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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, May 13, 2016. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary, and I am eternally grateful for the service you have given today and the service you gave last year in allowing me a platform to bring forth the dictation I gave that has now been turned into this timeless and universal invocation for helping all people on earth overcome one of the major problems for the manifestation of a Golden Age, namely, the ability to love themselves as God created them and even love themselves as they are, as they have created themselves through the outplaying of free will.

The treadmill of analyzing indefinitely

Truly, my beloved, the outplaying of free will may get you into all kinds of trouble, but what is it that will get you out of the trouble again? Only that you continue to outplay free will. It is when you think that it was free will that got you into trouble (and therefore, free will is dangerous) that you become subject to the illusions and lies of the fallen beings who tell you that there is something fundamentally wrong with you. You need to compensate for it by following one of the schemes that they have defined in order to keep you going around in a circle eternally.

There are people who would object to the teachings I gave last year, the teachings that are in this invocation. They will say that it is not true that we should love the outer self, for surely it is something we need to transcend or bind or consume or destroy. But my beloved, I am not saying you should not transcend the outer self. I am saying that there comes a point where the outer self you have left is just enough to keep you in embodiment, and therefore you need to love it.

Do you understand, my beloved, that the fallen beings want to keep you thinking that you are making progress on the spiritual path, and they want to keep you thinking this indefinitely? We have earlier talked about the concept that you can divide the space between zero and one into infinitely smaller increments. It was also spoken about by one of the ancient Greek philosophers who said that, in order to go from here to there, you first have to go halfway. From the halfway point, you need to go to the next halfway point, and you can keep doing this indefinitely. This is what the fallen beings want you to do so that you are on a treadmill that does not bring you to your ascension because you are continually analyzing the outer self.

Do you not see that the outer self is of this world, and you can continue to analyze and divide it into smaller and smaller increments, smaller and smaller segments, and you can continue to do this indefinitely? There is a point on the path where you need to focus on the outer self. That is why we have given teachings on this, on the ego and overcoming the ego. We have given you tools for this, as well. But there also comes that point where you have to ask yourself: “Do I need to continue to analyze and divide into smaller and smaller segments? Or do I need to just take that last step?”

Cover the remaining distance in one quantum leap

Do you not understand that the solution to the riddle presented by the Greek philosopher is very simple? It is true that in order to get from here to there, you need to first walk to the halfway point. Then, you walk to the halfway point of the remaining distance. Then, you walk to the halfway point of the remaining distance. If you started out wanting to go to a place that was a 100 kilometers away, it can take you quite a number of steps to go to the halfway point. Theoretically, you will never make it, unless you realize that it is not necessary to continue to divide the remaining distance, for the simple reason that there comes a point where you are so close to your destination that you can cover the remaining distance in one step. Why, then, is there a need to divide that distance into smaller increments?

This is the way it is on the spiritual path. There are many, many times, many, many stages, where you need to take smaller and smaller steps in order to get close to a certain level. In order to make that final leap, that quantum leap to the next level, you simply need to take that one last step, and that one last step is not some technique, not some understanding. It is the conscious recognition of the issue you are dealing with at your present step and then the conscious decision: “This no longer defines me. This is not who I am.” Then, you have taken that step. You, unfortunately, see many people on the spiritual path who find a valid teaching, who apply a valid approach (of course, there are many, many valid teachings and many valid approaches that can help you grow on the spiritual path), but they get stuck in thinking they have to keep applying that teaching indefinitely. They have to keep looking at themselves, looking at the ego, over-analyzing everything instead of simply stepping back, looking at themselves and saying: “This is no longer who I am. This is not the experience I want. I am accepting that I am beyond this.”

This is what you need to keep doing until you are at that point where you are so close to the ascended state that you can cover the remaining distance in one quantum leap, which, again, requires one conscious recognition and decision. There are people who think about the ascension and think that there is some kind of conveyor belt. If they find the true teaching of the ascended masters and apply it, it is like being on a conveyor belt and they will go all the way until they are suddenly dumped into the ascended state. That is not the way it happens. You can actually be so close to ascending that you could ascend if you made that last decision, but until you make it you will not ascend, my beloved.

Decide to be in the golden age consciousness

This applies equally to the manifestation of a Golden Age. There are, of course, stages that lead to the manifestation of a Golden Age, and there are stages that the planet needs to go through. There are physical stages, there are certain physical developments. You can see in the world today that there are many nations that are at such a low level of development (where so many people live in poverty or have no possibility of getting an education) that you cannot expect them to jump into a golden age state in a very short period of time. They need to go through a gradual evolution, like what you have seen in the more developed countries. You also have to realize that, even in the more developed countries, you can say that there are many, many things that need to be developed further and need to be refined. You cannot allow yourself to think that this needs to go on forever.

There does come a point where a nation has to consciously step up to a higher level, and how is a nation going to come to this point? It can only do so when the top ten percent of the people in that nation come the point in their own consciousness where they can look at themselves and say: “Regardless of the conditions I see in the physical world, regardless of the problems I see, I am now deciding and accepting that I am in the Golden Age and I am in the golden age consciousness.”

My beloved, if you cannot make that decision, how can your nation? We need those among the top ten percent to come to that recognition. They don’t all need to find this teaching in order to do so, but it is a matter of leaving certain things behind, of looking at certain things and saying: “I no longer want to experience this. How am I going to avoid experiencing this? Only by changing my own consciousness and my own perception so that I do not any longer perceive the world, perceive life, through that perception filter.”

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Manifesting Saint Germain’s Golden Age.

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