise. If you are not familiar with the concept of the internal dialogue, I ask you to think about a situation that has been a great burden to you. After the situation occurred, you would go over it again and again, thinking about what should have happened and what should not have happened. You might also consider that you sometimes have dreams about what you would like to see happen in your life, and you go over them again and again inside your head, hoping for what might happen. Such conversations with yourself are what psychologists call your internal dialogue, and during the exercise you need to pay attention to it.

In a more general sense, in order to truly uncover the blocks of your mortal self that stand between you and your progress on the path, you will need to start paying attention to your internal dialogue. In many cases it will be your mortal self that is carrying on this internal dialogue. By listening to the dialogue, the Conscious You can expose the mortal self and its dualistic reasoning. In some cases, your internal dialogue is carried on between the Conscious You and the mortal self. In that case you can also learn from the responses from your mortal self. In some cases it will be necessary for you to consciously withdraw from having these conversations with your mortal self because they lead nowhere. In some cases your internal dialogue, or at least part of it, might also come from a higher part of your being that is trying to enlighten you concerning the right way to go.


Let me ask you to participate in the following exercise. I would like you to envision that you are sitting in a comfortable chair that is located on the bank of a beautiful mountain lake. The lake is surrounded by tall pine trees that give out their characteristic fragrance, making the air smell pure and fresh. The birds are singing joyfully from the tops of the tall pines. In front of you is a deep blue mountain lake that is calm as glass. There is a slight mist, but you can still see the opposite bank of the lake, and you see a beautiful mountain range behind the forest. The entire scene is one of peace and tranquility.

I ask you to envision this situation and allow yourself to feel the calmness and the peace of this beautiful lake. Take a few minutes, if you like, to close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting at this mountain lake, feeling completely at peace, with none of your normal cares. Now that you are situated at the lake and feel at peace, I ask you to envision that you sense that there is a being standing behind you. That being is God, in whatever form you envision God. I now ask you to consider your internal dialogue and see what thoughts and words come up in your mind concerning God and how you look at God. I ask you to quickly write down the thoughts that come to you. Please do not analyze the thoughts, please do not try to evaluate whether they are acceptable according to any standard. Simply write down the thoughts that come to you about God.

Now that you have written down your thoughts about God and God’s presence, I ask you to envision that God is here to give you an opportunity to ask for forgiveness for the mistake you made in the distant past of turning away from God. In imagining what it would take for you to turn around, face God and ask for forgiveness, I again ask you to pay attention to your internal dialogue about this topic. Then quickly write down the thoughts that come to you without analyzing them in any way.

I now ask you to consider that the God who stands behind you feels nothing but unconditional and infinite love for you. If you are willing to rise, turn around, face God and embrace God, God’s love for you will melt away all negative feelings towards God and all imperfect self images. I now ask you to consider what your internal dialogue says about the possibility of you embracing God and accepting God’s unconditional love. What does your internal dialogue say about the conditions that would prevent you from doing this? Again, write down your thoughts quickly and with no analysis.

My beloved heart, this exercise is an exercise that you can use to uncover the deeper layers of your mortal self and the dualistic reasoning that your mortal self has used to prevent you from starting the path that leads you back to the true salvation, which is oneness with your God. The key is to perform the exercise with an open mind and to write down your internal dialogue without analyzing it while you are writing it down. If you will repeat this exercise and strive for greater and greater spontaneity in your responses, you can gradually uncover the dualistic beliefs that make up your mortal self. This will give you a foundation for replacing those dualistic beliefs with the truth of Christ.

Think back to what I said earlier, namely that the core of your identity, the Conscious You, is the key to your ascent or descent in consciousness. The Conscious You has the ability to identify itself with anything, and the key to growth is to free the Conscious You from any and all identification with the mortal self. You can identify yourself as the spiritual being that you are, as the individualization of God that you are, and you can uncover the true individuality, anchored in your I AM Presence. In order to free yourself from the mortal self, you need to come to a conscious recognition of the fact that your mortal self is a prison that is built out of many individual bricks, each brick representing a dualistic lie that you have come to accept. Only by consciously seeing through these lies, and seeing the truth that will make you free, can you escape that prison of the mortal self, can you free your sphere of self from the elements of the mortal self, the elements of the consciousness of anti-christ that drag you down as a gravitational force.

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