00. Introduction to A Course in Abundance

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

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Did you ever hear or read the words spoken by Jesus: “Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom” (Luke 12:32)? Did you ever think about those words and then look at your own life and wonder: “If it is the Father’s good pleasure to give me the kingdom, how come I don’t have God’s abundance?” Did you ever think about those words and then look at the world and wonder: “If it is God’s pleasure to give all people his kingdom, how come so many people live in abject poverty and have no opportunity to improve their lot in life? How come most people are poor while a small elite is so rich that it almost defies comprehension?” Did you ever wonder why God allows you to live without the abundance you desire and that he supposedly desires for you? Did you ever consider what you could possibly do to change the situation and experience the abundant life?

I am sure that you have, at some point in your life, considered these questions. Yet did you find an answer? If you did not find an answer, are you willing to look for an answer beyond traditional sources? Are you willing to look for an answer beyond the mental box in which your mind currently resides? If so, I recommend that you start by contemplating these questions: “Is it God who allows me to be poor and not have abundance or is it someone else? Is it God who prevents me from having his full abundance, or is it myself who rejects that abundance? Is it God who allows so many people on earth to be poor, or is it humankind as a whole that has rejected God’s abundance and thereby created a state of lack and inequality on earth?”

I know these are very direct questions, and they might seem unloving. I assure you that I ask them in greatest love. I ask you to contemplate these questions in greatest love because I know that if you will openly contemplate these questions, you will inevitably find the answers that will empower you to inherit the abundance of God that is rightfully yours. In so doing, you will contribute to the movement that will inevitably lead to the point where the stranglehold of lack and inequality is broken on this planet. The floodgates of heaven can be opened and all people can receive God’s abundant life. My questions are asked with the greater love that will not leave my children alone, trapped in poverty, lack and limitations. I would rather disturb their minds with a direct question, and in so doing hopefully jolt them awake to the reality that there is more to understand about life than what they currently know.

If you think you are deprived of the things you desire, then your state of lack is a prison. As all prisons, it has a door. If you can find that door and learn how to open it, you have the opportunity to escape the prison. If you do not believe there is a door, or if you do not know how to open that door, how can you possibly escape the prison cell in which you are currently trapped? You have no chance of escaping if you do not know how. The key to overcoming your current state of lack is to gain a greater understanding of what it will take to inherit God’s abundance. You can prove that when Jesus said that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom, he was not making a false promise. He was making a true promise because Jesus had realized that there is a door out of the human prison. He had discovered that door. He had found the key that would unlock the door. Most importantly, he had done what it takes to walk through that door and therefore be free of the human condition, the human struggle. His entire life was dedicated to proving that it is possible to escape human limitations, and it was his hope that all other people would look at his life as an example of how they themselves could escape the prison – the mental prison – of the human state of consciousness, the consciousness of separation, limitation and lack.


I am come to help you discover the prison door. I am come to give you the keys that will open the prison door, for it truly has more than one lock. I am come to offer to take your hand and lead you through that door until you have escaped the prison and stand free to bask in the Sun of your true Being. Who am I to make such promises? In considering that your current situation is a prison and that you would like to escape that prison, who would you like to serve as your guide? There are numerous people who offer to be your guides. They promise that if you will only buy their services, their books or their classes, they will surely lead you out of the human prison. The problem is that they are still in a physical body, and thus they are still in time and space. They might have some understanding of how to escape the human prison but they have not yet applied that understanding to the fullest. If you would be guided by a Being who has applied the knowledge and who has escaped the human prison, then I am here to offer my service and my loving guidance. Who am I, then?

The central message given by Jesus was that you can escape the human prison and overcome even death itself. The central message of Jesus was that death is not the end, that you can find a new life – a new state of consciousness – in a higher realm. Jesus proved that you can escape the human prison permanently and that you can ascend to a higher realm. Although some Christians have been brought up to believe that Jesus was an exception, Jesus is not the only one who has escaped the human prison and who has permanently ascended to a higher realm. If Jesus was the only one who could follow this path, what would be the point of his coming to earth? What kind of God would send his only Son into this world to show you a path you could not follow? Would it not be adding insult to injury to show you that one person can escape the human prison but you cannot?

You have only two options: You can reason that God is not a loving God, or you can reason that behind the life and teachings of Jesus there is a hidden message, a message that all people have the potential to follow whereby they too can rise beyond this human prison and ascend to a higher realm. You can reason that either God sent Jesus to show you the way to his kingdom, a way you too can follow, or Jesus was lying when he said that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you his kingdom. You cannot have it both ways. You cannot logically reason that only Jesus can inherit the abundant life and at the same time consider Jesus a true savior and consider God a benevolent God. The human prison is made up of many beliefs that are illogical and contradictory, and it is indeed my intention to expose such beliefs in the coming chapters. If you will let me, I will lead you to a higher understanding of life, and thereby you will come to know the truth that will set you free. You can then walk through the prison door into your Father’s kingdom of the abundant life. If you can accept the possibility that Jesus is not the only Being who has ascended to heaven, you might accept that I too have followed the path demonstrated by Jesus and I too have ascended to a higher realm. I was once in a human body, like the one you are currently wearing. I was known then as Mary, the mother of Jesus. After that lifetime as Mary, I did indeed win my permanent ascension to the spiritual realm. I am today an ascended being, and I have chosen to remain with earth in order to serve as a teacher, as a guardian, as a guide for you and those of your spiritual brothers and sisters who have not yet escaped the human prison.

Since my ascension I have not stood still. I have risen higher in the ranks here in heaven, for truly, as Jesus said: “In my Father’s house are many mansions” (John 14:2). There are levels of attainment even in the spiritual world, and since my ascension I have attained a greater understanding, internalization and oneness with the consciousness and Being of the Mother aspect of God. I am today the representative of the Divine Mother for planet earth. You might consider this a spiritual office, much like the offices you have on earth, such as mayor of a city, governor of a state or leader of a nation.

I come as the representative of the Divine Mother to extend my hand in the deepest love, the most profound, unconditional and nurturing love of the Divine Mother. I have no other desire than to see all of God’s children receive their rightful inheritance, which truly is the abundant life. It is an absolute truth that it is God the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom of the abundant life. You do not have to wait for that abundant life until you ascend to heaven. You can inherit and experience, you can claim, that abundant life right here on earth, as Jesus truly demonstrated by turning the water into wine and by multiplying the loaves and fishes.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Mind over Matter. The book also contains an invocation based on the dictation.

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