Understanding why you cannot understand Christhood

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Ascended Master Jesus, May 5th, 2017, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. It was not my intention to speak at this conference, having had my say last time. But because of the many questions you asked the messenger about Christhood, I decided it would be helpful for you to give you a discourse on this topic.

The greatest threat to dark forces

My beloved, the first thing we need to recognize is that personal Christhood, where you personally put on the Christ consciousness, is the greatest threat to the dark forces and the false teachers on this planet. They have therefore done everything they could possibly think of to prevent people from knowing about Christhood, seeing it as a realistic possibility for themselves and understanding the process of attaining Christhood and what it means. They have done everything they could think of to create all kinds of diversionary tactics where they set other spiritual goals that are perhaps in some cases leading to a heightened state of awareness but are not as much of a threat to them as Christhood. They have also done everything they could think of to define Christhood in a certain way so that people attain, or strive for, an ultimate goal and then suddenly think that now they have attained it and do not need to go further.

There is no ultimate state

My beloved, the most important thing you can realize about Christhood is that it is an ongoing process. You can attain Christhood while being in physical embodiment but there is no ultimate state of Christhood that you could attain while in physical embodiment. We may say that there is no ultimate state of Christhood in the sense that there is no ultimate state of consciousness except perhaps the Creator consciousness but even that is transcending itself as it is creating. So you need to recognize here that there is no ultimate state.

Life, awareness, self-awareness is an ongoing process. There is always the possibility of self-transcendence. There never was – never was – a static state in the world. There never was a static state in the world and there never will be. There never was a beginning and there never will be an ending. There can be a beginning of a cycle and the ending of a cycle but there was no ultimate beginning before which there was nothing. There was a beginning of our world of form where the Creator existed in itself but this was not the ultimate beginning, for there never has been an ultimate beginning. There never will be an ultimate ending.

You cannot understand Christhood

This is something that the linear mind finds it very difficult to grasp and that is why you need to understand that you cannot understand Christhood. You can, however, come to understand that you cannot understand Christhood. And when you understand that you cannot understand Christhood and why you cannot understand Christhood, then you may begin to grasp at least glimpses of what Christhood is.

You need to recognize here that most people on earth have been programmed to think through the linear, analytical, rational mind. This mind cannot understand, grasp or deal with Christhood. Christhood goes beyond what the linear mind can deal with. That is why you also need to understand that the way you look at Christhood now is not the ultimate way to look at Christhood. It is not possible for me, even as an ascended master, to give you an ultimate discourse on Christhood because Christhood is a process of gradually raising your consciousness.

We have given you the knowledge that there are 144 levels of consciousness that are possible on earth. We can therefore say that Christhood is the process where you start at the 48th level and then raise your consciousness gradually to the 144th level. At the 144th level, you have attained the highest degree of Christhood that is possible on earth in its current state.

This means, my beloved, that when you start at the 48th level, you can have a certain understanding of Christhood, but it is not the full understanding. As you grow towards higher levels of consciousness, your understanding of, your grasp of, your experience of, Christhood will change. You will not gain the full grasp of what Christhood is until you reach the 144th level. Therefore, you can see that it is not possible to give a definition of Christhood that can be grasped by all the many levels of consciousness between the 48th and the 144th levels.

Why am I saying that this begins at the 48th level? Because for those who are below the 48th level, they cannot grasp Christhood. They may, of course, hear the concept of Christhood. They may also decide that they want to attain Christhood, but they cannot grasp what Christhood truly means. Therefore, they can build some kind of intellectual, rational, linear perception of what Christhood is. They may even think they are making progress towards this goal but they are not, my beloved. You can raise your consciousness from the lowest level to the 48th level, and you are making progress in a spiritual sense, but you are not even beginning the process of putting on Christhood.

The reason for this is that you are still too tied to the outer mind that thinks it can understand everything by creating these labels, and then adding a value judgment to the label they have created based on the dualistic mindset. Then, they think they can define Christhood based on a set of outer criteria. They think they can set up a list that says: When you live up to this criteria, put a checkmark. Then go on to the next criteria, put a checkmark. When you have completed the list and you have a checkmark at every point, then you have attained Christhood. This is the only way they can conceive of it, those who are below the 48th level.

There are many false teachers in the world who attempt to give you some kind of path that leads to some kind of goal. They may not call it Christhood, they may call it higher awareness, cosmic consciousness, enlightenment, whatever. But it is all a mechanical path – an outer path − whereby performing certain exercises or rituals, or studying certain teachings, learning them by heart. They think they can qualify for entry into heaven by living up to a set of criteria defined here on earth.

The beginning of Christhood

Now, my beloved, when you go above the 48th level of consciousness, you can begin the process of Christhood. You still may have many misconceptions about Christhood, but you will, in order to go above the 48th level, have the essential quality that is the beginning of the process of Christhood, and that is your willingness to listen to your intuition, even when your rational, linear mind tells you something different. In other words, what happens at the 48th level is that you begin to follow your intuition in certain cases and therefore you ignore, put aside or neutralize your rational, linear, logical, intellectual, analytical mind.

You will see, all of you who are here − and you are all above the 48th level of consciousness or you would not be here − you will see that there are decisions you have made to engage in the spiritual path that your friends or family find it difficult to understand because they have a rational, linear reasoning that says that you should not be doing what you are doing, or believing or accepting what you are accepting. You may not be able to give them a rational, linear understanding that they can accept for why you are doing what you are doing. You just know that this is the right thing for you.

This, then, is the essence of Christhood between the 48th and the 96th level. You are rising higher in consciousness by dealing with the Seven Rays as we have described in the Course of Self-Mastery LINK where the Chohans give you a gradual path. As you do this, you are increasing your intuition, which is truly your connection to your I AM Presence and your ascended teachers. This means that you become more and more willing to ignore your own rational mind, but also to ignore the impulses, the projections that are coming to you from without, whether it be from other people such as family or friends, from society, the mass consciousness, dark forces or whatever it may be.

As you rise higher, there will be more of these projections but you get better and better at not letting them affect you because, as you rise towards the 96th level, you increase your ability to read vibration, to read the energetic level of another person who is talking to you, an idea that comes to you, or even a projection that comes to you from the lower forces. You get better at reading the vibrational level, and then you get better at sensing when it vibrates below a certain level, and when it vibrates above it.

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