Your direct relationship with the ascended masters

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, September 5, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for America –Towards Golden Age Relationships.

I am the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha.

I AM at peace. I AM in peace. I AM peace. Thus, I give a teaching from peace. How can there be force in the Buddha? This is not possible, as the Buddha is beyond force. The Buddha is not anti-force. The Buddha is beyond force.

What does the Buddha know about relationships? Did he not, when he was in embodiment, leave his wife and young child, leave other people and go out and live in the forest among wild animals and wild people? Well, yes, but what did he do later in life? Did he not create a community and gather students that came to learn from the Buddha?

So, the Buddha at least knows something about the relationship between teacher and student. And of course, as an ascended master, I know something about the relationship between ascended masters and unascended human beings on earth. Let us speak about this relationship. For as we have said, we do not so much desire you to find a physical guru as to be able to receive directions from the ascended masters within yourself.

What will it require for you to work out the best possible relationship with the ascended masters? Well, first of all you need to consider that the major blockage to a direct relationship with the ascended masters is idolatry. Idolatry is where you put someone up as an idol that is somehow so above you that they are unattainable.

This messenger lives in the country and when driving to and from town drives past a Buddhist facility, one of the few here in Denmark. After having done this for years, he decided to look up on the internet what they were actually about. He was surprised to find that their view of the Buddha was very different from how he had come to think that Buddhists viewed the Buddha. These people had a very idolatrous view of me. They thought that not only was I special from birth, but I was special before birth. I was in a completely separate category from all other human beings on earth and that is why I could be this unique teacher, and that is why Buddhism was a unique religion that would lead people to a higher realm.

This messenger clearly saw that this idolatrous view actually blocked these people from having a personal relationship with the real Buddha, because they could only relate to this idol they had created in their minds. How could they actually follow the true teachings of the Buddha and what are the true teachings of the Buddha? Well, did I not say that everything is the Buddha nature? Everything has the Buddha nature within it. Every human being has the Buddha nature within it, which means that every human being has the potential to become the Buddha.

But how do you become the Buddha? By learning or by being inspired by, by following the example of the Buddha until you become one with the Buddha. But how can you become one with a Buddha if you think the Buddha is so far above you, that he is in a completely separate category?

You see, there is a very, very old tradition on this planet of this kind of idol worship. It is, of course, created by the fallen beings. They are the ones who want to set themselves up as being in a fundamentally different category from other human beings on earth. In a sense, they are because they have a much lower consciousness than all other human beings on earth, but this does not really make them special, just different. It certainly does not make them superior, even though they believe they have some superior wisdom and insight, or even in some cases, some superior abilities because they had much longer to work out or work on these abilities.

You see here that the idolatry found in so many religions is actually the wishful thinking of the fallen beings. They are the ones who want to be worshiped the way many people worship God. They are the ones who want to be gods on earth, or even gods in the identity realm, who are worshiped by human beings and who are looked at by human beings as being inherently superior—in a special category, in an unattainable category for human beings. This makes the fallen beings feel special, whereas, an ascended master has no desire to feel special, has no need to feel special—does not even think in terms of special or less special.

What you can do as ascended master students, is you can contemplate these ideas. You can look at whatever religion you grew up in in this lifetime. You can look at what religions you might have been exposed to in past lifetimes and you can identify the idolatry. You can see how the so-called monotheistic religions claim to have the superior God, but they also ascribe certain characteristics to this God that are actually a reflection of their own unresolved psychology. People project that God is the way they are therefore, he is the angry god in the sky. He is the vengeful God that wants to smite his enemies and punish with an eternity of torment in hell those who oppose them.

Some of these things come from the fallen beings, clearly, because they are the ones who have that desire to destroy or punish anyone who opposes them. You see here, you can begin to identify how big of an influence the fallen beings have had on the religions on earth, even many aspects of the religion of Buddhism. When you do this, you can begin to clear your mind from these illusions. You can even come to realize that in past lives, you have been exposed to this form of religion, and as a result, you have built certain separate selves.

This messenger became aware at a certain point that he had a separate self, which he did not call it at the time, but he had an aspect in his psychology that was afraid of offending God. He was afraid that he could say or even think certain things that God would be offended by. Now, he was, at that point, already an ascended master student in a previous dispensation, but it took him quite a bit of working with this before he realized that this god could not be the real God. It had to be a false god because, truly, how could the real God be offended by anything on earth?

Then, he had an experience of the real God, the real Creator, who is beyond all form as he has described in some of his writings. The reason he was open to this experience was that he had wrestled with his image of God. He had wrestled with this image of the angry judgmental God, the remote God in the sky, that wanted to be worshiped and that could be offended by human beings. He realized that a being in the spiritual realm could not really be offended by anything that human beings do on earth. How could this make any sense when you are beyond anything on earth? So, he realized that this god, who can be offended but is also a projection of the unresolved psychology—ultimately, of the fallen beings, but also of many people on earth, who take great offense.

If you look at the fact that the monotheistic religions had their origin in the Middle East, you can see how even today, many, many people in the Middle East are very easy to take offense, have a very big sensitivity to become insulted by other people saying something to them that they do not think they should say. They become very angry and very vengeful and have a desire to punish people who offend them in this way. These are characteristics of a certain group of human beings, which they have then projected upon their image of God.

Now, when you realize this with the major religions, you can then begin to look at your relationship with the ascended masters. You can realize that the greatest challenge we face as ascended masters is that our students do not come to our teachings in a vacuum. You come with some kind of background, some kind of baggage, you have been exposed to a certain religion or to different religions, both in this lifetime and in previous lifetimes. You come with some preconceived expectations, opinions, you come with a certain view of what spiritual beings are like, what they should be like.

And what you can come to recognize, if you are willing, is that the views you have adopted, of God and of spiritual beings and the ascended masters, is a reflection of your own unresolved psychology. You can realize that the greatest limitation we face in our attempts to help you grow spiritually is, of course, this projection that comes from your unresolved psychology.

When you have an unresolved psychology that you are projecting upon us and one aspect of that unresolved psychology is that you think we are perfect and therefore, your view of us is perfect, how can you free yourself from this? It is a catch 22. There are two viewpoints that are locking each other in this Gordian knot because how can you come to realize that your view of ascended masters is limited if you think that we are perfect and your view of ascended masters is perfect or that we would be offended if you questioned your view of ascended masters? Many of you have this subtle sense that you cannot question your view of ascended masters because you think it is not a view, you think this is how the ascended masters are and you think that we would be offended if you questioned your view of us.

Again, we are ascended, my beloved. We are not offended by anything on earth. Nothing you could do or say or think or feel would offend us. The only thing that we can do is that we can leave you alone if you are in a state of mind where we cannot help you right now. If you need more knocks from the school of hard knocks, then we must sometimes leave students for a time until they have had the knocks and they open their minds so we can again help them in a more direct manner.

But this does not mean we are offended. We are not offended by being rejected, by being ignored. We cannot take offense to anything. You may think we can. You may project that we can. You may feel that you have offended us and therefore, you are not worthy to be in contact with us. And therefore, you withdraw yourself into a little cave where you feel sorry for yourself and you project upon us that we are the ones punishing you because you have been naughty and questioned some image of us that you had. But we clearly see your images. And how would we be offended by you questioning an image that has nothing to do with who we are in reality even if we could become offended, which of course we cannot?

You see, again, we do not take offense. What does this mean? This means, as we have said many times, we are in a fundamentally different state of consciousness than unascended human beings. I know this is an abstract concept, I know you cannot fully grasp this while you are still in embodiment, but many of you can at least begin to have some glimpses, some experiences of our state of consciousness, as this messenger has by taking dictations, as you can have by listening to the dictations or meditate upon us in your heart. And when you have that experience you can come to a certain realization and I will give you this realization from without, but it will really only be valuable to you when it also comes from within.

The realization is this—your relationship with the ascended masters will not be like your relationship to other human beings. The biggest limitation we face in establishing a direct relationship with you is that you take your view of relationships to other human beings and you transfer it to us. Therefore, for example, many of you have this attitude that if you are an ascended master student, if you want to have a direct relationship with us, there are certain things you should do and certain things you should not do, there are certain things you should say, certain things you should not say, certain things you should feel, certain things you should not feel, certain things you should think and certain things you should not think.

We have seen, especially in previous ascended master organizations, how students can become almost catatonic, almost frantic in trying to live up to all of these demands that they are projecting on us that we are projecting on them. They think we are the ones who are projecting all of these demands on them. But these demands are based on relationships between human beings that are very much influenced by the fallen consciousness, the should and should not, the sense of obligation, the sense of duty, the sense you should be loyal to people and so forth and so on.

We do not have human psychology, we do not have fallen psychology, why would you think we react like the fallen beings or we act like human beings? It does not logically make sense and when you begin to contemplate this you can gradually free yourself from this and that means you can begin at least to meet the only requirement there is for making contact with us and that is an open mind, a neutral mind.

There must be room in your mind for us to enter and if you have all of these should and should nots, these preconceived opinions, this idolatrous view, where is the room? We are not forcing ourselves upon you, we are not manifesting ourselves in some undeniable manifestation except in very rare instances where it is part of your divine plan, something you decided before coming into embodiment.

We are never infringing on people’s free will, so we can only contact unascended beings where there is room in their minds for us to enter and this does not mean that there has to be this conscious intent of contacting us. We see many, many students who find ascended master teachings. They decide, “Well I want to have a direct experience, a direct contact with the masters, I want to get a personal message from the masters” and then they think they have to do this, they have to decree, they have to pray, they have to call to us, they have become almost frantic, almost catatonic in doing what they think they need to do in order to get this direct contact.

So, what do they do? Well, they are filling in their minds with all of these activities, with all of these thoughts, with all these prayers, with all these imaginings of how wonderful it will be when they have a direct contact with us, how we will give them these special gifts and now they will become special people who can create these wonders that other people will admire, or whatever fantasies people have. And so, they are filling their minds with more and more noise and where is the stillness, where is the room for us to enter? And so, we must stand back and wait until they perhaps become so tired, so weary of all this frantic activity that there is a moment of stillness and suddenly there is the contact with the ascended masters.

Now, the other big challenge we face in our relationship with unascended students is of course, that people have this expectation that being in contact with the ascended masters must be some wonderful, otherworldly dramatic peak experience. And yes, some people have had such experiences, very, very rarely from the ascended masters, but they have had a sense of drama because, as we have said before, of the contrast between their normal state of consciousness and the experience, but the reality is that we are not seeking to give you dramatic, wonderful experiences.

We are seeking to give you a frame of reference for evaluating your current state of consciousness. We are seeking to give you a direction that can help you take that next step up. So, if you are at the 60th level of consciousness, we are seeking to give you an impulse that can help you rise to the 61st level. We are not seeking to give you some dramatic peak experience that you might have at higher levels of consciousness because you are not ready for it and most of the people if they had it, it would be too overwhelming for them. This messenger had this experience of the formless God because he was ready for it, but it still took him years to process and integrate the experience.

And so, in general, people will not get this dramatic, otherworldly experience when they have direct contact with us. In fact, many people have received some direct help from us without realizing where it came from because it seemed too ordinary, too insignificant for them. And so, you can begin to look at your expectations for what it means to have a relationship with the ascended masters. You can begin to look at these unrealistic expectations, these desires you might have of having special experiences that makes you feel special and that might make other people think you are special because they have not had these experiences. Many students throughout the various dispensations have had these dreams— delusions of grandeur, where they wanted to have these special abilities that would make other people admire them and look up to them and not all of these students have been fallen beings, although some of them have.

You realize I assume, that when a fallen being in embodiment comes across an ascended master teaching that fallen being only looks at the teachings and the ascended masters in terms of, how can this make me appear special? How can it make me feel special? How can I use this teaching to elevate myself? And this, of course, is not the motivation that most of you have, but certainly you can have certain selves from past lives where you have this experience of being put down by the fallen beings and this can cause you to create certain selves that desire to compensate for this by elevating yourself, by making yourself appear special or by having some ability to prove the fallen beings wrong. There can be various selves like this and when you find an ascended master teaching, these selves will want to use the teaching to achieve their expectation, but this is of course an empty expectation. We could never give you that because if we did what would happen? It would reinforce the self and you will be much more identified with it, making it more difficult for you to separate yourself from it and let it die.

And so, you recognize here that we of the ascended masters do not feel special. Why not? You may say, well aren’t we special as ascended masters? Aren’t we in a much higher state of consciousness than unascended human beings? And yes, we are, but why are we in this higher state of consciousness? Because we have transcended duality. Where can the sense of being special exist? Well, only in the realm of duality because being special implies that there must be a comparison between those who are special and those who are not special and that is the essence of duality, that scale, that contrast, the value judgment.

We have transcended that. We do not even think in terms of special. We do not look at you as being inferior, or being deficient, or being sinners. We are not seeking to punish you in any way, we are not seeking to make you feel ashamed. We are not seeking to make you recognize your sins or confess your sins. We are only seeking to help you transcend all of this human consciousness. And so, we only have one goal, one desire and that is to help you transcend your present level of consciousness and continue to do so until you ascend. There is no other desire.

I know that in previous dispensations there was much more focus on giving service to Saint Germain, helping bring in the golden age and you may say we have some focus on this here as well. And of course, we desire you to give a service, but only when it is something you have decided in your divine plan. We are not seeking to force this upon you. We are not seeking to make you feel obligated, we are not seeking to make you feel you have a duty towards us. We are not seeking to feel that you should be doing this and you should not be doing anything else, especially not anything enjoyable.

You see how there is an old tradition in religion, in spiritual teachings, that the world is inherently bad, worldly activities are sinful, they distract you from your spiritual growth, they take you away from your spiritual growth and so forth and so on. And this has created this mindset which many ascended master students, including this messenger in his early years went into, that now that you have found the ascended master teachings you should focus all attention on this, you should focus on giving the service whether in decree sessions or other ways and you should not do anything else, anything that you would enjoy doing, you should do the bare minimum to survive and fulfill your obligations towards your family, but you are not doing anything out of enjoyment.

Well, as we said, you make the divine plan from a higher level of consciousness than you have now. If you determined that there are certain experiences that you want to have because they will help you be free of errors and ready to move on, then this is not only part of your divine plan, but it is for you a very spiritual activity. It is something that will only promote your spiritual growth not hinder it. So you cannot have this black and white attitude that all worldly activities are anti-spiritual and you should refrain from them and you especially should not have the attitude.

I realized I use the word should and I should not, but nevertheless it is not constructive for you to have the attitude that we are putting this upon you, what you should or should not do, that we are putting upon you that you should not allow yourself to enjoy earthly life, that you should only do it to the bare minimum and you should not really enjoy it because this would prove that you are not spiritual. You do not need to prove to us that you are spiritual, my beloved, and you do not prove it by outer activities. We have seen people who found an ascended master teaching, who joined an organization and who spent countless hours giving decrees, coming to conferences, coming to services and all of these things. They were doing all the outer things right, but they were not enjoying it. They had no sense of joy for doing it. They did it out of a sense of obligation.

What was the mindset behind doing this? It was what we have talked about before that so many religious people attempt to strike a bargain with God. “God, I am worshipping you, as a good Christian. I am confessing my sins. I am not doing anything enjoyable. I am doing penance. I am doing all of these things that are prescribed and God when I have done this long enough, when I have made myself suffer long enough, you simply have to let me into heaven.” Many ascended master students have attempted to strike a bargain with us. “When I have given all of these decrees for saving the world, when I refrain from doing all of these things, you must let me make my ascension” or “you must make me special,” or “you must give me a certain experience.”

My beloved, you cannot bargain with the ascended masters. Why cannot you bargain? Well, first of all, because as we have said, you cannot force your way into heaven, but also because we have no desire to see you try to force yourself into heaven, because we know that the only way to the ascension is through surrender.  Another thing is that in order to have a bargain, there has to be something that both sides want. For what could you possibly have here on earth that an ascended master would want?

So many of you have been affected by this traditional religious view that God, the superior God of the universe, needs to be worshiped by human beings on this little planet and therefore, they have to go to church every Sunday and get down on their knees and mumble these prayers that are prescribed, as if God needs this, as if God needs the attention or the energy from people. Well, who is it that needs people’s attention and energy? The fallen beings, the dark forces, who can get no energy themselves from a higher source.

We, of the ascended masters, have ascended, because we are getting energy from a higher source directly within ourselves, we are self-sufficient. We need no energy whatsoever from outside ourselves. We do not need attention from outside ourselves. What could you possibly have that we need or want? Nothing, absolutely nothing. When you ascend, there is nothing you need from earth. We do not need your attention. We do not need to be worshiped and therefore, how can you strike a bargain with us? How can you offer something that will make us say, “Oh, yeah, this person has given me what I wanted, so I am going to let him ascend?” How could we make you ascend? How can we let you ascend? It is a completely free choice based on surrendering all of the attachments to earth.

In a sense, we can say that there is no amount of decrees you could give that will qualify for your ascension. It does not mean you do not need to give the decrees to transmute energy, but the decrees themselves cannot get you into the ascended realm, because there needs to be that resolution in your mind, where you let go of attachments, let go of desires and come to a point again, where you can look at earth and there is nothing that pulls you back here. You can sit under the Bo tree, you can have all the demons of Mara, all of the forces of this world parade before you and whatever they do, whatever they say, whatever they display, whatever they do to each other, whatever they do to human beings, there is nothing here, nothing in it, that you react to.

This cannot be achieved through force, cannot be achieved through decreeing and cannot be achieved through study. It can only be achieved through a heightened awareness that makes you see the illusions and give them up. It is surrender, surrender after surrender, after surrender. Does there ever come a time where surrender stops? Yes, after you have ascended, but even then, we are still surrendering our limited sense of identity as an ascended master in order to attain a higher identity as an ascended master. We have said that you ascend as the Christ, but after having been ascended for some time, you can attain the level of Buddhahood. But you do that only by surrendering the limited sense of identity, rising to a higher one.

What is the relationship that we desire to have? Well, we desire to have a relationship, first of all, where you are open to receiving something from us. You are open to receiving what we see will help you rise from your present level of consciousness to the next level up. This means that if you want this from us, you need to look at your expectations. What does it mean to be an ascended master student, to have a relationship with us? What could you possibly get from us? What do you want from us? What expectations do you have? Do you, as I said, expect some kind of otherworldly experience on encountering ascended masters? Do you expect that we appear to you and give you specific instructions, that we make you feel special, more special than other people?

If you have these expectations, they will block our ability to communicate with you in a more direct manner, because you will actually ignore or reject what we are saying. You will think, “Oh, this cannot come from an ascended master. It does not live up to my expectation of what an ascended master should say to me and how they should talk and how they should appear.”

Again, many times, in the beginning levels of the path, we will not give you a direct communication because you are not open to it, so we will attempt to communicate with you through other people. That is why, if the messenger be an ant, heed him, because you are not ready to hear us directly.

But the worst problem for us, the worst hindrance for us is the kind of students who have this very fixed idea about how their relationship to us should be. You have a concept in certain Buddhist movements, especially Zen Buddhism, “I clasp, I clutch my ideas.” This is because these Buddhist teachers have realized that many people come with these preconceived opinions and beliefs and they hold on to them as if it was a matter of life and death. These teachers have realized that such students are not open.

We have said it before, I will say it again, if you really want to have a relationship with us, a direct inner relationship with us, take a look at yourself. Take a look at your opinions. Do you have certain opinions that you feel very strongly about? That you are very attached to? That you feel a need to defend? That you feel a need to refute anyone who questions them or does not share your opinion? Do you have a very, very strong idea of what the ascended master should say or should not say? In that case, you know, if you are willing to be honest with yourself, you are not open to a direct interaction with the ascended masters.

We have, over the many years that we have had these ascended master dispensations, seen a certain pattern unfold over and over again. We have seen a group of students, for example, it can be a group of students from a specific country, where based on the culture and the history of that country, they have a certain opinion that they are very attached to. It is very important in their culture. They have this idea that this must be true and therefore, since the ascended masters are so elevated and surely know truth, they should never say anything that would question what these people believe is the ultimate view of a certain situation.

When we do say something that questions this, we have seen entire groups of students who decided, “Oh, this messenger is not a real messenger, because this could not possibly be a real ascended master who would say this.” And then they have withdrawn from the teachings. We have seen individuals do the same thing for a variety of reasons. Often, it is because they come to something in their psychology that they are not willing to look at or give up and we say something that challenges this, and so, they must reject what we are saying. There are some students that come to an ascended master teaching and they have an aspect of their ego, they have certain separate selves that they are not willing to look at, they are not willing to give up. They have created another separate self that says, they do not have to give this up. They do not have to look at this, because it is possible to ascend without looking at this aspect of their psychology. They believe that they can do other things such as if they give enough violet flame, they do not have to look at this thing in their psychology, but they can still ascend.

What have we said many times? You cannot ascend with unresolved psychology. An ascended master does not have unresolved psychology. You see that there are people who have become offended by this. They are people in a previous dispensation, where the teaching was given that you could ascend with 51% of your karma balanced and they took this in a literal sense to mean that if a person had balanced 51% of their karma, they could ascend and then when they had ascended, they would become an ascended master. But if you knew some of these people who passed from the screen of life, after they have been told by the messenger of that dispensation that they have balanced more than 51% of their karma, then you would be able to see very easily that they still have some unresolved psychology. What these people were not willing to consider is, could these people really become ascended masters when they had unresolved psychology? Naturally, they cannot.

Now it may be that there is a person who has balanced more than 50% of their karma, so they do not have to come back into embodiment, but they still have to spend some time before they can become an ascended master, because they first have to resolve the psychology. As Mother Mary has said, the 51% of your karma is what you have with other people and the 49% is what you have with yourself, in terms of unresolved psychology and this can be done without being in embodiment. For most people, it will be faster to be in embodiment, than to do it outside, out of embodiment. But for some people, they have chosen to do this and therefore, it will take them a certain time.

Now, there are people who became so attached to what was said in this previous dispensation, that when we challenged this in this dispensation, well then, they rejected this. They rejected the messenger. They rejected us because we did not say what they thought we should say.

Many other people throughout the different dispensations have had similar attachments to certain viewpoints, certain opinions, they have essentially come to the teachings in order to get validation for these very strongly held beliefs. And when they did not get it, they have found some kind of excuse for rejecting the teaching. Many have gone into a specific pattern where they have found a certain teaching, they have accepted a certain messenger, the messenger for that dispensation and they have believed that this messenger is a genuine messenger, who is getting dictations from the ascended masters. Then we have challenged through the messenger, one of the viewpoints that these people were not willing to give up or question.

And now they have reasoned that “Oh no, something happened to the messenger. We were not wrong by seeing that the messenger was a genuine messenger when we came into the organization. But now something has happened, so that the messenger is no longer a genuine messenger, he or she has lost the mantle and is now in contact with a false hierarchy or imposters. Therefore, we need to leave the organization and reject any teaching that came after a certain point.” We have seen this happen several times in several dispensations, pretty much the same arguments used every time. And why? Because it was the same unresolved psychology in the students that made it necessary for them to reject the messenger so that they did not have to look at the beam in their own eye.

This is something you can watch out for in yourself, you can look at: “Do I have a certain belief that I hold so strongly, that I do not want the ascended masters to challenge it?” And if you do, you can then say: “Well, it cannot be me as the Conscious You, who is attached to this viewpoint, because the Conscious You cannot be attached to any viewpoint on earth, so it can only be a separate self. And if I want to make progress, I have to look at that separate self and come to the point where I can just let it go, let the self die, let the opinion go and realize there must be a higher understanding. And I want that higher understanding instead of holding on to what is the limited understanding.”

What will ultimately qualify you for your ascension? Is it that you hold on to your ideas, that you clutch your ideas or that you let go of them? It is only by letting go that you can return to the state in which the Conscious You descended, and thereby ascend. “Only he who descended from heaven can ascend back to heaven”, as Jesus so eloquently put it 2000 years ago.

What is it you want from a relationship, from your relationship, your personal relationship to the ascended masters? What do you want? Not what the fallen beings want or they want you to want. Not what other people want or what they want you to want. Not what your ego or your separate selves want or want you to want. No, what do you want? At your present level of consciousness, with your present level of awareness, your present connection or lack of connection to your I Am Presence, your present experience of pure awareness or lack of experience. What do you want? Do you want to take the next step up the ladder of the 144 steps? If you do, the mechanism, the mechanics are simple. You have an illusion right now that you cannot see. Only by coming to see this illusion and embracing a higher view, a slightly higher view, can you rise to the next step. You cannot jump from where you are to the 144th level. You must go through all of the steps one at a time.

What do you want? If you want this growth then you cannot clutch your ideas. You cannot clutch the illusion that prevents you from rising to the next step and at the same time rise to the next step. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. You cannot have your Buddha and idolize him too. You cannot have your ascended masters and project human qualities or fallen qualities upon them. There are certain things that are simply incompatible.

We see a certain amount of students that do not believe this. They do not accept it. Because they have bought into the lie of the fallen beings that you can find a way to cheat your way into heaven. Some among the fallen beings still believe that it can find a way to change God’s opinion because they see it as God’s opinion, God’s judgment of them. They think God judged them, God forced them to fall and they are projecting out that there was this exterior being who did this to them. And therefore, in order to get back to their former state, they need to change this external being, change his opinions of them, his judgments of them and they still think they can find a way to do this because they have not recognized that it was their own choices that caused them to fall and that the only change that is necessary is that they change those choices, they change the psychology.

So, it is them that needs to change. It is an internal change that needs to happen and no amount of trying to cheat or manipulate will get you to heaven. And it is the same for you, ascended master students. You cannot manipulate us, you cannot fool us, you cannot bargain with us. You cannot make us feel pity on you. Why? Because we do not want you to get into heaven as human beings, even if that was possible.

We want you to become ascended masters like we are and experience the incredible freedom and joy that we feel that is so beyond what you feel on earth. We cannot convey this to you, certainly not through words. But we can hopefully give you some glimpse that there is something in the ascended consciousness that you want more than anything in the human consciousness. And how do you get it? By giving up the human consciousness. That is all that is required. Attachments come from the human consciousness. They must be given up. You can look at this, that you are holding on to something. What is the only way of being free of it? If you are holding on to something on earth, you are tying yourself to earth. What is the only way to be free? Is it to change something on earth or is it to just open your hand and let go?

It is the release that sets you free from the attachment. As long as you clutch your ideas, how can you be free of them? It cannot be done. No matter how much you seek to manipulate the world, other people, God or the ascended masters, it cannot be done. There is only one way and in order to facilitate your way back, we offer you a direct relationship with us. But we cannot force you, we will not force you. You are the one who must meet the requirements by taking our teachings, applying them and letting go of what separates you from us.

You cannot have a direct relationship with us through your ego or the separate selves, only by going beyond the separate selves and realizing your pure awareness. Pure awareness is a neutral state of mind. It is not characterized by strong opinions, by polarized opinions or by strong emotions. I am the Buddha. I am in a neutral state of mind compared to the dualistic state of mind. In order to describe it fully, I would use different words, but what good would those words do you? I describe it as different from yours so that you can see that this is actually what you want. Those of you who are avatars are longing back to that more innocent state of mind that you had on a natural planet. And you can have it, you can even have it on earth, but only by letting go of what keeps you from it.

With this, I have given you what I wanted to give you in this installment. Much more can be said, much more will be said. This messenger has been working for a long time to be ready to take a more direct teaching from me, which may be brought forth in the not-too-distant future. I have many things to give to you and to the people of earth who are open to a direct teaching from the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha.

For now, I also extend my gratitude and the gratitude of all of us to all of you who have participated in this event. Again, we have achieved what we desired to achieve, we have exceeded the minimum that we desire to achieve by the number of people and your willingness to open your minds and let go of your preconceived opinions and receive the teaching.

We are grateful for this. Again, this has shifted the collective consciousness, it has freed many people who are the more creative people who are open to new ideas about relationships. And over time, this will spread like rings in the water and truly open up for the possibility that more that more people can begin to tune in to what is golden age relationships. They can open themselves to experiment with it, and to experience a new and higher form of relationship that is not based on force, but based on the free flow of the creative energies of God. With this, my gratitude and I seal you in a joyful peace of the Buddha that I am.


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