We prepare for a mighty work in Europe

Ascended Master El Morya, October 9, 2006 through Kim Michaels. Note: The dictation was given in Berlin. It was given in a public square next to the German parliament, Der Bundestag.

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I, El Morya, anchor the Flame of God Government over this building, Der Deutsche Bundestag, where truly many decisions need to be made in order to continue the essential work of the reunification of Germany. So that this nation may once again rise to its proper status in the European community—without going astray into another form of totalitarianism or blindness or materialism, that might cause it to miss the opportunity to take a leadership role in this new Europe, that is to be a peaceful and prosperous Europe. And thus, simply cannot become so without the awakening, the spiritual awakening, of the German people, something that has been prepared for centuries but has not yet broken through into the physical manifestation that we desire to see happen within these next ten years.

Thus, I anchor an extraordinary flame, as a dispensation here that we may have the absolute God Victory of a breakthrough, that will awaken the German people to their full potential as spiritual people, and not simply as material automatons who blindly follow the blind leaders who lead them down the path of whatever form of totalitarianism may be ruling the day, however cleverly disguised. Thus, Morya I am, and I anchor my flame and I claim Germany for Saint Germain.


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