We prepare for a new cycle in Europe

Ascended Master Saint Germain, October 9, 2006 through Kim Michaels. Note: This dictation was given in Berlin. It was given in a public square next to the German parliament, Der Bundestag.

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Indeed, I am Saint Germain, and I too anchor a flame here, a Flame of Freedom, a flame of such ecstatic freedom that it will consume the dark cloud that has been hanging over Germany since Hitler took power in this nation and thereby took it into a downward spiral that has not yet been fully consumed.

Yet by the Grace of God, by the Flame of Freedom and by those in embodiment who choose to reinforce that flame – whether they are here in Germany or elsewhere – through the rosaries of Mother Mary, this downward spiral and all records of it will be consumed before the year 2012, so that we can indeed have a victory for this nation and for all of Europe, for the consuming of those records from the second world war that are truly weighing down this continent and are preventing it from ascending into the Golden Age and the vision of the Golden Age that I hold for Europe. Thus, I now invite my beloved cohort on the seventh ray, Kuan Yin, to speak.


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