Understanding the elite and the counter-elite

TOPICS:  The second law of thermodynamics and politics – Looking in the national mirror – The dilemma of how to awaken a people – The dilemma of how to awaken a people – Strive for the Middle Way  – The masters are going up! – Iraq is a textbook example of closed systems – Only God is the Middle Way –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, April 6, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Eleven o’clock—and all is NOT well. Thus my beloved, I, Saint Germain, come as the watchman of old, who walked through the city streets in the dark of night. But I cannot report that all is well. For indeed, all is not well in America. What is the only possible solution? Well, it is precisely – as you have given invocation – the restoration of the Word in America. And that is the Living Word. For there is far more than enough of the dead word in America.

My Beloved, imagine that you were sitting in some far galaxy or on the God Star Sirius, looking down upon the earth and America. What would America look like from that cosmic perspective, compared to what America looks like when you are inside—inside the mental box that has been formed over America since she was founded by me?

The second law of thermodynamics and politics

As one of the masters who sponsored science on this planet, I would like to bring you a scientific perspective. What is the problem in America today? Well, it is a problem that has been described by physics in a law that has been known for centuries. And it is called the second law of thermodynamics. Some of you are familiar with it through our releases. But unfortunately most people in the world and in America are not familiar with this law. And if they are, they see it as something that applies only to science but not to other areas of life.

This, my beloved, is indeed part of the problem—that everything becomes so compartmentalized. And as Jesus, Nada and Mother Mary have talked about, people become so blinded by the filter in front of their eyes that they can no longer see beyond it. They cannot see the greater perspective, they cannot see themselves from the outside—and therefore they cannot see that they are heading straight for the abyss.

What is needed is an integration of the philosophical implications of the second law of thermodynamics, where you understand what this law actually means for a civilization, a nation, a group of people or even an individual. So for those not familiar with this law, it states very simply that if a system becomes closed, becomes isolated from anything outside itself, then disorder will increase in that system, until the system breaks down to the lowest possible energy state. Which we also might call the lowest common denominator, where things are so bad, so flat, so dead that they simply cannot go any lower.

What exactly does that mean for a civilization, for a nation? Well, it has been said that those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it. So let us look at history. Let us look at the Roman civilization, as a perfect example for many reasons. One is that at its time Rome was close to being as dominant in the ancient world as America has become after the so-called collapse of the Soviet Union.

Rome could do almost whatever they wanted with their armies, as America today thinks they can do almost whatever they want. Yet, this great civilization – that had conquered most of the known world back then – collapsed. And why did it collapse? Well, it collapsed because it fell victim to the second law of thermodynamics! Because Rome, especially those who lived in the city of Rome and directed the Roman empire – or the emperors, wherever they lived – they isolated, they insulated, themselves from anything outside their own little mental box.

And as a result, their mental box became narrower and narrower. It became more and more focused on themselves, and they became more and more blinded by their own logic, by their own filter through which they were looking at the world. They were absolutely convinced that they were right and that their way of looking at the world was the only possible way of looking at the world. And they were so convinced that Rome was so mighty and so powerful that it could not possibly collapse.

What was it that caused that collapse? Well, it was precisely because they had been blinded by their logic—they refused to change themselves, they refused to transcend themselves and come up higher. They wanted to expand the empire militarily but they did not want to expand their minds. They did not want to expand the empire in a spiritual way, in a spiritual capacity. And once the emperors had gained power, they wanted to maintain power, rather than using that power for the benefit of their own people or for the progress of civilization as a whole.

The Roman empire collapsed first and foremost from within, through corruption, through decadence, through neglect, through denial. And it was this corruption, this division from within, that made the empire vulnerable to invasion from without. But truly, the invading forces were only instruments of the people’s own divisions and their inner turmoil. They simply finished the breakdown process that the people themselves had started, led by the power elite of the Roman civilization.

But do not believe that the people, as suppressed as they might have been, were without responsibility in this matter. For what did the Roman people do during those times? Well, they wanted to live the good life—to sing, dance and make merry, to be entertained in the forum by the gladiators, to entertain themselves with the power and the greatness of Rome, thinking that they were so sophisticated and had such a wonderful civilization, the likes of which the world had never seen.

Looking in the national mirror

Well of course, I must tell you that compared to the civilizations of Atlantis and previous golden ages, the Roman civilization was not at all sophisticated. It was actually very, very primitive in almost every respect. And of course, you today can look back at the Roman civilization, and you can see that the Roman civilization was quite primitive compared to what you have today, even here in America and other places throughout the world.

But what most Americans do not bother to see – because they are not willing to look in the mirror – is that American society has the exact same dynamics as what you saw in the Roman empire in the century or so before its collapse. The same internal contradictions, the same power elite that runs things, the same people who want to be entertained through television, through football games, through pursuing the American dream—which has been redefined by the power elite to be the dream of being trapped into a 30-year mortgage, of owning your own home.

I should think you can see that this was not my dream for America, when I sponsored this nation. Certainly, I have no problem with people having a comfortable material life. For indeed, I sponsored science precisely because I realized that as long as people were toiling like the population in the middles ages, they would not have the energy and attention left over to pursue any kind of spiritual goals.

So I have no problem with a civilization where there is enough material wealth and still enough free time that people have attention left over to pursue spiritual goals. But what have the American people done with their affluence, with their abundance of time? Well, they have busied themselves with all kinds of empty forms of entertainment that drag them down and down and down – or hammer their energies down – so that they never have any quiet moment in their lives to actually reflect and say, “Perhaps there is something better I could do with my life than living this rat race of always feeling stressed out, even though I have more time on my hands than any previous generation.”

My point is simply this: when a society becomes trapped in its own mental box, when it starts closing that mental box – isolating itself from any input from the outside, any input that can disturb that nation’s sense that all is well – well, that is precisely the time to watch out for. Because you know that just as the people are totally trapped in the illusion that they have it all made and that they have created an eternal society—well just about at that point, the second law of thermodynamics will start breaking down their “eternal” civilization.

This is what happened to the Roman empire. This is what is in the process of happening in America but it has not yet reached the point of being irreversible. For there is still time, which is why I started out by saying that it was eleven o’clock—the time has not yet run out to turn around America, but it is getting close. And if people do not start awakening themselves from the mass delusion that all is well in America – and that America will remain free because she is a democratic nation – well then things will start sliding downhill. And they could slide downhill much quicker than most people would be willing to consider.

The dilemma of how to awaken a people

I am in no way trying to sound alarmist. For my beloved, we are here to always help you rise to the higher vision. But do you see the dilemma that an ascended master faces? I have a cosmic perspective. I see the handwriting on the wall. I am perfectly capable of adding two plus two and coming out with four and seeing that there will come a point, where America reaches that point of no return, where it will be very difficult to reverse the downward slide.

The only chance I have of reversing that slide is to speak the Living Word that can awaken people from the illusion that is causing the slide to begin in the first place. And in order to do this, I must shake people up a little bit, for otherwise they will go on pursuing the American dream, pretending that nothing can go wrong and that everything will turn out okay in the end. Yet, on the other hand, I walk a tightrope. When the Roman civilization reached the point where the people started awakening from their illusion, what actually happened was that the people very abruptly shifted from a state of being in total denial to going into a state of panic and a sense of fear that things could not possibly be turned around and that things were so bad that it could only get worse.

That shift actually reinforced the downward spiral and made the downward momentum more powerful. So I have no desire to awaken the American people to this alarmist mindset – that so many are in – that a disaster is right around the corner and that the economy would break down and that this or that calamity would befall this nation. You see, my beloved, that is counter-productive.

But I do need to awaken the American people from the illusion that if they keep going in the current direction, everything will be okay. For that is not the case. So once again, the problem, the greatest problem in America right now, is that the American people have not woken up. They are in the closed system, and therefore the downward force – which is truly not an evil force but is simply what Mother Mary calls the contracting force of the Mother – that force is breaking down society, and some of you already know this.

What needs to happen is that the American people are awakened to this reality without going to the opposite extreme of the alarmist, disaster consciousness. And who – or what – can bring about such an awakening? Well, it is only one thing and that is the Living Word, shining through many hearts – flowing through many minds and hearts – where you give them a higher vision, that although things are bad, it does not mean that things can only go down but that things can actually get better because there is a higher purpose, there is a higher vision for America and people’s own personal lives.

And therefore, letting go of the old does not mean that a civilization breaks down and you lose everything. It means that you transcend the limitations of the old, come up higher and build a better society, a better civilization, one that is at an even higher level than today. And it is at a higher level because the mental box that you have created does not allow people to even envision what the Golden Age could be like in America. Again, as we have said before, were we to tell you this, you would accuse us of being hopelessly optimistic, of being unrealistic Utopians. Well, we are Utopians but we are not unrealistic. For truly, the Golden Age is a reality. The only question is how many people on earth will experience the Golden Age?

For I already experience it as a living reality in the etheric realm. It simply has not been brought down into the material realm, where your consciousness is currently focused. But it is a reality at higher levels. And that means that it can be brought down if you are willing to be the open doors. What needs to happen is, first of all, an awakening to the reality that things need to change. But an awakening that does not propel people to the opposite extreme.

The power elite is always divided

For my beloved, I must tell you – as we have tried to explain now, through the books, especially Mother Mary’s and Maitreya’s books – there are always two dualistic extremes. And when we talk about the power elite, we are not talking about one homogeneous body on this planet. For if the power elite were united, they would already have controlled every aspect of life on this planet.

You might think that they already have a lot of control. But if they had this planet under total control, I would not be able to speak through a physical messenger and speak this message. So you see, there is still an opening, there is still freedom for the Living Word to flow. And this is indeed the potential for turning around a nation and a planet.

But the two dualistic extremes that are set up by the power elite, the two different factions of the power elite, are first of all those who are trying to keep people asleep, to prevent them from waking up because they are in total denial of the forces described in the second law of thermodynamics. They truly believe that they can create a civilization where they are in control and that they can maintain that control indefinitely. This is what the Romans believed, the leaders of the Roman empire. And they were the last ones to wake up and realize that things had shifted and they could no longer maintain control.

Then there is the other faction of the power elite, and they will move in once the control of the first power elite begins to slip. They will then come in and try to take advantage of the situation, in order to create a panic and a downward spiral that goes out of control, so that they can break down the old order and then set themselves up as the new power elite that holds the position of the old power elite.

If you want a typical example of this, look at France before and after the revolution. The old power elite were the kings. And again you see the typical example, where they had isolated and insulated themselves, created a mental box that they thought was unassailable. And yet, the force of the second law of thermodynamics eventually created a shift. But then what happened was that the counter elite moved in and caused the French revolution to spin out of control, until so many heads had rolled that there was no rhyme or reason for it whatsoever. And they then set themselves up as the new power elite. And they quickly became as tyrannical and as controlling as the old one.

Another typical example is Russia before and after the Bolshevik revolution. The czar is another example of a leader who had insulated and isolated himself, not being willing to see reality. And then, after the revolution had taken hold, the Bolshevik forces moved in and set themselves up. And I dare say that anyone looking at history will see that the communists in Russia were responsible for far more atrocities, killings and suppression of the Russian people than the czars ever were.

Strive for the Middle Way

Too many times in history, a nation has jumped from the frying pan into the fire, from one extreme to the other. And this is not what I desire to see for America in this age. So I must ask you, beloved – those of you who are open to this Word – I must ask you to discipline yourselves and to strive for the Middle Way, the middle way between the two dualistic extremes—one that all is well and that you can remain asleep, the other that all is bad and things can only get worse.

My Beloved, I desire the American people to be awakened. But I do not desire them to be awakened through fear. I desire them to be awakened through love—the love for something better than what is here today, instead of the fear of going to some fiery hell and therefore being willing to give control to those who promise you that they can keep you away from that hell—if you will only follow them blindly. So I ask you to discipline yourselves. I know that many of the people who are open to our word are so because you have overcome the delusion that all is well. You have realized that things need to change and you are willing to study alternative viewpoints that give you a different perspective.

Yet many of you have not found the Middle Way. And you have become unbalanced in the sense that you look for the doomsday prophets, the doomsday scenarios. And you indulge in these things, almost to the point of enjoying how bad things are, or how bad you think things are, and how – pretty soon – the people will be awakened and you will emerge as the wise ones who saw this coming ahead of time.

This is a tendency that we have seen even in many spiritual students. And it is a tendency that it is time for you to grow out of. My Beloved, this world, this nation, is not going to hell in a hand basket—unless you absolutely are hell-bent on seeing it go to hell. For as we have tried to tell you, what you project into the cosmic mirror, the mirror will reflect back to you. So what do you want? Do you want a nation that goes from one extreme to the other? Or do you want a nation that transcends the dualistic extremes and finds the Middle Way? Well, if you want the latter then YOU must find the Middle Way.

If those who are open to the Living Word cannot find the Middle Way, how can you expect the rest of the nation to find it? I ask you to let go of following these websites or email lists or wherever you get this doomsday information. And, my beloved, let me say this very clearly. I will admit that there are some of the doomsday scenarios out there that may have some reality to them. I will admit that there are conspiracy theories that have some reality to them. But I must tell you that they have an overlay of negativity, of pulling you down and pulling everyone else down with them, and if you have any intention of being a student of the ascended masters, then you cannot allow anything in your life that pulls you down.

The masters are going up!

For we are not about going down—we are about going up! There is only one direction for me and that is UP! And if you want to follow me, you have to go up with me, because I will not stand still and wait for you. I have a golden age to manifest on this planet. And I am about my Father’s business. So if you want to be a student of Saint Germain, follow me as I go up! God did not tell me that I had to be the hierarch of the Aquarian age—I made a choice. And I made that choice not out of pessimism, not out of thinking that this world was about to fall apart. I made the choice because I saw the higher vision of the potential of making that Golden Age a reality.

My Beloved, the motto of all pessimists throughout the ages has been, “I am not a pessimist, I am a realist.” There is blind realism and there is the realism based on the vision of Christ. Surely, there are optimists who are blind, but I am not among them. And I do not want you to be among them. But neither do I want you to be among the blind pessimists who think they are being realistic in believing that things can only get worse.

Do you think Jesus would have come to this planet if he thought there was no hope of turning it around? Nay! Why would we expose ourselves to a hopeless cause? Why would we bind ourselves to a planet that was doomed to go to hell? This planet is not doomed to go anywhere. But it surely has the potential to go up, and to transcend all of the old mental boxes that keep people trapped and keep them asleep.

So my beloved – just to stress this point again – what is needed in America today is that the American people are given a different perspective that allows them to step outside of their current mental box and look at America from a greater perspective. To some degree you can get this perspective on this earth by interacting with people who are outside America and therefore are looking at America from outside the mental box. But I must tell you that there is hardly anywhere to go on this planet, where they do not have their own mental box that filters their view of reality and their view of America. So while you can learn somewhat from people in other cultures and nations, you need to raise that vision and seek for something that is totally beyond the duality consciousness. And that something is, of course, the Living Word, which is the only thing that will connect you to a reality that cannot be affected by duality, and therefore cannot become a closed box and cannot become subject to the forces of the second law of thermodynamics.

Jesus came 2,000 years ago to set the foundation for the golden age of Aquarius by creating a tradition, whereby people would have and maintain the direct contact with the Living Word—which would allow them to develop Christ discernment, so that they could not be pulled into the dualistic extremes and become blinded by that relative, dualistic logic. For the only way to avoid creating a closed mental box, creating a closed system, is to be connected to something beyond duality.

And the only thing beyond duality is the universal Christ mind – the LOGOS – which is simply another word for the Christ mind, and has been translated in the English Bible as the Word. But I tell you, it would have been far better if it had been maintained as the LOGOS. Because the LOGOS has a broader meaning than the Word. And I shall let Jesus himself explain this to you. But the reality is that from the very moment that the Creator decided to give beings free will, the universal Christ mind was created to make sure that they could never be lost in the consciousness of duality, the consciousness of separation, but they always had a way back to the reality of oneness. And that reality is the LOGOS, which is expressed in this world through the Living Word. It is the only thing that can help you escape the duality consciousness without having your sense of self-worth broken down.

Iraq is a textbook example of closed systems

What has happened in Iraq is a textbook example of what I have been talking about—a nation isolates and insulates itself. This has been going on for a long time in the United States—there is a tradition of isolationism and it is partly due to the fact that the United States is a large nation. You can see other big nations – Russia, China are prime examples – of how these nations can become isolated, insulated, thinking that they have the highest possible civilization. You saw it even in smaller nations in Europe, England, France and Britain, to a lesser degree Spain and Italy. But most of the smaller nations in Europe have remained out of that trap, whereas the bigger nations again went into it.

I think it is universally recognized that one of the worst atrocities of the last centuries was the Holocaust in Germany. But you see, most Germans had no idea what was going on in the concentration camps until after the war. And why did they have no idea? Because they did not want to know! They were like the Romans. They did not want to know the corruption and the insanity in their leadership. Because if they knew, they would have had to do something to overthrow those leaders and take back power over their nation.

This is precisely what is going on in America today. The American people do not want to know the corruption in America. They do not want to know how their foreign policy is taken over by an international power elite, who are simply directing the President and his cabinet as marionettes—who are dancing as they pull at the strings from behind the scenes. The American people are asleep, and they allow the President and his cabinet to use the 9/11 incident as an excuse for insulating and isolating themselves. Look at the remark of the President when he said, “If you are not with us, you are against us.” Is that not isolationist to the core? Is that not black-and-white thinking?

For truly, you cannot possibly say with sanity that anyone who is not willing to go along with a military adventure in Iraq is against the United States or is supporting terrorism. Perhaps those nations just had greater foresight than the American administration, who had allowed themselves to look at the world from inside a closed box, thinking their box gave them an accurate representation of the world.

What happened was that the people allowed this to happen. They allowed the Patriot Act to erode their civil liberties and their hard-fought freedoms. And therefore, they allowed their president and those behind him to take them into the military adventure in Iraq. Why has this been – what I think most people today realize – an embarrassment for the American nation? Well, it is precisely because the people would not be awakened in any other way. So since they would not listen to the Living Word, they became subject to the second law of thermodynamics, whereby their own illusion creates the forces that break down the illusion and therefore awakens the people.

But what is in danger of happening – and what is already happening – in this nation, is that now you see the counter-elite trying to run with the momentum of breaking down American self-esteem and the American people’s belief in their nation and their nation’s ability to rise above this. And they are then trying to create the opposite movement, so that they can take over and take America into what they think is the only true world view, but which is truly the opposite dualistic extreme.

This is already beginning to happen, and you can see it in the democratic leadership who think they have an opening, but yet they are not representing the Living Word. They have not reached for the Living Word. And so you see, they are all the blind leaders. And as long as the American people play the role of the blind followers, things will only get more embarrassing—in Iraq and elsewhere. So who will be the ones crying in the wilderness, as the voice of reason, as the voice that brings out the Middle Way? Well, that remains to be seen. But we are willing to do our part and inspire anyone who is open to be be an instrument of the Living Word to some measure.

What I am doing in this release is to speak into the mass consciousness, which will truly create an alchemical force. For the Living Word released even through one individual – when that Living Word flows from above and truly is alive – will have an effect. And even if nobody listens, it will have an effect. And it will start that alchemical process, that is like the catalyst you see in chemistry, where it starts very gradually, building a process. But as the momentum gains, it suddenly comes to that point where a phase transition occurs. And now all of the molecules suddenly come into alignment, and you have coherence. And then you have the awakening, where everybody suddenly wakes up and says, “But the emperor has nothing on! And the other emperor has nothing on either! So let us reach for the one who represents the Middle Way.”

Only God is the Middle Way

There is no way to find the Middle Way unless America remains one nation under God. For why did the founding fathers write that sentence? Well, because what they had known before were the nations of Europe that were one nation under the king, representing the power elite on earth. The founding fathers recognized that unless you had a system of government that was based on the respect for something greater than any earthly authority – something that could not be manipulated by the politicking on earth – unless you had that respect for something beyond, you could not maintain or even create a free nation.

This was their great foresight, certainly with a slight inspiration from myself and others. But they were willing, as imperfect as they were, to be the open doors for this. And when you know the reality, you know that the Declaration of Independence was penned by Thomas Jefferson, who lived on a farm here in Virginia, a farm that was based on slaves. And yet he penned the words that all people are given rights. And yet he could not extend that to his own slaves because he was yet too attached to his comfortable lifestyle. But nevertheless, he was still able to be the open door for the Living Word. And so was Washington and the others, despite their imperfections. So again, we do not require people to be perfect, we require you to be willing to transcend whatever state you are in right now. It does not matter how imperfect it is. What matters is your willingness to transcend and come up higher, for this is what we are looking for.

The Living Word is not a state of perfection that never changes. It is the Living Word precisely because it is constantly transcending itself. If you will to be an instrument for the Living Word, you must be willing to constantly transcend yourself. For there are again two dualistic extremes. One is that so many people think, “Oh but if I am not perfect, how could I be an instrument for the Living Word? How can I represent Jesus or the ascended masters?”

The opposite extreme is those who are deluding themselves in pride, thinking they already know it all, and therefore they don’t need the Living Word to come and disturb them in their comfortability. They think they know better than God how to run this planet. And they go out and present themselves that way to the people. But they have not connected to the Living Word. For there is no life in them. Again, the Middle Way, the Middle Way, the Middle Way—balance, my beloved.

Life, truth, is not found in either of the dualistic extremes nor is it found in the middle between the two extremes. It is only found by transcending the scale of duality, as Maitreya explains in his book better than I have time to explain it here—lest you go into the extreme of falling asleep on me. So I shall, as Jesus did earlier, not get ahead of myself. For again, I will return. For, as you can hear from my eagerness, I have indeed many more living words to share with you.

I too express my gratitude for your willingness to be here. For, as I said, one person speaking the Living Word has an effect, but the more people are present, the more this effect is multiplied through the heart flames of all. This messenger would have been perfectly willing to stand all alone and bring forth this word, as he did when he stood all alone in the midst of Berlin and dictated to speak into the mass consciousness. Nevertheless, I am eternally grateful that so many of you are here, for thereby we have a multiplication, which is what you have felt as the light flowing through you as you give these invocations. So my beloved, my gratitude, my gratitude, my gratitude. And I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.


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