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Ascended Master Maitreya through Kim Michaels, October 2, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Korea – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

I AM the Ascended Master Maitreya. I have often been called the Great Initiator but this, of course, is something that needs to be understood. Great is a word that has many connotations on earth often invoking a comparison to those who are not so great. My intention is of course not to be seen as greater than any other ascended master, for these comparisons have no meaning in the ascended realm but I do fulfill a certain role in that it is my task to help people pass what we might call the overall general universal initiations.

I would like to begin this discourse by quoting what we inspired Shakespeare to write so many years ago: “There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood leads on to fortune.” I ask you to consider and to visualize the ocean. I know some of you live far from the ocean but you have either seen the ocean or you have certainly seen videos, movies, recordings, of the ocean. I ask you to visualize that you are standing before or you are sitting upon a vast ocean. The ocean is calm. The ocean is calm but there is still a gentle wave that rolls in once in a while with a regular interval. A wave comes rolling and it lifts a boat that is on the ocean or rolls onto the shore, not with a breaking wave, not with a crashing sound but just a gentle sound up the beach, back out before the next wave comes.

You see that even though the surface of the ocean is calm because there is no wind driving it there is still a wave action. These longer gentle waves from a storm that has long passed are moving the ocean up and down. Now I ask you to mentally step even further back from the ocean and realize that beyond these waves there is the tide, which over time, over a longer time span raises the entire ocean. You have a wave on the ocean but even that wave is being lifted by the tide or it sinks back down with a tide. The wave is still there up and down but there is a greater movement up and down than the wave and it is the tide.

This image has many implications for life on earth. You will see for example, that if we take this image and apply it to the situation that most people face today, they are not sailing on in their daily lives a calm ocean with big gentle waves. They are sailing on a turbulent ocean with many, many small waves that are quite chaotic, that give them and their boat an abrupt movement, some side to side, that is tossing them back and forth. Many people eventually come so close to a shore that the waves start crashing and their boat crashes against the shore. This is the situation that most people find themselves in today and why is this so?

It is because there are so many things impinging upon their minds, so many thoughts, so much information, so many opinions they have to evaluate and adjust to either accept or reject. Everything is being more polarized. There are such strong opinions being communicated through social media or in other ways that people feel obligated to put their attention upon and to have some kind of opinion: “Am I for or against this? Am I for or against that? Is this right, is this wrong?”. All of these things that are impinging upon people’s attention today.

How can you walk the path of initiation in this environment? Well, the simple answer is you cannot. Nobody can walk the path of initiation in such an environment. What does this mean for you who are spiritual students? Well, as we have talked about before, you need to decide what you put your attention upon. Do you have to read every post on Facebook? Do you have to have an opinion about every issue that comes up in the day?

You see, my image of the ocean and the tide shows you that even when the ocean is chaotic and has these many turbulent waves, there is still the tide that lifts the entire ocean and takes it back down. Most people today, especially because of their phones, their computers, their exposure to various kinds of media, websites, social media whatever you have, their attention is so scattered that all they see are the small turbulent waves. But what happens to the turbulent waves when the wind stops blowing? Well, they very quickly die down.

If you look at society in a longer perspective, how important are all of these issues? In the long run, in a long perspective how important are these issues that may seem very important today or yesterday or tomorrow but in the long term, how important will they be? What I seek to give you here is that when you are a spiritual student, you need to be very selective with your attention. You need to evaluate, what is important for me, for my spiritual growth, for the fulfillment of my divine plan? I only have so much attention. I need to be careful what I place it upon and you will see that if you are a spiritual student, it is more advantageous for your long-term growth that you do not allow yourself to be pulled into these temporary issues, but you focus on the more longer trends, the trends that in the long run will make more of a difference.

You may say when you look at the ocean, that when you are standing there looking at these turbulent waves, they do attract your attention and they may seem they are very important but compared to the tide that lifts the entire ocean, how consequential are they? So you have a tide in the affairs of men that gives long-term change and you have the turbulent waves that have no long-term effect. They are not important in the long term. Be careful how much time and how much attention you spend on these short-term issues. What is a short-term issue?

Well, you need to decide that for yourself but you need to recognize that what has happened with the advent of the Internet and especially with social media is that people’s attention span has been shortened dramatically. If you put much of your attention on this, your attention span has been shortened dramatically. Your attention has become addicted to stimulation. There always needs to be something new, something different, something that gives you a stimulation in the moment but has no lasting effect or value. You cannot live, you cannot walk the spiritual path as a person who is focusing on these short-term issues.

In the long term, how important is the issue of wearing a mask, getting vaccinated, who is president of this or that country? All of these issues, are they important in the long term? I understand that some will say yes but I am asking you to step back and consider how important are they for your long-term spiritual growth so how much attention should you put on them? How much attention should you put on these issues? You understand, perhaps you do not understand, but you can come to understand that one of the primary ways that the fallen beings seek to derail people on the spiritual path is to pull them into fighting some battle or other, not necessarily a war, but some battle for against this or that issue but the issues are not long term, they are not really consequential for what happens in society.

How do you as a spiritual student envision your long-term growth? How do you envision that you rise to higher levels of the spiritual path? Well, as Sanat Kumara explained, you are right now at a certain level. You cannot see very far ahead. You cannot really, right now, envision what your state of consciousness will be like when you climb 10, 20, 30 steps on the path. That is why it is important not to focus undue attention on what seems important to you at your present level. Why does a particular issue seem important to you at your present level? Because you have some kind of illusion that makes this issue seem so important. When you rise some steps on the path and you will overcome that illusion, how do you think the issue will seem to you at that time? Not very important, certainly not as important as it does now.

You may think, oh, but this is an important issue and it will always be important to me. Well, then, you have done exactly what Sanat Kumara said, you have decided with your outer mind, how you are going to look at life at a higher level of consciousness. You have limited yourself so that you may attain a certain growth but your conscious mind cannot accept it and shift accordingly. This is what we strongly advise you to consider, especially those of you who find yourself having these very strong opinions about particular issues that are up in society and that it may seem important to many people right now but that will not seem so in the future.

You see, there is always a balance to be found when you are walking the spiritual path. One balance is between focusing on temporary issues or more long-term issues but there are many other aspects of this balance. Some of you have all of this lifetime had a certain sense of balance. You can look back your lives and even in childhood, you can see that you always had a reluctance to being pulled into what other children were into whether it was this or that playful activity or some fashion trend or wearing this or that clothes, you were always reluctant to go along with a crowd. You wanted to step back, have your own opinion, have your own view of things and not be swung back and forth by the trends in the collective consciousness. Many of you can see this.

Some of you can look back and say that you have not quite had this balance. You have had more of a tendency to be pulled into things by other people, by trends in society but then you can cultivate that balance and this is part of what the path is all about. You come to find a certain balance because you have made contact with something inside yourselves that is timeless. Sanat Kumara talked about the experience of pure awareness. Well pure awareness is timeless. In the long term, what really matters?

In the perspective of Saint Germain’s Golden Age, which is a period that will last for 2,000 years, what really matters of the issues that currently seem so important to so many people? A hundred years, two hundred years, five hundred years, a thousand years years into the golden age how important will it be whether people were wearing a mask or not, whether this or that person was president, whether some of these issues that seem so important to people today came to this result or that result? What will it matter? Well, it will matter no more to the people at that time than it matters to you who was emperor in the Roman Empire two thousand years ago.

You need to have a certain long-term perspective in order to be on the spiritual path because the spiritual path is a gradual climb. The more directly you can walk up the hill, the faster you will get there. Imagine that you have two people, they both have to climb the same hill, one goes pretty much straight up the other goes back and forth zigzagging all over the place and takes three times as long. Which person would you rather be? I am not saying you should be this or that, I am only explaining to you that you cannot be both. You cannot make the fastest possible progress on the spiritual path and allow yourself, your emotions, your attention your mind to be pulled into all of these temporary issues.

What does this have to do with a topic of being the open door? Well, you might say: “Well, certainly, I can be an open door for expressing opinions about these issues that are up in my time and what if that is part of my divine plan?” Well, if you strongly feel that it is part of your divine plan you should follow that feeling until you have a different feeling. But for the vast majority of you, your divine plan is more of a long-term plan. You have certain goals not only for your personal growth but also what you want to bring forth in this lifetime and they often relate to long-term issues.

Why do I say this? Because when you make your divine plan before this lifetime, you are looking at these long-term trends. You cannot predict exactly what is going to happen on Facebook in the year 2021. How could you predict this when you made your divine plan? Many of you made your divine plan when Facebook had not even been invented. Could it not be predicted something like that, yes of course, but the many details of what issues are brought up right now in today’s world could not be predicted so you did not make your divine plan to engage yourself in these short-term issues, you made it in order to have an impact on certain more long-term issues. You made your divine plan, not based on the temporary waves, but on the tide, the rising and the sinking of the tide.

What is one of the most important thoughts you can keep in mind about the spiritual path? It is what Jesus said: “In your patience, possess ye your souls.” What is the effect of the shortening of the attention span? It is that people have less patience than they had in previous decades or generations. But if you have no patience with yourself, how can you truly grow? Do you think that I as the initiator am swayed by the issues of the day? Or do you think I have a more long-term vision for how to raise you to a higher level of consciousness?

Naturally, I have the latter. I, we as ascended masters, are not concerned about many of these issues that are temporary, that do not have a major impact on the long-term trends. We are focused on the long term.  That is what will help you be an open door for the golden age. Certainly, there should be a lot of short-term ideas that are part of the golden age but you who are our spiritual students, you have the opportunity because you know the teachings and the path to focus on the long-term trends that have a bigger impact.

You have so much attention, what can you put it upon, what is important to you? This is not something that is forced upon you, I am not seeking to force this upon you. I am simply reminding you of what you yourself incorporated in your divine plan and one of the challenges is that when you come into embodiment, you can be swayed by all these temporary issues and ignore your divine plan. Consider this my reminder.

Now, I want to shift gears and talk about one of these general initiations that all of you face on the path. There has been a tendency, especially in previous ascended master dispensations, to think that initiations are temporary, they are in a specific situation. You are in a specific situation, how do you react to that situation? You can react in a higher way or a lower way and this is your test, this is your initiation. How do you react? And surely there is some value to this situation-based view of initiation. However, as the Great Initiator, my focus is on the long-term trends, the larger initiations on the spiritual path and there are certain larger initiations.

Now, I know that the linear mind always wants to do what the linear mind does. The linear mind wants to take the concept of 144 levels of consciousness and it wants to apply this and say: “Well, every initiation must be related to one of the 144 steps.” However, there are larger initiations that are not associated with one particular step. They are initiations that are more general on how you view the spiritual path. Certainly at the 48th level you have a certain vision of the spiritual path and at the 60th or 120th level you have a higher vision. But nevertheless, there are initiations that go beyond the 144 levels. I have attempted to explain some of these in my book, Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom. 

There are many people who have studied this book in Korea, some of you have grasped what I am talking about, all of you can come to grasp some of it. But I will mention one particular initiation here. We have said before, Jesus has explained, that we are like used car salesmen. In order to get you to come into the teachings, we have to give you something that appeals to you at your present level of consciousness. You are not ready to grasp these overall initiations, so we give you something. One effect of this is that, when you, and I am talking all of you, come into the teachings of the ascended masters, dedicate yourself to walking the path, there are certain things you are not ready to look at in yourself.

There are people who come in, they are not ready to look at anything in their psychology. They are still focused on doing the outer things, giving the decrees and invocations, studying the teachings and they think this will give them the growth they desire. We need to accommodate these people, at least for a time and allow them to come in, give the decrees and invocations, study the teachings, discuss in groups, and so forth but our hope is, of course, that they will at one point reach this major turning point on the path where they realize that spiritual growth means a change in consciousness and a change in consciousness cannot happen unless you consciously look at your psychology, look at your consciousness. You see the illusions you have, you overcome those illusions by seeing a higher reality. This is the only way that spiritual progress truly can happen.

You can make some progress by giving decrees and invocations, because you are clearing out the energies in your four lower bodies that are pulling you away from the spiritual path. But nevertheless, there comes that point where you will not make progress beyond a certain point, unless you recognize that the spiritual path involves looking at something in yourself, seeing it, and consciously choosing to let it go. To let that separate self die, to let the illusion go, to let your strong opinion go, to surrender. Basically, the essence of the path is to come to see something in yourself that limits you and then let it go, to surrender it.

However, this is also a phase because all of you, even when you make this shift and you acknowledge that you need to look at things in yourself, all of you, the messenger included as he well knows from his own path, there are certain things you are willing to look at and there are certain things you are not willing to look at, you are not ready to look at. And again, this is perfectly fine. We do not expect that you can come into the path and within a very short period of time you can make this very profound shift where you are now willing to look at anything in your psychology.

What does this mean? This means there is an interim period where you are open to looking at some things in your psychology but there are certain things you are not ready to look at and for many of you, the reason you are not ready to look at them is that it would be unbearable for you to acknowledge that you have this tendency in your psychology. I do not want to give you particular examples. I deliberately do not want to give you particular examples because it is quite individual, how this manifests. But all of you have, in past lives, maybe even in this life but certainly in past lives, come to accept a certain standard of what it means to be a spiritual person.

Think back to your past lives, you may not know what they are but how likely is it that in the past you have been involved with various spiritual or religious organizations? Then look at some of the religious organizations that are in the world today and imagine that you, for several lifetimes, were a devout Catholic. What kind of view of yourself would you have been programmed with by the Catholic Church or by the Hindu religion or by the Buddhist religion or by this or that spiritual movement?

It is inevitable that all of you, all of us who have been in embodiment on earth have come to take on a certain standard for what it means to be a spiritual person, how you should behave, how you should not behave. As we have explained many times, this is the primary weapon used by the fallen beings. All of these standards ultimately came from the fallen beings. They have only one purpose, to abort your spiritual growth and how does this standard abort your spiritual growth? Well, let us now say that a standard defines that, as a spiritual person you should never have done so and so.

I will give you one example here. As a spiritual person, you should never have killed another human being. Many people in this lifetime feel this way. Many spiritual people in this lifetime feel they would never kill another human being and they are right because in past lifetimes, you have risen above the level of consciousness where you would not kill another human being, not even in self-defense. You have simply risen above that consciousness where you can even consider killing another human being. So far, so good but what about past lives?

Look at this planet, look at this turbulent past. Is it realistic to think that you, for thousands upon thousands of years have been embodied in situations where you were never in a situation where you had to kill another human being, that you were never pulled into any wars, that you were never attacked by robbers who tried to kill you and you killed them in self-defense? How realistic is it that you could have lived on this planet for many lifetimes and not killed another human being? It is not very realistic which is one of the things that are explained, in a veiled way, in the book about My Lives (My Lives With Lucifer, Satan and Jesus) that you are all pulled into these dualistic battles, you were all pulled into fighting the fallen beings, one way or another.

Now, we have a person here who has this standard in his or her mind, that as a spiritual person I should never kill another human being. But in your subconscious mind you still have one or even several separate selves that were created in a very difficult, very dramatic, very chaotic, very violent time and these selves are programmed to believe that not only is it necessary to kill other human beings in certain situations, it is even justified to do so. Well my beloved, how are you ultimately going to qualify for your ascension? What have we said? You must let all of your separate selves die so if you have these separate selves that are related to killing another human being, they need to die. But how can you let them die if you are not willing to look at them?

And how can you look at them if you have this standard that as a spiritual person you should never have killed another human being and that having done so is the most terrible thing that could happen? And therefore you feel that if you were to acknowledge that in the past you have killed other human beings and you actually have these selves that think it is justified and necessary to kill other human beings, you would feel that you would have to condemn yourself so harshly, possibly in the most harsh way possible so how can you look at this? And if you cannot look at it how can you overcome it? That means you are at an impasse, you are at a stalemate.

You are not seeing certain initiations you have to pass, namely letting these selves die. You are not willing to see them. I am seeing these initiations because I see all of the initiations you need to pass. I see all of the separate selves that you have but you do not want to see them and you do not want me to see them either. You want to think that if you are not looking at them, I cannot see them either. What I am pointing out to you here is that there is a phase on the spiritual path where you as a spiritual student have certain things you want to hide from yourself and hide from me or whatever ascended master is your primary initiator. There is something you want to hide and again this is acceptable at a certain phase of the path but there comes a point where you cannot go beyond a certain level unless you deal with this very issue and I am not talking about specific issues. It is not just a matter of seeing that in the past you created certain separate selves related to killing other people and overcoming those selves.

The general trend that I am seeking to point out to you is this unwillingness to look at certain issues because you think you should not have them. And one of the most important turning points, one of the most liberating turning points you can come to on the spiritual path is where you make that shift and say: “I just want to get over this human consciousness so I am willing to look at any aspect of the human consciousness that I have left.” We have attempted to give you many, many teachings to facilitate this shift. I am not trying to put some kind of burden upon you that you should have made the shift or that you should make it in a split second. I am simply telling you, that for some of you this is the next step for you and what can then help you overcome this reluctance to look at things?

Well, what have we given you? Your true individuality is anchored in your I AM Presence, it has not been altered by anything you have experienced on earth. So far so good. In other words, regardless of what you have experienced on earth, what has truly been lost, what has gone wrong? As far as your true individuality and your I AM Presence, nothing has gone wrong. Your experiences on earth have given you, your I AM Presence, positive experiences that are stored in your causal body. Whatever you have experienced on earth, however dire the situation was, there was a positive learning experience that is stored in your causal body. What has gone wrong, what has been lost here?

What have we said also? The Earth is a reality simulator. Everything here is a simulated experience. Matter is changeable. There is nothing that is permanent. There is nothing that cannot be changed. There is no amount of karma that cannot be balanced. There is nothing you could do, there is no choice you could make that could not be replaced by making a more aware choice. We have given you so many teachings that are aimed at this one thing helping you make the shift where you say: “Does it really matter what I have done in the past? Does it really matter what selves I have left? Is it not all just part of the human consciousness?”

Look, earth is a very difficult planet. I have been in embodiment for many lifetimes on earth, in many different societies often chaotic, violent, turbulent. Is it not likely that I have experienced almost anything that human beings can experience on earth? Is it not likely that over those many lifetimes I have faced almost every possible situation one could face on earth? And is it not therefore logical that I have had to create separate selves in order to psychologically survive in those situations, in those environments. What else could I do? I was there, I was in a physical body, I could not run away from the body or the pain of the body or the torture of the body or the threats to the body. I had to do what I could do in order to survive, not just physically but even psychologically in that situation given the level of consciousness I had.

We have told you, you descended at the 48th level even if you came as an avatar that had a much higher level of consciousness on a natural planet, you still had to descend to the 48th level. That means you responded to situations on earth with a 48th level of consciousness. Maybe you descended below that. So what! This is allowed within the free will of earth. What is there, with all the teachings we have given you, what is there you could possibly have done on earth that would be so bad that you could not overcome it? And if you could not have done something that was so bad that you could not overcome it, how could you have done something so bad that you could not look at it? If you have done something that you can overcome and if the only way to overcome it is to look at it, how could it be so bad that you cannot look at it? All you need to do is look at it and then you can now be free from it. But if you do not look at it you will keep dragging it with you and it will keep weighing you down.

What is so bad about looking at it? What could be so bad about looking at it? Well, my beloved, it is because you have allowed the fallen beings to project their standard upon you and you have created a separate self that says: “As a spiritual person there are certain things I cannot have done. They are so bad that I could not possibly have done them.” Why have you created this self? Because the fallen beings have, as we have used before the expression: “hammered you down” in past lives and made you feel absolutely unworthy. Made you feel like you have done the worst possible mistake anybody could make, perhaps even made the worst possible mistake by coming to this planet and so forth.

In order to psychologically survive that birth trauma you had to create a self that said: “But I am not one of the worst persons on earth because there are certain things that I have not done that I could not do and therefore I can survive psychologically holding on to this belief that there are certain things I have not done or would not have done.” This is very easy to do because you have not done some of the things that the fallen beings have done. Do you understand what the fallen beings are doing? They are projecting upon you that you could not be the worst possible person on earth because it will be unbearable to you and then they are giving you an example of somebody who has done something worse than you have ever done so there is an easy out but the net effect of this is what?

You have created a certain self that says: “There are certain things that I could not have done as a spiritual person.” And this means there are certain things you cannot look at in your own psychology from past lives. You are simply afraid to look. There are two zones in your consciousness. There is a zone with issues you can look at because they would not cause you to condemn yourself and there is a zone, a forbidden zone of issues you cannot look at. You cannot even look at, have I killed people in a past life? Have I done this, have I done that? You cannot look at it. You cannot consider it. Now some of you, it may not be the issue of having killed other people. It can be many other issues and again here is where I do not want to be too specific because it is individual for each one.

But the thing is, this is a manipulated situation, manipulated by the fallen beings. You have been manipulated into creating this catch-22 in your own psychology. Now some of you might feel: “But I should never have allowed myself to be manipulated into this. I should never have allowed the fallen beings to manipulate me so I must be a bad person since I did this.” Some of you may even be unwilling to consider that you could have done this and deny the whole thing. But all of us who have been in embodiment have been manipulated by the fallen beings.

My beloved, listen to this: all of us who have been in embodiment have been manipulated by the fallen beings. Why is this? Because those of us who have embodied in this sphere do not have the experience, the sophistication or the aggressive intent of the fallen beings and we could not possibly imagine that there were beings who could be like the fallen beings before we encountered them. How could we have protected ourselves from the onslaught of the fallen beings? We had no frame of reference for beings who were like that. This is one of the effects of embodying on an unnatural planet.

We were told this before we came here but we could not in our minds really grasp it. Again, we had the courage to say: “Well, maybe I do not fully understand what I am getting myself into but I am willing to do it for the initiation that it can give me.” But then when we come down here and we are exposed to the fallen beings and their trauma we forget these intentions. We forget how it was to be up there on a natural planet and be all cool, calm and collected because now we are in the quagmire, the chaos of earth. We are tossed hither and yon by the waves. We forget about the tide and the long-term effects of why we decided to embody here, to help raise the earth.

It is all natural, it is all understandable, we have all done it. Every ascended master has done what you have done. Will you please accept this? Because then you can accept that we are ascended masters today because we overcame it and that means what one has done all can do so you can overcome it.

How do you overcome it? The same way as you overcome any other self, you have to take a look at it. You have to get in touch with what is the self in you, what is the standard you have that defines something that is absolutely unthinkable, absolutely unbearable, something you could never have done and therefore you cannot look at. Then you can decide with your conscious mind: “No, I have been on the spiritual path for some time, I have passed many initiations, I have overcome many selves, why should I not be able to overcome this self as well? It is just another self.” This messenger went through a period where he said this to himself over and over again: “It is just another self. It is unreal. It is not me, it is not who I am so why should I not look at it? What does it matter what selves I have? They are all unreal. It is all part of this human consciousness, this human nonsense, this human unreality.”

Do you understand my beloved, what I am saying? All of these separate selves are unreal. It gives no meaning to say that one form of unreality is worse than another form of unreality. This is of course the standard that the fallen beings have projected upon life on earth. Earth is a reality simulator. You are allowed to have any experience you want for as long as you want it. The purpose of having many experiences is to come to a point where you say: “I do not want this anymore.” Once you come to this inner resolution: “I do not want this anymore” you have passed the initiation of the reality simulator, that particular initiation.

What does it matter what experiences you have? They are all unreal. There is no standard in the reality simulator. The fallen beings have imposed a standard in order to trap you who are the avatars, the most advanced of the original inhabitants, those of you who are approaching Christhood, so that you, instead of just letting go will start analyzing, evaluating and judging yourself or other people.

Why do you see so many spiritual movements, including ascended master organizations, previous dispensations that had such a judgmental environment where everybody was judging everybody? Well, precisely because they had not seen through this standard of the fallen beings that there are some things that are better or worse than others. But if everything is unreal, how does better or worse relate? How do you overcome reality? Not by destroying what is evil or elevating what is good. You overcome unreality by letting go of both polarities that are defined by the duality consciousness.

What have we said before? The most difficult students to help on the spiritual path are those who believe they are doing everything right. They already understand the path. They know how everything should be done. They have never done anything wrong and therefore they are judgmental towards other people who are not doing what they are doing. Yes, it can be very unpleasant to look at a separate self and acknowledge: “I have a separate self that feels killing other people is justified” or any of the other numerous separate selves that relate to something that is clearly negative. But it is far more difficult to acknowledge: “I have a separate self that believes that if I am a spiritual person and I always do this and I never do that then God has to save me.” So many people have separate selves who have made this bargain with God: “God, if I do this and I do not do that then you have to let me into heaven.” And a separate self believes this, but of course this has no bearing on reality as Sanat Kumara said, none of this has changed spirit.

There are some of you who are afraid that you could have some negative selves that you could not bear to look at. There are some of you who have never even considered that you could have some positive selves that you think you do not need to look at because they are already perfect, they are already the way they should be. But, my beloved what have I just said several times? It is all unreality. It all has to go. You cannot take any of it with you to heaven. Many, many people have not understood this point. You can go and look at all spiritual movements out there and you can see that the vast majority of them are trapped in thinking this: you have to avoid or destroy the bad and cultivate the good and then you will go to heaven. There are a few spiritual movements that tell you otherwise and they tell you exactly, and some of them have been doing this for centuries, they tell you exactly what we are telling you in this dispensation.

It all has to go, what human beings called bad, what human beings called good. It is not a matter of destroying the bad and cultivating the good. It all has to go for you to enter heaven. This is one of the most important turning points you can come to on the spiritual path, where you fully acknowledge this. You fully acknowledge that all of your human consciousness, all of your separate selves have to go and the only way they can go is for you to look at them, not all at once, but a little bit here and a little bit there.

You see, as an initiator, I have quite a lot of experience helping human beings on this planet and I am quite skilled at presenting people with the initiations they are ready for and not overwhelming them. I will not overwhelm you. But many students come to this point on the path where they have looked at everything in the sphere of their consciousness that they are willing to look at and there really is not anything more for them to resolve. What does this mean? Does this mean they are home free? No. It means they have come to a point on the path where they feel very comfortable. They feel they are very spiritual precisely because they do not see anything in their psychology that is unresolved. But the reason they do not see it is that they are not willing to look into the forbidden zone and when they are at this point, I cannot help them. I cannot present them with these forbidden initiations because they are not willing to look at it and I do not violate their free will.

What does this mean? It means I essentially have to step back and wait until they are ready to look at something else. For some it does not take that long, for others it takes decades, the rest of a lifetime. I have seen many, many students, both ascended master students and in other spiritual movements, make considerable progress for a time by resolving the things in the zone that they are willing to look at, but then come to the point where they resolved everything in that zone and now they think they are home free. They think they have made it. They think they are very spiritual and they stagnate and they stand still at that level for the rest of that lifetime. Some go into the school of hard knocks, and get such hard knocks that they again become willing to look at something. But some manage, for decades, to stand still while feeling that they are advanced spiritual students.

What can we do to help such people? Nothing, no thing, because we respect free will. What does this mean for you? Does this mean you now have to say: “Oh is this me? Have I done this?” Well, it does mean that you can make a conscious decision and say: “Maitreya, show me the next initiation whatever it is. I am willing to see the next initiation, the next separate self I need to look at. I am willing to see it, whatever it is.” If you do not feel I am your primary master then say the same to whoever is your primary master. This gives us the authority and we will find some way to show you, perhaps directly from within as we have talked about, perhaps through other people or situations, but we will find some way to show you.

But what we hope, my beloved, what we hope for all of our advanced students, all those who have really applied themselves, who have been willing to look at everything in the open zone, we hope that you will all come to this shift where suddenly you realize, as I said: “It is all unreality, it all has to go, and nothing in unreality is really worse than anything else so what does it matter what I have?” What you do about this is you take the tension, the risk, out of facing your initiations. Can you not recognize that many of you have a certain fear about the spiritual path? You have a certain fear about the initiations you might have to pass or failing your initiations or facing the teacher or maybe the teacher will be harsh on you and will condemn you. But my beloved, what have we said so many times? It is only the fallen beings to judge and condemn you. We of the ascended masters, do not. What we want is for you to come to this point where the risk is gone, the fear is gone, you are just saying: “It is all human nonsense. Let me just look at it and be free of it instead of dragging it along. I have dragged it along long enough.” This is all we desire.

You all have the potential to make that shift. It does not matter what level of consciousness you are at, what level you are on the path, whether you are new or not new. You can still consciously make that decision that you want to take the risk out of the path, the fear out of the path because you are willing to look at it. We will not present you with an initiation you are not ready to face and that you cannot pass. True, there are certain initiations that you should not look at until you are at the higher levels of the path but we will not give those to you before you are ready for them, so what is the risk? The fallen beings have created the entire consciousness of the risk and the fear.

If you go back to the Summit Lighthouse there was fear in that organization. There was fear among the students, fear that they could fail their initiations. That was the best that could be done at the end of the Piscean Age but in the Aquarian Age, what room is there for fear? What need is there for fear? It is meant to be the age of the Holy Spirit. What does fear have to do with the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth. Fear gives rise to the desire to control. You cannot control the Spirit so why do you need the fear? Why do you think the Spirit responds to fear? The Spirit does not respond to fear whatsoever. I do not respond to fear. I am not in fear. I have no fear in my entire being that is why I am ascended. I do not want you to have any fear in your entire being. Only the fallen beings want you to have fear because then they can control you.

What is there to fear on earth when everything is unreal? Why do you need to fear what is unreal? Why are there some aspects of unreality that you need to fear and some aspects of unreality that you need to long for? Why are there some you need to avoid and some you need to strive for? What sense does it make? It is all unreal. What could possibly happen to you that was so bad that you could not overcome it? Nothing. So why do you need to fear? I understand very well that you have selves that will object to this because they will come up with all kinds of reasons why there are things you do need to fear: “Just imagine what could possibly happen. You need to fear this.” But if you are willing you can use this projection from these selves to expose these selves and say: “Aha! You want me to be afraid! Well, that proves to me that you are a separate self so I am going to look at you. I am going to take this chance to ask Maitreya to show me the illusion here so I can let go of this fear. I can just let this self die and the fear dies with it.”

What is fear? What does fear project at you? There is a condition you need to fear and you need to either protect yourself from that condition or seek to destroy that condition. But what does it do? It focuses your attention on the condition not on the fear but the fear is not the condition. The map is not the territory as the saying goes. The fear is the problem. The condition is not the problem. The fear is what affects you because it is inside your mind. The condition is outside your mind. What have we said about the spiritual path? It is all about realizing that the things that are outside your mind cannot affect your mind unless you allow them to do so. The problem is the fear which is inside your mind through a separate self. You do not need to do anything about the outer condition in order to overcome the fear, you need to look at the separate self and say: “There is nothing to solve here. I am letting you die. Bye, bye.”

We have said this before. Did you get it before? Did you get it now? If not, ponder it. Listen again and again, read again and again, ask me to help you have that experience of snapping out of your normal state of consciousness, experiencing that pure awareness that is neither this nor that and therefore gaining that perspective that it is all unreal. Many of you have followed these teachings for a time. You are ready to make that shift if you have not already. For many of you it is just a small shift in consciousness and you shift out of this and you see it, the unreality. “Why do I fear what is unreal? Why do I seek to avoid looking at what is unreal? Why am I letting what is unreal limit me or even define me? Why am I letting the unreality of earth close my mind to the flow of the Spirit which is real?”

We have said before: nothing that is unreal can affect that which is real. What is real about you is what we have called the Conscious You and the I AM Presence. The outer personality, the physical body is not real compared to the core of your being. It is something you have taken on but it is not real and it is not the real you. You are real.

Again, we have given you a very esoteric message, a message with many layers, many facets. What is the purpose of a message like this? Something that many people have not understood, especially many people who have grown up in a Western culture with a very linear analytical mind. They think the purpose of any teaching is so that they can grasp it with a linear analytical mind but the purpose of an esoteric teaching, a mystical teaching, is to neutralize the linear esoteric analytical mind so that you can experience something beyond that mind.

We understand that our teachings are not easy to grasp, to categorize, to analyze. We see students who try to grasp them with a linear mind, who try to compare one teaching to another. They look for discrepancies and consistencies but this is misunderstanding the purpose of a spiritual teaching. The purpose of a spiritual teaching is not to give you an entirely consistent, coherent teaching about every aspect of how the universe works. The purpose of a spiritual teaching is to shift your consciousness, to shift people’s consciousness at whatever consciousness they are in, whatever illusions they are stuck in to give them something that can help them reach beyond.

Even if you had an entirely logical, rational, consistent teaching that explained every aspect of the spiritual path, how would that teaching help you take just one step up on the spiritual path? It is not by understanding from a distance that you shift in consciousness. Some students have not understood this, why have they not understood it? Because the linear mind cannot grasp the limitations of the linear mind so when a student is trapped in the linear mind, he or she cannot understand this. You can only grasp it when you have had the experience of something beyond the linear mind. If you have not had that experience, you can make the decision if you are willing to stop focusing on the outer teaching and interpreting it and evaluating it with a linear mind and use the tools and techniques we are given to seek to have that experience of something beyond.

Perhaps you need another teaching or another teacher to help you with this. There is nothing wrong with saying “I need something else” and you go there for a time. We have given a teaching through this messenger that, as any teaching must do, assumes that the students who come into that teaching are at a certain level where there are certain things they are ready to grasp. But there is no guarantee when you put something out on the Internet or in books that people cannot find that teaching before they are ready for it and therefore they can come into the teaching with a certain preconceived attitude that they want to fit the teaching into their existing view of the spiritual path. And this means that they cannot take advantage of the teaching, they cannot make use of the teaching because their minds are not open to it.

Now, their minds can become open if they are willing to make the decision but for some people it is better that they leave, that they go elsewhere at least for a time. We have not in this dispensation created any kind of culture that this is the highest or the ultimate teaching and that you should be in it and once you are in it you should stay in it and be loyal to the teaching or the masters or the messenger. We have deliberately not created this kind of culture. There is nothing at all to stop you from saying “I need something else, I am not grasping it in this teaching, I need something else” and then you go look for that.

But many of you, the vast majority of you, have come into the teaching because you are ready for it and that means you need to ponder, really ponder the things we have said especially during this year where we have talked so much about shifting your consciousness, making these subtle shifts in consciousness. And if you will ponder this you will find that your consciousness will shift if you will ask for our help and continue to use the tools to resolve these separate selves that are blocking you, that are closing your door. Many of you have reached that point where, what is keeping your door close to the flow of the spirit is that you have these separate selves that are in the forbidden zone that you have not been willing to look at. By taking this one teaching, truly internalizing it and deciding that you are willing to look at this, you can make major progress. You can make progress beyond what you can even imagine right now and this will open up so many avenues for you.

Now, I know this has been a long discourse but I still want to give you one more idea. There are many of you who do not have it in your divine plan that you should become teachers of any kind. I am not trying to set up an idea that all of you should become teachers, spiritual teachers or other kinds of teachers but there are certainly some of you who have it in your divine plan to become teachers of some kind. You teach something that relates to spirituality and spiritual growth. Many of you have struggled with how to implement this. Many of you who have found an ascended master teaching have felt a certain obligation or pressure to incorporate the ascended master teachings in what you are teaching in your field. Now, we have before attempted to take this pressure off of you by saying that it is not our goal to convert people, to recognize this messenger, this particular teaching or become members of a certain organization.

This is one of these pressures that belong to the Piscean Age, not to the Aquarian Age but nevertheless there are many of you who have struggled with how to incorporate some of these ideas from the ascended master teachings into whatever you are teaching, in whatever field you are teaching so for this, for these kinds of people I want to give a general idea here. First of all, again there is no need for you to teach in some field in the world and acknowledge where the teachings are coming from. There is no need for this. I know very well that there is an old tradition in India where a guru always acknowledges his guru and the tradition of gurus but this is not what we are asking you to do here. It is a matter of bringing forth ideas adapted to the specific context where you have experience and expertise.

The idea I want to present to you here is this: “What life experience do you want?” This is the heading. You look at people in today’s world, like I said they are tossed hither and yon by all these turbulent waves. So many things are coming at them, you need to have an opinion about this, you need to have an opinion about that, you need to have this kind of diet, that kind of diet, you need to live this way and that way, this is spiritual, this is not spiritual. All of these things are constantly being projected at people pulling them in different kinds of directions where most people feel confused, most people feel overwhelmed. As an alternative to this you can present people with the idea that, “What if we do not have to solve all of these problems or these issues? What if we do not need to have all of these opinions about this or that? What if we instead step back and look at what kind of beings are we? How do we function?” And as we have talked about before, the most universal recognition you can come to is that human beings are spiritual beings because everything that takes place in our lives takes place inside our psyche.

We are also experiential beings because whatever situations we are in we are experiencing that situation. What are we having at any given moment? What are you having as a human being? You are having an experience of life, a life experience. What if, as a human being, you could step back and say: “Is it possible to change my life experience without doing anything about the outer circumstances? Where is my life experience taking place? Well, inside my psyche. It is not logical that my life experience is affected by conditions in my psyche? In many cases I cannot change the outer conditions. Of course, my life experiences are related to the outer conditions but I cannot always change those conditions. What if I, at least as the first step said: What can I change inside myself in order to change my life experience? How can I change my life experience by changing something inside of myself? Thereby recognizing that there are at least some things in my psyche that I have the power to change even if I do not have the power to change external circumstances”.

And then you can go into whatever your field is and relate this to your particular field. Is it management, is it coaching, is it psychology, is it this, is it that. You can help people acknowledge that the most important aspect of their lives is their life experience and that their life experience is not exclusively dependent on external circumstances but also on the internal circumstances of their psyche. You can help them realize that they can do something to change the internal circumstances and when they do so they will change their life experience for the better.

And this can then help people start to consider, “What kind of life experience do I want? What do I really want? Have I been brought up, programmed to think that I have to live my life a certain way? That this is the only kind of life experience I can have. I am in a race, a rat race, always pushed along by circumstances beyond my control and I never know what is going to happen next. But if I step back from all of this and really consider, is this the kind of experience I want to have for the rest of my life? Or do I want a different kind of life experience? Then what would that mean for me personally? What changes could I make? What changes could I make in my attitude to life, my outlook on life?” And you can then build upon this very simple basic foundation and relate it to this particular field.

Now, I am deliberately not going to give you a lot of details here because I want you, those of you who know this is part of your divine plan, to use your expertise and experience to relate it to your own situation to other people’s situation to the field where you have expertise. But you can look at this, what I have given you in a matter of five minutes and you can say, well it is pretty basic. There is nothing really revolutionary about it but compared to most people’s current life experience, this is actually truly revolutionary. I started out saying “there is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken that the flood leads on to fortune.” Well, for decades there has a tide that has been building where many, many people, millions of people around the world have become ready to make this shift that I have just described: looking at their own situation, starting to consider how they can take command over their life experience and how this can dramatically change their lives for the better.

The tide has built, the tide is there, it is at the flood. Those of you who know it is part of your divine plan to teach, you can ride this tide on to fortune, not necessarily monetary fortune but the fulfillment of your divine plan. But then again, why should you not profit from it, so that you can continue doing what you are doing?

As Jesus said, the workman is worth his hire. I know that much more could be said about this, perhaps more will be said but again I do not want to be too specific because those of you who have the experience and the expertise in specific fields, you will know how to relate this to your field. You are ready to go within, especially when you make the shift that there is nothing you are not willing to look at, you will very quickly be ready to receive directions directly from me and other ascended masters as to how you can apply this to you individually. My beloved, for those of you who sense that teaching is part of your divine plan I am asking you to tune in, to feel the wave coming up, to feel the rising tide of how this is ready to break through in the collective consciousness and many people will embrace it when it is given in a universal form.

It is something that can and ultimately will have a revolutionary effect on society. Naturally it is not only ascended master students who are ready to take advantage of this, many other people have made themselves ready to take advantage of this wave. It is simply the next shift that is ready to happen. That has already started happening. Sense the wave, tune into the wave. Tune into how this applies to you, how this is part of your divine plan and then do not force it. Just allow yourself to be carried along by the wave by the river of life. With this, I have given you what I wanted to give you, many different messages for different people at different levels but surely there is something here that applies to each one of you if you have bothered to listen or read this release from my heart.

With this, I seal you in the joyful flame that I AM, for we are all joyful in the ascended realm although our joy is beyond what you call joy on earth, but then, everything in the ascended realm is beyond what can be put into words on earth. I AM beyond words. I AM beyond a name. I AM Maitreya, but I AM more than Maitreya, much more than Maitreya.


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