A Buddhic perspective on how America can represent Christ in the world

TOPICS:  When students become unbalanced – You are not here to change the world – Non-attachment to specific results – Why the beginner’s mind is key – Buddhism is NOT a religion without God – Western Buddhism is not the answer – Non-attachment is the key to America’s future – The complete blindness of the power elite – A dispensation from the Lord of the World –

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, April 8, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

I Gautama come to greet you. And surely, some in the West will wonder what the Buddha is doing interfering with their celebration of the resurrection of Christ. Yet, in heaven there is only oneness. So how could there ever be any separation between Christ and Buddha?  I do indeed come to give you the Buddhic perspective on being the Christ in action.

For you see, my beloved, there is a difference in degree – not a difference in kind – between the missions of Christ and Buddha.  They are in a sense like the Alpha and the Omega. The mission of the Living Christ in embodiment, the Word incarnate, is to go out and actively seek out people who are trapped in some mental box or other, or as we call it in Buddhism, who are trapped behind the veil of Maya, the veil of illusion created by Mara, the demons of this world, the prince of this world.

The role of the Living Christ is to go out and challenge these people’s illusions, in order to awaken them to the reality that there is something beyond the illusion, there is a different way to live. The Christ must be outgoing, must be active, must be challenging. And therefore, the Christ also incurs the wrath of those who will not be challenged, who will not change, who will not look in the mirror and pull that beam from their own eye.

And once people have been awakened and have followed the path of Christhood for a time, they will then be open to the path of the Buddha, which is the path of non-attachment. Where the two paths converge and become parallel tracks is for those students who are more mature and can see beyond the outer religions of Christianity and Buddhism. They can see that Christ and Buddha came to earth teaching the same universal teaching, the same universal path, only teaching it in different cultural contexts and with slightly different words.

When students become unbalanced

Yet there are still nuances that must be known by the advanced students. And here is the one that I would discourse on today. It is indeed possible that a person can become awakened to the path of Christhood and gain some grasp on that path, start the path, start the form of service of realizing that there are many things in this world that need to be changed, there are many illusions that need to be challenged. And the person might indeed start challenging these illusions, but then there is always the risk that the person can be trapped in a blind alley by becoming imbalanced.

There are many spiritual and religious people who have been awakened to the need to do something, to bring about better times, a higher form of society, a more spiritual society, or even a golden age. They have gone through an awakening or a conversion experience, have become all on-fire for working for God – however they see it – or working for the ascended masters. And they have thrown themselves at it with great enthusiasm, with great eagerness.

And in one sense, we of the ascended masters love to see people in this phase, for they are certainly far more alive and far more entertaining to watch than the people who still sit there in front of their television sets, thinking the goal of life is to eat popcorn and flip through the channels, until their brains are so pacified that they can hardly think an individual thought, being so overpowered by the mass consciousness that comes through the television set that they are like the dead, the spiritually dead.

Yet, as gratified as we are in seeing people becoming awakened, I must tell you that we very often see these same people going into the blind alley of taking an unbalanced approach to what they see as their work for God, perhaps even what they see as their divine plans. We have seen this in all religions, that a certain percentage of students will become almost over-anxious in creating world change. And they are so “fired up,” as they say, about this that they lose all perspective and all balance.

And what is the cause of this, my beloved? Well, it is that they do not have the Buddhic perspective on what it means to be the Christ in action. As the Living Christ in action, you cannot be completely non-attached to the point of saying that nothing really matters. You cannot buy into the gray thinking that everything will turn out okay in the end because somehow Jesus or a UFO will come and save this planet.

As the Living Christ in action, you expose yourself to people’s ridicule and condemnation. You often go up against their egos, and you do so because you truly care. You care enough that you are willing to let them reject you and persecute you, even as Jesus cared enough to let them nail him to a cross so that they received an opportunity to see their own duality outpictured.

As the Living Christ you do have a caring. And this is why you go out and you are willing to disturb people. Yet maintaining that caring is a very delicate balance. For it is very easy to become over-anxious, to step over the line and become attached to a particular result of your actions, to become attached to getting a particular reaction from other people.

This is a very fine line. It is the line between remaining on the straight and narrow way of Christ or stepping on to the broad way of anti-Christ. For you see, even though you are caring about other people, wanting to awaken them, you must never forget that God has given them free will.  You must simply give them the example, the knowledge, the insight, the wisdom, the Living Word, that gives them a free choice to abandon the duality consciousness. But you must not become attached to a particular result.

The outer expression of such attachments is those who play the game of numbers. How many members does their church have? How many members in their religion? Look at how many Christians pride themselves on the fact that Christianity is the biggest religion in the world. But then when it comes right down to it, Christianity is so diversified that you can hardly call it a coherent religion.

Yet my larger point here is this: those who play the numbers game, those who are comparing their religion to others – having a need to feel that their religion is better – obviously demonstrate that they are attached. They may still serve out of a – to some degree – pure motive, but there is an attachment that perverts that motive and even opens them up to the serpentine lie that the end can justify the means.

You are not here to change the world

So my beloved, how can you walk the tightrope of being the Living Christ in action without going too far into any of the dualistic extremes? Well, you must first of all keep one truth in mind: As the Living Christ, you are not here to produce a specific outer change on earth! You are not here to raise up America to recognize the ascended masters. You are not here to produce world peace. You are not here to expose the power elite and their manipulation of the economy. You are not here to overthrow the international banking system. You are not here to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

Take note that I am not saying that some of these things are not worthy goals that need to be obtained, that need to happen.  But you are not here to make it happen. For what is to happen on this earth must happen through the free will of the people. And thus, you see why the American form of government – why the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence – incorporate the concept of “we the people.” What you can do as the Living Christ is to awaken the people, so that they can make the best possible choices. But the Living Christ is not a dictator who comes in and takes power, and takes power away from the other dictator who is identified as the real bad guy, as the real villain in the play.

When you fall into the trap of thinking, that you are here to produce a specific result – when you are here to overthrow the rule of this or that other group of people or these or that dark forces – what have you then done? Well, you have done what Jesus described when he described the world as a stage and life as a play with separate roles.  There are many roles defined in this world based on the consciousness of duality. And there is a role created by the serpentine mind to specifically trap those who have been awakened to the path of Christhood but who have not yet attained balance. They go into that role of thinking that as representatives of Christ, they have to fight and destroy the representatives of anti-Christ, and produce a specific result by overthrowing this or that action taken by those they identify as the representatives of anti-Christ.

Do you see how subtle this trap can be? How easy it is for a person who has become awakened to the spiritual path – who is all on fire to serve God, to serve the cause of Christ – to step into that role without noticing what has happened. And then people can go off on a tangent, sometimes for decades, thinking they are working for God, they are working for the ascended masters, yet in reality they are simply outplaying another dualistic role that does virtually nothing to further the true cause of the ascended masters, which is to raise the people above the consciousness of duality.

Do you see what I am saying? We are not primarily concerned with creating world peace, getting America out of Iraq, overturning Roe vs. Wade, overthrowing the monetary elite. Our primary concern is to awaken the people from the blindness caused by the duality consciousness, because when the people are awakened from duality, they will make the right choices. And thus, once duality has been conquered, all other things will fall into place. Do you see? As the Christ said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Non-attachment to specific results

We have seen over millennia how those who have followed a true religion, a true spiritual teaching – be it all the way from the teachings of Abraham, the teachings of Moses, my teachings as the Buddha and Jesus’ teachings, to the ascended masters’ teachings – well, we have seen how people have started following these teachings, but in their over-anxiousness they have become attached to producing outer results. They have gone into the blind alley of seeking first certain things in this world, instead of reaching up for the real goal of truly embodying the teaching that they are following—to the point where they become the teaching, they become one with the teaching, they become one with the teacher.

And if you first seek that goal of oneness and the right use of your creative faculties – which means the balanced use of your creative faculties – then the outer results may or may not be added unto you. For again, it is God’s will that people have free will and that they are allowed to outplay that free will on earth. Certainly, we of the ascended masters want to see certain outer results. Ultimately, we want to see the kingdom of God and the Golden Age of Saint Germain physically manifest on earth. But it cannot come about by going about it the wrong way. For as Jesus put it, “With men this is impossible, but not with God, for with God all things are possible.”

So what is the second thing you must ponder in order to find balance? Well, it is precisely what I taught as the Buddha, namely non-attachment. Non-attachment is not the same as non-caring, as indifference. For truly, when I had attained Buddhahood, I was not non-attached to the point of being indifferent. Which is indeed why I did not simply stay in Nirvana and experience that state of bliss that we have talked about earlier.

I volunteered to come back to earth and teach, thereby exposing myself to the forces on earth. Not that these forces could touch me, but nevertheless I still had to walk in the world of duality and deal with students who came to me in various stages of the duality consciousness. And although there is very little record of this, I can assure you that some of the students that came to me personally were very much trapped in the duality consciousness and did much the same to me that some of Jesus’ disciples did to him—as he has talked about exemplified in Peter who wanted to impose his mental box upon the Living Christ, forcing the Living Christ to conform to that mental box. So there were students who wanted to force the Living Buddha to fit into their mental boxes, rather than allowing the Buddha to take them beyond those boxes.

Non-attachment is the key to Buddhahood. And non-attachment is the key to Christhood. And that non-attachment comes from understanding what I have explained. The true goal of the ascended masters for this earth is the goal of raising up the consciousness of the people beyond duality, so they can fully reach up and discover the Living Word within themselves, thereby spontaneously making right decisions. Because they have what some of my later followers have called the “beginner’s mind” and what Jesus described when he said that unless you become as a little child, you shall in nowise enter the kingdom.

Why the beginner’s mind is key

And why is that? Because you have that pure mind – that non-attached mind, that non-biased mind – that does not seek to force the world to fit into your mental box, that does not seek to force God and the Living Word to fit into your mental box. But you are willing to flow with the Living Word, to be the open door and allow the Living Word to express itself through you, whereby you are in the River of Live, flowing with that river. And thereby, the light of that river can flow through you and awaken others.

You do not seriously believe that Jesus and I awakened people through intellectual arguments, do you? You do not seriously believe that we were so sophisticated that we could override the intellects of those who challenged us? Surely, you see in the Bible that Jesus confounded the intellects of the scribes and Pharisees, but nevertheless as soon as he was gone, they went right back to their scriptures and found some quote in that scripture that made it possible for them to justify overriding or ignoring what he had said, thereby rejecting him as the Living Christ.

Buddhism is NOT a religion without God

If you will study the history of Buddhism, you will know that I did indeed come to challenge the Brahmins of the Hindu religion—who had a similar hold on the people as the priesthood of ancient Israel, of the Jewish religion. And they too rejected me by referring to their scriptures of the Vedas and their cosmological picture. Many of them rejected me because I precisely did not talk about God or metaphysical concepts.

And my beloved, why did I not do so? Well, I can assure you that the reason was not – as some modern Buddhists believe – that I did not acknowledge the existence of God. Nay, I truly did acknowledge God and the existence of God as the source of all life. But I also knew that the key to rising above the dualistic struggle that has been going on in religion is to help people attain an inner experience of the spirit of truth, of the Living Word. For when they have that inner experience, then they are no longer as likely to be trapped in the dualistic struggle of proving that one particular scripture or one particular interpretation of scripture is better or more right than another—when in reality all interpretations of scripture are wrong because they spring from the duality consciousness.

My goal was to first connect people to the Living Word in themselves, because then we could have an entirely new approach to the topic of God and the topic of the heavens and metaphysical concepts. So I decided to take a very practical stand, a very practical approach, of saying basically that as long as we are trapped in the illusions of Mara, how can we know anything for certain about the topics of the spiritual realm? And therefore, if we want to know something about those topics, we must go within and gain a direct contact with the spiritual realm. And then we have a true foundation for approaching the topic of God.

Many later Buddhists and many modern Buddhists have not understood this, and thus they think that Buddhism is a religion without God. And this, of course, fits in very well with certain western people, who have been so burned by the hell-fire and brimstone preachers of orthodox and fundamentalists Christianity, that they are ready to throw out the baby with the dirty bath water of the church and reject God altogether. They turn to Buddhism as a way to avoid mentioning the terrible three-letter word that they no longer want to let pass over their lips.

You cannot attain enlightenment by approaching enlightenment as a process that does not end with your oneness with God. And this is where modern Buddhists could learn something from Jesus—who openly confessed his oneness with God, “I and my Father are one.” Truly, I did the same thing, for did I not say that everything is the Buddha nature? And is not the Buddha nature simply another way to describe God, to describe the LOGOS, which is the source of all things? Those who are the alert spiritual students can indeed learn certain things from the example of the Buddha. And as you have seen in this latest magnificent invocation there is indeed a certain parallel between the words of Christ and the words of the Buddha. Just slightly different wording but the same concept described.

Western Buddhism is not the answer

I do recommend that you study certain Buddhists scriptures, such as the Dhammapada and others as you feel moved each one individually. Yet I do not desire you to fall into the trap of thinking that you have to become a Buddhist in the western world. For I must tell you straightforwardly that there are many people in the West who claim to be Buddhists or following Buddhism, who are doing themselves a disservice because they have come to follow an eastern form of Buddhism, such as Tibetan Buddhism. And I must tell you two things about this phenomenon that are somewhat dismaying to me—if it was possible, of course, for the non-attached Buddha to be dismayed about anything.

As has happened with Christianity, Buddhism has developed far from my original concepts. And one of the things that has happened in Buddhism – as has happened in Christianity and every other religion – is that certain aspects of Buddhism have become too focused around outer rituals. And this is what you will see most obviously exemplified in Tibetan Buddhism, where they have such elaborately decorated temples and prayer rolls that they spin endlessly, thinking that through this mechanical device they can somehow further their spiritual growth. I am not saying it does not have some effect, but the effect is minimal compared to when you recite the scriptures and endow them with the flame of your heart—as you well know the difference between a rosary given mechanically and one given when your heart is on fire.

So you do, indeed, see so many rituals in Tibetan Buddhism that the original core of my teachings has been almost lost. That is not to say that there are not people who have understood that original core. But I must tell you that there are not that many. Not nearly as many as the different gurus with funny sounding names that are revered by so many spiritual seekers in the West.

The other thing I would mention to you, my beloved, is that Tibetan Buddhism is not completely gone astray. But Tibetan Buddhism has developed in Tibet for a reason. And there is a reason why Tibet was isolated for so many years, namely that there is a certain mandala of people with a certain mindset. And therefore, my point is, this Tibetan Buddhism is not very well suited for the western mindset, which is very different from the mindset in Tibet. I would also mention – as I will at some later time elaborate on in some more detail – that Tibetan Buddhism did indeed become a closed mental box, a closed system. And that is why Tibet as a nation became subject – inevitably – to the second law of thermodynamics. And the external force that came in was indeed the armies of China.

I am in no way whatsoever condoning or justifying the Chinese invasion. I am only pointing out the logical fact that had Tibetan Buddhism not become a closed system, then that invasion could not have taken place. So you see, trying to export the closed system of Tibetan Buddhism to the West is not truly the way to go. Trying to exile the Dalai Lama and holding on to the Tibetan tradition is not the way to go either. For if the Dalai Lama or his successor is ever to return to Tibet, it cannot happen in the same form in which he left Tibet. For unless there is self-transcendence, the situation in Tibet cannot change to the point where the Dalai Lama can return.

Non-attachment is the key to America’s future

Let me now bring this full circle back to the work you have been doing at this conference, to the work you have been doing with this latest invocation, which is truly a unique ritual, the parallel of which has not been seen on this planet in recorded history. I am not saying this to cause any form of pride or superiority, but simply the recognition that when has there ever been an initiative that with such power brought together the teachings of the Christ and the teachings of the Buddha?

And the uniqueness of this ritual is precisely what was described by Mother Mary, that it has broken up the blocks in the Middle East to the flow of light from the eastern hemisphere to the West. And the work you have done in this conference is indeed breaking up the blocks to the flow of that light in the western hemisphere, here in Washington D.C.

For as you see clearly, the American government has fallen into precisely the trap that I have described earlier in this discourse. This nation was founded by Saint Germain to represent the Christ in the world, to represent Christ truth and Christ light. And thus, America has a role to act not only as a bastion for freedom, but as an ambassador for freedom, to bring freedom and a more enlightened form of government around the world.

America has become as unbalanced as the students I described earlier, thinking that it has to do this by fighting those that it identifies as the representatives of anti-Christ, be it Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, China or Muslim terrorism. I am not saying that there are not forces in the world who represent anti-Christ. I am simply saying – again – that if you think that you can bring the kingdom of God by using violence and force and military might to destroy all the forces of anti-Christ, then you have not understood the teachings of Christ. For did he not say, resist not evil, but turn the other cheek? Ah, and how can you turn the other cheek and keep turning the other cheek when they hit you again and again? Well, you can do so, my beloved, only when you have the non-attachment of the Buddha—is it not so?

For otherwise, when they hit you the first time – or the tenth time – you will become angry and think you have to do something to stop them. But you see, what America should have done after 9/11 was to literally – and figuratively and spiritually – turn the other cheek. And that would have done more to bring about the judgment of the forces of anti-Christ than anything that has been done through military might and billions and trillions of dollars—that could have been used better to feed the sheep of Christ.

The awakening that Saint Germain spoke about is indeed an awakening of the American people to the reality, that even thought they have a mission and a sponsorship by Saint Germain, they have taken that mission in a wrong direction by becoming unbalanced, by becoming too eager, by becoming too focused on and attached to specific outer results. So that instead of reaching for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, they have sought to use the superior military power to force those results that they thought had to come about.

The complete blindness of the power elite

And you see, of course, that those who exemplify – who embody that state of consciousness to the ultimate degree – are those who are members of the power elite. For I can assure you, that the vast majority of these people are absolutely convinced that they are doing the right thing. Many of them are even convinced that they are doing the work of God or serving the cause of Christ. For they truly believe that they are superior to the people, and therefore they should rule the people and rule this nation.

This is completely contrary to the true goal that I described earlier, namely that we have the goal of awakening the people, whereas it is the forces of anti-Christ, the false teachers of anti-Christ, who want to force the people into the fold of what they define as the true kingdom of God according to their dualistic standard. You have indeed attained a victory at this conference, a victory of softening up that hardened mindset that has imprisoned Washington D.C. and the entire Federal Government in the United States, thereby blinding them to the Middle Way, the Middle Way that could have avoided the national embarrassment of Iraq. So you have cleared the way that has made it much more likely that the American government will start coming back to – or rather will start finding for the first time – that Middle Way.

By the victory you have attained at this conference, you have indeed formed an Omega polarity to the victory that has been attained over this last month of giving the Invocation of the Eternal NOW by people around the world. And this has allowed us to create a very powerful mandala, a very powerful vortex of energy, whereby all the light that was invoked through this invocation by people around the world can now be brought together and focused where the need of the hour is the greatest, namely here in Washington D.C.

And thus you have already participated in this visualization of seeing the light come down over the Washington Monument, spreading out to all branches of the Federal Government, softening up that hardened mindset, those mental boxes, those attachments to a certain way of looking at the world, thinking that the world has to conform to your current mental box rather than reaching for the Living Word, whereby you can go beyond all mental boxes and thereby truly fulfill your mission in this world.

As Mother Mary and El Morya talked about, it is indeed a fact that for there to be true change in the Middle East, there must first be true change in America. For America is now so invested in the Middle East – through their involvement with Iraq, through their involvement with Israel and other countries – that there is no way to bring about a peaceful situation in the Middle East without America participating.

But there is no way to bring about peace unless America first comes to its senses, first comes to the Middle Way and finds a balance, realizing what it truly means to be a representative of Christ in the world rather than falling into the trap of playing one of the dualistic roles defined by the serpentine mind. Thus, I am letting you know – all people around the world – that indeed you have attained and earned an extraordinary release of light on this Easter Sunday, a realize of light that has been directed by us, as I said, to where the need is greatest, which is right here in this nation’s capital.

A dispensation from the Lord of the World

You have earned – through this invocation – a dispensation from my heart. For I must tell you that my office, the spiritual office that I hold, is called the Lord of the World. And what that means is that I literally hold the world and the lives of all people of this world in my hands. The crystal cord that connects every person on earth to their I AM Presence goes through my heart, and thus it is through the heart of the Buddha that all people have the potential to express their God flames on earth.

So the dispensation I will give you today is that I will anchor my presence in the Capitol building, in the rotunda of the Capitol building. And those around the world who are willing, can anchor a portion of their God flames there, expressed through my heart and my Presence. So I ask those who might hear or read this dictation to visualize that in the center of the Capitol building, I am sitting in the lotus posture. And you are sitting around me in the lotus posture. Pay no attention to the senators and congressmen who pass by and find this to be a peculiar spectacle. Be non-attached, for we are here in the Eternal NOW. And I shall remain there in the Eternal NOW, which is beyond time and space.

So visualize with me that we are seated there in the perfect peace of the Buddha. We are not concerned by what is going on in the House of Congress or the Senate. We are not concerned by the illogical musings of the representatives. We are not concerned with their decisions. We are concerned with remaining in the Peace of the Buddha, simply anchoring that light in the Capitol building as a counterbalance.

Although there are certain representatives who certainly could be said to have embodied the consciousness of anti-Christ, there are indeed many of the elected representatives of this nation who have the best of intentions and who represent the consciousness of the American people in the state it is in today. And it is no easy job to come to Washington D.C. and be exposed to the intense pressures that are sent at the representatives from every corner.

So we are not here to make those representatives make certain decisions. We are here to anchor the Peace of the Buddha that might set some of them free from the pressures that pull them into the dualistic extremes and may indeed allow them to experience an inner stillness that reconnects them to the original purpose, the original dream they had when they decided to run for office. Perhaps this can reconnect them to the true tradition of the American Founding Fathers and the spiritual principles of this nation, so that they realize that they do not have to fall for these pressures of the lobbyists, of the special interest groups, of the media, of other senators, of their own party that wants them to follow the party line and play party politics rather than doing what is right.

Instead, they can go within. They can take a stand for what they truly believe in, the true principles of this nation, and they can say, “I have had enough of party politics. I know in my heart what is right and that is how I will speak my mind in the assembly and that is how I will cast my vote. For I was not elected by my people to be a puppet for the power elite. I was elected to represent “we the people” and I have not forgotten that I came from “we the people.” And I am here to represent the people and not the power elite and their manipulation. So I will take my stand, come what may. And I will take this government back from the power elite and give it to the people where it belongs. For I am a true representative of Saint Germain.”

You are true representatives of Saint Germain. And now visualize how the Flame of Freedom and Saint Germain in his Presence descends from above through a shaft of light, anchoring his Presence also in the rotunda of the Capitol building. And then arching that Presence as the arc that you see in Saint Louis to the Washington Monument, as an arc of light—thereby creating a double focus of the Alpha of the Washington Monument and the Omega of the Capitol building. Truly representing what we have talked about at this conference, of the coming together of God government, where you have both a government that connects to God and a government that is the Omega polarity, that is of the people, by the people, and for the people. Yet still one nation under God. For we are one people under God.

Thus my beloved, it is accomplished. Our work is complete. The work of this conference is complete. And it is with great joy that I seal you in the infinite peace of the Buddha. My peace be unto you. My peace I leave with you. Take my peace with you wherever you go. And when you feel the pressures of daily life come at you, take a moment – once in awhile – to connect to the Peace of Buddha, for I will sustain you as you go through life. I will sustain you as long as your free will allows it, as long as you remain non-attached. Peace. Peace. Peace. Peace.


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