There is safety only in oneness

TOPICS: The judgment of the consciousness that separates male and female –

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Ascended Master The Divine Mother, October 27, 2009 through Kim Michaels. At the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem.

And God said; ”Let there be Light and there was Light.” Thus, when you look at the multitudes of forms in this world of form, you see only differences and distinctions. But when you look beyond, you see, that the one common denominator is indeed light. Not light that is visible, but light that is the Mother Light, the pure Mother Light, the womb of all form, the light that can take on any form, but that can also instantly switch back to formlessness.

And thus, indeed, I come representing the Divine Mother. I come as Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Kali, all representatives of the Divine Feminine that you have known throughout this planet that were of the Light. We come. We come with billions of angels, spiraling down from higher octaves to focus in this particular place, which has become – through the consciousness of men – the focal point in the physical octave on earth for the separation of the masculine and feminine aspects of God, symbolized in the separation of men and women in religious worship.

You see this in Islam. You see it in Judaism. You see it in Christianity: the suppression of women, the shutting out of women, the shutting out of the feminine element in all human beings, including the men and the children. This consciousness, that has been focused through the so-called monotheistic religions, must be exposed for the illusion that it is, must be exposed as originating in an epic drama created by fallen beings, who have no other desire than to control the human population and therefore must do so by separating the true polarities—that when they are in balance give birth to the Christ Child in all people. And when they are out of balance, they give birth only to conflict, strife, struggle and war.

The judgment of the consciousness that separates male and female

My Beloved, those who are in touch with the Divine Feminine cannot kill in the name of the Divine Masculine. It is simply not possible, for you know when you are in touch with the Divine Feminine, that you are an expression of God, and so are all other people. And how can one expression of God kill another expression of God? It simply is not possible, and thus you see the extreme perversion, that can only come in when you separate the feminine from the masculine, raise up the masculine to an idol, a graven image of this angry judgmental being in the sky, who favors those who follow a particular religion or are of a particular race.

This is the consciousness that we come to judge this day, and judged it is. Meaning, that it will no longer be allowed to hide and that people will no longer be allowed to remain neutral, but must choose this day whom they will serve, which God they will serve—the dead outer god or the living God within themselves and each other. This is indeed a necessary step in the evolution of mankind, and it is being performed in this particular place—that has become a symbol for the very fact that religion without the Divine Feminine can only lead to conflict and war.

Do you know how many millions of people in this area of the Middle East would be ready to kill in order to have control over this physical hill, this physical rock? My Beloved, there are millions, and they have no tolerance for those who do not worship the god they worship, or who do not worship that god the way they think he should be worshiped. Thus, it is time for humankind to awaken to the reality, that God is indivisible and that even the polarities of God – manifest as male and female, masculine and feminine – are also indivisible. Thus, we give the eternal mantra: “God is Father, God is Mother, never one without the other.” This is the truth that will become clear for those who have eyes to see.

And those who do not have eyes to see will feel, will experience, the instantaneous return of the conflict, the intolerance, that they are sending out. Thus, those who will continue in a male chauvinist consciousness, will indeed see the outpicturing of the violence of that consciousness come back to haunt them. But they will be safe nowhere, until they have changed their consciousness, for there is safety only in oneness and there is oneness only in the heart.


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