03. Actively Receiving Abundance

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

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am well aware that what I have told you in these first keys goes far beyond what you were taught in Sunday school. It goes far beyond what you would have been taught in any orthodox religion on this planet. I am also aware that those who are open to this course have already started realizing, deep within their hearts, that there is more to life than what they were told in school or Sunday school. They are willing to look beyond traditional mental boxes in order to find answers to their questions about life. Nevertheless, we need to address the simple fact that so many religions in this world promote an image of God that portrays him as being outside of yourself, as being some remote entity up in the sky. Unfortunately, some religions, especially in the West, portray that God as an angry and judgmental being.

Certain religious authorities have set themselves up in a position where they think they have the right to judge anyone who does not comply with what they believe is the only true teaching about God. Many of these people are quick to judge, and they claim that anyone who speaks about ideas that are not approved according to their interpretation of the Bible is speaking blasphemy or is a representative of anti-christ. They will even say this about the true spiritual teachers of humankind, the very Beings who have dedicated their lives to setting humanity free from the bondage of all graven images. At the core of any type of blasphemy is the denial of God. The image of God promoted by many religions is based on a very subtle denial of God. Any religion that promotes an image of an external God and claims that this is all there is to know about God, or that this is the only true image of God, is in fact promoting a philosophy that springs from the denial of God. It is most unfortunate that many Christian churches do indeed uphold this image of the external God, the angry God in the sky.

If Christians would read their Bible more carefully – with an open mind and heart – they would see that Jesus himself taught about a God that is not external. Jesus talked about a God that can be known on a personal basis, and he called that God “Father.” He also talked about the Old Testament quote: “Ye are Gods” (John 10:34), and he made the statement that people should not look for the kingdom of God outside themselves because the kingdom of God is within you (Luke 17:21). When you add to this the fact that the Gospel of John clearly states that without God was not anything made that was made (John 1:3), you see that there is a greater understanding of God waiting for you behind the image of an external God in the sky. Only those who are willing to let go of their idols of the external God, will be able to know the true God. That God cannot be known through the outer senses or through the human intellect. That God can be known only through the inner sense – the innocence – of your intuition, which is the key to any spiritual or mystical experience. Through such an experience, you can know the reality of God, you can know the Presence of God right within yourself, as Jesus clearly promised. The truth that Jesus preached, a truth that has been obscured by orthodox doctrine, is that you are the offspring of God, you are a son or daughter of God, you are an individualization of God. You were created in God’s image and likeness, and the key to finding your true identity is to go within and reconnect to your higher self, your spiritual self, or what we call the “I AM Presence.” I like this name because it truly is this Presence that gives you the self-awareness that empowers you to know that “I am.”

Before you can come to fully accept who you are and why you are here on earth, you need to be willing to let go of the image of the external God. There is a God who is the Almighty Creator of heaven and earth, and that God is a self-aware Being. The image that this God is a Being with a particular form, residing in some higher world, is a graven image that limits the reality of your Creator. Your Creator cannot be confined to a particular being residing in that higher realm, and the reason is simple. As the Gospel of John states: “Without him was not anything made that was made,” which means that the Creator created everything out of its own substance and Being. The Creator is within everything that it has created. In order for you to fulfill your rightful role as a co-creator, you need to overcome the consciousness of separation, which denies God where you are—and thus it is truly the consciousness of anti-christ, the source of all blasphemy.


For thousands of years human beings have been programmed to worship a God that exists somewhere in heaven but is not found on earth. They have been brought up with a dualistic view of God, which says that you are here and God is somewhere else. You are separated from God by some impenetrable barrier, and the only way for you to be saved and get back to God’s kingdom is to follow the dictates of an outer religion, which will then save you and take you home.

Jesus’ primary goal was to shatter this image of the external God. He came to help people stop the idol worship and overcome the illusion that they are separated from their God and that they need something or someone from outside themselves in order to reconnect to their God and be saved. What do you think it really means when Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within you? It means that you do not need an outer church in order to reach the kingdom of God. You do not need an elite of a priesthood who claims that you can only be saved by following their every dictate. These are the exact priests that opposed everything Jesus did, and these are the priests, the false preachers, who killed my son and your spiritual brother.

In every age, there has been a small elite of human beings who are completely convinced that they know the absolute truth about God. What they consider the absolute truth is actually an illusion about the external God that is separated from his creation. This is indeed the central problem that you see on planet earth. This is where suffering, pain and limitations begin. Every limitation known to human beings begins with the mindset that you can divide God’s creation into separate spheres and that in this sphere, the material universe, God is not found.

This very belief is truly the root of all evil because it allows the self-aware beings who are designed to be co-creators with God to set aside their true identity and to start thinking that they can do whatever they want in this universe and get away with it. It is the consciousness of separation, separation from the Allness of God’s creation and thereby separation from other people, that gives rise to man’s inhumanity to man. This very consciousness has allowed human beings to use their creative abilities, the abilities given to them by God, to create a world view that is entirely based on an illusion. Humankind has collectively used the imagination and free will given by God to create the illusion that the material world is so dense that God is not found here. This allows some people to believe that God’s laws are not working in this world and that they have separated themselves from God’s laws and created their own laws—they have become a law unto themselves. They think they have created their own reality where they can define the laws in their own favor so that they can do whatever they want without reaping the consequences, without reaping what they have sown.

This entire mindset obscures the reality of God from the view of human beings. The reality is that God is not mocked (Galatians 6:7) and that his laws are not affected by the beliefs of human beings. It was not that long ago that the Catholic Church promoted the belief that the earth was the center of the universe and that all the stars in heaven revolved around it. As you know today, that is not the case, and neither was it the case when everyone believed it to be true. The earth was not flat when everyone believed it to be flat. The reason being that believing does not make it so if that belief is in conflict with the reality of God. A belief may temporarily obscure the reality of God in the minds of those who worship the belief as fact, those who worship a graven image.

The reality is that when God created the material universe and created self-aware extensions of himself, self-aware beings who have imagination and free will, God was well aware that when he gave you unlimited imagination and free will, it was possible that you could use those faculties in a way that would be destructive to yourself and to other parts of God’s creation. Many human beings are currently trapped in a state of consciousness in which they are so focused on themselves, what they see as their own identity, that they are literally unable to consider any other part of life. They are completely unwilling to consider how their actions affect other people. It should not be difficult for you to look at today’s headlines and find examples of extreme selfishness, people who act as if other people do not matter and as if they can get away with doing anything they want because they have power or money. When God created you, he did not create you alone, he did not create the entire universe exclusively for your pleasure. God created many self-aware beings and they are all created out of God’s own Being and substance. They are all part of what we in heaven call the Body of God.

The “Body of God” is a concept that you might keep in mind because you know very well that even though your little toe is a relatively insignificant part of your body, if you hurt that little toe, it will affect your general feeling of well-being. A sharp pain in your little toe can make your entire being feel very uncomfortable, and thus when you hurt other people, it will inevitably affect your life experience. When God created this universe, he did not design it exclusively for you. He designed it in such a way that all of his sons and daughters would have equal opportunity to learn from using their creative abilities. In doing so, God knew that he would have to build a safety mechanism into the very design of the universe. If a few of his sons and daughters forgot that they were part of the Body of God and started acting as if they were the only ones who mattered, then these few could not destroy all of their brothers and sisters or destroy the entire universe.

If a society had no laws that would hold people accountable for their actions, such a society would deteriorate into lawlessness and anarchy. Those who are the most aggressive, the most ruthless, and those who will not consider others, would have an unfair advantage over the honest and loving people. You need to ask yourself very seriously whether you believe God designed the entire universe to give an advantage to the unloving, dishonest and selfish beings or whether he designed the universe with a built-in safety mechanism that would ensure that those who become selfish cannot destroy the entire universe and cannot ultimately destroy or control their brothers and sisters.

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