04. Are You Creating Harmony or Lack?

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

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God has designed a universe that is capable of producing an infinite amount of abundance, even on this little planet that you call earth. When God created the earth, he merely created a foundation. Then he sent you, and many other co-creators, into this world with the command to multiply your creative abilities. You are here to take dominion over the earth so you can build upon God’s foundation and bring as much abundance into this world as you can imagine and accept. When human beings use their creative abilities in alignment with the basic principles that God used to design the universe, they will create abundance that is sustainable. They will do this in a way that does not take abundance from other parts of life but magnifies the total amount of abundance on earth. The whole of the Body of God on earth is magnified in the process. When people use their creative abilities correctly, there is no conflict between the individual and the whole because God’s universe was designed to provide enough abundance for all. 

The central question we now face is how you, a human being on planet earth, can learn to use your creative abilities in harmony with the design principles that God used to design this entire universe. The difficulty we face is that planet earth is not currently expressing the original design. Instead of building a castle upon the foundation built by God, humankind has, over many millennia, buried their talents in the ground. The contracting force of the Mother has started to break down even the foundation built by God. I know this can be difficult to accept for people who have grown up in a modern society. Some people have been brought up to believe in the Biblical version that the earth is only a few thousand years old, that everything is created by God, that God can create only perfection and therefore everything must be perfect. Other people have been brought up with the scientific theory of evolution, which states that evolution can go in only one direction, from less complicated to more complex life forms.

Because of the Law of Free Will, it is quite possible that a human civilization can reach a high point and then gradually deteriorate into a lower state. Many aspects of life on earth have been affected by the state of consciousness of humankind. This is true not only for human society but for Mother Nature herself. Do you really believe that a loving God, who has unlimited imagination and free will, would choose to create viruses, bacteria, parasites, venomous insects or toxic chemicals that destroy your bodies? Do you really believe that God created the many diseases found on earth? If God did not create them, who did? The answer is: humankind. Humankind has collectively created all of the imperfect conditions currently seen on earth, even the imbalances of nature.

Everything was created from God’s energy, from the Mother Light. The Mother Light takes on form only by being stirred by a mind, a self-aware being who has the creative abilities of God, namely imagination and free will. When you accept this fact, you realize that everything on earth is a product of conscious minds. The original design of earth was created by a group of representatives of God, called the Elohim. These beings created a beautiful planet, and the beauty that is present in nature is only a faint reflection of the original beauty created by the Elohim. The planet they created had perfect balance in nature, and thus you did not see disease, you did not see earthquakes or violent storms. Since that original creation, succeeding generations of humans, succeeding civilizations, have influenced this planet and have taken it to a lower state than the original design. This has been done through the power of people’s minds whereby they have imposed upon the Ma-ter Light imperfect images that are out of alignment with the creative principles used by God.

People have descended, or fallen, into a state of consciousness in which they no longer have any intuitive or conscious awareness of the laws of God, the laws that God put in their inward parts. This is what is illustrated in the Bible’s account of the Fall whereby Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden. The fruit of the knowledge of good and evil was the fruit of the knowledge of relative good and evil. When you lose contact with the reality of God, the laws of God, you become a law unto yourself in the sense that you no longer have a guiding rod for what is absolutely true and what is not true.


Anything that is in harmony with the laws of God is beneficial to the whole and sustainable, which one might call good. Anything that falls outside of those laws is self-destructive and detrimental to the whole, and therefore one might call it false or evil. When human beings lose this absolute guiding rod, they define their own concepts of good and evil. These concepts are not based on the absolute guiding rod of God’s law. They are based on what human beings want to believe and what certain individuals want to be true so that they can fulfill their own self-centered desires without any consideration for the whole. Because people have defined good and evil to suit their ends, they feel perfectly justified in fulfilling their selfish desires.

When there is no absolute guiding rod, human beings will define good and evil as it suits their purposes, their selfish purposes. Various civilizations have had different definitions of good and evil. In most cases that which was not in accordance with the laws created by the ruling minority was automatically labeled as evil. Only that which was in alignment with the dictates of the ruling elite was labeled good or acceptable. In many cases the ruling minority was completely out of alignment with the reality of God and the creative principles of God. What they called good was not good in an absolute sense. It was only relative good because it was good only according to their self-centered definition, a definition that not only ignored the creative principles of God but also ignored the reality that only what is good for the whole is truly good for the individual.

It is important for you to contemplate – in your heart – where this concept originated. The story of the Garden of Eden illustrates that there came a point when Adam and Eve realized that they had done something that was against the laws of God. Instead of going back to God and confessing their actions and seeking forgiveness, they decided to hide from God (Genesis 2:8). God has given you free will so you have a right to hide from God, if you so desire. Because God respects his own law, and therefore respects your free-will choices, God cannot help you overcome that sense of separation. If you turn your back upon God, he will allow you to do so and God will not force you in any way. Once you have turned your back upon God, you can keep moving further and further away from God in your consciousness. God will not force you, God will not confront you, God will let you walk as far away as you desire. That is why humankind has been able to descend into the incredibly low state of consciousness that you saw outpictured at the time of the cavemen when humankind was barely above the animal level.

The caveman was not the beginning of humankind. There have been many previous civilizations that reached a high level of sophistication. Some of these civilizations were far more advanced technologically and culturally than even western civilization today. Through the misuse of their creative powers, they gradually descended into lower and lower states of consciousness and lower and lower states of outer existence. If you have ever studied some of the myths, or what scientists call myths, about past civilizations, you will know of which I speak. Although some of the details in these surviving stories have become obscured by the passing of time, it is true that there have been past civilizations on earth and that the caveman was not the beginning of humankind but only one of the low points to which humankind descended.

If you personally desire to change your life – in order to have the abundant life that God offers you freely – you cannot take a passive approach and expect that God will do it for you. You cannot even take the approach of praying to God to give you the abundant life. God has set up a universe in which you have the creative powers to manifest the abundant life by using those powers.

God will not create the abundant life for you; God wants you to co-create the abundant life for yourself. God wants you to know that you have done so through your own internal powers – the power of God within you – and that you have done so by aligning yourself with the creative principles of God. The conclusion is that the reason you do not currently have the abundant life is that you have descended into a state of consciousness, we might call it a state of ignorance, where you have lost touch with the creative principles used by God. The only way to escape your current sense of lack and attain the abundant life is by changing your state of consciousness.

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