05. Bringing Spiritual Light Into the Material World

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

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My beloved heart, we have now reached a turning point in this series of discourses. I have given you a number of ideas that might seem esoteric and somewhat disconnected. Every idea, and even the precise wording of every idea, is designed to trigger inner memories that will bring you step by step closer to being able to remember and accept who you really are and why you are here on earth. In this chapter I will explain to you the very purpose of creation itself and the very purpose of your existence, even the specific purpose of your coming to this planet. This will give you the option of choosing between the high road of manifesting God’s abundance or the low road of seeking to acquire earthly abundance. This is the difference between trying to take abundance by force or allowing God to give it to you freely. 

I have explained to you that God has two aspects. One is the Creator and one is the Pure Being of God in which there are no differentiations. If you will go into your heart and consider my words, you will realize that the Pure Being of God is the Allness. The Pure Being of God is complete and self-sufficient. Within the Pure Being of God, there is no room for a form that is set apart from the Allness. In the Pure Being of God it is not possible to create any distinct form, to create anything that is separate from the Allness. Before any form can be created, there must be a space that is less than the Allness of God so that in the “empty” space distinct forms can be created, forms that are set apart from the Allness. Compare this to the sun where the light is so intense that only pure, white light can exist. Only at some distance from the sun is there room for light of different colors and shades.

I will now give you an image of creation, yet I want to make sure you understand that the image I give you is adapted to your current state of consciousness, in which your mind tends to think in linear terms. What I give you is a linear image, but I desire you to keep in mind that God’s reality is not linear. Be careful not to take the image I give you and turn it into a graven image that you think gives a complete picture of God and God’s creation.

I do not give this image in order to trap your mind in a particular view of God. I give you this image to set your mind free from the limited view of God that most people have in this world. I give you this image with the hope that you can eventually go beyond all needs to have a linear image of God and thereby experience directly the spherical, all-encompassing consciousness and Being of God.

In the Allness of God, there are no distinct forms. Neither do the concepts of time and space have any meaning in the Allness. In order to start the process of the creation of a world of form, the Creator withdraws itself and creates what some spiritual teachings have called the “void.” When the Creator withdraws itself, it pulls itself into a single point. This is what scientists call a singularity, and they currently claim that the creation of the universe began when all matter was concentrated into a singularity. Imagine that you have the Allness of God, in which there is no space and no distinct forms. The Creator now draws itself into a single point, and around that single point it creates a void that is less than the Allness.

This void is like a gigantic empty space, shaped like an egg. Some people have had mystical visions in which they saw God’s creation as the cosmic egg. I do not desire you to see creation as an egg surrounded by nothingness. I desire you to see that creation started when an egg-shaped void was created, and thus the void is surrounded by Allness. The void is itself empty space, meaning that it is devoid of any kind of form and of the Allness of God. One might say that it has nothing in it—neither the Allness of God nor any distinct forms. One might even say that it is darkness, in that it has no substance at all.

In the center of this original void is a single point that is a very high concentration of that portion of the Allness of God from which the void was created. This is the focal point for the second aspect of God, the individual Creator. The Creator has the drive to become more and thus fill the void, until the void once again becomes the Allness of God. What we have here is the cosmic dance that some have called the inbreath and the outbreath of God.

The Creator breathes in, concentrating itself into the singularity and creating the void. Then the Creator breathes out until the cosmic outbreath again fills the void. In the process of participating in this cosmic dance, of filling the void, the Creator grows in self-awareness. This growth in self-awareness is the entire purpose of creation. The growth in self-awareness does not apply only to the original Being that is the Creator, and I will shortly explain why.


The Creator exists as a single point, as the singularity, in the middle of the void—the void that is less than the Allness and therefore can be filled by forms created by the Creator. As the first act of creation, the Creator needs to create a substance that can be molded into any form. God said: “Let there be Light,” and there was light. As Genesis records (Genesis 1:4), God separated the light from the darkness, meaning that God separated the light that can take on form from the darkness that fills that part of the void in which there is yet no form, no light. The overall purpose for the Creator’s efforts is to expand the light until it fills the entire void and consumes the darkness, the darkness that is not evil but simply the absence of light.

This act of creation does not take place in an instant, for even though the Creator has Almighty power, the Creator does not use its power to fill the void instantly. The Creator is not filling the void only for its own sake. God is filling the void in a gradual manner in order to create the opportunity that self-aware beings, created by the Creator as extensions of itself, can serve as co-creators and help fill the void. In so doing, they too grow in self-awareness and become more aware of who they are, from where they came and where they have the potential to go. This is the true purpose of creation, a growth in self-awareness that causes even the Pure Being of God to become more because God becomes more through the self-awareness of individual Creators and their co-creators.

When your Creator began the creative work that has led to your existence and the existence of the material universe in which you currently abide, God started by creating a sphere that was set apart from the void. In that sphere was a certain amount of God’s light. This light set it apart from the void, and it served as a basis for creating form. Your Creator did indeed create certain forms in that sphere of light, but your God did not fill that sphere completely with light. Your Creator created extensions of itself as self-aware beings and sent them into the first sphere with the command to multiply and take dominion. Multiply your creative abilities, multiply your light, multiply your self-awareness and then take dominion over the sphere in which you abide. Fill that sphere with light until it becomes truly the kingdom of light, the kingdom of God. What does it mean that a sphere is the kingdom of God? It means that everything radiates light and you can see the pure Mother Light behind all manifestations. You see God the Creator as the first cause behind all appearances and thus you can never lose the awareness of God.

When the first sphere had become filled with light to a critical intensity, the drive of God to become more mandated that another sphere was created. This second sphere encompassed a greater portion of the void, yet like the first it was not completely filled with light. Self-aware beings were sent from the first sphere into the second sphere with the command to multiply and take dominion. Some of the beings sent into this second sphere were indeed created directly as extensions of the Creator, yet most of them were created as extensions of the self-aware beings that had served as co-creators and had filled the first sphere with light. These were then the extensions of the beings in the first sphere, who were extensions of the Creator.

This basic process of creation has continued through many spheres, many cycles. The world in which you live, the material universe, is the latest extension of this creative process. It is indeed an extension of the entire process whereby God creates a new sphere that takes in more of the void and therefore separates it from the darkness by being filled with a certain amount of light. The material universe in which you live is not – as your senses tell you, as science tells you, and even as many religions tell you – set apart from God and the rest of God’s creation. The material universe is not separated from God or from the spiritual realm by some impenetrable barrier. This universe is an extension of the spiritual realm, it is an extension of God. Although I have given you a linear image, the reality of God is not so linear. In the room where you are now sitting, there are many different radio waves that are penetrating the air. These waves have different frequencies, and that is why they can coexist in the same space without canceling out each other. So it is with the spheres created by God; they also coexist in the same cosmic space, in the same void, they simply have different frequencies.

At this very moment, I am not some being sitting up in a remote heaven, talking down to you. I am indeed right here with you. As I am dictating these words through one particular messenger, I have merged my Being with the consciousness of the messenger, even with his body. Because I have transcended the material universe, transcended time and space, I am not confined to a particular space or a particular time. If you are willing, I can assure you that as you read these words, your attention creates a bridge to my heart. If you are willing to let me enter your being, I can indeed cross that bridge and merge my Being with your own being. I can take you by the hand and show you the deeper reality behind my words, the reality that cannot be expressed in words because they are far too linear.

You are not separated from your Creator. As you are sitting here reading this course, your Creator is right here with you. Your Creator is omnipresent within its creation, and therefore you can never actually be separated from your Creator. You can only be separated from your Creator in your own mind because your mind creates the sense of separation. This sense of separation is nothing but an illusion, a mirage projected unto the screen of life by a certain part of your consciousness, a part that I will later expose for what it is.

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