Transcend Your Fears about earth’s Resources

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, February 15, 2016

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary, and I am grateful to be able to address the topic of how you can help heal Mother Earth. First, I would like to make you aware that even though there are many philosophies that talk about Mother Earth as a specific being, this is not necessarily the most constructive way to look at it in your present state of consciousness. There are people who can consider Mother Earth as a separate being without feeling separated from her but the problem in western culture is precisely the sense of separation.

What happens to many, many people is that they have the best of intentions and they get awakened to the problems that are burdening nature. Then, they react with fear and in their fear, they project mental images upon Mother Earth and upon nature. What I need you who are the spiritual people to realize is that this will not actually help Mother Earth. What is burdening the earth is, as we have explained many times, the energies and the matrices projected upon nature through the identity, mental and emotional bodies of human beings.

You who are the spiritual people, if you want to do something to heal Mother Earth, you need to first transcend your own fear. I have talked about this before and it is because it is extremely important. There are so many of you who are beginning to awaken spiritually. You have the best of intentions. You often have much knowledge. But you have not made that final step of transcending the fear in your emotional bodies. Therefore, your positive intentions can so easily become colored by this and you are actually projecting out a man-made image upon Mother Nature. It is, perhaps, more positive than some of the man-made images that have caused the current imbalance and pollution but it is still a man-made image, my beloved.

As one example, Mother Nature does not have a fixed amount of what you call natural resources. Mother Nature does not have anything that is fixed. The planet is able to change almost instantly when the consciousness of enough human beings will change. That is why you need to be very careful not to lock your minds on a closed image, saying that there are only so many resources and there needs to be great fear, and something absolutely needs to be done now.

The resources of Mother Nature are almost unlimited—when you are willing to transcend a certain level of consciousness. There are so many resources that are just waiting to be used by human beings but they cannot be accessed by the current level of consciousness. That is why I need you who are the spiritual people to be the forerunners for rising to the next level of consciousness where you can use technology that is not based on forcing Mother Nature or forcing each other. You do not do this if you are projecting your fears upon Mother Earth. It will only add to the fears that have already been projected for so many thousands of years.

There are, of course, many valid steps, there are many valid teachings. I am not here criticizing anyone but I am saying if you want to do one thing that, more than anything, will have a positive effect on Mother Nature, look at your own fears and transcend them. Realize that if you know who you are as a spiritual being, then you also know that you are connected to us, the ascended masters. You will also know that we have the power to change any limitation on earth when we are given the authority by those in embodiment. That is what you do when you transcend the consciousness that has manifested the current conditions.


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