11. A Closer Look at the Self

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

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My beloved heart, it is time for us to take a closer look at who you really are, to take a closer look at your Self. I earlier talked about the fact that you were created out of God’s Being. I said that the origin of your identity, the origin of your Self, is pure awareness. Out of that pure awareness is formed the individual you, and this is what we might call the Conscious You or conscious self. This Conscious You is what gives you a sense that you exist and that you exist as a distinct being. That sense of existence is a very pure, universal state of awareness, and it truly has no individual characteristics. At the very core of this awareness is the sense that you exist as part of a larger whole but that your awareness is focused at a particular point within the whole. Instead of having the all-encompassing awareness of your Creator, whom we might say is outside of creation looking in, you have a localized awareness. You are inside creation, looking at it from the inside, from a particular vantage point inside the whole. 

We might compare this to what I earlier told you about the creation of the world of form. The Creator withdraws itself from a certain space and creates a void. It contracts itself into a singularity. The task of the Creator is to fill the void, and it starts by defining a sphere that is set apart from the void by containing some light. This sphere becomes the macrocosm. Within this sphere, the Creator is ever-present, yet the Creator now withdraws itself from a smaller sphere and contracts itself into a single point. That point becomes the Conscious You and the sphere becomes your container of self, your sphere of self. You are a sphere within the greater sphere of the consciousness of your Creator, you are the microcosm within the macrocosm of your Creator. Your task is to multiply what you have been given by God, to multiply your talents, so that you can take dominion, first over the sphere of self – the microcosm – and then over the larger sphere – the macrocosm – meaning the material universe. When you have taken this dominion over your sphere of self, filling it with light in harmony with God’s laws, you will become a Christed being, an immortal spiritual being. This will empower you to take dominion over the earth, bringing God’s kingdom of the abundant life into physical manifestation. You will be here below all that you are Above, you will be as Above, so below. This, and only this, will bring God’s kingdom to earth.

The Conscious You is truly the core of your individual identity, yet it is a pure state of awareness. It has an individual awareness but it has no individual characteristics. It cannot express itself directly in the world of form. In order to express itself, it must have an individuality, a sense of identity, through which it can express itself. Again, consider the analogy of a movie projector. If there is no filmstrip in the projector, it will merely project a rectangle of white light upon the screen. It needs a filmstrip through which it can project actual images that can stir the Mother Light and cause it to take on form. As a movie projector can project images through any filmstrip, the Conscious You can express itself through any sense of identity. The Conscious You can identify itself with, can identify itself as, anything it chooses. It is the task of the Conscious You to build its sense of identity, and God has given you complete freedom to choose according to your imagination and free will. God has given you freedom to “name” your identity and even name everything on earth according to your sense of identity (Genesis 2:19).

The Conscious You does not start out with a blank slate. It has a foundation upon which it can build its sense of identity, namely the divine individuality anchored in your I AM Presence. Your I AM Presence is permanently residing in the higher vibrations of the spiritual realm, and its individuality cannot be directly expressed in the material universe. Its individuality can be expressed only when the Conscious You uses it to build a sense of identity that is like the filmstrip in a movie projector.

Your sphere of self has a higher part and a lower part. The higher part resides in the spiritual realm and it contains your I AM Presence. The lower part vibrates within the frequency spectrum of the material universe, and it is through this lower part that you express yourself in the material world. Compare this to the number “8,” the figure eight. The upper part is in the spiritual realm, the lower part is in the material realm, and the Conscious You is in the center, in the nexus. I will later give you more detailed teachings about the lower part of your sphere of self, but for now the important concept is that the Conscious You directs the light of your I AM Presence, letting it flow through a sense of identity that it builds. This sense of identity can be based on anything that the Conscious You allows into the lower part of its sphere of self. You can build this sense of identity upon the rock of Christ, the individuality anchored in your I AM Presence, or upon the shifting sands of the consciousness of duality.

That is why the Conscious You has the ability to become more or less than you were created to be. You can either expand the individuality given to you by God or you can build a sense of identity that is less than what God envisions for you. You have freedom to choose anything, but you will inevitably experience what you choose. You will see the world through the filter of the sense of identity you build, and you will express yourself according to that identity. Your identity will determine what you project into the cosmic mirror, which, of course, determines what is reflected back to you.


We now have three aspects of your being. We have the upper part of your sphere of self, and it is filled with your I AM Presence. This spiritual self contains your divine blueprint, which is the individuality defined by your Creator and forever recorded in the Universal Christ Mind. We then have the Conscious You, which is located at the nexus between the upper and the lower part of your sphere of self. We have the lower part of your sphere of self, which is the part that the Conscious You uses to express itself in the material world. In this lower part resides your sense of identity, which is the filmstrip through which you project images upon the screen of life, upon the Mother Light. As is the case with the void, the lower part of your container of self was not full when your lifestream came into being. There was some empty space, and it is your task to fill it. The question now becomes what you – meaning the Conscious You – allow to enter the container of self. God has given you complete freedom to choose how to build your sense of identity.

This freedom is your supreme opportunity to become more than you were created to be, to build upon the foundation set by God, to be more than a robot. You do this by expressing your sense of self in the world of form. By expressing your creative powers and seeing the results, you add to the contents of the container of self. When you do this in harmony with the laws of God, you will add only sustainable, immortal elements to the container of self. Such elements can actually pass up to the upper part of the sphere of self and be stored in the Christ mind as what Jesus called your treasure laid up in heaven (Matthew 6:20).

Because you have free will, you can use your creative abilities in a way that is out of harmony with God’s laws and creative intent. When you do so, you will also add something to your container of self, and it will reside in the lower part of the sphere. What you add are mortal elements that can have no permanent existence. This is what makes it possible for you to create a mortal self, a sense of individuality that is less than what God gave you when your lifestream first came into being.

The core of your identity, the Conscious You, is independent of the contents that might or might not exist within the container of self. The Conscious You can exist independently of both your immortal self and your mortal self, meaning that it is a state of pure awareness that is completely self-sufficient. When it comes to expressing your creative powers in the world of form, the Conscious You cannot do this by itself. In order to express itself, the Conscious You must let its light shine through the contents in the container of self because it is these contents that determine the images that are projected onto the Ma-ter Light. The Conscious You is a state of pure awareness that expresses itself through a sense of self that exists within its sphere of self. The Conscious You can express itself through either the immortal self or the mortal self, depending on which self it identifies with at any given moment.

Because the Conscious You can exist independently of either the immortal or the mortal self, one can say that it has no fixed sense of individuality, no fixed sense of identity. The Conscious You is God’s pure Being that is focused as your individual being, but it has the potential to identify itself with anything. It was created in a polarity with your immortal self, but it can identify itself with anything it chooses, including the Allness of God’s Being, your immortal self, your mortal self or anything else in the world of form. It literally can identify itself as a rock if it so chooses. The Conscious You is the seat of your free will, the seat of your ability to make choices. You are what you see yourself as being, you are what you choose to be—and you can change that choice at any moment.

The Conscious You must express itself through some sense of self, some individual sense of identity. As I said in the analogy of a movie projector, there must be a filmstrip through which the light can shine so that distinct images are projected onto the screen. The images on the filmstrip are the individual characteristics, the beliefs and self-images that exist inside the container of self. The Conscious You is like the operator who determines which filmstrip is put into the projector. You were created with an immortal self, and you can add to that immortal self by expressing yourself through images that are in harmony with God’s laws. At some point in the past, the Conscious You decided to experiment with the duality consciousness, and it partook of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. As it did so, it added contents to the container of self and those contents were based on the relative “truth” that springs from the mind of anti-christ.

In the beginning, the dualistic elements hardly affected your creative expression or the sense of who you were. They could not overshadow or obscure your immortal self. As you continued to experiment with the duality consciousness, you added more and more mortal contents to the container of self, and gradually they began to hide your immortal self. This caused you to become a house divided against itself, and as you became more divided, the Conscious You began to focus more attention on the dualistic sense of self. This reinforced the mortal self and added to the dualistic contents, which became a downward spiral that eventually led to the critical point when the Conscious You decided that it was indeed a mortal, human being rather than an immortal spiritual Being expressing itself through a mortal form.

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